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Renji Hyuga
Renji Hyuga
Ryo : 9500

Return the missing cat (P,M) Empty Return the missing cat (P,M)

Wed May 17, 2017 12:29 am
Mission specs:

Link to mission

It is just past mid day in Kumogakure village, Renji is sitting high on top of one of the taller buildings that over looks the rest of the village. He is currently sitting on the edge of the ledge with his feet hanging over the side. From this vantage point Renji could see just about the whole village.

In his hands, Renji is holding a manila envelope that he had picked up earlier in the day from the mission board. On the front of the envelope would simply be the words ‘new Genin.’ He would flip the envelope over a few times debating if he should open it or not.

Sitting up high over the village Renji would stare off into the clouds and begins to day dream about what his first mission could possibly be, ‘Dear Renji, we need you to save the world from certain death!’ he would think to himself as he tries to guess at what perilous mission the note inside could possibly contain for him. Renji, unable to contain his curiosity any longer, would rip open the top of the envelope. Pulling out the letter inside slowly. Renji would then read the first line and his jaw would drop due to the let down he would get upon reading the first line. ‘Gennin.’ That’s all, no dear Renji or Renji or even dear Genin, simply Genin.’ Renji would think to himself as he continues reading the note

So you graduated huh, we’ll good. Miss Doubtfire has lost her cats, again. It’s your turn to find them. Find all five cats (larry, moe, curly, donner, and blizon) PLEASE return all cats in one piece.

Renji would smirk as he reads the last part knowing they added that just for his brother who had done this mission a few years back and well, it didn’t go to well.

being that Renji had helped his brother with this same type of mission in the past, he would know exactly where to find larry moe and curly as miss Doubtfire had those same three cats back when his bro did the mission. But the other two were both new cats that Renji had never heard of before. Probably to replace the two cats lost during the ‘accident’ Renji would assume.

Not wanting to spend all day on such an easy task, Renji would decide to get the three that he knew of first and then worry about finding the two new cats. Now standing on the side of the ledge, Renji would activate his byakugan, looking in the direction of where he knew the three cats to be.

Looking in the direction of the Academy, Renji would see Larry, sitting in a tree overlooking a sparing session between two academy students. ‘Larry always did like watching sparing matches.’ Renji would think to himself, noting the times when he would see the cat during his own academy days.

Renji would then look in the direction of the training grounds, remembering that Moe loved to ‘bird watch’ close to a stream near the back of the training grounds around this time of day. From here it looked like the cat was focused hard on learning a new jutsu.

Finally, Renji would turn his byakuganed attention towards the Raikage chambers. Knowing that Curly loved to get his back scratched by one of the workers around this time of day. Squinting harder to look through the buildings wall, Renji would see the cat laying on the lap of the worker getting its backed scratched.

After he was done scouting out the three locations, Renji would deactivate his Byakugan and begins to track down the three cats. Jumping down from his high vantage point, going roof top to roof top till he was at a roof top a few meters above the ground. Renji would jump down to the ground and begins to run in the direction of the Academy.

Once at the Academy, Renji would quickly run towards the tree he had seen the cat in. Running  directly in between the two students who were sparing, had he not ducked in time Renji would have been hit by the strikes the students where throwing at each other. Once he got to the tree Renji would use his tree climbing jutsu and climbs up and grabs the cat “one down” he would think to himself as he runs to return the cat to miss Doubtfire.

After returning the cat, Renji heads to the stream in the training grounds. As he gets to the stream, Renji would see Mo sitting there focused, looking like he was ready to pounce on the first bird that came into his range.  Renji, not wanting to get attacked by the cat would wait a few moments for a bird to come by. As the cat goes to make its move on the bird, Renji would make his move on the cat, grabbing it up before it has a chance to catch the bird. Knowing that the cat would be upset that Renji had disturbed it’s ‘past time’, Renji would make haste to return the cat to its owner.

“that’s two down.” Renji would Say to himself as he is now on his way towards the Raikage building. Lucky for Renji though, Curly had just finished getting his back rub and was now walking down the street not to far from where Renji was currently standing. “must be my lucky day” Renji would think to himself as he grabs up the cat and heads to return the last of the three cats that he had known the locations of.

Once he got to misses Doubtfire’s house he would hand over the cat, and she would give him the biggest grandma kiss on the cheek something she had done the two previous times that he had been by to drop off larry and mo. After he had finished wiping the leftover spit from his cheek, Renji would ask the lady for any information regarding the last two cats description and possible whereabouts. To which she would tell him that donner and blizon liked to go for walks by the village gates. She would also give Renji a vague description of the two cats; coat and eye color only. She would also note a scar on blizons back from a time the two had gotten into a fight.

