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Haruko Senarashi
Haruko Senarashi
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Family (P) Empty Family (P)

Fri Jul 28, 2017 6:57 pm
In the mostly-empty bleachers of a huge, icy arena, a boy with orange hair, meticulously combed, sat, waiting. His black suit seemed almost out of place when placed beside his vibrant orange hair. His glasses sat upon a pair of curious green eyes that watched the arena dutifully. He had not seen his sisters in some time, now? Could there be a problem? Ah, no, there was Kuroko’s hair, peeking out from behind the doorway. They were just talking to their trainer. He sat back down, at ease once more, and returned to what he had been doing.  

Yori Shimura lazed about in the bleachers of the ice rink that his sisters often practiced in. Well, not really “Lazed,” seeing as he was shadow boxing, practicing forms and motions of taijutsu techniques. Two in particular, today; The Sucker Punch, a technique used to catch your opponent by surprise and leave them dazed, and the Intersection Method, a technique used to stop just such an attack while simultaneously dealing immense damage to an unprepared opponent. He flipped pages in a book and occasionally tried the motions himself, rehearsing them like an actor about to perform, looking unusually laid back about it in his slick silk suit. Of course, his demeanor changed completely when the two reasons he was here at all stepped out onto the rink.

His sisters, the ice skating duo of Kuroko and Kotami Shimura. The two were the offspring of Genzo and another famed athlete. He reaped the rewards of their prosperous career, and in return, provided them with every tool or resource they might need, same as Yori. And maybe, deep down, he actually cared for his daughters. Genzo was a mysterious man and while perhaps a lackluster parent, not an awful one. He treated Yori well enough. And he spoiled these two with rewards for their displays of skill. Still, they were left rather wanting for their father’s love, as he had quite an interesting way of showing it.

He was leaning against the rail when they entered the rink, watching them as he always did. Genzo normally sent bodyguards, but he had been sending Yori more and more on missions as of late, and, well, they paid, so who was he to refuse? He watched them loop through the air gracefully, catching along the ice and sliding on one foot, crossing paths and meeting, sleek and fluid, like a dancer. They were really something to watch. On another day, Yori could watch for hours. He was no skater himself, but he did love to spend time at the rink.

”Yori! Yori!” Came the voice of Kuroko. He looked up, distracted from his hand seals.
”Yori! Watch!” Kotami chimed in. Yori looked up.
”I’m watching!” He shouted back, his expression warm. He watched them now. They twirled and spun, leapt and glided, with the grace of a swan and the speed of a cheetah. It was something to behold. He couldn’t help the smile that crept up his face as he watched his sisters go. He caught sight of Kuroko’s blue eyes, watching for him, making sure he was there, watching them. He smiled back reassuringly, resting against the railing, his leather gloves pressing against the bar.

He didn’t hate these two kids. He didn’t hate them for being spawn of Genzo. He didn’t hate them for being annoying. He didn’t hate them at all, as hard as he tried to. They were alright. They cared about him in a way not many people in his life did. Like a brother.

It was strange, to think about them that way. When he had first arrived at this place, he had hated them both. He had not cared even an inkling for either. They were flesh and blood of Genzo, born to a charmed life. Everything was easy and free to them, or so Yori had thought. Now he had realized that they were just like him, trapped in this spider’s web of debts to their father. They were equals, that way, though the twins didn’t know it. Or at least, they didn’t acknowledge it. Yori suspected they were much wiser to it than they let on, and merely pushed it away, out of their thoughts, preferring not to dwell on it. Perhaps they were right to do so. Perhaps he was the fool for always worrying so much for himself, and now for them. Genzo had effectively solicited free labor from Yori for how much he cared for them now, he was practically a father to them. No, not a father… A brother. He smiled. It was nice to have some small semblance of family in these lonely times.

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Haruko Senarashi
Haruko Senarashi
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Family (P) Empty Re: Family (P)

Fri Jul 28, 2017 9:20 pm
Kuroko spun, catching the hand of Kotami and spinning together in a hypnotic dance as they worked in perfect harmony. It was beautiful, really. The way every move looked smooth and calculated, effortless and graceful, despite the immense strain it was putting on both their bodies and their minds. It was a difficult sport, not for the faint of heart, despite the reputation it garnered with many commoners as something of a softer sport, made for the pampered and the prudish. Yori had learned quite a bit about the world of ice skating during his time here in Hoshigakure. He was damn near an expert, or so he liked to think, from the time he spent with these two. He’d gained much respect for it upon seeing the cuts and bruises that adorned the skin of Kuroko after a hard fall, and her attempt to hide it from her coach when she was cut off for a week to heal. She was tough. Both of them were.

