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Sun Mar 19, 2017 7:07 am
Home. That is where Kyousuke was as his clock started going off. The ninja would turn off the thing gently and slide to the edge of his bed. It was only four in the morning. The medical ninja knew that the only way to get Kumo off of his mind was to return to his usual schedule, but he didn’t want to forget. Kyousuke knew his previous training wasn’t enough he had to learn something else. He had an idea of what direction to go in, his cannons seemed to be his most effective weapon against the kage. Each time the power increased was likely a direct threat to the kage, its charging being the very reason the man had shown up personally instead of sending lower ranking ninja.
As Kyousuke slid off his bed and went to his weight bench he noticed he had been a little too far up. Was he taller or did he forget the correct position? It had only been a few days, well months actually from what he had found out. Apparently, time in Sanctuary had actually slowed things down. What was supposed to be a shortcut turned out to be a longcut. The ninja had not visited anyone since his return he himself was still trying to process the information. What would he say to people, what would he say to his team, and what would he say to his best friends Shina and Shiroi? They must have missed him, but he couldn’t return the same feelings because to him he was only gone a couple of days. Readjusting his position the ninja would lift the weights. He would do multiple sets before setting them down.
With weight training done, the ninja would light a holy candle and offer a few quick prayers. “Dear lord, I thank you for the life I’ve been given and ask that you aid Arashi and his family in their time of need. I pray for you to give me the strength to protect the people of not only Hoshigakure, but in the future Kumogakure. I also pray Akihana find herself fitting back into the village with ease and that the beating I receive from my friends for being gone so long isn’t severe. Amen.” Using a special tool Kyousuke would put out the flame by smothering it and waft the fumes throughout the room. He would then move onto breakfast.
Opening his fridge the ninja gagged. Right, been gone for a bit. “Well, I guess I’m not eating breakfast today. Maybe, start my training and head out for food in the middle of it.” The ninja would start throwing away the things like spoiled milk, fruits, vegetables, etc. He would then go through the freezer hopefully the meats inside would be preserved. While the food in the freezer hadn’t been rotten it was certainly freezer burnt. Tossing all of that in the garbage as well he would take the bag full of well everything in his fridge and put it in the dumpster outside of his apartment. Should have added the please forgive me for wasting food into my prayer, but I guess I’ll throw that in tonight.
Once, back inside his apartment Kyousuke would grab his chuunin jacket the jounin one was in need of a severe cleaning along with his queensguard armor. “Haven’t worn this in years.” It certainly smelled like it hadn’t been worn. It smelled like old sweat. The ninja had only kept it around for the sake of memories, he hadn’t thought about having to wear it. The jacker was a little too small, since he had grown so some of his muscled stomach was exposed. Great now I’m wearing a halter top, at least I have normal sized pants. He would take the jacket off and put on a black beater instead. At least he would look normal, the only indication he was a shinobi being the belt buckle he wore along with the steel plated gloves. Strapped to his belt within a pouch that left part of them exposed were his Bloody Knuckles.
After brushing his teeth, flossing, and doing all other usual morning activities he would lock up and leave. It was time for a few laps around the village. Without he gear on he was stopped a number of times. “Why are you on the wall of the gates? Who are you running from? Were the gist of the questions, but as soon as they realized who they were talking too their bodies became stiff on instinct. Kyousuke just would say good work and at ease before explaining he just felt like running without his usual attire. After a few words both parties would go their separate ways. At the very least Kyousuke was not stopped by the same people more than once. After five full laps around the village Kyousuke would stop, a few hours having passed by this point making it around seven in the morning. The markets would not be open by this point, so it was probably better to just head to the training grounds and begin to actually start with his training.
With the time being so early Kyousuke wasn’t able to see anyone, but he felt the presence of one other signature. For what he was planning it was best to avoid others. The goal of the day was to amass chakra within his chest and fire it. Maybe by doing so, he could discover a more efficient process to fuel his body with nature energy. If he did discover that process he would also need to find a way to contain all of that energy and what form it would take when fired. Maybe, it would be the same as the regular ones but charging a lot faster or maybe it would be like a potato gun. Where the more pressure behind the potato makes, the potato shoot faster and further. That was the idea Kyousuke was going to work with during the days training.
