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Shika Yabusame
Shika Yabusame
Ryo : 500

Regret Reset Repeat (private) Empty Regret Reset Repeat (private)

Mon Mar 06, 2017 9:35 pm
((Note: this is supposed to encompass several weeks IC of natural recovery, hopefully I won't have to pay the 100 ryo for that but if I do just let me know))

Trigger warning for potentially upsetting material.

Week One: Depression

Elspeth lay mangled in a sturdy hospital bed, watching the sun slowly rise through a thick window. The room was small and nearly claustrophobic, with antique white walls and pale green tile on the floor and as flair on the walls. A bowl of soup lay uneaten at her right. She wasn't hungry. Angry scorch marks lined the walls as if it had been licked by fire and lightning alike. A half-built puppet lay on her lap, with tools and such scattered about on top of her. She was using her non-dominant left hand, because her right was broken. It was obvious that the ninja was stuck here and it was taking its toll.

"You should eat, Elspeth," Anton said softly, gently patting her shoulder. She merely hummed and blinked once, slowly turning her head and the other direction. A screwdriver was gripped in her hand so tightly that her knuckles were starting to whiten. "It's... You're just hurting yourself by doing this." She didn't care. She didn't. Her friend sighed and sat at the foot of her bed. It was a sickening white color that hurt to look at. Why was she here? Why did Xuba do this to her?

She felt a gentle pressure on her leg and looked up to reveal that Anton had placed his hand on it. "You'll get better. You know that, right?" he said. Not even dignifying him with a response, she just sat there and stared into empty space. What was the point? She didn't care. She didn't. Anton turned to her, head tilted with concern. "Elspeth?" She  didn't  care. She  didn't. She didn't care. She didn't. Repeating the mantra in her head. She turned back to her half built puppet and started tinkering with the internal gears and such, making soft clinking noises as she did so. This seemed to satisfy him. He got up and stretched noisily. "I'm going to the bathroom in a bit. I'll come back later, okay?" He said, pointing towards the door. She nodded and hummed, engrossed in her work. The screwdriver felt cold in her hand, but slowly warmed up until it matched the temperature of her body. She sighed, adjusting a hinge delicately. Elspeth felt so useless like this. She set the screwdriver and raised her left hand.

A single blue thread came out of her index finger, followed by one more. The additional thread was shaky and somewhat dim, but it was undeniably there. Slowly, the screwdriver rose skyward, dancing gently through the air at her whim. It came very close to her injured arm, and she shuddered. The tool poked it gently. She hissed in pain. Digging in a little deeper, she pulled the thread backwards until a thin scratch had appeared on her wrist. It throbbed with her pulse. Like a switch had been flipped, her stress began to ebb away. Elspeth sighed and shook her head, turning away. She couldn't let Anton find out about this. Painfully, she flipped over her wrist and bunched up the bed sheet near it to hide the self inflicted wound even better.

She blinked and quickly began tinkering with the puppet again as she heard Anton come back. It was taking shape quite well, resembling a human. Put a cloak over it, and she'd be able to pass it off as a real person. She gave herself a slight smile. Yippee for her. Then the feelings of hopelessness and despair hit her again like a bus. What had she done? The door swung open and her friend walked in with a book. Lucky him. She sat silently for a bit before slowly going through handseals. Didn't she have a contract with the blackwater leeches?

After the seal of confrontation, a puff of smoke clouded the room. She coughed painfully, her ribs stinging with every heave.

"Elspeth, what did you do?" Anton asked worriedly. Something dropped. His book maybe? And once the smoke cleared away, a little green dot rested on her lap. Remembering the last time, she offered her finger and the leech bit on harder than it- he? Had to. Alright, summoner, a voice spoke in her head. Why the hell did you wake me from my nap?!

"I assure you that was not my intention," she replied softly to the summon. "You can sleep here. Surely it's more comfortable?" She heard a grumble echo throughout her skull. This guy (leech?)... She shifted a bit to get more comfortable in the bed, and the leech crawled up her arm a bit before settling down on top of the crook of her elbow.

"Elspeth, who are you talking to?" Anton asked after a moment. She turned to him before speaking, careful with her neck.

"Leech summon. I have yet to get his name though..." Prototype-Null rang throughout her head. "Actually it's Prototype-Null. We should each be quieter because he's trying to sleep." She felt a wave of gratitude come off the summon. They sat in silence for a bit with Elspeth occasionally tinkering with the puppet she had. On a whim, she reached inside of the puppet and placed an explosive tag. Now it was a walking bomb that moved at the speed of her chakra threads. She smiled a bit, before flexing the fingers of her broken arm and moving the puppet around a bit. It moved gracefully and silently, the manifestation of everything a basic puppet should be. "Anton, could you carefully take this off my lap and place it on the table?" Almost immediately after she spoke, he stood up and walked over. He carefully and delicately lifted up the puppet. It slouched in his arms, and as he slowly walked over to the table he just as carefully put it down. She let out a breath she didn't know she was holding. With the tsundere leech on her arm, and the bomber puppet, and her close friend, things were about to get much more interesting around here. She wondered what she would work on next. And for the first time in a long while, a good, strong feeling pervaded her very being. She had developed a hope for the future.

