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Take em to Church

Hikari Namikaze
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Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
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Take em to Church  - Page 3 Empty Re: Take em to Church

Wed Jul 05, 2017 4:34 am
As Hikari waited there, hearing Lady Akihana's degree that the shinobi should be allowed to enter into the village. It was kind of surprising to the young girl that they were being allowed in without knowing whether or not they had pure intentions or not, however… Akihana seemed to know the person they were supposed to be guarding… as such, Hikari figured the queen knew what she was doing.
When Hikari was told that she was to escort the group to the academy, she would give a little nod, showing that she was willing to accept this mission. When every thing was said and done, Hikari would make a clone and head off with the group  toward the academy with her main body, while at the same time leaving a clone at the gates, seeing that there was no guards at the gate.  Hikari would have to try to figure out what went wrong with the guard shifts at a later time.

However, for now, Hikari would just leave a clone to watch the gates, as the rest of the group made their way toward the Accademy. As they walked, Hikari would offer some friendly advice, “Just so you are awear, the civilian population here are not the biggest fans of shinobi, they think we are some sort of demons or something like that. Either way, none of them should attack you, however, if they realize you are shinobi, they might not be so friendly to you. As such, unless you are on official business, I would recommend not walking around with your head bands out, or with any weapons that would reveal you to be a shinobi. However… any other weapons that normal mercenarys or bandit’s would have should be fine.” Hikari would nod to the massive Dust’s sword. “That being said, that is only a suggestion, and you are by no means required to follow that if you don’t feel safe in the area without your headbands or kunai knifes.”

Once the arrived to the academy, Hikari would pull out the required documentation, and give it to those 19 shinobi. With all honesty, Akihana probably asked Hikari to do this job rather than sending for another shinobi to help because she wanted Hikari to read the minds of the shinobi to see if they were telling the truth about their applications, an ability she did have, however…. Hikari was a little too trusting, and didn’t think to do that….. or at least that is the reason she would give out if questioned about this. With all honesty, Hikari was distracted by the dashing suits the group was wearing, and it didn’t’ even cross her mind that she had the ability to read minds.

Either way, once they were done at the academy, Hikari would create another clone to escort Lady Akihana back to her palace, while at the same time using her real body to escort the Suna group to the slums where they would be staying.

Unless she was otherwise stopped or had any other questions or request asked of her, she would bow, and make her way back to her own living quarters where she would spend the rest of the evening resting.


WC: 2280


All chakra signatures memorized save Kyson’s who had his suppressed

22 ap

Also, totally claiming queens guard, because Akihana said she was leaving me in charge of guarding her, so Hikari was Guarding the queen, aka, she is a queens guard

Also imparting wisdom on Maku’s bodyguards that sometimes the civilians aren’t the biggest fans of shinobi.
Madrigal Kaguya
Madrigal Kaguya
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Take em to Church  - Page 3 Empty Re: Take em to Church

Wed Jul 05, 2017 6:46 pm
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