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Renji Hyuga
Renji Hyuga
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Late night visiter (P) Empty Late night visiter (P)

Mon May 08, 2017 4:36 pm
Sitting in his living room, Renji would hear the front door open. Not sure who it could be at such a late hour. Renji would run to the hallway  to see his uncle standing there, a Hyuga who never really took to the shinobi life style or so Renji thought.

Inviting his uncle in, Renji would offer his uncle something to drink to which the old man would turn down. It seemed as though he didn’t come here to just see his nephew and shoot the breeze. both men would take a seat at the living room table.  
“I heard that you graduated the Academy.” His uncle would say with a smile. “I suppose you will be taking part in the war efforts soon. And going on dangerous missions.” The man’s tone changing more serious now. “our family have a unique gift in our sight. It is coveted by many throughout the world. Now that you are a full fledged ninja it is time you take on the family seal.” His uncle would say, not wasting any time getting to the reason for his visit tonight.

Renji siting there lost as he rarely sees his uncle, would not say anything. Instead he would listen intently, trying to keep up with the old man.  “once I give you this seal, if ever you should die it will lock away your eyes so that they can not be stolen.” His uncle would say.

His uncle would then get up from his seat and walks around the table towards Renji. Now standing in front of Renji, the old man would ask him if he was ready. “I still don’t get it, but yea just get it over with.” Renji would say as he closes his eyes.

Renji’s uncle would then walk up to Renji and removes the young shinobi’s headband placing it on the table next to them. His uncle would then make a series of hand seals and his right index finger would glow with chakra filling the room with light. He would then draw an ‘X’ at the Top of Renji’s forehead, moving his hair out the way so that he could make the X closer to the boys hairline.

Once the old man was done placing the curse seal on the boys head, he would pick up the headband from the table and places it in Renji’s hand “all done” is all his uncle would say as he leaves the house as cryptic and creepy as he had arrived.

“what the hell was that. I swear that man is crazy! I guess I’ll have to ask bro about this seal mark once he gets back.” Renji would say aloud to himself as he walks over to the mirror to look at the seal mark tracing his finger over the X now on his forehead. Renji then ties his headband back over his head, making sure to cover the seal mark with the headband so that no one would be able to see the seal unless he took off the headband.


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Aryll Hyuuga
Aryll Hyuuga
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Late night visiter (P) Empty Re: Late night visiter (P)

Mon May 08, 2017 10:36 pm
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