The ninja would jugo up. Meaning that his skin turned completely a grey color and his sclera blackened with his pupils becoming golden.  He would then manifest a cannon that took the place of his hand. A small ball of chakra would form within growing more dense as time went on. As it reached a good power (between 150 and 200) he would fire it. Noting the blast range was small and that the cannon charged relatively slowly compared to what he wanted the ninja would think of a solution. Maybe I need a higher surface are, so maybe my chest or back. I should also limit my number of protrusions to keep my nature energy focused on absorption. Kyousuke would jot down some notes on the subject to reference later.
He would make a cannon in the opposite hand this time. He would attempt to achieve the previous results, as a lab result was only true if it could be repeated. Waiting an appropriate of time he would fire the cannon and receive the same result giving him the insight that a change in tactics was indeed required to achieve wanted results. He would notate that before moving on to step two of the jutsu he was developing.
Kyousuke had to remove the beater he was wearing for step two, otherwise it would get destroyed when he launched his attack. Thinking back that was one reason he preferred his jounin jacket, it had a zipper which would make a cannon easier to fire and wouldn’t destroy his stuff. His queensguard armor wouldn’t function like that however, so the armor had to be removed or it would shatter from the pressure of a powerful cannon blast.
Step two was ready to begin the ninja would create a cannon on his chest and let the energy within build and charge. The energy within the cannon seemed to grow at a similar rate to the ones on his hands. So, he inferred that this cannon once fired would have a similar result. Maybe, there was a method to increase the rate. Maybe he would have to try and focus on gathering the energy, previously he was letting his body do all of the work by passively taking in the energy. Truly, Kyousuke had never really attempted to absorb more of the energy than he already was. His body was always absorbing the energy and would release itself by forcing the user into a berserk state. This method of release no longer applied to Kyousuke as he had learned to control the energy instead of the energy controlling him. There was no shut off switch either on the ability, but maybe he could increase his susceptibility to it, by actively gathering the energy.
The ninja would fire the cannon within his chest. To no surprise, it had indeed been similar to the previous one. It seemed for this technique the power didn’t correlate with distance. No matter how strong or fast the blast it went a certain distance before stopping. That wasn’t completely unexpected even before this training had started, he’d used the technique before. This phase was just getting a solid grasp on what he was attempting to modify. With this in mind he could move forward with the active manipulation of nature energy.
For step three Kyousuke didn’t create a cannon to fire instead he would learn to grasp what nature energy felt like. Denkiteki had forced some into his body before which means it could be manipulated outside of his body. To Kyousuke the energy felt normal, it was just something that was a part of him. With that in mind the ninja would try to draw some of the energy from the trees, grass, and insects that dwelled within the ground. Thank you, for the energy you all are giving me. He didn’t say the words as thanking bugs and plants was odd, even to him so having someone hear it would have been awkward. As he stood motionless he could feel a tingle run through his body. His skin would ripple as if a protrusion were about to form, but Kyousuke told the skin to remain as it was. He would continue gathering energy as he stood causing his whole body to tingle. Kyousuke’s body grew warm as he stopped himself from going berserk in trying to contain all of the energy.
As minutes passed the sensation dulled, his body growing used to overabundance of the nature energy. He breathed in deeply and stopped absorbing the energy actively. His body still rippled slightly wanting to remove the energy, the feeling was uncomfortable but he had to bear it. It would be necessary if he planned to gather the energy and form it into a weapon at some point. Even if he gathered the energy like this, it didn’t mean he could channel it all into a cannon that would fire with more power and distance than usual. Moving around that much energy would require a severe amount of chakra control, a level Kyousuke wasn’t sure he possessed. So, instead it would likely be best to actively absorb energy and use that energy to form a cannon immediately.
Kyousuke would form ten cannons around his body and fire them rapidly. It caused quite a lot of noise as blast after blast was produced. He would continue until the tingling in his body had ended and he felt normal once again. The time to remove the energy he had gathered was a lot quicker than gathering it. The ninja would write down his experience on the gathering of energy noting how quickly it could be depleted. He would then take a seat on the ground and lay in the grass. The queensguard would then take a cigarette from his pocket and light it using a spark from his gloves. He would take small breaths of the thing, as there was no need to rush it. Cigarettes were supposed to be enjoyed after all.

