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Vengeance Empty Vengeance

Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:54 pm

Yurei’s pale eyes rotated, revealing two tomoe that revolved around his pupil like plants around the sun. His eyes scanned his cold room as he withdrew his shuriken from his weapon pouches. With a fluid motion, the pale Uchiha threw his ninja weapon, hitting a bullseye on one of the numerous targets in his room. He unsheathed his kunai and another swiftly, jumping onto his hand and throwing them separately at two different targets. Again, bullseyes. Yurei landed on his feet, crouched, and the boy reached for two other shuriken. Swiftly, his hands moving in a blur, Yurei extended them outward, throwing the two shuriken with curvature. The spinning metal collided, ricocheting off one another into marked bullseyes on either side of the room.

The genin took a deep breath and stood, admiring his handy-work. The pale Uchiha had little experience with his ninja weapons, instead performing genjutsu. However, Yurei now possessed the perfect means of precision: the Sharingan. The dojutsu had significantly improved his capabilities, beyond what he had ever anticipated. These eyes… they were the most powerful thing Yurei possessed in the physical realm. His Genjutsu could influence, but this was real, tangible power. Weeks had passed since he had unlocked his second tomoe, a vast improvement over the first, and his eyes were rarely in his normal form. Instead, Yurei’s chakra flooded them at every opportunity, forming something of a reliance or perhaps and addiction to the power.

Yurei had never seen anything the way he did now. With his first tomoe, he could witness chakra within others. But now, he could see their chakra, and he possessed heightened reflexes and greater speed. Was this the true power of the sharingan? Or was there more? He didn’t know, and asking his mother questions about shinobi had been uncomfortable for him, despite her sudden openness and acceptance. The first tomoe was unlocked by experience the loss of his father, the second was in defense of his loved ones and his home. That hopelessness… that’s when he unlocked that power. But he needed more.

Yurei straightened his back and gazed outside of his window. The sun had begun its decent, having already reached the pinnacle of its height. Its warm light glistened on the shimmering, sandy buildings. He raised his fingers to his face, touching his chakra infused eyes.

Yurei slid open his door, and stepped outside of his room. His mother was rummaging in the kitchen. He peaked out then returned to his room to gather his shuriken and kunai. He may need them for what he was about to do.

The genin stepped out of his room, placing his weapons in their respective pouches.

“Yurei?” his mother’s voice called out to him.

“Yes, Mom?” he said, turning the corner into the kitchen.

“Are you going out?” she asked, taking her eyes off of the kitchen to look at him.

“Yes, Mother. I was just,” Yurei trailed off slightly, “I was just going to go do a bit of training. Nothing major.”

Takia looked out of the window at the sun. “Hmm. Well, don’t stay out too late, ok?”

Yurei nodded, turning to the door. He reached to slide it open, but stopped. “Hey, Mom?”

“Yes, Yurei?”

The genin thought for a moment to himself, unsure if he should ask or even mention what happened. “The night those villagers attacked... I evolved my Sharingan again. I’m not sure how or why, but…” Yure ribbed his wrist with his hand. “I want to know if there’s another stage to the Sharingan.”

Takia stopped washing dishes and rested her hands on the counter. She took a deep breath and then turned to Yurei. “Your father wouldn’t approve of me telling you this… or about any jutsu, but yes. There is. I don’t have it, so I don’t know how you unlock it. That’s all I know.”

Yurei exhaled and looked off to his side. “Alright,” he said, focusing on his mother. “Thank you.”

She nodded and went back to washing her plate, leaving Yurei to walk outside alone.

The pale Uchiha slid the front door to and walked down the steps, coming to a stop at the road ahead. It had been stained with blood, the blood he had spilled on the night the radicals attacked. Yurei bent down to look at the stained concrete. It had dried completely, baking in the desert sun after Yurei had been resting for so long. Still, he had not noticed it when he went out to train. Or maybe he didn’t want to notice it.

Yurei turned his head to look down the street. Not one zealot hadn’t lost blood that night, and, in the panic, they likely didn’t care enough or didn’t think to cover their tracks. The Uchiha followed the trail of dried blood, moving along the housing district. Clumsy, but they must have been organized. At least a little. This was oddly a very big group. Bigger than I have ever seen, at least.

The browning, crimson stains had lead the boy to a shack just outside of the housing district. It wasn’t kempt, instead emanating the look of poverty. It was barely holding itself together by the looks of it.  Yurei stepped closure to the small, sandstone structure, listening carefully.


Yurei closed and opened his eyes, channeling chakra into them. He peered through a crack in the door, looking inside. He could see no chakra, nor could he hear anything, so the boy stepped inside the small shack. Within it were numerous bandages and pieces of cloth, all bloodied, most likely from the wounds he had afflicted on them. Where had they gone after tending to their wounds?

