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Thu Mar 09, 2017 8:23 pm
It was about four o'clock in the morning and Sunagakure no Sato was fast asleep. At least, the normal population of the village was. High ranking ninjas remained vigilant and patrolled the village for anything or anyone out of place. That was why sneaking into the training fields at that hour would be nothing short of death. So, despite being confident with his level of stealth, Kenji informed one of the higher ranked ninjas that he would be making use of the training fields for a while to which was approved.

Kenji sat at the clearing of the training field for a few moments, doing nothing but taking in the cool morning breeze. After all, he would only get this chance now before the sun came up. Kenji wore a black tee shirt with the Goka clan symbol etched to it and a pair of ankle length trousers of the same color, leaving everything else at home. If he wanted to start missions and make ryo, he'd need to learn some techniques. And luckily, there were a few useful E to D Ranked techniques the teen had gathered on his notepad.

After a few minutes wind bathing, Kenji got up and started on the first technique, the wind arrow. The procedure was easy enough, he didn't even need hand seals. Kenji closed his eyes so he could concentrate on wind patterns. Once he got the basic feel of the wind, he proceeded to compress a small portion of it. He kept his eyes closed, not wanting to break his concentration. Kenji brought his hand up and he could feel the wind become almost tangible. The teen continued this process until he was sure the wind had taken a tangible form, once this happened he opened his eyes and in one swift motion, he pulled the arrow from the air. Luckily for him, that short break of concentration did not affect the tangibility of the arrow.

That was surprisingly easy.

 Kenji observed the arrow, it looked so real the teen believed it would snap if he bent it. He could also tell the arrow had a sharp tip since his index finger bled from tapping on it a few times. From what Kenji had gathered, it was possible to make multiple arrows simultaneously and so he decided to try it.

He repeated the process again, compressing a small portion of air into a thin arrow, intangible. He kept the first arrow intangible as he moved to the next, doing the same thing. He began to feel a slight chakra drain at the third arrow. Kenji took a deep breath and proceeded to the fourth and fifth arrow. Once he was done, the teen compressed each arrow once more before pulling them one by one from the air. Kenji held the bundle of arrows before hurling them like darts towards a dummy.

The arrows pierced what was supposedly the dummy's head and chest but they fell off almost immediately. Kenji realized that there was no force behind the throw and though it would do decent damage, he needed something more, something lethal. So Kenji decided it was best to use a medium to hurl the arrows for better damage. If the teen was able to make arrows from thin air, then he could make a bow to follow. Besides, he did not want to waste ryo on a bow.

Boar, ram... was it?

Kenji weaved the hand seals and closed his eyes to concentrate. The genin had no idea how to go about this but he decided to start at the basic construct of said bow. Kenji pictured the bow and proceeded to compress a small portion of air. Kenji then tried to mold this near tangible state of wind into a simple bow and that was where things got complicated. Due to the constant movement of wind, Kenji found it hard to actually mold anything out of it as the shape fluctuated. The teen opened his eyes, breaking his concentration in order to start anew.

He took out his notepad, and made a quick sketch of a shortbow. Kenji did not know how this would help but it was good to get some reference. He then broke it into parts which consisted of the curved wooden area of the bow and a string. The teen thought perhaps he could construct them individually and then combine. Satisfied with his idea, he threw the pen and the notepad on the dirt before weaving once more.

Boar. Ram.

Kenji closed his eyes in concentration whilst taking deep breaths. The teen compressed a small portion of air and waited for it to take a near tangible form before he molded a wooden curve out of the compressed portion of air. He reached out and grabbed the wooden curve before weaving again. He repeated the procedure for the string and tied it to the curve. He now held a small short bow in his hand.

Life hack.

Kenji realized this technique was taking a toll on his chakra, although nearly unnoticeable, the drain was present. The teen figured it was the cost of keeping the bow, and probably any other arrow, tangible. Kenji slowed his chakra emission to a stop, just to test this little discovery and just as he suspected, it was only a matter of time before he felt the waft of air on his palm. The short bow was gone, along with the arrows.