Roughly a couple of hours had passed by this point, so maybe it was time to stop training and head out for some food and a drink or two as well. It had been months since he had a drink, or at least that is what he told himself to not feel super bad about it. The ninja would flick the butt into the dirt with enough force to bury it. It would soon decompose and become nutrients for the plants he was taking energy from. So, in a weird way he was returning some of the energy he had borrowed. The ninja would walk to the market where he would likely see some familiar faces.
At the market people would make comments about his absence. “Yeah, my duties kept me kind of busy.” He would respond. Thinking of things that would keep the ninja busy he hadn’t even checked his mailbox in the academy, there had to be a ton of paperwork piled up unless it was all given to someone else while he was away. If not, he was about to run into a mess once he went back. That wasn’t that days task though, so he would buy the things he needed and move them all back to his apartment. At last he had a full fridge and would be able to make a meal at home. The ninja also picked up a bottle of whisky.
After making brunch, Kyousuke would pour a shot and eat. Pounding his shot down halfway through. He would stay inside for a little to let the food settle. After, half an hour he would head back to the training grounds. There he would find quite a few more people than when he had arrived. It was nice to know the village ninja had kept up their progress while he away. It meant that everything wasn’t on his shoulders. The ninja had to move quite far back into the training grounds to find a secluded area necessary for his training. Luckily, he found one with no one else in sight otherwise he would be forced to end his training early and continue it some other time. That would be tough to do, with everything that was likely sitting at his desk. Not to mention his queensguard duties that he still had to perform.

Now within the clearing Kyousuke would begin to actively channel nature energy into himself. With that energy he would immediately form a cannon. The cannon created a shockwave of visible air as it formed. Kyousuke knew just by the feel that the cannon was different. At the moment the power was only slightly stronger than normal, but concentrating on gathering more energy quickly more than doubled its power. The cannon by terms of its strength was already ready to be fired. It seemed stronger and hopefully would shoot a whole lot further than normal. Kyousuke aimed for a tree twenty meters away and shot. The red beam instead of blue, obliterated the tree where it touched and continued finally ending in a dome of energy. The orange haired male was stricken with surprise at first, but it quickly turned to worry. He went through the area the beam and explosion were to look in case he had accidentally hit someone. Luckily, all the man had found were chips of wood and chunks of dirt. Maybe, he should quarantine this section of the training grounds if he was going to continue or pick a direction away from others.
Many ninja had run over to investigate the explosion. “My bad everyone, I was practicing a jutsu I just developed. I’m probably going to find another spot as to not interrupt all of your training. Please continue what you were doing and again very sorry for the noise.” The ninja would then look around for a more secluded spot, he would fly about getting a birds eye view of the area. When he found no one insight he would land within a field of large boulders. There was plenty of cover and the rocks were useful to test the true power of the technique. From what he had already learned of the explosion it was capable of creating craters in the ground once it exploded. This is what Kyousuke needed in his fight against the raikage, this is what the man had envisioned when wanting a jutsu that was more powerful than his usual cannon techniques. He needed to master this technique to use later down the road.
The orange haired male would again take in energy and form a cannon on his arm. This one felt no different and certainly did not have the look or feel of his last attempt. Okay, so I do need a larger surface area in addition to absorbing nature energy. Kyousuke would fire the blast and note its similarity to the original. He would write down the effects of the red beam versus the more usual blue beam. The concentration of energy was much higher in the red and the energy was accrued a lot faster than usual. The red beam was also more destructive, as not only was the range farther, but it exploded once going a certain distance. Lastly, from his most recent cannon technique it required a larger surface area than a regular cannon.
Kyousuke would absorb more nature energy and form a cannon on his back. He could see a slight red glow from the corner of his eye, but the feel of the energy was what told him he was doing the correct thing. Within a few seconds the cannon was ready to fire as it doubled in chakra density, he wouldn’t stop there though he would allow the energy to grow before firing it from his back and through a boulder. A massive hole was left in the rock and Kyousuke turned to witness the explosion happening about seventy meters from his position. It seemed the technique wouldn’t stop unless something durable enough got within its path. The ninja stepped through the rock and onto the other side, he had to see the crater that was made by the technique. The crater was just as big as the previous one and just as wonderful to look upon. Now that he had the how to do it down, it was time to learn the aiming of the technique. It was simple enough using stationary objects like trees and rocks, but moving objects would be harder.