WC: 1030
Shika Yabusame
Shika Yabusame
Ryo : 500

Regret Reset Repeat (private) Empty Re: Regret Reset Repeat (private)

Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:13 pm
Week Two: Determination

Elspeth watched wearily as a tiny bug crawled across her knuckle. She was too weary to swat at it, so she just left it there to its own devices. It tickled a bit as it walked around... The insect was kinda cute.

"Hey, Els?" Anton called. She looked up sharply and the insect flew away. She could have sworn that she'd heard it say 'see you later', but that would have been stupid. Bugs can't talk. "Have you seen my book?" She raised a thin, bony hand, and gave a small smirk as two chakra threads sprouted from each finger. They slithered around the room quietly, carefully, ready to pounce on its target. They attached to a small tome, raising it up in the air from behind her puppet on the table. "Oh." Anton said. He walked over and reached up before pausing. Plucking the book from the threads next, he opened it and returned to his page. She let out a sigh. She just wanted to get up and out already.

Anton looked up for a moment, opening and closing his mouth before returning back to his book. Hmm... He was looking peaceful. Too peaceful.

"Hey Anton, would you mind if I practice a non painful genjutsu on you?" She asked. Tilting her head, she waited. After a moment, her friend gave his reply.

"Yeah, sure, whatever." It sounded like he was too deep in his book to realize what she had said. Okay. She could work with that. She reached over to grab her screwdriver and promptly dropped it on the floor, creating a loud noise that distracted Anton enough for him to look up. She glanced him in the eyes and flew through some handseals. Suddenly, the Mist Servant technique came in to full effect.  Two hazy figures were standing in the room. She watched carefully for Anton's reaction, but he was already engrossed back in his book. She made one of the illusions walk up and phase through him, but he still didn't pay attention. Damn.

She sighed and sat back. Looking around the room, nothing caught her eye. A little beetle was crawling up the side of her bed, but that was about it. She smiled and reached her hand down so the insect could crawl on. "Hey there little guy," she said.

"Hi there, master!" the beetle squeaked in response. The beetle responded?! She definitely needed to kick back on the meds and possibly the sleep... She blinked. Might as well experiment with whatever was happening while it lasted... She lifted the beetle a little higher so she could see him better. Him? How did I know his gender?

"Master?" She responded carefully. The beetle gave a weird bow that resembled a nod. It was kind of cute to watch.

"Yeah! You're an Aburame, right?" she paused. Tilting her head, she carefully crafted a response. What the hell was an Aburame? Apparently, she must have spoken that out loud- so much for carefully crafting a response- because the beetle began to respond. "Never mind," he said coyly. "Would you mind if I introduced you to my mate? She's a kikaichu, too." Not knowing what to say, she shrugged and nodded. Whatever a kikaichu was, they seemed really friendly. Suddenly, the beetle's wings extended and he flew away. Well, that was quick. She adjusted her position on the mattress. She was sooo sleepy... Within a few moments, she was completely asleep.


Elspeth woke up with a strange tingling under her skin that she couldn't place, as if there was something crawling, creeping, slithering under it that couldn't escape. She shuddered and scratched her arm. She looked at Anton, also asleep, and swore loudly. Slowly, she pushed herself off the bed, and used two chakra strings per finger to bring her puppet to her. One of the arms wrapped around her torso, supporting her and helping her walk towards Anton. She shook his shoulder, and when he didn't wake up, shook him harder.

He slowly moved and then stood up. His eyes were the sides of saucers and his jaw almost touched the floor when he saw her up and about. "Anton, I want to get out of this place. It's... It's doing something to me that I don't like." she said. Looking down, she continued. "I promise I'll take it easy. I won't let myself get hurt over something dumb or stupid. Let's head to the north, next. I... I heard there's a place there that we can rest." Anton looked at her with a tilted head before slowly nodding. He stood up, stretched, and grabbed his bag filled with some of her stuff and some food and water.

"I'm ready when you are, Elspeth. I trust you." he said softly. She took his hand in hers and slowly but surely made her way out of the hospital room, past the lobby, out of the alleyway and into the unknown.

WC: 825
Total WC: 1855


T-94x puppet (
Prototype-Null (
122 words towards mist servant genjutsu (
Remaining words towards incomplete performance of a hundred puppets (
9 stats

1/3 topics for realizing heritage

Ryo : 12000

Regret Reset Repeat (private) Empty Re: Regret Reset Repeat (private)

Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:32 am
approved for puppet, summon, 122 words to mist servant, and 733 towards incomplete performance of a hundred. In the future, please write how many words are going to each of the claims<3

Also this was a great read. I look forward to reading more of your discovery of your Aburame lineage!
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