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Genjutsu's Lesson of Hate and Fear Empty Genjutsu's Lesson of Hate and Fear

Wed Jun 07, 2017 8:46 pm
Yurei found himself in the training grounds of Hoshigakure. It was night, clear, and the light of the stars shined upon him in beautiful brilliance. The reason Hoshigakure was called the City Blessed by the Stars was not a mystery by any means, but it’s sights were still as beautiful as ever. Yurei walked forward slowly to the center of the vast, sweeping, and dry fields. The light generated by the stars highlighted every blade of grass, as the moon was absent this night, but a place in the sky had taken its place. Darkness covered a patch of stars, a new moon, a dark void of lightlessness.

Yurei found himself no closer to his destination. The ground beneath him to not change, almost if he were walking in place. He looked down at the unchanging terrain, then back up to find the center of the fields only father away. The light from the stars slowly began to fade. One by one, the spheres of bright burning gas died out. The illuminated green grass, once sparkling with dew, descended into a blanket of darkness.

The Uchiha boy charged forward, putting all of his effort into each step he took, but it was to no avail. A red filter blanketed the once peaceful training grounds, smothering it in a blood red visage. Yurei stood in shock, unable to move. The ground beneath the boy began to shake and crack. Grass, dirt, the darkness, began to split, opening fissures and faults of magma below Yurei.

The albino stumbled backwards and backed up on his back. The ground shook, and rupturing from it was a hand. The skeletal claw stretched out of the earth and pushed down onto it, revealing a skull and torso.

“Yurei,” it called out, its voice raspy and weak.

Flesh and muscle surround the skull, like a growth. Two glowing eyes peered through the darkness. “Yurei.” Its voice was deeper, stronger this time. Yurei looked in horror, recognizing the corpse’s sharingan. “Why did you kill me?”

Yurei gasped, tears streamed down his face. Fleshed latched onto the creature’s face, slowly growing. “Why did you kill me, son? You’ve killed me. You’ve killed your mother. You’ve killed us all…”

“No, father, I-“

The ground ruptured, dropping Yurei beneath it. He grasped onto a root, dangling. Hell stared back at him from below. It was a lake of fire, where his demons remained and thrived. They waited for him to descend. Sweat poured now Yurei spine and face. His grip loosened as he tried to pin himself against both walls of dirt. He pushed up, trying to climb. The boy looked up. His father stood above him, zombified, and his light hair flowing in the breeze. He opened his jaw, stretching what tendons remained and reach for Yurei. The sky lit with fire. Damon appeared before him in the same state as his father, dead and withering. Then Akio. Then his mother. The village surrounded the fissure above Yurei, pitchforks in hand, as they pushed his friends and family down into the fiery lake waiting below.

“There is no escape for you,” one of the villagers said, reached down to grasp the Uchiha boy. Yurei’s hands slipped, withdrawing from the root and plunging him down below.

Yurei gasped, clenching his heart as he woke from his light slumber. His heart was racing, his skin was cold, and he felt incredibly weak.

It was night still, almost morning, but he dared not to go to sleep. Yurei rose from his bed, not thinking of his nightmare, slipped on his kimono, grabbed his things, including a new ninja scroll, and ran out the door with his bamboo shoes.

The Uchiha boy slid on the wooden sandals, charging off ahead on the sidewalk. He hadn’t time to check on his mother, nor the desire to see her restless and heartbroken. “I killed my father… and Mother’s love…” Yurei said solemnly, walking down the path. Street lamps still illuminated the sidewalks. Yurei withdrew his bag of things and examined the scroll within. The Hazy Genjutsu jutsu.

Yurei sighed, reading over it, squinting his eyes every time a street lamp’s light faded. Light brightened and faded as he read, discovering what the genjutsu could do. Yurei skimmed through, mostly thinking about he didn’t want to think. About anything. He read over the words on the scroll over and over, unable to absorb whatever information lay engraved in ink and pen.

From what Yurei could gather, the Hazy Genjutsu placed someone within a deep forest, distorting their view and plunging them into a pool of illusionary quick sand. It was quite the technique, but Yurei wouldn’t get much use of it in Hoshigakure. The village was far too barren and lacked any sort of mass rainforest. However, Yurei did not intend to stay in the City Blessed by the Stars all the time. In fact, a little time away from this place would do some good. One wouldn’t know it simply by appearances, but Hoshigakure was far from a tranquil, delightful little village. The shinobi/villager conflicts saw to that.

Yurei looked up from his scroll, noticing he was approaching the markets. None were open yet, and it was very quiet, an odd sight to behold given how active and teeming with life the markets usually were. The Uchiha boy walked further down, passed the closed shops, and finally entered what he called shinobi country, a ghost town of sorts where many shinobi offices and buildings had been constructed, including the academy and the training grounds. Little else was present there to attract regular villagers, unless they choice to trash or vandalize the academy.

As the small Uchiha boy meandered throughout the village, he stared down at his feet, hoping over every crack in the sidewalk. Whatever could keep his mind off of his father was good enough for him.

Yurei finally settled at the training grounds, this time avoiding the center. He dared not go there. Not after what happened in his night terror. The albino Uchiha instead found himself along a wooded area, not too thick, but then again so few spots had trees here. Yurei sat, and waited, looking over his scroll and memorizing. It was up to some creature to arrive, lurking out of the woods to attack Yurei. Normally, Yurei would be opposed to attacking innocent animals, but the genjutsu was ultimately harmless, and he wouldn’t be with one to make the first move.