Yurei searched around the area, looking for clues. The area was a mess, so they were obviously rushing. Or perhaps it was out of fear. Had he scared them this badly? Did they even present a threat anymore? Yes, they did. Of course they did. Not all shinobi could defend themselves as Yurei had, and they would almost certainly attack other shinobi with, perhaps, a small aversion to the pale Uchiha. He couldn’t allow them to hurt anyone else.

Yurei looked at his hands. This was the time for genjutsu. He was going to sway their hearts. That was the best option. The genin continued to rummage about the area, looking for someplace they could have gone, until he stumbled upon something peculiar. A stack of crates possessed blood all around them. They had been handled a lot, especially for a bloodied group in a panic. Yurei gave the top crate a small push, finding it to be light. He slowly removed it, placing it on the ground behind him. The other two were heavier, but he easily slid them out of the way. Underneath the crates existed, what appeared to be, a cellar.

The Uchiha bent down, opening the small square door that was imbedded into the floor. It was dark below, but a ladder extended downward. Unable to see, Yurei broke off a piece of wood from the crates and stood it up in the open air carefully. Fire Release: Fire Stream. Yurei formed the handseals, setting the piece of the crate on fire. He took it up in his hand and began his decent into the cellar, unsure of what awaited him below.

As Yurei ventured downward, he could hear voice, though of what he did not know. His imagination ran with the idea. Shinobi sacrifices? Blood rituals? The list went on and on, but he could not let it dissuade him. These people needed to be stopped, and he was going to be the catalyst for their change.

The pale Uchiha finally came to solid ground, ending up in a tunnel of sorts that extended outward in a narrow path. The Uchiha held his torch out, watching carefully with his sharingan. The voices got louder and angrier, though he could not make out what they were saying. Yurei kept walking, finally seeing a light up ahead. He extinguished his flame, leaning it against the burrowed wall. Yurei looked outward, objects finally coming into view. Below him were the zealots that tried to kill the boy and destroy his home. They seemed to be praying and listening to a sermon, led by a middle-aged man wearing long, draping robes.

Yurei leaned in closer, surveying the area. It was a small room, but it certainly had height. They were dozens of feet below him, allowing for extravagant architecture, similar to that of the cathedral he had seen on the wedding assignment.

The preacher seemed to be rambling on about dark magic and the evils of shinobi. Nothing that interested Yurei, instead promoting hatred and violence in place of peace and tolerance. This old man was mad.

Yurei leaned in even closer, staring at the man with his sharingan. Odd. The man emanated with chakra, yet he preached against it. These followers could not detect it as they did not possess any way of witnessing the power the old man had within him. Suddenly, the ground beneath Yurei’s feet crumbled, sliding him downward.

The man’s sermon stopped, and the crowd turned to face Yurei, drawing kunai and swords.

When the Uchiha finally reached the ground, he stood up, starting at them with his white Sharingan.

“It’s that kid…!” One of the men said, raising his sword closure to his body.

“How’d he find us?” another shouted, a hint of urgency in his voice.

Yurei raised his index finger and pointed at the crowd. “I’m going to show you what it’s like to be hated.”


Yurei projected his chakra outward. “You’ll understand, and then you’ll stop this madness!”

But nothing happened. His genjutsu did nothing. Something was wrong.

The old man smirked, raising his hands upward. “You were foolish to come here alone, little Shinobi! Quickly!” he shouted. “Take care of the boy! The devil must be stopped! Go!”

Yurei resisted the urge to expose the old man’s chakra. That would only further the hatred generated by these villagers. No one likes to be deceived.

The Uchiha withdrew his kunai, running head on into the ground.  His careful eyes watched, following their every move. Even though they weren’t shinobi, there was strength in numbers. Even with his sharingan, Yurei found them difficult to keep up with.

The boy raised his kunai with subtlety in order to deflect the incoming strikes from the religious extremists. He could feel the weight they were putting on his eyes. Suddenly, Yurei was launched backwards. The preacher suddenly lowers his hands. Was that a jutsu? Why didn’t his followers notice it? Maybe that’s why his genjutsu didn’t work. He must have released it.

“I have been blessed with the divine power to vanquish the wicked! You will not live to see the light of day, child!” he yelled.

How could they believe this trash?  Yurei looked up, seeing a katana lunging at his face. He quickly shifted his head to the side and uppercut the attacker, forcing him to the ground. Yurei dashed forward. His eyes began to ache. He was force feeding the chakra into them. Yurei spun his kunai around his fingers, carving his way through the villagers by striking nonlethal, yet key points in their anatomy. Then, again, he was thrown backwards. The villagers’ hair flew wildly in the breeze, but there was no air here.