Kenji looked up to the sky, it was devoid stars, just the moon gleaming down on the village. Judging from the sight, Kenji guessed it was a little after five o'clock. He yawned and rubbed his eyes, perhaps staying up all night just to train in the morning wasn't the best of ideas. The genin shook his head to clear his thoughts, he needed to concentrate and he wasn't going to let a little sleep hinder his performance.

The teen built up chakra and weaved the hand seals again. Kenji kept his eyes open, he did not want to risk falling asleep. He held the seal at Ram while he took in the feel of air. Seconds later, he sighed and compressed a portion of air until it was in a near tangible state. He then proceeded to mold the portion of air into a curve. Once it took shape, Kenji took the small portion of air underneath the curve for the string. He knotted the string to the wooden curve ever so slightly and once it was done, Kenji wasted no time to grab it.

Kenji guessed he had executed this technique nicely, although it wasn't perfect. The teen pulled on the string, the distance was manageable, he'd say the length of one arrow to the pointed tip. The mahogany surface of the short bow, a tad coarse but durable. Just the mere sight alone made Kenji wonder if this was actually made from thin air. He stopped emitting chakra and the bow faded into air.

Kenji built up chakra and weaved again. This time, it took less effort and he managed to make to bow in less than two minutes.
Like a Senju on soldier pills, Kenji kept crafting the wooden bow. Minutes turned into seconds and Kenji was confident he was able to craft one in less than five seconds. Which would be perfect, especially in a fight.

Kenji yawned as he stopped emitting chakra, causing the bow to fade out of existence. The teen's dull eyes drooped as he tried as much as possible to stay awake. Of course, he fought a losing battle, Kenji knew that. But he just needed to try one more thing. The reason he learnt this technique in the first place.

Kenji mustered all the strength he needed to stay awake. The teen built up chakra and weaved the hand seals, crafting a Recurve bow from the air around him. Then, he went for the arrow, compressing a portion of air to make one. He then attached the wind arrow to the recurve bow and pulled. The pointed edge of the arrow resting against the mahogany curve of the bow.

Kenji aimed at dummy from earlier, shutting an eye for precision. The arrow was locked on the chest and once his hand was stilled, he let go of the string.

There was a quick buzz followed by the slight rasp of ripping fabric.

Kenji opened both eyes to see the arrow had gone right through what was supposedly the torso of the dummy.

Not bad.

He crafted and attached another wind arrow to the bow, he aimed and made another shot. The same result, with the arrow through the side of the dummy.

Kenji tried this a few more times until you could barely see the puff of fur and foam underneath the pile of arrows.

Kenji decided to try one more thing before he called it a day, dispelling the bow and arrow. He turned, targeting a dummy. The teen took one step forward, then another before rocketing into a full sprint. Perhaps he could execute this technique while moving.

Kenji continued his sprint as he built up chakra, weaved the hand seals and quickly crafted the Recurve bow. Acting fast, he made a leap and crafted an arrow mid air. He attached the wind arrow to the bow as gravity began to pull him down. Kenji pulled and made the shot before his feet met the ground. He kept his eyes on the arrow as it buzzed towards the dummy.

After its brief journey, the arrow missed the target by a few inches.

Well then.

Kenji picked up his notepad and pen as he made his way out of the training fields at exactly six o'clock in the morning.



WC: 1647

Wind Release: Wind Arrow
Wind Release: Recurve bow
8 stat points.

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Jiro Uchiha
Jiro Uchiha
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Archery Empty Re: Archery

Thu Mar 09, 2017 8:23 pm
Please link the jutsu.
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Archery Empty Re: Archery

Thu Mar 09, 2017 8:43 pm
Brooke Uchiha
Brooke Uchiha
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Archery Empty Re: Archery

Thu Mar 09, 2017 8:47 pm
Approved. <3
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