Kyousuke went out to get some tennis balls, the point being to charge a cannon and throw the balls to then aim the cannon at them. Hitting a smaller moving object would be more difficult, it still wouldn’t be exactly like aiming at a person as objects thrown had a linear movement until they fell. It would help in the development of aiming though. Hopefully, it would give him the skill necessary for when he would have to use it in an actual fight.
Rushing back to his spot in the training grounds the ninja would once more fly over head to make sure no one was around, seeing no one he would land. The man would then take in more nature energy he hadn’t put his wings away and as he attempted to create a cannon it wouldn’t work. Kyousuke would tap his chest a few times. Is it all tuckered out? He would put his wings away and stand therefore a few seconds before trying again. Maybe, it takes time to regain energy or I can’t use other nature energy related alterations. Forming a cannon in his chest which glowed red, Kyousuke would then attempt to turn his hand into a weapon. It didn’t work though his hand remained unaltered. Opening the bag of tennis balls Kyousuke would toss one, until the cannon was ready to fire. “Okay, I’ll make this one close.” Tossing the ball gently it would go up, before starting to fall only four meters away. As Kyousuke fired the cannon the ball froze before being completely encompassed by the blast turning it into dust. That effect was similar to the evening elephant a punch so strong and fast it created a vacuum.
 The ninja immediately wrote that down before attempting it again at a further distance, was the vacuum completely around the cannon or did it have a range? The ninja had to find out, so he threw the ball ten meters and fired the cannon. The object didn’t stop as it had before causing the blast to go over it. So, it was somewhere between four and ten meters that the vacuum was created. This technique would be useful even up close as it could keep the opponent from moving with the vacuum before hitting them with the actual laser part. So, dodging it would be very difficult if you weren’t aware of its potential.
With all of that information being written into his notes the man was ready to throw the next tennis ball. This one was to go twenty meters before being shot at. Getting a tight grip on the ball Kyousuke would pick up one foot and bring the ball past his ear, before bringing the arm forward and letting the ball go. The power behind it was enough to carry it further than twenty meters. So, as the ball approached around fifteen Kyousuke would fire his charged laser beam and nail the ball with the beam. The beam would explode in the sky a giant red color. If it was nighttime it would probably look like someone had been shooting fireworks. That wasn’t the case though instead some red headed dude was just shooting down tennis balls with heavy artillery.
All of the cannon fire was leaving the ninja tired, so he decided it was time for a break. Maybe, he’d smoke another cigarette take his shots, and actually eat lunch. Maybe, a nice turkey sandwich with mustard. Yeah, that sounded good. Wanting to conserve energy the man would walk out of the training grounds instead of flying. Using the nature energy in his body kept him from regaining stamina at a faster rate than others. So, when possible he preferred to have his usual skin tone as it conserved energy. Activating the ability though used more energy than maintaining it, which made sense.
Once, at his domicile Kyousuke would take off his clothes and head into the shower. It was hot out and all of his training caused the man to sweat. His shirt had been mostly damp when he arrived home. The shower he took was longer than usual, he wasn’t in much of a rush it was only three in the afternoon at least a couple more hours of daylight were left. Once, out of the shower he would put on a fresh pair of pants and a new beater. He would put on the same belt and gloves though, sweat usually didn’t absorb into metal and leather. The ninja would make a sandwich and pour himself another shot of the whiskey. This shot was followed by two glasses of water though. On days like this one had to keep hydrated, otherwise you’d faint and the stuff they use to wake you doesn’t smell all that great. Before leaving and locking back up, Kyousuke would take his backpack and put a few water bottles from the fridge inside. Most of them wouldn’t stay cold, but he would certainly enjoy the ones that did.
