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Tue Jul 25, 2017 4:51 am
Yurei sat in the loose sand of the training grounds, watching the sun set and reading. The boy had collected many scrolls, each crafted with the same parchment that seemed to sap away any moisture in your fingertips as you unraveled it. The jutsu that sat before he hand the sunset now was the chakra anesthetic jutsu. Yurei himself had no real interest in medical ninjutsu. He had the potential to heal physical wounds, but not the deep, mental and emotional wounds he wanted to heal. That what the genjutsu was for. This, instead, was the nullify the main so many injures caused.
Having been on the receiving end of pain, Yurei could have used this jutsu. Especially after the incident in the secret cathedral buried far underground. The pain was distracting and it impeded his progress as both a shinobi and fighter. One couldn’t make clear, concise decisions while under that much duress. It simple wasn’t possible. That is, of course, should their will not be iron clad. But Yurei hadn’t met anyone like that, so he simply dismissed it as an impossibility.
The pale Uchiha studied the jutsu carefully, noting how it should be applied. It didn’t sound nice by any means. The jutsu to numb pain caused quite a bit of it in application. As it read, the jutsu was to generate blue flames on each tip of the finger. One would have to puncture the skin through at least a fourth of an inch. This would inject chakra into the nervous system and thereby mute any distracting pain. It was a small jutsu, there was no refuting that, but it did carry a lot of influence in changing the tide of battle. Especially when said battle was a war of attrition.
Yurei blew hot air out of his nose and looked up at the beautiful, orange sunset. It’s lovely, vibrant orange flow illuminated the thinned parchment the ink had written on. Yurei ran his hand behind the scroll, forming a shadow puppet or two before returning to his studies.
The sunsets made Yurei feel welcome and at home, even if he was far away from it. The orange glow generated such an odd, yet welcoming feeling. He felt comfortable, even with the deathly cold temperatures setting in.
The pale Uchiha yawned, finally getting to the handseals. Only three. Rabbit, Ox, and then Monkey. Simple. But that wasn’t the hard part. Injecting one’s hand into someone else a fourth of an inch deep was not the most comfortable experience.
The genin took a deep breath before signing the handseals, folding one of his hands over the other in three various ways before stopping and focusing his chakra to his hands. This was much like his phoenix fire jutsu or perhaps the great fireball jutsu in that one needed to knead their chakra in a particular part of the body. Yurei was a natural at it, though it didn’t seem so hard in process. Randomly switching natures was different, but the Uchiha found it rudimentary at the absolute worst.
Five flames erupted from Yurei finger tips on his right hand. They were dull and sparking instead of firm and brilliant like his fire jutsu was. This was… weaker. And Yurei found it much more difficult to manipulate the chakra than he had anticipated. Yurei was used to chakra manipulation and control, as well as utilizing his chakra to destroy. Such was the case with his fire jutsu. This, on the other hand, was to heal. Yurei had no affinity for healing people, and little desire to. His true strength relied in the illusionary arts. Even ninjutsu offered more to him than healing.
Despite a rather humble, uncompetitive nature, Yurei desired to be a savior to some degree. On paper, one would point to arrogance and narcissism. This was not the case. Yurei simply desired peace, and perhaps, if only a little, to disprove his father’s ideas regarding shinobi and villagers.   
The white-haired genin snapped back to reality upon hearing a cry. It was no person, but an animal. He turned to face the location from which the noise generated and found a desert fox. These predators were rarely seen, most too shy or afraid of people. This one, however, was severely injured. How convenient.
Yurei rushed over to the creature. There was no bleeding, but there was bruising. That must have been killing the poor creature. The Uchiha quickly examined the animal before coming to the conclusion that no major bones were broken. He swiftly sighed the required seals, setting his fingertips on fire. Yurei reached down to the fox and allowed it to smell his hand. It snapped at him, obviously in a lot of pain. “This is going to hurt,” Yurei said smoothly. “Here we go.”
The Shinobi plunged his heated fingers into the animal, resulting in a short squeal and then nothing. The desert fox slowly got up, panting. It was night now, and their prey was on the prowl. That fox would need something to eat or would have to seek out shelter. Either way, he was able to do it now Yurei stood up and examined his hand, the fire on his fingertips fading away. He quickly glanced at the fox that walked away slowly. It must have worked, otherwise that fox would not be walking. Yurei was paranoid and petrified that he’d miscalculate the jutsu and end up killing the fox.
The boy turned to look up at the sky, its numerous stars shining above him like holes cut out of a massive, black blanket. Yurei took a deep breath and then smiled, rolling up the medical scroll. There was no problem in versatility.
The Uchiha resumed his breathing exercises, lying in wait to see the moon and the bountiful stars. Then, out of the corner of his eye, something caught his attention. The desert fox had pups. He’d saved a parent, and, though it paled in comparison, Yurei could not help but think of his father.

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Tue Jul 25, 2017 4:38 pm
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