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Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Stat Page : The Tengu
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Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Missing Ninja
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Pulling an All Nighter [Hikari] - Page 3 Empty Re: Pulling an All Nighter [Hikari]

Tue May 09, 2017 8:09 pm
Heading down the streets was rather silent as the girl that he was accompanying was awfully tired, almost as if her body were growing weaker. The streetlights were growing more and more ineffective as the moon began its steady descent towards the horizon. The sky was slightly changing from a dark navy blue hue to one of a dim golden yellow that would not be noticeable until the sun took its turn and rose into the sky. But that time had not yet arrived. Barely a few streaks of light could be seen as they finally arrived at her apartment complex. When she did not say anything, he followed her in, taking her silence as an invitation. After all, she had promised him her notes on the technique that she had displayed earlier in the night… er… morning, technically.

As they ascended the stairs, the Uchiha remained patient as Hikari seemed to not want to engage in conversation. Oh well, it was probably just a lazy reply. Anyways, Hikari handed Damon the book and he took it as she began talking. “I actually think it’s pretty cool to be able to talk to you whenever. I’ll probably leave it,” the boy said as he smiled. As she stated that she was tired, Damon said his goodbye before exiting her apartment and then traversing down her stairs and out the building, all the while opening the book and beginning to skim over it. “Really? It’s just one seal?” he said aloud as he walked down the street. He meandered over to a nearby building and placed the book down on the windowsill, still open to the exact page that she had spoken about the technique. He brought his hands to his chest and used the clone seal as a puff of smoke erupted next to him. After his experience with Hikari, Damon knew that these carbon copies were to be exactly alike the user, so he simply managed to externally channel his chakra as though he normally did throughout his own body. The result was a clone popping up next to him, bearing the same image as he did himself. Then came the cliche. Damon looked his clone in the eyes as they both blinked simultaneously. Raising his right hand up, as though he were about to give a high five, his clone did the same. Their palms touched and Damon instinctively pulled his hand back. Solid, he thought to himself. This was indeed much different than what he had been taught in the academy.

“Hi,” he hesitantly spoke to his doppelganger. “Hello,” he politely returned. Well. This was kinda awkward. Neither quite knew what to say to the other, as neither had met themselves before today. “Hmm,” the true Damon mused out loud. He held his hands together once more in the clone seal. “Shadow Clone Jutsu!” Another poof of smoke later, a third Damon appeared. “Howdy.” The three all stood in a triangular formation, the newest arrival with his arms crossed. The two shadow clones struck up a conversation with each other as Damon turned away to address the book, which read, ‘It seems to be nigh impossible to create more than two at a time… Although there are tales of one such shinobi who managed to create seemingly thousands at once! One would need quite a large chakra pool in order to perform an impressive feat such as that.” It seemed as though there were notes within this book that Hikari had not written herself, almost as if they had come from a scholar or something.

The boy then closed the book and activated the handseals to make it disperse into his pocket dimension. He made a mental note to be sure to retun the book to Hikari at some point in the near future as the leather bound source of knowledge dispersed into a cloud of particles. He then came up to his two clones, which were still standing around, idly chatting. “Let’s test that theory.” He then signed the clone seal once more. This time, his two shadow selves then disappeared in separate identical poofs of smoke from which they had originally appeared in, leaving Damon alone in the streets in the break of dawn. “It seems that two is my limit as well, I guess.” He gazed up into the cloudless yellow sky, wondering to himself.

Will anyone ever share my story? Will I ever be cited in a book for a feat that seems impossible. He looked down towards his own hands, his own self. Am I capable of becoming a legend?


WC: 3311
Claims: Chakra Sensory (1000/1000 Hikari Teaching), Memorization of Hikari’s chakra signature (2000/2000), Shadow Clone (1500/1500 Hikari Also), 16 stats
Kobayashi Senshi <3
Kobayashi Senshi <3
Remove Ryo : 8700

Pulling an All Nighter [Hikari] - Page 3 Empty Re: Pulling an All Nighter [Hikari]

Tue May 09, 2017 8:13 pm
Approved at damon
Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
Stat Page : Hikari no Tenshi
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 276150

Pulling an All Nighter [Hikari] - Page 3 Empty Re: Pulling an All Nighter [Hikari]

Thu May 18, 2017 3:52 pm
Sorry, just really confused about the jutsu, thing, I have seen people train things without even mentioning it before. Kenshin has explained it to me recently though, so yeah, going to go ahead and just claim what you told me I could, thank you
Kobayashi Senshi <3
Kobayashi Senshi <3
Remove Ryo : 8700

Pulling an All Nighter [Hikari] - Page 3 Empty Re: Pulling an All Nighter [Hikari]

Thu May 18, 2017 5:24 pm
Yea I do appologize Hikari, but to lift your spirits in V7 that method of training will be brought back. For now though you have to dedicate at least half the word count towards actually training the technique. Any time you train the technique you have to do a minimum of 100 words towards it. If you wanted I will allow you to edit and make a post so you can get some words put towards it. Fully up to you. If not approved for all claims from my last post.
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