Wind style! He must be using wind-

“GAH!” Yurei screamed, feeling a sharp pain in his side. He had been stabbed by a villager with a kunai. The jagged metal carved its way through his flesh, and the Uchiha winced in the pain. Swiftly, Yurei forced his body to move faster, retracting the kunai from his side and breaking the man’s arm with a precise strike to the elbow. The snapping of his bone rang throughout the chambers.

Yurei kicked the man to the side and lunged away. He was slowing down. There were too many of them. Yurei eyes tracked them all, but he could barely keep up. He need more. He needed the power to push forward, but this wasn’t enough.

Again the Uchiha flew backwards, launched into a pile of hard rubble. He took  a deep breath, pain coursing throughout his body.

“Kill him! Kill the wicked!” yelled the preacher. His chakra swelled, but Yurei couldn’t bring himself to move. Again, he was launched into the air by roaring winds.

My… my Sharingan… it isn’t strong enough… I can’t keep up with them…

Yurei landed face down onto the floor. The villagers walked toward, picking him up and punching him back to the ground. The Uchiha grit his teeth, too tired and too slow to keep up with them.

“Yes! Strike him down! You failed before, but justice will be served!”

Yurei lay flat on the ground, bleeding. “I won’t…” he murmured, enduring the kicks and punches being delivered to him. “I won’t let you.. win..”

Yurei flooded the chakra to his eyes. The second tomoe split into a third. He unlocked the three tomoe Sharingan. Yurei gave a handseal and force himself up swiftly, launching fire into the air. The fire stream. The villagers caught fire, and, in the panic of trying to put it out, Yurei zipped passed them, shattering their footing and driving them to the ground. He lunged forward toward the man. His chakra swelled, ready to assault Yurei with another gust of wind, but he wouldn’t allow it. Yurei formed the handseals for flicker movement, now moving even faster. By the time the old man hand launched his jutsu, Yurei was already behind him, planting his foot into the man’s back.

The villagers came to the man’s defense, swinging swords at Yurei. The boy looked up at the men, withdrawing his kunai and dancing around them, littering their hands with cuts from his kunai. Yurei launched himself just above them, kicking two to the ground. The Uchiha landed and leapt forward, grabbing another villager by his hair and sending him to the ground, knocking him out cold.

“Great fireball jutsu,” Yurei heard.

 His eyes turned toward the older man, and he leapt out of the way, dodging the fireball effortlessly.  “You tried to kill me!” Yurei yelled, running towards them. He sent another fireball at the genin, now visibly terrified. Yurei, again, dodged the jutsu. “You attacked my home!”

The man drew a kunai just a Yurei struck at him, deflecting the boy’s attack. “You attacked my mother! You tried to destroy my family! You tried to take away everything from me!” Yurei drove his fist into the man’s stomach, launching him backwards. “All because I was a ninja! But what are you!?”

The man fell to the ground, gasping for air. Yurei leapt on top of him, punching the man in the face before he could recover. “Answer me! Why are you doing this! You’re a shinobi too! Why would you attack me when all I ever wanted to do was protect the village and everyone in it!?”

Blood ran from the man’s nose. His eyes swelled as he made gurgling noises. “Yurei stared at the man’s fading eyes as the disappeared behind purple flesh. “I want to protect people like you, but you won’t let me! You won’t let anyone!”

Yurei stopped and breathed deeply. His fists were bloodied, and they ached, as did his bleeding side that stained his kimono.

The preacher gurgled something, trying to speak. Blood ran down his mouth. “You.. you’re.. a monster…” he said before fading into unconsciousness.

Yurei’s eyes widened. He stepped off of the man and backed away, holding his wrist. “No, no, no… I’m the hero of this story.” Yurei looked at his bloodied hands and then at the villagers who laid in the ground, bleeding. “No, no. This wasn’t supposed to happen!” Yurei stood up in shock. He stepped back then winced in pain, holding his side.

The boy rushed out of the secret chambers, leaving the villagers behind as he felt his way through the tunnel. Ironic that he would be tracking blood now. Yurei gripped his side as he climbed out of the hideout. He sat down on one of the crates, unable to go any further. His eyes ached from the overuse of his sharingan.  The boy looked down at his wound. The cut was clean and not nearly as deep as he thought. Yurei was no medical ninja, but he knew the wound wasn’t that bad. The Uchiha quickly untied his belt from his waist, and opened his kimono. He took a clean roll of gauss and quickly patched his wound as best he could.

Am I the hero..? Yurei looked at his wound and at his hands. Or am I the bad guy?

WC: 2803


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Mon Jul 17, 2017 7:20 pm
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