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The world is changing brother Empty Re: The world is changing brother

Mon Jun 12, 2017 7:41 pm
It was either coincidence or pure luck that the path of the messenger hawk carried itself across the path of a boat heading back towards the village. Following the ship, it'd duck down through the opening in the oceanic border that it provided before continuing with it's mission despite the heavy fog upon it's back.

Once it reached the village gates, the avian persuasion would soon be handled by the appropriate guards to call the trained bird down. Parchment was bound to it's leg, albeit not for long as the guards went about removing the message. Reading the message briefly, one guard went about delivering it directly to the secretary in the Mizukage chambers without delay.

With the message received by the secretary, the white haired girl pursed her lips as her eyes scrolled over the familiar handwriting. He'd always been the joker, even during the dire times. She nodded her head in thanks to the guard who proceeded to return to his post while she went into the chambers.

She'd knock on the door three times before pushing into the room, nodding her head once to both the ANBU. The blue haired Mizukage greeted her with a smile, and she prepared to drop to her knee before him before he interrupted, "No no, we're family. No need to continue such a formal tradition. What's the message, Kamiko?" Xyxer spoke, a smile still nestled on his features.

She paused momentarily, poking her tongue against the inside of her cheek before speaking with bated breath, "Well.. Takeo sent us a message." She cleared her throat before dictating it to the leader, a smile embellishing her features all the while, 

You should get out more often. The world is a fascinating place, filled with ma-

Many interesting things, one of which I just encountered. A tailed beast, insufferably arrogant.
Not important though. This concerns politics brother. Cut off from the world I doubt you're aware of the movements of the mainland.
Kumogakure is making moves in the world. I was in Sunagakure recently, a man named Maku called for the surrender of Sunagakure into their empire. The Kazekage had disappeared right before us, I can only assume they surrendered themselves over without issue.
The world is changing brother, don't fall behind.


P.S To whoever is reading this for my brother out loud, if you're a hot girl wanna go on a date when I get back?
P.P.S If you're my sister, tell mom I said hi."

She finished off the letter with a cheesy close eyed smile, clearly amused about the wording. Kamiko walked over to the table to place the letter down before walking back to the door as Xyxer spoke out again. "Thank you..

Tell mum I said hi as well."

[Receipt of the letter and ofc, topic close]
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