Renji does not question the old lady any further as he just wants to hurry and get these last two cats and be done with this. He would leave the old ladies house and heads in the direction of the village gates.

Once Renji was about 50 meters away from the gate he would activate his byakugan and starts to scan the area. After a few moments Renji would notice something that would strike him as odd.

Through his byakugan, Renji did not find any ‘cats’ in the area. What he did see was a big adult male lion, and an almost as equally massive tiger. Looking at the two Renji would see that the lion had matched the vague description the old lady had given him of donner, and looking at the Tiger Renji would see the scar that blizon was said to have on his back.

Upon further investigation Renji would see that the two big cats were being lead into the back of a truck. “Omg he is going to steal the cats” Renji would think to himself as he begins to jog then run in the direction of the truck.

As Renji nears the truck, he would see as the man closes the back door, locking the animals inside the back and begins to walk around towards the drivers door. Knowing that, at his current speed Renji would not  be able to make it to the truck before the guy has a chance to get in and get away, Renji would quickly reach into his left chest pocket on his jacket and pulls out a jutsu scroll and quickly reads over it while he is still running, although now he is running a bit slower because he is reading.

Once he is done reading the instructions for the jutsu, Renji would  stuff the scroll back into his jacket pocket and makes the Ram hand seal. His chakra would then begin to vitalize throughout his body. Renji would feel almost light as a feather, and with a hard push off the ground, Renji would almost disappear into a blur; Running in the direction of the truck.

Because he was forced to learn this jutsu so quickly and on the fly, Renji would only add half his chakra to his speed but, that would be all he needed to close the remaining  distance between him and the animal thief.

Renji would arrive just as the thief is opening the truck door. Renji would kick the door closed before the thief could even open more than a fee inches.

Now standing a mere few feet away from the thief, Renji would be able to get a good look at the man now. Standing in front of him, Renji would see a man in his mid thirties with sloppy hair. The man was wearing jeans and a black shirt that looked like he had gotten it from the bottom of his laundry bin.

Seeing that Renji was not about to let him get away with the cats, the man would take up a fighting stance before opening his mouth to speak “Get out of my way kid, these cats are worth a fortune, and I needs that money” the man would shout at Renji in a very loud voice trying to intimidate the young shinobi.

Examining the man’s fighting stance, Renji could tell that he did not have much experience at hand to hand combat. And assumes the man probably had a gun or some other weapon in the car.

Not looking to be taken by surprise, Renji would assume his own fighting stance, activating his byakugan as he does so, although Renji is sure he would not need it for this fight, this animal thief looked like he had never been in a fist fight before in life. The man did not even have his hands in the proper place to defend himself.

Looking to take advantage of the man’s lack of fighting experience, Renji would take a step at the man. Trying to make the first and only move of the fight, Renji would deliver a two finger strike with his left hand aimed towards the man’s chest.

Upon making contact with the man’s chest, the strike would effectively close one of the tenketsu in his chest. Having never felt pain like this the man would quickly fall to the ground before rushing to his feet and running away. Yelling back “keep the damn cats” as he disappears into the distance.

Happy with the way in which he handled the situation, Renji would smile as he jumps into the truck and heads to return the last two ‘cats’

Once he had dropped off the last of the five cats, miss Doubtfire would yet again give him a hug and kiss and tells Renji that she will put in a good word for the great job he had done returning all her cats. She would thank him again and offers to make dinner, to which he would turn down, not wanting to spend anymore time than he had to with donner and blizon.

Once he was outside Renji would turn to head towards the training grounds to work some more on the two jutsu he had learned today.

While he did not get to save the day he did help a little old lady. it made him feel good inside to do a good deed, plus he got to get out and see some the village as he usually only goes to the training grounds and home now adays. Realizing this Renji would smile a big smile as he walks down the street.



10 stats
1k Ryo
5 kunai -completing 1 E or D rank mission
1 exploding tag- completing 1 D rank mission
Tenketsu Needle
Body flicker
Kazuo Kemuri
Kazuo Kemuri
Ryo : 20575

Return the missing cat (P,M) Empty Re: Return the missing cat (P,M)

Wed May 17, 2017 4:38 am
Aryll Hyuuga
Aryll Hyuuga
Ryo : 7

Return the missing cat (P,M) Empty Re: Return the missing cat (P,M)

Wed May 17, 2017 5:40 am
My bad, you can't claim stats on missions. Everything but stats is approved.
Renji Hyuga
Renji Hyuga
Ryo : 9500

Return the missing cat (P,M) Empty Re: Return the missing cat (P,M)

Wed May 17, 2017 11:09 am
sorry Bout that
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