With his backpack Kyousuke returned to his spot in the training grounds. He noticed his skin had tanned slightly from where the sun had hit it. Taking to the sky the man would take a precautionary look around, before determining the continuance of his training was safe. No one on the ground and no one else in the sky. He would land on the earth smoothly and return his wings back to their normal place on his skin. The man would then juggle a few tennis balls and begin to absorb nature energy and convert it into a weapon embedded within his chest. The beam glowed red and Kyousuke raised its density to the maximum. He waited minutes until he no longer felt the cannon growing any stronger. He would then whip the ball in a similar fashion to earlier and it would travel for sixty meters, at that point Kyousuke would unleash the energy. The energy would erupt so quickly that the man couldn’t even follow it with his eyes. The ball was gone and the explosion was seen, but the covered distance was much faster than expected. The ginger had to write that down, especially if he wanted to show Den the potential of the DNA within his own body. This is the potential in my bloodline? Can I bring out more? This was a dangerous thought as what he currently had was already destructive enough. Kyousuke quickly decided that what he had currently was enough. God had heard his prayer and answered in kind. With this he could defeat the kage of Kumogakure. It could be used for other things as well, but this was its purpose. The reason behind its conception.
Picking up another ball the ninja would charge a cannon and move forward at a quick pace. He would then throw the ball and fire the cannon, once again hitting the ball. It seemed his aim was as good as it was going to get on non-living objects. Since, all of his training was done it was time to jot down some final notes and review his findings on the jutsu. Kyousuke headed over to the hospital, he had something to check there anyway. The previous night he had ran some tests on the samples he had taken from his clothes.
Inside the hospital he would head into the research department and look over the results on his cultures. The sample contained many diseases and bacterium, that was expected as it was a pool of human waste a perfect breeding ground for certain things. The number of diseases and bacteria was impressive and yet also disgusting. The orange headed man would make copies in case the original were lost for some reason. He had run tests on something else the previous night as well, once at the hospital he sampled some of his own blood and had it tested for anything abnormal. The blood sample was clean, but he would check again in a couple of days. Maybe, he should also get samples from Arashi and Akihana they were rather close to the swamp if not completely in it.
For now though Kyousuke would look for an empty office and review his notes on the jutsu and study the list of diseases within the sample. There are a bunch, even a syringe full of penicillin couldn’t even help if someone were infected with this. How his ninja are even alive is a wonder. The man’s mind drifted to what else he had seen outside the gates of Kumo. There were mindless zombie like things trying to attack them before they took to the sky. They only moaned and couldn’t make a conversation. I wish I would have taken a few of those to study. Maybe find something to put them out of their misery. Kyousuke would pray quickly for the souls of those men, women, and children. How Akihana had defended someone like that was baffling. The priest had tossed around the idea that she had been under genjutsu, so that she would not notice those things. If she had noticed them, Kyousuke was of the impression that she wouldn’t have been very happy about it had she seen it herself.
In fact it was possible she had not seen those things, as Den could have dropped her off at the gates or even inside the village. As his mind wandered he started to doze off into sleep. As he started to dream Kyousuke saw things flashes of Kumo and the events that transpired and the last thing he saw before the nightmare ended was his death to Youka Tau. Akihana wasn’t there to stop the fight like she had been in reality and the sight caused Kyousuke to rocket from his seat sending the papers in front of him to the floor. “Only, a dream. I’m in Hoshi and I’m safe. When I go back to Kumo I will be stronger and things will not be the same.” He repeated the lines a few times only stopping once his heart rate returned to normal.
Picking up the papers the ninja would put them in the correct order and exit the office. It seemed day had become night as he took his nap. Kyousuke still felt drowsy, but knew sleep would be near impossible with the nightmare he had just had. It was probably best to just do some reading and set aside the notes on his jutsu and list of diseases in Youka’s swamp. It was best to avoid things about the raikage for the night. As the cool night air hit his skin, the ninja would light a cigarette and take shallow breaths as he began his walk home. Once, inside he would place his notes in a dresser drawer and look on his shelves for a book. Most, of them were educational so nothing too interesting. Maybe, genjutsu for dummies is worth a read. He would take the book from the shelves, lay in bed, and open the book to page one. After, an hour of reading he would put down the book and go to sleep.
In the morning Kyousuke looked over his jutsu notes, he still had a few tennis balls left. Before heading into the academy he could get some extra training in and likely wake up everyone in the village. Ehh, these ninja need to wake up early anyway they need their training just like I do. He would perform his usual routine, this time with breakfast included. The smell of fresh eggs was great in the morning, he would eat get some water and be out the door after a shower.

