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Renji Hyuga
Renji Hyuga
Ryo : 9500

To catch an art thief (P, M) Empty To catch an art thief (P, M)

Wed May 24, 2017 9:34 pm
Mission specs:

Link to mission

It is mid day in the village hidden in the clouds. Renji has just left the mission board and is now walking through the streets of the village and looking around and taking in all of the sights a major village such as Kumogakure  has to offer. As he is walking through the streets, Renji would be holding onto a manila folder he had received from the board. Nervous by what it could contain, Renji had been putting off opening the folder as he did not want it to be another boring cat retrieval mission.

While walking past the Raikage chambers, Renji would finally decide to open the folder and see what his mission for the day was. Hoping for something good, He would slow down a bit and opens the folder, pulling out the letter that it held inside.

There has been a string of robberies in the market district, local shop owners have been reporting having their paintings stolen during business hours. Find and bring in the culprit, also if possible please return the paintings to their rightful owners.

Once he was done reading the letter Renji would put it back into its envelope and folds it in half before putting it back into his pocket.

Since it was mid day and he knew that all of the shops would be open by now, Renji decides to head to the market to see if he could catch the thief in action. He would then turn and begins to walk towards the market district, to check out the scene of the crimes.

While he is walking towards the market, Renji would reach deep into his front left bottom jacket pocket and pulls from it the storage displacement jutsu scroll. Figuring that it would be a good idea to use this jutsu so that he could store all the paintings and not worry about them getting damaged. Renji would read the instructions on the scroll as he walks the rest of the way to the markets.

Once he finally arrives in the market district Renji would place the scroll back into his pocket and walks into the first art store that he sees, hoping to find the thief in action, or at least get some information on the thief.

As he walks into the store Renji would see a customer just finishing up with the man behind the counter. Renji would pay the man no attention as he brushes past him. Seeing no one else in line, Renji would walk up to the counter top and motions over to the shop keeper. “hey, have any your paintings gone missing? I hear there is an art thief in the area, and I’m gone catch em.” Renji would say to the shopkeeper with a determined look in his face.

The shopkeeper would explain to renji that luckily his shop had not been hit by the art thief, but a few of the other shops on the block were not so lucky. One shop even being hit three times in one week. The shopkeeper would then give Renji directions to the shop that had been hit three times and bids Renji good luck and god speed in catching the thief.

As he is leaving the shop Renji would wonder to himself if this shopkeeper could in fact be the art thief, as It was weird that he had not been hit for any of his art work. But, Renji would shake these thoughts from his head as he is now walking down the street towards the shop that had been broken into multiple times.
As he is walking, Renji would try to pay close attention to his surroundings, in case the thief strikes while he is in the area. As Renji approaches the shop and does not see any signs of an art thief, he would let his guard down, and walks into the shop.
Once inside Renji would walking up to the shop owner, asks him for any and all information regarding the art thief. The shop owner would then explain to Renji that the art thief was a man about 6 feet tall with a skinny build. He wears a mask over his face so Noone can see him, and never says a word; just takes the paintings and run. After hearing the owners description of the thief Renji decides to find a better vantage point from which to search the village from using his byakugan.

Leaving the store, Renji would turn to trace he steps back the way he came.

As Renji is walking up the street about to pass the first shop he had stopped at, he would see the front door burst open and a man come flying out. Renji would at first be startled by what he had just saw, standing there for a few seconds trying to gather his thoughts. Renji would be standing by the entrance when the shopkeeper would come rushing out a few seconds behind the thief, yelling “help some one stop that thief, he stole my painting.” Upon seeing Renji the shopkeeper would turn to him and says “there you are kid, quick that damn thief just got me. Go and catch em already would ya! And do not let anything happen to that painting” the shopkeeper would go back to panicking once he was done yelling at Renji.

Once Renji had completely gathered himself, he would begin to give chase to the mysterious art thief, who now had about a 60 foot head start. After running for about 10 meters, Renji would realize that the thief was starting to disappear from eye sight. Renji would activate his byakugan just as the thief was making a right turn off the main street 100 feet in front of where Renji was currently at.

Once he got to the street where the thief had turned on, Renji would realize something. Renji would realize that if he waits and follows the thief with his byakugan he would be able keep a safe distance, and track  the thief back to his hide out, this way Renji would be able to recover all of the stolen paintings not just this one.

With his plan in motion,  Renji would slow down a bit, now following the thief at a modest pace as he tracks him through his byakugan. Renji would climb a near by building with his tree climbing jutsu, once at the top, renji would have a decent enough vantage point that he would be able to follow the art thief as he runs all through out the village. Looking at the speed that the thief was running with, Renji was almost sure that he would have never been able to catch up to him if he had tried to give chase.

