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Odin Senju <3
Odin Senju <3
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Odin Senju's Genin Exam Empty Odin Senju's Genin Exam

Sat Apr 22, 2017 4:22 pm
Odin faces the Genin examination doors.  He was more than confident in his abilities.  He was more than 100% sure he was going to pass this on his first try.  He just has to keep his cool, focus and execute.  He breathes in a ragged breathe, pauses, and exhales calmly before he knocks on the door to his test.  He opens the door slowly, while asking, "Hello? Is anyone in here?"

He opens the door more firmly, "I'm here to take the Genin Exam."  He turns to close the door behind him, hoping he wasn't rude before he entered.  He looked for a spot on the wall nearby to wait to be called upon.
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Yasahiro Yagami
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Odin Senju's Genin Exam Empty Re: Odin Senju's Genin Exam

Sat Apr 22, 2017 9:04 pm
"Indeed you are," Ashi's voice rang clearly across from the classroom. "I assume you are Odin Senju?"

She had been proctoring the genin exams all day. As it turned out peace time was more than a bit boring. In fact, it had been a good three weeks since she had taken part in any serious mission of consequence. The whole situation unsettled the woman, but she took it in stride. Work had always been the best way for her to keep her mind from wandering too far one way or the other.

"If you'll come to the front of the classroom and perform the clone and transformation techniques we can get started," she glanced up from the class list she'd been reading with a portrait of each student. "I will also ask that you tell me what the will of fire means to you."

With this Ashi fell silent. Personally, she hated when people droned on and on when she was about to take some kind of test. Thus, she avoided doing just that herself. Do onto others and all that, ya know?

[Please create an 800-word post doing as instructed in this post and you'll be a genin. If not, well, you won't. Best of luck!]
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