The application of the genjutsu was simple. One simply needed to extend their palm, much like a gesture with the Ephemeral Technique, and expel their chakra at their target, like all other genjutsu. Nothing about it was particularly hard, but it was best used in environments that matched the effects of  the genjutsu. This was, of course, only on the use of shinobi, as animals had no way of breaking the genjutsu once the effect had taken place. It was best to keep that in mind when dealing with other shinobi. Yurei noted to never use the genjutsu in Hoshigakure, unless they ventured into a deeply wooded area.

The sound of a snapped twig erupted from the woods, echoing outward into the training grounds. Yurei glanced up, peering out into the darkness. Yurei focused on his eyes, activating his glowing white sharingan. He again peered outward, not spotting any sort of chakra signature. It had to be an animal. Yurei stood, preparing to use his new genjutsu. He walked forward, slowly creeping into the bulk of the trees. His glowing eyes watched, cutting through the darkness with a refined edge.

Suddenly, from behind a tree, there was another crack of a twig. Yurei paused, clenching his fist and prepping his chakra. Out from behind a tree leapt a rabbit. Yurei sighed with both relief and disappointment, watching the small creature’s nose twitch lightly as it smelled the air. With haste, the bunny charged off, bolting across the training grounds behind Yurei. Something had scared it, and it wasn’t him. Yurei held his breath, his eyes darted across the landscape, looking. Sweat ran down his temple and he took a step forward, planting his foot into the dirt.

The pale Uchiha slid his foot back and turned. He was blasted back, leapt on by some sort of canine. It was too dark too tell and it happened too quickly. Yurei shifted his legs, kicking the creature off of him and into the sandy dirt behind him. Yurei raised his legs and forced them down, leaping back onto his feet. He turned to face the creature, a coyote, as it made a second leap, snarling at the boy.

Normally, one would dislike the constant harassment by aggressive predators, but between this coyote and the bear Yurei had encountered, his genjutsu had improved and without having to ask any person to suffer its effects.

Yurei withdrew a kunai, swiping it at the coyote as he leapt to the side, running up a tree. Yurei jumped onto a limb, and, using his momentum, glided behind the creature before turning, raising his palm, and sending his chakra surging towards the coyote.

The violent creature immediately stopped and looked around. It looked around confused, and picked its feet up repeatedly. It felt good to be in control, finally, but it didn’t feel all that right. Yurei watched as the animal capitulated to the Hazy Genjutsu’s affects. It repeatedly struggled to pick up its feet, slowly losing its control over its own body. This was the quick sand illusion in effect. The genjutsu was successful. Yurei sighed, withdrawing his chakra as the creature began to yelp pleas for help.

Before the creature could escape, Yurei detected more snarls and growls. He turned, meeting eyes that bore hatred. He had seen that look in many villagers, but not to him. Not like this. No, but with other shinobi he had seen it. The way they looked at Damon and the others with such vile disgust. Yurei clenched his fist. His white sharingan watched the three coyotes slowly walking toward him, but he was unfazed. He knew the hate that possessed, and he hated them for it in return. They reminded him of what his father had said before he died, his disdain for shinobi. For Yurei.

The coyote on Yurei right leapt at the boy, Yurei returned with slash of his kunai, warding the creature stationary. He spun the ninja tool around his finger, now stretching out his palm and sending out his chakra at one of the beasts. It froze, now seeing the the same illusion the previous dog had seen. Yurei glared at the other two, launching his kunai at one’s feet and pointing at the other, again, releasing his chakra, trapping it within the Ephemeral technique. Yurei showed it hatred, what it meant to be hated by his peers. The coyote within the ephemeral was surrounded by its own kind, staring back at it with those same hateful eyes. It snarled as it fought the air around it, thinking many of its brothers and sisters had turned on it.

As for the final coyote, it witnessed what the other three were doing and bolted before Yurei could trap it within a genjutsu. The pale Uchiha boy watched the two remaining coyotes, the first rejoining the fourth. He wanted to see their pain, he wanted to know what they looked like. What he looked like.

It felt unnatural, almost torturing these beasts. They simply wanted food, perhaps. Or were they mad with disease? Yurei didn’t know, but he did care. He had enough watching them suffer under his genjutsu, and he released them. The two scampered off into the woods, one nearly drowning and the other losing all trust for its comrades.

Yurei looked at his hands as he stepped out of the wooded area. He wanted to use genjutsu to change Hoshigakure. To change the world. Not for this. Not for the torture of Damon, of these animals. That was not his goal. But it did teach him respect for his own power. These creatures were defenseless against his genjutsu. They surrendered to his sheer will and might. But Yurei did not let this go to his head. No, he simply saw potential. The potential to influence and change. If genjutsu could allow someone or something to think they were drowning, surely it could change shinobi hatred. Perhaps through subtle influence, illusions, or outright.

Nevertheless, the potential was there. He realized this with Damon the first time they met, but now it was more evident. The only problem was his own hatred. His own grief. He couldn’t allow himself to hate the villagers. He saw what hate did to the coyotes. It was a cycle of hate and fear. Hate begets violence and fear. They were the opposites of the type of peace Yurei wanted to achieve. He need peace through understanding. Through love. This hatred would serve only to make a miserable, mutual pain of everyone. Yurei could not let that happen. Not so long as he lived and that there was hope for Hoshigakure. Despite everything, he still believed in them. All of them.

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Requesting: 11 stat points, Hazy Genjutsu
Kobayashi Senshi <3
Kobayashi Senshi <3
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Genjutsu's Lesson of Hate and Fear Empty Re: Genjutsu's Lesson of Hate and Fear

Fri Jun 09, 2017 12:23 am
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