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Sukoshi Yaban
Sukoshi Yaban
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Next time! (P) Empty Next time! (P)

Sun Sep 03, 2017 1:32 am
Ketsueki's home had a glum tone to it. It was dark and dank, a lone candle burning in the night as he tried to understand. He looked down at the blade. Accidentally...Maybe purposefully left to him by Mors. He began to ponder silently to himself, why wasn't he chosen? He knew the answer. What can he do? He still knew the answer. He took a breath in his bed, sitting there after he'd taken some time to study the seals for a jutsu better fitting of a genin. But it still left him with doubt, there were shinobi in a foreign country fighting, and he was left out of it. He knew it only because of the absence of many peers he had yet to meet. But the scarfed one, Mors. Was the most noticeable. He hung his head, thinking.

'Ketsueki, Ketsueki, Ketsueki.' The boy's mind echoed his very name until he found it maddening. Nothing could follow it up. Nothing. He stood, leaving the comfort of his bed, his jacket still on, arms left under it and the sleeves hanging loosely. He closed his eyes, trying to take his mind off of it. Hoping to find solace. The only solace he could find was in the signs. He rose his hands to his stomach and wove the bird sign, inhaling. His lungs pumped water into his throat and filled his cheeks with water made from his chakra. he felt it course all throughout his body as well his body being in tune with his energy once more as he spat out the water in one powerful burst. It hit the wall with a light thud.

Then came to mind another jutsu he had tried to study which used the very same hand sign, Making it only a little more difficult, he wove sign once more, not focusing on his lungs or his breathing, but focusing ahead of him, opening his eyes, he would watch as water began to collect in four separate areas exactly one foot ahead of him, each only being 3 inches apart. However given his lack of experience with the technique, it caused them to fall immediately to the ground, making four useless puddles, infuriating the boy. 

He rose his hands up to his stomach, weaving the sign once more. 'Again!' He thought. Water was collected from some of the puddles as well as his own chakra, creating more of the surreal floating orbs of water. They would hang there for a moment, threatening to change shape, yet his grip on the jutsu was still entry level, meaning he knew even as they fell into a pile that they would fail. He groaned, his chakra already feeling drained, he sighed, letting his body slouch over just a bit. He wasn't proud of it, mind you. But in this case there was so little he could do to calm himself, this would be the equivalent of a spa day to him. He slowly moved his hands back up to his sternum once more. 

Weaving sign this time however yielded far greater results, in the sense that the water gathered to create the floating masses of water traveled much more expediently. Ketsueki narrowed his eyes once more focusing on the shape of them. watching them slowly mold and twist, they never solidified unfortunately before they blew up in his face, splashing him as they landed, he wiped his face by raising his hand up, dragging his palm across his face and huffing before he performed the sign yet again, focusing his chakra.

The moisture being drained from the air as he formed the floating water pools yet again. Seeing their own ebb and flow as he tried to force them to flatten down, forming of course, water shuriken, his efforts only flattening the spheres into disks, he smiled, results, but they were slow and almost immediately they fell apart. The floor now soaked, It was at this time Ketsueki decided to lay a towel over the patch of water to catch any further weather. He then set up shop once more after hydrating and having his final meal of the day and began to perform the jutsu once more, weaving the bird sign and watching as his chakra well. Did it's thing, manifesting more deadly spiritual H2O as he concentrated on the shape, watching it take the disk form much faster this time. Only holding it for a moment or two before he felt his grip on the jutsu snap in half. He groaned once more feeling faint from his slight overuse of his chakra and sitting down, leaning against his bedside with Mitsukatta still asleep at the headboard a little ways away from Ketsueki.

He rested for a few minutes. His body pulsing from the strain he was putting himself through, his energy actually being depleted because of all of this, but he had actually achieved the ability to return to his own head, having been in the same state he was in when he was facing Mors in the park. 'I can't be like this all the time.' He huffed 'If I'm not floundering out by the wayside. I'm being beaten by someone so narrowly out of my reach, and now with almost everyone gone.' He hung his head, closing his eyes. 'I'm given the perfect opportunity to show them all up. To prove I belong with them. And more importantly.' He stood up, raising his head once more with pride, 'I have to show everyone just how hungry I am to be a shinobi.' "The shinobi." He said as Mitsukatta's eye opened, watching Ketsueki.

Ketsueki began to weave sign again, using his chakra to form the water orbs directly ahead in the same parameters as he had summoned them before, this time with a towel ready to catch his failure. No, his progress. He flattened them down immediately, his eyes focusing on them intently as they began to form edges beyond simply being flattened to a point, their edges all became sharper to his liking, and he began to see the progress coming ever closer, soon it would be his time to use this technique. Soon as in, tomorrow morning. He yawned, knowing he'd already used up quite a lot of his chakra to perform this and the Ou Tsuba jutsu. Repeatedly. For now. He'd rest. 