Sitting back down, he watched his sisters, applauding happily when they finished their routine once more and prepared to start again, each of them taking the chance to get a drink and a break. They sat with their mother, who pointed out to the rink and was no doubt filling their heads with sage advice. Their mother loved them more than anything else in this world. They were her world. The sentiment might have choked Yori up a bit, had it meant anything to him. He had sent his mother money for years. She had not sent him a single letter in return. He knew that her address had not changed, and the postmaster had informed him that she was still indeed living at that house, but still, no answer. He supposed he should be bitter, but a part of him still felt guilty. Would it have been more human to let her die? To let Mayuri and himself starve when their mother could no longer care for her? No. What right had she to be upset with him?

Yori caught himself becoming frustrated. His knuckles were turning a slate shade of gray, and he knew that his eyes would begin to turn yellow soon enough. He felt rage. Oh yes, he felt rage. But all his years of meditation and counseling had trained him well in managing his own feelings. He pushed the thought back down, letting it fester in the swamp of his psyche like a predator lurking, waiting for a chance to strike. He was beyond anger, now. Yori Shimura had grown up. He need not be upset. Even if she would respond, there’d be nothing to say. The thought bubbled back down and left him. He concentrated on his duty. His sisters needed a bodyguard for a reason, after all. He checked the entrances. Good, nothing. He checked the rink itself. No threats. He checked the bleachers...

That was when the girl beside him made her presence known and spoke. She asked if the girls were his. He glanced at her, confused. Did this woman think that the two girls were his? He opened his mouth to correct her as he turned, then caught sight of her. She was thin, tanned from the sun, with a heart-shaped face framed with a mass of voluminous brunette hair. She was very pretty. Yori scanned her features in fractions of seconds, confused. He felt he knew this person, but he did not know how. She spoke as if they knew one another, yet he could not recall her face. There was something… Familiar about her. Was this a past lover of his? He practically shuddered at the thought. Wait, why did he shudder?

He scanned her face for something familiar, running along her freckled cheeks and strong cheekbones, passing nervously over her… Her eyes. Green, like his, but darker. He saw his reflection in those eyes. He saw a part of his soul, ripped away and forced into another life, away from its whole. He saw a life of pain and of abandonment, a parallel and yet a foil to his own. Who was this person?

Bitterness crept into the girl’s voice as she continued to speak. Yori stared on, transfixed and confused, until her final words were spoken, Then, he knew without a doubt who he was speaking to. Though she’d grown over the years, her eyes could not hide her identity from Yori for long.
”Mayuri.” He uttered. He was taken aback. He had longed to see her for years, and yet, he hadn’t expected to. He thought he was dead to them. He was fine with that, so long as they lived. And yet, here she was, that same stupid smile on her face that she always had when she was angry. He sat there in silence for a few moments. The seconds felt like hours as he tried to find the words, something, anything, to say.

”I didn’t replace you. You always knew where to find me. I made sure of that.” Was all he could manage. Feelings were festering, and that old rage that felt like his father’s voice, a devil on his shoulder, was creeping closer. Years of abandonment hit Yori like a runaway train, and his knuckles began to become grey as the energy he so desperately wished he could control rushed through him. He felt it growing upon his left side and turned his head away, not wanting her to see. He caught a glimpse of Kuroko doing a single, a double, a triple flip. He might have felt proud, even smiled, if the circumstances were different. ”...What made you finally show up?” He asked, caught between his rage and his curiosity. His voice was flat and emotionless, for it was all he could do to not go berserk. It took every ounce of self control he had to keep himself calm and collected, but he had no choice. There was no other way.

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Haruko Senarashi
Haruko Senarashi
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Family (P) Empty Re: Family (P)

