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Raizuko Akari
Raizuko Akari
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Death to Dishonor  Empty Death to Dishonor

Thu May 04, 2017 7:40 am
It had seemed like everything had happened at an instant. First, a man from Kumogakure came and attempted to assimilate the village within its ranks and he had done it successfully without even much of a fight. Second, a Jounin tried to trick him into a Genjutsu during their sparring match, but he had successfully not been captured by it. After that little match, it was as if his body had spun out of control, as he had been completely enveloped by his own chakra. A drop of rain would fall on his naked body.

Looking up at the sky, he would wonder why the gods of the world would send him to this place, to hell. He had hoped that all of his good he had been performing would turn out to actually be GOOD. A tear would slowly fall out of his eye as he walked through the rain. He didn't even get to find his father. He didn't even get to fulfill his promise to the Suna Ninja. He vowed to free them from the reigns of Kumogakure, but he couldn't do that if he was dead. As he walked, his soul would crunch the leaves as they were laid to waste beneath the soles of his feet. As he looked at the wet ground while walking, he would see that his feet were actually putting pressure on the ground. Multiple ticks would tock in his mind as he figured out where exactly he was.

The small man had successfully trapped him within a Genjutsu. How could he have been so god damn dumb. The way his world shifted so quickly. The way his chakra flared around his body. It all led to the effects Jutsu have on you. He would shake his head as he smirked. Sitting on the ground, he would begin focusing his chakra whilst performing the handseal for Genjutsu Release. You see, he wasn't going to get bested by a midget man today. As he focused his chakra, he would realize that even within this Genjutsu the absence of clothes still annoyed his body. As he thought of this, he would feel as is his body was covered with warmth. Opening his eyes, he would look down and see that his body was covered with clothing that procured his body from the rain. A deep blue and thick jacket covered his upper body, while a pair of thick pants would cover his legs, but he had on a pair of sandals.

What type of Genjutsu was this. It was as if it had subjected to Raizuko's will. He didn't really care though. Maybe he could enjoy it until the duration of it ended or until he got bored. As he rose, he would focus his chakra to stop the rain and turn it into a clear sky where the sun shone brightly. Smiling, he would realize that he was actually quite hungry. He was hungry and needed some food. He would kill for a cold ham sandwich. Instantly a sandwich would appear in the air causing Raizuko hand to shoot forward and grab it. Well that was pleasant he thought. He slowly brought the sandwich to his nose and took a sniff of it. It smelled alright? But was it ok to eat. He would open his mouth bring the sub to it and taking a bite out of it. It tasted better than the ones he bought from the stores in the sand village. Taking a few more bites eating the whole thing Raizuko would come to realize that it actually was the best sandwich he had ever eaten.

Wiping the crust away from his mouth, he would begin to explore before beginning to bite the sandwich once again. Raizuko looked around as he took the last bite of his sandwich that had seemed so real for a Genjutsu. It had even leaked mayo onto his chin which had caused him to wipe his mouth multiple times. Never in his life had he been placed under a Genjutsu, but he was not unknown to the ninja skill. As all in his life he had been studying the multiple ninja skills with Genjutsu included amongst them. He knew of multiple ways to get out of one, two of them being with either pain or fluxing your chakra to the point where it destroys the Genjutsu. He would look up at the sun which seem to deliver more heat than the sun in Suna. From where he walked he could feel the tremendous amounts of chakra coming from it. He had read that all Genjutsu had a center point that was flawed and can also be used to break away from one. Maybe the sun was where the owner of the Genjutsu chakra was. Deciding that he would wait, Raizuko had decided to start making some more structures while he wait. Walking rather slow he would unleash all of his chakra that was held up in his body, creating an aura of Golden chakra signalling the presence of Hikariton within his body, more specifically the Golden Eye to see if their were some places already created.

He would look around for any sign of a structure in the Genjutsu, but of course there was none which had caused him to slowly get his chakra back under control, taking it back inside of his body. "This is quite boring" he would say out loud. He had decided to leave the Genjutsu, but he realized that when he had flexed his chakra by mistake he still hadn't been cast away from it. Well the flexing chakra part did not work he thought silently as he touched around in his weapons’ pouch trying to feel for a kunai or shuriken. Luckily the Genjutsu did not cast away any of his weapons. Wait it did because he was naked. Somehow they had came back though. Genjutsu were like dreams, which was why when most children were little their ninja parents told them that if they ever felt like they were in a dream and couldn’t get out they needed to pinch themselves. Basically what they were saying that if they were ever trapped inside of an Genjutsu they would need to cause themselves pain to get out. But Raizuko could already tell from the tremendous power of the Genjutsu that in the end a simple pinch would help him. His hand would finally find the small handle of a kunai. Gripping his hand around the bandaged handle he would bring it out of the pouch and place it on his finger, as he pushed down into his skin and dragged the bladed side slowly off of his left index finger. Blood almost instantly rushed out of the now open wound that was risked to infection. 