Kyousuke flew directly to the training grounds. As expected no one was there, he had skipped his morning run so he arrived earlier than he had the previous day. The remaining tennis balls were in his backpack. With the sun still down it would make them harder to see, so the training would be slightly different than within the bright light of the sun. Kyosuke landed with a soft thud then removed the tennis balls from his bag. They rolled around a little before settling into the grass of the training grounds. Kyousuke would pick one up, toss it a little, and begin charging the red laser beam. He almost forgot to remove his shirt this time though and as he energy formed Kyousuke dropped the ball and hastily removed his white t-shirt. No damage had been caused, so that was a good thing.

The man would pick the ball back up before long and throw it with all of his might. As the ball went about forty meters he would fire the cannon, the ninja had to squint to keep track of the object in the morning sky. He couldn’t really tell if the laser beam had hit the thing or he had just lost track of it. From his current position it was too difficult to tell. So, he would have to try and shoot the ball at a closer distance this time, if he wanted to actually make sure his aim was good. Kyousuke would pick up a second ball and throw it the same way the previous had been. With it thirty meters away he would fire the cannon, creating another loud noise as it exploded. Kyousuke watched the ball be overtaken by the cannon. It was turned to vapor almost instantly from what the orange haired man assumed.

Well it was about time to repeat the process of throwing the ball and launching a cannon blast at it, after some time the task became monotonous.  He had done the exercise enough to know he was accurate with the cannon. There were only a couple of the tennis balls left, maybe he could donate them or let the kids in church have them. Though maybe he would hand them out at the end of a service, otherwise he would see them being tossed about while he or someone else was preaching.

Even though his training with the tennis balls had ended Kyousuke’s training was not complete. It was time to see if it was destructive enough to hurt himself. Kyousuke was a durable fellow, his clone had taken a direct lighting attack from the raikage, and he slapped down fireballs like flies. It was time to see what the cannon would do to his clone. Making a lightning clone it would move about sixty meters away. Once, it was ready it would wave its arm. Kyousuke charged the laser until it was at 120 power and would then aim at his clone. As his clone stood there it activated the nature energy within its body and boosted its defenses. The laser beam closed the distance to the clone and in a shower of bright red Kyousuke assumed the clone was destroyed. As the smoke cleared however his clone remained.

Huh, I guess I am just that durable. This time I’ll get more for sure. The original created another charging blast, this time he gave the beam more time to charge when it reached about three-fourths the maximum concentration (200) he would fire into the clone once more. That one for sure, got my clone. The clone was covered in the light of the laser, but it remained unaffected. It would just shake its head and lift its arms in an I don’t know pose. The original could only watch in bemusement. Okay, I am either really durable or this stuff doesn’t effect me. One more try, before I make a decision. Kyousuke would charge the beam until it was at its maximum potential. He would take in a deep breath and fire at his clone. The blast erupted and seemed to have the same effect as before. His clone still hovered above the hole created by that blast and the previous ones. Interesting, so even if I hit something at close range and it can withstand the blast I won’t be effected by it. That was one worry I had when learning about the close range vacuum, that if I got caught in the blast too it would cause serious damage to me.

Writing that down in the notebook, Kyousuke would place the pencil in the spine. The book into his bag, the tennis balls in his bag, and place the bag on his back. It was time to head over to the academy to see what he was in store for. As the ninja left the training grounds he noticed other ninja had started to enter. They all seemed to be talking about hearing explosions from the direction he had been walking, he summed it up to explosive tag training and went on his way. It was time to get back to work, his training complete on his technique. He hadn’t quite come with a name yet. The red color, reminded him of the fires of hell, a place where the person he wished to use it upon would wind up after his death. Hell’s Flash. Yeah, Hell’s Flash that sounded like an okay name for a bright red beam of destruction. It certainly was a potent technique, so it needed an equally potent name. For sure Kyousuke would write down the name of the technique in his notes at some point, but it seemed easy enough to remember. So, he would just have to notate it later.

WC: 6006
Claiming: 60Ap and Hell's Flash

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I've been informed that Jugo can have guns Super mega awesome happy fun toys so approved
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