The art thief would run through out the village for about 20 minutes. Zooming up and down the streets of the market district, probably in an attempt to lose any tails that he may have picked up stealing the painting. Of course with the help of his byakugan, Renji would not have to chase after the thief in order to keep an eye on him. Renji is still sitting up in his high vantage point over looking the rest of the village.

The thief would slow down a bit once he got near the drunken Kage bar. Finally coming to a stop at a small shack behind the Kage bar.

From the street no one would probably be able to see this shack as it was only about 8 feet high and maybe 7 feet wide and surrounded by many trees. From back to front the shack looked like If the man had laid down on the floor he would barely have enough room to lay out without his head or feet hitting the wall. To the right of the door is a circular window. Looking inside of the shack through his byakugan, Renji would see a chair, and a variety of different paintings of all sizes.

“Got ya!” Renji would think to himself as he is relieved that he had deduced the location of the stolen paintings without having to expend a bunch of energy chasing after the guy.

Renji would wait for a while, about 20 minutes before acting. Renji would spend this time coming up with a plan to take down the thief, as well as studying the man inside the shack; Renji wanted to be sure that the thief was settled in and not about to leave the minute renji acted.

Sitting up there thinking on how to take down this speedster, Renji would quickly realize that he still had the mist servent jutsu scroll in his pocket. Pulling out he would read over the instructions for the jutsu. He would figure that he could use this genjutsu to try to help him slow the thief down.

Once Renji had come up with his plan of action and was sure that the art thief was not leaving the shack, Renji would stand up and begins to jump roof top to roof top till he was on top of the  drunken Kage bar’s roof.

Now Standing on top of the Kage bar, Renji would look at the shack through his byakugan, the veins around his eyes straining so that he can see through the wooden walls of the shack. Looking inside Renji would see that the guy was still lounging in the chair basking in his recent spoils. Around him still sat so many paintings, Renji would count at least 8 or 9 or them. “good thing I learned that storage displacement jutsu” Renji would think to himself.

Seeing that this was probably going to be his best opportunity, Renji would jump down to the ground behind the drunken Kage bar. And starts to creep ever so softly towards the shack, trying to make as little noise as possible so not to alert the thief of his presence.

Once Renji was near the window, he would peer inside of it. Looking in he sees the back of the chair that the thief was in. Making the Boar rat hand seals, Renji would activate the hidden servent jutsu, aiming it at the back corner of the shack the man was currently occupying.

Because it was his first time attempting the mist servant jutsu, Renji would only be able to create 5 illusion clones. The clones would look exactly like Renji, the only difference between the real Renji and the clones would be the eerie pace at which they walked. Kind of just dragging themselves along as they walk(speed 3)

Seeing the clones literally appear out of thin air would cause the art thief to panic and fall from his chair, hitting his head against the side of the chair as he falls.

At the same time, Renji would almost immediately spring into action, bursting through the door as the thief is just starting to get up from the ground.

Renji, not wanting to give the man any time to gather himself, would set up quickly and launches a dynamic entry front kick aimed right at the man’s chest.

Still recovering from the shock caused by the mist servant jutsu, the art thief would not be able to react in time to the front kick that Renji would land smack dab in the middle of the guys chest. The kick knocking the wind out of the thief and sending him into an unconscious slumber.

Not wanting to take any chances, Renji would grab some rope that he finds in the corner of the shack and ties the man’s arms and legs so that even if he does wake up, he would not be able to make a getaway.

After taking care of the art thief,  Renji moves on to the paintings. Looking at them, he would again think to himself “so happy I picked up that new jutsu.” As he uses his storage displacement jutsu in order to store all of the paintings.

Once he was done storing all of the paintings, Renji would pick up the art thief and throws him over his right shoulder.

Leaving the shack, Renji would turn and heads to the prison to drop off the thief so that he can finally pay for his crimes.  After which, Renji would go around and returns every single last painting to its rightful shop owner.


1k Ryo
400 Ryo 2 completed D rank missions
Storage displacement jutsu
Mist servant jutsu
Jiro Uchiha
Jiro Uchiha
Ryo : 10300

To catch an art thief (P, M) Empty Re: To catch an art thief (P, M)

Thu May 25, 2017 1:02 am
Can I have a link to the other mission thread / mission log please?
Renji Hyuga
Renji Hyuga
Ryo : 9500

To catch an art thief (P, M) Empty Re: To catch an art thief (P, M)

Thu May 25, 2017 11:24 am
Mission log / Other mission thread

Srry will add mission log to signature. Am I good to add everything else while I wait tho?
Renji Hyuga
Renji Hyuga
Ryo : 9500

To catch an art thief (P, M) Empty Re: To catch an art thief (P, M)

Fri May 26, 2017 12:34 pm
Jiro Uchiha
Jiro Uchiha
Ryo : 10300

To catch an art thief (P, M) Empty Re: To catch an art thief (P, M)

Sat May 27, 2017 2:23 am
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