He could not feel any disruption around him which would cause him to frown.” This isn’t a ordinary Genjutsu. “ said Raizuko to no one in particular as he wiped the blade on his pants leg and placed it back inside of his weapons pouch. Seeing that the wound was getting bad, he would perform the hand seal required to use the Creation Rebirth technique. Upon doing the hand seal he would see the wound close back up to its original state. Letting out a sigh of anger he would begin path to the giant tree. Wait?! Giant Tree? When the hell did that get there?! Placing his right foot down into the ground hard, and crouching, he would shoot forward at the full of his speed heading directly for the tree. While running his eyes would wander up into the air as he would stare at the floating mountains up above. "What the hell man. Those things weren't just there a second ago." He would say out loud. One mountain seemed to be laced with ice and mist causing him to frown, it was impossible for such a landform to be floating without movement in the air. But this was a strong Genjutsu so anything was possible. His eyes would travel back to the tree seeing that it was now roughly a mile away so a total of maybe 1100 meters to go. His mind would begin to think about the fight he had only moments before he was placed under the Genjutsu.

He was fighting a man who had turned out to be quite an experienced ninja. Something would click in his head. He has been studying the manipulation of Space Time and with high chakra it can be easily disrupted. Then his chakra had erupted inside of his body causing him to leave from the place where he was last. Thoughts ran through his head at tremendous speeds. The flexing of his own chakra to its maximum did not help break the Genjutsu. The deep cutting of his index finger did not help as well. This wasn’t a Genjutsu, he was somewhere else. Somewhere where he had never heard of before. He could continue to run as his Golden Eye instantly activated giving him a clearer view of the area around him. Almost instantly ripples would appear everywhere around him. He had seen those same ripples multiple times when he was practicing his Space-Time abilities. Why did everything lead back to this particular style of Ninjutsu. First his father. Then his dream. And last the disappearance of Lord Koroshi. He would slowly come to a halt in front of the tree. A single opening resembling a doorway could be seen. Why was their ripples of space and time literally everywhere. He had finally come to the conclusion that he was not placed inside of an Genjutsu but maybe, just maybe transported to another part of the world that had not yet been discovered yet. He would slowly walk through the doorway after running his hand along the smooth white wood that had blotches of brown on it. He looked around what seemed to be the inside of the tree. It was hollow.

Branches with tons of green leafs hanging off them could be seen everywhere. But there was at least one thing that seemed to be out of place inside of the hollowed out white tree. A single throne that was pure black as if it was made of obsidian lined with gold could be seen. It seemed to draw Raizuko towards causing him to walk slowly towards it. Upon getting an inch in front of the throne he would run his hand along armrest feeling the smooth texture of it. A pulse of chakra erupted in his body that almost took him off of his feet. Something in his mind was directing him to sit down on the throne. Agreeing he would take his place on the throne. Instantly him and the throne erupted with a golden blue aura of pure chakra. His mind had become open allowing multiple things to come within it. All of a sudden the rush of knowledge within his mind would come to a complete stop. He was home and was probably never going back. This place had slowly been created while he was learning to control both space and time. He created this place. This dimension. The thing he was trying to achieve since he had woken up from that deep sweat. This was the power to defeat the Land of Kumo.

He would look around the hollowed tree. If he had truly achieved a mastery of such in this short of time. What else could he do? Before Koroshi had disappeared he was telling the village about the disturbance of chakra off in the desert. Beasts were said to be roaming. Raizuko didn't know what he was talking about, but maybe he could test his new found abilities on the disturbances. He needed to release his force, but in order to do that he also must master the Curse Seal placed on him by the CEO of Sakura Corp. His palm would run down the arm of the throne. It was quite cheesy and he needed to turn it into something more comfy.

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Aryll Hyuuga
Aryll Hyuuga
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Death to Dishonor  Empty Re: Death to Dishonor

Thu May 04, 2017 11:03 am
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