Sat Jul 29, 2017 5:58 pm
Yori’s eyes stayed transfixed on the empty space before him. He gazed down to his sisters, whose graceful movements had a calming effect on Yori. It did not help much, given the circumstances, but it was still a boon on his self-control. The remark she made about taking a vacation was obviously a joke, just another jab at him and another attempt to get under his skin. She was quite good at that, even after all these years. The grey spot on his knuckles crawled farther, coating his palm and the tips of his fingers. He needed to fight it, but he could hardly just walk away from this. He had waited too long for this moment, even if Mayuri had chosen the absolute worst time to appear. Even if she was, as he feared, completely ungrateful for his sacrifice. The grey skin covered his hand like a virus, spreading through his blood and through his very soul. Her words rained down on him like a flurry of blows that he could not protest. He could hardly speak for fear of what he might say, so he remained quiet until she finished speaking, and he felt he had finally had enough abuse.
”I think you need to take your own advice, May. He muttered, venom in his words, speaking in a way that he rarely ever had to his sister. ”You are so naïve. You think Genzo Shimura, the man that threatened to beat our mother to death for not paying her debts, would just let me walk out and go visit whenever I wanted?” He challenged. ”I told you where I was. I asked you both to come stay with me. I don’t know why on earth mother wouldn’t tell you that, but what right do you think you have to take it out on me? He snapped, the hurt in his voice clear.
His hand was completely grey now, hardened with the nature chakra that coursed through his body. He was sure that his entire face had transformed as well. He would not turn his face towards Mayuri now. He just stared outwards. He did not want her to see the rage in his eyes. It felt alien, not of his own violation, and yet… It made him feel guilty. Guilty that every fiber of his being wanted to hurl Mayuri out into the ice and watch her body break against the hard, glass-like floor.
”Why… Why didn’t she tell you? Why didn’t she ever send anything back?” He asked, his voice rising in volume along as his agitation increased. Was his mother truly so ungrateful as to shut him out completely, to deny him his family out of spite? ”I gave up everything so that you two could live. That is why I am here. That is why I toil. Are you telling me that she didn’t care?” He shouted, enraged. His voice carried now, filling the bleachers with echoes. Thankfully, the twins had gone back inside the locker room, and there was nobody around to hear them. It was just the two of them.

He was on his feet now, though he did not remember how he got there. He’d stood up at some point, and was now walking towards the railing. The better not to allow Mayuri to see his hand or his face. He stared out into the open ice, trying desperately to regain control, and losing more and more with each passing second. This could not continue for long.

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Aryll Hyuuga
Aryll Hyuuga
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Family (P) Empty Re: Family (P)

Wed Aug 02, 2017 6:52 pm
Yori, stepping forwards to avoid showing his sister his face, gripped the railing tightly, his face becoming grey as his rage increased. If she were perceptive enough, Mayuri might notice that half of his face was becoming encrusted with the mutated grey flesh, fueled by his sage chakra. That, unfortunately, would be a realization that came too late to change her actions. Yori was spun around to face Mayuri, and his face was revealed, split down the middle, one half grey and jagged, filled with rage, a yellow beam of light piercing through the darkness of his skull and into Mayuri’s eyes, a single green eye and a small patch of being all that was recognizable of Yori, save for his bright orange hair.

She met his gaze, not flinching, but Yori was lost to her at this point. The moment she laid hands on him, Yori, turned towards her, shoved his hands towards his sister, attempting to force her back and away from him. Any attempt to draw closer to Yori would result in Yori repeating this motion, only serving to increase his rage. However tough she liked to present herself as, Yori hit quite hard, and harder still when augmented by his sage chakra.

”Get away from me!” He shouted, his voice warped and distorted by his own mutated body. It was all he could do to just keep still, but any attempt made by Mayuri to enter range of him would be met with another shove. Assuming she still attempted to shove him on the shoulder, Yori would catch her hand by the wrist with his more powerful left hand before striking her in the stomach, forcing her back once more. He didn’t want to hurt her… Not yet, anyways. But coming towards him in this volatile state was less than safe. He tried to listen to his sister speak as she gave her piece, but it was hard for Yori to process her rage without feeling himself becoming enraged just the same.

She insulted him. That was rich, and a more coherent Yori might have had a sly remark, but all that the boy could do to keep himself still was to grip the bars tighter, rending them under his immense strength and bending them upwards without realizing it.
”You’re an ungrateful little shit, Mayuri.” He grumbled, his his voice distorted. ”After all I’ve done for you, you still only think about yourself…” He growled, his voice rising with anger. ”If I was there, if I hadn’t left, we’d all have been dead! Why are you so dense that you can’t comprehend that?”

If she continued to speak despite the blows he sent her way, Yori would simply grit his teeth and try not to lash out. When she began to talk about what their mother had done, he found that he had a bit more self control as he listened. The rage was still there, the beast still called him and commanded him, but now it grew silent and urged him to wait and listen. His mother hated him for his sacrifice, too?  She was just as ungrateful? She’d… She’d hidden his letters from Mayuri? The rage grew stronger. Yori would not be able to speak for much longer…

”"I fucking hate you, Yori-

And that was when Yori snapped. He was no longer a man. There was nothing left of him save for the monster that lurked within. In mere moments, he would be upon his sister, aiming a low strike with his powerful, augmented left hand towards her gut, which would likely knock the wind out of her and send her flying back. Running after his now airborne sister, this enraged beating would not cease until the beast was satisfied and his anger sated.
Haruko Senarashi
Haruko Senarashi
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Family (P) Empty Re: Family (P)

Sun Sep 03, 2017 7:40 pm
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Sun Sep 10, 2017 3:00 pm
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