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Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:28 pm
A sigh escaping his lips, his form the definition of tiredness, Akemi walked out of his apartment, closing the door behind him with a satisfying 'Click'. Christ, it was too early for this kind of thing. Heck, the usually busy streets of Hoshigakure were completely empty. The only living creature which chose to make itself visible was the occasional bird or street cat. And even then, seeing them was incredibly rare. He blinked through blurry eyes, digging his tiny hands into the pockets of his jacket. He had only just woken up a few minutes ago you see, his vision was still unfocused, his eyes red and puffy from the lack of sleep. This was usually the time where he just gave up trying to stay awake and instead opted to fall back asleep. But alas, his sudden burst of motivation was an opportunity he didn't want to waste, such drive was rare an far-between, he begrudgingly admitted.

His clothes? Well, they were quite simple. He had pretty much shoved on whatever he could find in his drawers, a testament to how stupid he was when the lack of sleep was getting to him. Anyway, on his feet, he wore incredibly stylish trainers. White and an almost light-blue in colour. They were probably the most trendy things in his collection of clothes, the Hiyu didn't really bother with fashion. Looking too good would only draw unwanted attention to himself. On his skinny-ass legs, he boasted some baggy, plain-black tracksuits which dragged along the floor as he walked. On his torso, underneath the jacket, he had a simple black T-Shirt which hung off his frame quite drastically, displaying how skinny he was. His raven-black hair was messy and unkempt like always. His entire assortment of clothes and style would likely make one think he was challenged or something.

So, my darlings, you're probably wondering what Akemi hoped to actually achieve in this wondrous training session. Well, the answer to that silly, silly question was a simple answer. Akemi only wanted to get stronger, he hoped that this morning would be the time where he realized his full-potential as a shinobi. Where he capped out, able to stand toe-to-toe with Kage. Not exactly, toe-to-toe in skill, more so just his sheer brute force he could exert if he really put his mind to it. He pulled his hands out from his pockets and held them out in the air in front of him, the palms facing toward himself. He then clenched his fists over and over again, allowing his scrawny fingers to contract and loosen periodically. From doing this, Akemi would safely conclude that this was the level of strength he wanted to stay at. Growing any stronger would be little more than a detriment to his other attributes. Namely his chakra reserves, they were laughable at best, completely awe-inducing at the worst. Of course, the 'awe' part not being a positive outlook at how expensive they are, rather a negative one at how insignificant and useless they were. Thank god no ninja ever seemed to speak to him, at least the ones who knew chakra sensory.

While taking his timid strides, Akemi's mind was racing, the cobwebs of tiredness beginning to raise, gifting him the ability to think like a normal person. Why was his mind racing, again? Oh yeah, training without a clear goal for what you wanted to get out of it, was just empty training. It was all well and good making one's body stronger, but how useful would that strong body be against someone with an equally strong body, but with multiple techniques under their belt. Exactly, it was a situation which he didn't particularity want to dwell on. Especially when it was easily redistributed. How? You ask, well, all he had to do, was train techniques at the same time as he trained his body! Whoa, crazy idea, right? Such a concept probably almost made your head explode, you stupid human you. Not that Akemi, or his writer, were any better mind you. In fact, Akemi is probably one of the most dumbest and unskilled ninjas to grace the planet. Anyone near him is nearly instantly corrupted by the literal aura of retardation which follows him everywhere. Some say he can turn the greatest of minds into mush, just by merely being near them.

After rambling on in his thoughts for a few more minutes, Akemi's tired brain eventually came to a conclusion on what technique he wanted to learn. It was simple, really, all he wanted to do... Was learn all of them! Truly, what a genius this guy was. No one could even dream of coming close to learning techniques. And here Akemi was, sprouting nonsense about he was going to learn ALL of them in his tired state. Actually... It was hard-pressed to call him tired at the moment. He was more turning into some kind of drunk, his thoughts were slurred, his eyes were blurry, and he could move without stumbling every so often. He looked like a wreck, thank god he finally had something to work towards. A technique which was already making him partially nervous with the fact that it was a B-Rank, and that meant a lot of work was expected to be done in this training sesh. Last time he had trained a B-Rank technique... He shuddered, recounting the intense pain which had been coursed through his entire being after he had smashed his elbow and knee together when practicing the intersection method, another B-Rank technique.

