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Donkey Kong Shenanigans (Mission) Empty Donkey Kong Shenanigans (Mission)

Sat Sep 02, 2017 4:48 pm

This chain of missions Rakka had been sent on was becoming rather bizarre to her. She was tired of all this menial grunt work, but she had very little choice, considering how short-staffed Kirigakure was. Today’s affairs were really quite simple. The hounds needed feeding. They literally just needed warm bodies to ferry the food to the hounds. Why they couldn’t just enlist the help of the regular villagers was anyone’s guess, but although Rakka wasn’t known for her brute strength, she was strong enough to hold her own with this simple task. With a massive barrel of food being set on her shoulder, she looked over to The Black Kennel’s location, where she was to be ferrying this food. Normally, they set three genin to work on this task, but Rakka was expected to complete this by herself in an hour. She shrugged.

”Easy enough.” She said as she looked up the long path to the kennel. Beginning to run, Rakka leapt into the air, a mirror of ice appearing under her feet. She leapt, tossing the barrel up and twisting, unleashing a jet of purple fire to propel her forwards, her feet colliding with the barrel as she went and pushing it on. She placed a hand upon the ground, or rather, where the ground would have been had she not been midair, and a mirror of ice, glowing purple, appeared there, just as before, leaning back she blasted another jet of purple fire into the air, propelling her along as she flew through the village at high speeds. She flew past the barrel, landing at the drop zone, where she held out her arms, catching the barrel with ease and setting it upon the earth. The houndmaster rolled her eyes at Rakka, who leapt back into the air and continued her little game.

As she flew through the air, she reflected on the ability she was making use of. Much like her recently-gained boost in chakra potency, this ability was also new to her. The mixing of fire and ice generated a chain of events that she had to continue, one that Rakka felt a primal need to continue. Fire, Ice, Fire, Ice, Katon, Hyoton, Katon, Hyoton. Each use kept the chain alive, fed it, made it more powerful. Her jutsu melded together and worked in sweet harmony. Fire, Ice, Fire, Ice, Katon, Hyoton, Katon, Hyoton.

As she used each Jutsu, the familiar feeling of this newfound ability crept over Rakka. It was a sort of yearning, and a sort of  anticipation. Her body wanted to spit flames, wanted to blast the earth with frost and ice, to continue the cycle. Fire, Ice, Fire, Ice, Katon, Hyoton, Katon, Hyoton. Rakka knew now that she was no pyromaniac. This was no obsession, this was real. She felt real, physical results with each use, her jutsu were actively increased with power as she continued the cycle. It had all been rather surreal at first, but she had grown used to it. Fire, Ice, Fire, Ice, Katon, Hyoton, Katon, Hyoton.

Already she had used both elements together to great effect, and so this appeared to be the pinnacle of their power. Her body had finally grown accustomed to both elements, and the results were tremendous. The cycle was beautiful. Fire, Ice, Fire, Ice, Katon, Hyoton, Katon, Hyoton.

Snapping from her inner monologue, Rakka arrived at the second barrel, rolling onto the ground and scooping it up, generating a mirror and hurling the barrel into it, rolling it along as Rakka followed on the other side, blasting herself along with fire and creating more mirrors, creating one long ramp that curved inwards towards the kennel. The second barrel fell, and Rakka swore the houndmaster could not roll her eyes any harder. It seemed that the idea that the Yuki was having any sort of fun with this was irritating to her, although the reality was quite different. This wasn’t fun, this was training. Rakka felt the importance of every action, the weight of everything, as her chakra glowed purple and flared with power. She could not stop now. She had to keep this chain alive. To stop would be to end it all. She continued back, running along mirrors of ice and propelling herself along with jets of fire. Fire, Ice, Fire, Ice, Katon, Hyoton, Katon, Hyoton.

She retrieved the third barrel and created a new path. She stepped upon a mirror, hurling the barrel up, and backflipping back down to earth, using a jet of katon to speed her movements. She landed, creating another ice mirror above her head, which caught the barrel and rolled it up onto the first mirror, sending it airborne. It was all quite ingenuitive, and Rakka could admit it was entertaining, to say the least, even with her thoughts on more important matters. She continued this delicious cycle.  Fire, Ice, Fire, Ice, Katon, Hyoton, Katon, Hyoton.

She leapt up, running across another mirror that she created, and curling into a ball, breathing a huge jet of flames that sent her spinning into the barrel. Kicking off of it with her feet, she set her hands onto a previously created mirror and set herself upright in an impressive display of gymnastics, before leaping from the mirror again, creating another mirror and cartwheeling across it, pushing off at the last moment and blasting a jet of katon that sent her spiraling towards the barrel. She grabbed it with both arms, twisting through the air so that she tuck and rolled across it, sending it back up into the air. She caught it deftly, twirling once and rolling the barrel towards the houndmaster, who caught it with one foot. She smiled a small smile now. Rakka grinned back.

Her mission completed, Rakka walked back down the path, her hands in her pockets. She was getting stronger, she could feel it in her very bones. It was all so exciting for her. She hadn’t had a breakthrough like this in ages.

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Sakana Meijin
Sakana Meijin
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Donkey Kong Shenanigans (Mission) Empty Re: Donkey Kong Shenanigans (Mission)

Sat Sep 02, 2017 5:15 pm
Sure approved
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