In the morning the boy arose to the smell of the thick dewy air of the village, the cold keeping him from sleeping past what was necessary for him to have a healthy rest. He sat up almost like the dead rising from a grave. Leaving Mitsukatta's small frame next to Ketsueki's pillow. He promptly washed himself and got dressed, his body still aching from the night before. He stood up. weaving sign once more in roughly the same spot, maybe he was off by a few inches, but it didn't matter, he began to weave sign once more. His chakra flowing as he formed the levitating pools once more. they flattened almost instantaneously, beginning to take the immediate shape of actual throwing stars, Ketsueki watched as they hovered in the air compressing into the shape slowly but surely, soon turning the four levitating water masses into rudimentary stars. Smiling at them, his progress and his control of the jutsu.

Ketsueki then released the jutsu allowing them to fall to the ground, being absorbed by the fabric of the towel. He then rose his hands up once more, weaving sign faster than before, turning his chakra into water once more, just one foot ahead of him, four more water masses appeared, already in the shape and size of the 4x4 inch Shuriken. He raised his eyebrows ever slightly, almost sure he had yet to master or even gain control over this jutsu, yet now he felt a slight hint of resolve, seeing an exponential growth in his power. He reached out to grab the shuriken, once he touched them however they fell apart, once more, useless blotches of water on the towel he'd laid out. He groaned, bringing his hand back under his jacket. 

He channeled his chakra yet again, his spirits unwavering as his escapades this morning and the previous night left him rather inspired despite his lack of total success or even rapid progression, he wove sign for the umpteenth time creating yet another four shuriken made of water, their edges and patterns now created like say, an actual metal shuriken, much to the joy of Ketsueki. He then began to think for a moment, what if they could be guided? They already float lighter than air through the manipulation of his chakra, why wouldn't they? With a little more focus he got them to soar toward the wall, Finally having found an application for this new tale-They dispersed.

Not even getting 10 feet away from their spawning point before Ketsueki saw the Shuriken simply splatter apart, falling to the ground. He narrowed his eyes once more, still not ready to give up until he made sure that he and this jutsu were proven to be useful! He wove sign again, letting his chakra form the water shuriken once more, four of them, 4x4 and within 3 inches of each other, he then concentrated, urging them forward with his chakra and focus, letting them fly once more toward the wall ahead of him, unfortunately once they'd hit their mark they simply splashed against the wall, their own impact killing them, resulting in Ketsueki realizing they had been just about as useful as ou tsuba, the only difference being, Ketsueki could at least hear the hard impact of the water coming in contact with a solid. He narrowed his eyes, weaving sign once more and watching his chakra form the shuriken yet again.

As Ketsueki focused, putting most of his energy into keeping the shuriken congealed and corporeal as they moved to their destination once more, striking the wall yet again and splattering everywhere, without so much as a breather, Ketsueki wove sign again, the bird sign already being burned into his mind as he watched the water form into shuriken once more, he then focused as hard as he could on the wall, the shuriken and even his own chakra flow to keep the shuriken together, once they hit the wall however, they stuck, holding fast and burying themselves a few inches in before dissolving against the wall, this wasn't entirely Ideal for Ketsueki but, it didn't matter all that much to him. It would take more than simply hitting the target for him to be content. The boy took another breath, weaving sign and once more forming the water shuriken out of his chakra, each one formed perfectly this time, design wasn't the flaw anymore, it was function. He reached out with his right hand and grabbed the shuriken, feeling them loosen and wobble as they were moved, he would apply more focus next time to allow for more resiliency against force.

He would flex his right arm to his midsection and lock each shuriken in between his fingers before he whipped his hand forward, releasing them all and watching them fly across the room, dripping slightly before they hit the wall a little off from his expected trajectory before melting away into nothing but a damp spot once more. He then wove the bird sign again, analyzing the issues with as much care as he could muster.

As the sign was completed Ketsueki would close his eyes, knowing that design wise everything was ironed out at this point, opening his eyes yet again and grabbing half of the shuriken with his left hand, not feeling a wobble or anything but the solid water. He then commanded the shuriken forward, launching them at the wall and upon their inevitable impact he would smile, as the shuriken were buried deep inside the wall, deep as in 2 inches, half it's length. He smiled and threw the other shuriken with all the skill his body could allow, letting them fly and follow suit, piercing the wall 2 inches deep. He smiled, sitting back in his bed and sighing. "One day and one jutsu...And I'm already tapped." He huffed looking at the wall and releasing the jutsu, causing yet another few drops to fall into the puddle that had gathered on the ground. He wasn't finished yet, though. There was much more to do today. Ketsueki then turned to the door and opened it wide, Mitsukatta hopping out of bed with a bark and standing beside the boy who stepped outside to greet the day. (Exit.)

(WC: 2115 Claiming Water Release: Water Shuriken and +10 stats)

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Haru Hyuuga
Haru Hyuuga
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Next time! (P) Empty Re: Next time! (P)

Sun Sep 03, 2017 11:47 am
Please link the tech being trained.

Also, make sure to exit the topic if you're all done here.
Sukoshi Yaban
Sukoshi Yaban
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Next time! (P) Empty Re: Next time! (P)

Mon Sep 04, 2017 12:52 am
Haru Hyuuga
Haru Hyuuga
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Next time! (P) Empty Re: Next time! (P)

Tue Sep 05, 2017 10:57 pm
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