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Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:50 pm
The preparations over the last several days had been done to a level of efficiency that could be best expected. Given more time perhaps things could have gone better, but time was something Maku was sick of waiting on. The groups had their orders and the mass exodus of Kumogakure was well under way. If only a couple individuals could wrap things up, things would really get rolling.......

Summoning several ANBU and a wagon of supplies, Maku met them outside the kage building. Wearing his akatsuki robes, his hat, and mask over his face he was addressed with salutes. The title of Slaanesh had spread, and there was none that questioned his authority presently. At least that had the guts to say so. Which honestly he wouldn't have minded a little competition. Few things settled the score as taking out others and proving your truth was the stronger.

The wagon was weighted with food provisions, supplies for hunting, setting up shelters, and a magpie of other field supplies. Taking a deep breath, Maku focused his chakra expanding a golden bubble of chakra. Encompassing the wagon and the 4 other individuals, he focused on the ruins of Yukigakure. Forcing this much equipment through space and time was an exhausting feat, and sweat began to speckle his face behind the mask.

With a pop, all vanished from Kumogakure appearing in the biting cold. The winds immediately screamed at the intruders. A winter fox vacating a nearby ruin. "Right then......". He would say breathing heavy. "Set up the tents along walls, find shelters in the ruined buildings best we can.....and get a fire going." The others would set to work as Maku took a couple see breaths sitting on the wagon. The cold biting at his lungs. So here they start...

(Exit to yuki)
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