Right, he wasn't anywhere near the training grounds yet, but that didn't mean that he couldn't do a little bit of revision in his mind before he got to the actual thing. It would help shorten the amount of time which training usually took, at least for Akemi, he wasn't sure how long it took other people to train techniques. So, I'm sure you're dying to know the technique's name by now. It's a taijutsu technique of course, labeled 'Leaf Strong Wind' and looked to be a preeetty sweet move. If used under the right circumstances, which went without saying. As did most taijutsu techniques, none of them worked like other specialties. Taijutsu was truly in a league of its own. Perhaps one day, Taijutsu would receive some sort of buff which would allow it to become viable. Those would be the days...

The technique itself was rather complex, and his tired mind was having a hard-time comprehending what it meant as he read the scroll. His dumb brain forcing his hands to try and read the technique upside down for some reason. You should know how difficult it is being small and incredibly stupid, it meant he had to try and do everything with his disadvantaged height while using his disadvantaged brain to try and figure out how to do said things. It leads to a couple of somewhat hilarious situations, while Akemi himself didn't find these funny, pretty much all onlookers would almost cry from laughter. The world was a cruel place, it was worse for midgets.

To save time, Akemi started running through the basic movements required for the technique in his head. Practicing in one's head was not the most efficient way to train. As evidenced by the fact that gravity and other external forces would always be a little skewered in your head. With these thoughts imprinted in his brain, Akemi devoted half of his attention towards his mind's eye. In his head, he imagined himself standing in an empty dojo-like place with several training gadgets around him. He walked up to one of them, and started spinning around on the balls of his feet. Repeating the spins several times, finding it pretty cool that he couldn't get dizzy while in his mind. Then, when he was 1/2 through the final spin, Akemi's mind-self extended his leg and sent it straight into the training gadget. The training thing went flying across the room, but Akemi was still disappointed. You see, that had only been using HIS strength, it hadn't been using the strength which was always added when he used a technique. That was why he was disappointed, for he thought that he had executed the kick flawlessly. But the results of it begged to differ.

After repeating the technique in his mind for several more minutes, Akemi finally arrived at the Water Garden's training ground, having not made ANY progress with his mind training. He kicked the ground angrily, chewing the inside of his cheeks before heading deeper into the Water Gardens. Hoping that, by journeying further in, he wouldn't have the displeasure of bumping into another human being. And, well, they wouldn't have to bump into his ugly mug. As he walked, he encountered fewer and fewer people. The Gardens were usually quite a busy attraction for tourists, seeing them so empty was quite a shock. Not a horrid shock mind you, Akemi liked the isolation, the emptiness. Sure, speaking to people could sometimes be nice, heck, even arguing with that one musical genius had been quite fun. However, sometimes a little bit of 'Alone Time' was nice.

He eventually stopped in a circular clearing, the sun breaking through the canopy as if to highlight this wondrous spot to him. It was about 40 meters in diameter, with thick flora around the circumference. On the northern end was a small, crystal clear lake. He smiled as his gray gaze lingered on it, he made a mental note to go for a small swim later on when he was all hot and sweaty after training. Now, the lake and clearing were beautiful and all, but that wasn't the thing which was truly dominating his attention. Right in the center of the clearing, was an absolutely GINORMOUS tree! Like, Akemi had never seen anything so huge in his life. Well, apart from his overwhelming retardation. But that wasn't exactly a 'Tangible' thing, was it?

Not wasting any more time, Akemi started to warm-up. First, he started with some basic stretches. Touching his toes, doing the spider, keeping one leg straight while he put all his weight on the other one. He slowly increased the intensity of the stretches as time rolled on until he was doing stuff which would make professional gymnasts. Getting both of his feet behind his head, contorting his body in ways a body should not contort. Heck, he managed to bend himself in such a way, that he'd probably be able to fit into a ladies handbag. Yeah, he looked a little bit silly at the moment. Continuing with his warm-ups, Akemi started jogging at a speed of 20 around the gigantic tree in the middle of the clearing. Admiring its sheer size as he jogged around it. 

Eventually coming to a halt, a shimmering sheen of sweat glistening on his pasty skin. Momentarily, he wondered
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