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Kozachi Uchiha
Kozachi Uchiha
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Training rules in 2017? LUL [solo,nk] Empty Training rules in 2017? LUL [solo,nk]

Thu Aug 17, 2017 3:59 pm
Apparently, what he had done before wasn't enough. Kozurou was in a great hurry, as there was apparently some kind of call to muster for most of the ninja in the village. This was all very well and good, but Kozurou really needed to finish this barrier techinque before anything else happened. So, he decided to train on the go. First step: get himself and his out of the room. Kozurou rushed out, his brain already working on the problem at hand. It was such a simple barrier technique, but his limited comprehension of such things was going to hinder him. Well, since he had already figured out how to form the barrier, he supposed it was high time that he put it into action. He ran down the stairs, a slight aura of chakra flickering around him as his body ramped into overdrive, the chakra within him resonating as the endpoint of the frequency got higher and higher. It rose above his body just as he stepped into the misty outdoors, exploding into a raging white aura that signaled the beginning of the end of whatever fight Kozurou was in. When he went for broke, either he won, or he drove himself to exhaustion. In this case, he just wanted to get fast so he could run down the street toward the center of the village. Already, he could see people streaming in that direction, so with a great effort, he jumped onto the top of the apartment building and began using the rooftops to speed his way towards the monument. Around him, the yin healing wound destruction technique evaporated as the barrier began to form, its protective layer slowly coming into being around him. The blast of wind that he met while travelling at these speeds seemed almost nonexistent now, as would enemy punches and attacks later on. 
He wondered what the leader would be calling them all for. War, perhaps? That would be... interesting. He'd get to fight all kinds of strong and skilled people outside of the village. They'd injure him and sow karma with both him and the village... then he could reap that karma and kill them all without regret. He'd shatter their conceptions of whatever they thought Kiri was. If they thought it was merely bloodthirsty, he'd show them the lethality of their underestimation. If they thought it was kind... well, they'd be too dead to know the difference. 
If it wasn't war... well, hopefully it was something just as exciting. Another tournament perhaps, one that he wouldn't get pulled out of. He was sure he hadn't met all the other kiri ninja yet, so that would be a fun experience. Novelty was one of the things he lived for in life. However, right now, his barrier was complete. Soon, he'd be basically impervious in combat. With the two techniques that he had devised for the purpose of deterring enemy attacks, he doubted that even the kage's strongest punch would be able to faze him. Although, he had no idea of the true strength of those older shinobi, so he might have to hold back on the elation here for a while. But soon he'd be strong enough to hold his own. Soon, he'd be strong enough to go toe to toe with Xyxer and the rest. Even the two ANBU might not be a match for him anymore power wise, though he still had quite a ways to go in terms of skill and experience. At last, he arrived at the center of the village. Before him was a metaphorical gate to the future.

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Sakana Meijin
Sakana Meijin
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Training rules in 2017? LUL [solo,nk] Empty Re: Training rules in 2017? LUL [solo,nk]

Thu Aug 17, 2017 4:00 pm
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