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A bath with no water! [Solo] Empty A bath with no water! [Solo]

Thu Aug 10, 2017 5:41 am
Kama was leaping, rather gracefully through her forest path home as she went about the end of her day having just gotten to the end of the school day. Another boring day brought her closer and closer to the academy exams and she was sure she was almost more than prepared for it. While she still had some jutsu she could learn, she had put her skills far above what most of the kids in her class were capable of and even if she wasn’t physically above them she could certainly outlast them in a fight. She smiled to herself as she stopped and looked over the beautiful greenery of the woods that had been kept well preserved by the expert gardeners in Hoshi. Kama had heard the forests of Konohagakure were beautiful as well but she simply couldn’t believe they were any better then her villages. Lost in thought, she didn’t quite notice as the tree branch broke under her weight and caused her to careen into the ground face first, the girls flailing and yelling doing nothing to avoid this fate. She stood up with a grumble, now covered in grass and twigs and the like and sighed. She felt awfully unlucky most days, even when she did get something cool accomplished. Well for once she wasn’t going to come home dirty and looking like she lost a fight with a bush. The young kunoichi was sure she had heard of a jutsu for just this sort of thing that would make her instantly clean, like an on the go shower of sorts. She tapped her foot, thinking back as she brushed dirt out of her ruby red hair. It hadn’t been in class… no, the uzumaki was sure she had watched a classmate do it after a sparring session. Some kind of chakra burst that lifted all the dirt and ick off his body and left him no worse for wear.

Leaning back against the tree she had just moments ago fallen off of, she tried to remember how the boy had done it. He had used a seal and then glowed very slightly and just like that he was good as new. What was the seal though? Had he just used his chakra in a similar way to surface walking but repelling instead of magnetic force? That all sounded right but she’d have to put it into practice to really see of course. The kunoichi put her fingers to her temples, trying to will her mind to go back in time and see exactly what the boy had done and how he had done it with her mind's eye and it suddenly clicked for her. The tiger seal of course! She grinned, performing the correct seal and concentrating as she glowed a light red, building up her chakra along her skin in low amounts to avoid causing any damage to herself or nearby objects. The red headed shinobi knew that random explosions of chakra were generally not good for the environment and she didn’t want to get scolded for causing trouble in the woods. Breathing out, she focused a bit more and smiled as all the dirt and leaves began leaving her body, gently falling to the ground around her. She added a bit more energy, her chakra flowing through her hair and around her clothes as well making sure to get every last bit off so she would be nice and squeaky clean for her trip home, and not get scolded for getting dirty by roughhousing all over again. She shook herself a bit, looking over her body and snickering lightly as she was completely clean. It turned out not every jutsu had to be a challenge.

WC: 600
Stats: 3
Jutsu: Chakra Cleanse
Kobayashi Senshi <3
Kobayashi Senshi <3
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A bath with no water! [Solo] Empty Re: A bath with no water! [Solo]

Thu Aug 10, 2017 7:19 am
Approved, nice job by the way
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