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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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NRPG Notice Board Empty Re: NRPG Notice Board

Sun Jul 04, 2021 4:13 am
Heyo all, Kenshin here with the latest large patch of NRPG, with this one being targeted towards the Physical Specialties (Bukijutsu and Taijutsu), as well as some general quality of life changes and small additions to the Special Technique Guidelines. First of all I would like to thank the entirety of the current staff team, and the former staff that are no longer with the team, for all of the help that everyone has given. Without all of you this patch wouldn’t have come as quickly, or as smoothly as it has.

So, let’s get into these changes shall we.

NOTE: This time, we have done things a little differently and created one major post that has every change listed, in sections, if you don’t wanna have to comb through the many rule pages looking (Although we will link the relevant sections regardless)

The Physical Patch


Taijutsu Changes:

The entirety of the Taijutsu System has been completely reworked, and some of the biggest changes include the complete removal of Manoeuvres, the addition of the Taijutsu Barrier, the removal of DR from Taijutsu, and the overhaul of Fighting Styles. These changes have been made because Taijutsu before was in quite the bad place, simultaneously one of the most powerful specialties in the late game, but easily the most underwhelming in the early/mid game, and all but forcing S-ranks to be used if you wanted ANY good results, which is something that no other spec forced on those that had it. The reason for this? Because Taijutsu worked by its own set of rules and majority of its techniques were of a type that was unique to it and Weaponry… which also forced staff to try to keep Taijutsu techniques balanced when compared to techniques that operated off of different rules. 

We have changed that now, and Taijutsu operates in much the same way that the other specs, with the strength of the user now directly being used for the scaling of Taijutsu techniques (Weaponry explained in a section below). Taijutsu techniques will now be able to be buffed by Amplifiers, thus allowing the users to hit higher numbers at all ranks. Taijutsu is still considered unique in two ways, with the speed of the techniques (non-ranged) being equal to the speed of the user at all ranks, so that we don’t suddenly see people with 150+ speed being dragged down to sub 70’s when they use lower ranked Tai techniques. All non-ranged Taijutsu techniques now grant the user something known as the Taijutsu Barrier, and this will allow the technique to clash with anything that is equal to it, but it should be noted that the barrier itself is not what allows the user to WIN the clash, as that still relies on power v power. 

Fighting Styles have received a fair bit of love and have received a complete overhaul, now allowing the user to choose from a strength or speed based fighting styles, and this choice does actually have some meaning even for those running strength. A fighting style changes all calculations (power and speed + scaling) to rely solely on the chosen stat, effectively allowing a Mono-stat Taijutsu build with the correct fighting styles. This will even change the minimum strengths needed to perform specific ranks of Taijutsu (Speed Based only). Fighting styles are typically locked to those with Taijutsu as a primary specialty, however, there are specific Canon clans with Taijutsu as a Clan Spec that have access to fighting styles (Hyuuga, Kaguya). It should be noted that Fighting Styles require techniques to be used effectively, so a Hyuuga simply having 150 speed won’t mean that they can deal 150 damage by poking you without the use of a technique. 

As always, this is simply an abbreviated explanation of the changes, as well as providing our reasoning on WHY these changes have been made. For a complete and full explanation of all changes please check out the Specialty System


Bukijutsu Changes:

Much like Taijutsu, the entirety of the Bukijutsu system has received a bit of an overhaul, and much like Taijutsu Manoeuvres have been removed from the equation, Sharpness as a whole has been removed from weapons, the way damage works has been redone. The reasoning behind this is similar yet slightly different to Taijutsu, as Weaponry kind of faced the opposite problem… it was insanely potent in the early game, but fell off hard in the late game. 

Bukijutsu will now operate off of different stats depending on the type of weapon you are using, if it’s a bladed or ranged weapon then it is speed primary, strength secondary… but if it is a blunt weapon, then it is strength primary and speed secondary. This alone gives quite a bit of versatility to weapons and allows users to run different stat sets depending on which types of weapons they want to run. It also changes the scaling calculations for the specialty based on the type of weapons that you’re running. Armours may now be up to 100 health for everyone, regardless of whether they have Bukijutsu as a spec or not… HOWEVER, those without the spec will find that while wearing an armour with 51 health or more, the AP costs of everything they do will be doubled AND any existing AP discounts they have will be cancelled. 

Bukijutsu damage will now follow the exact same system as every other type of damage, instead of the strange mixture of sharpness and impact force that it was before. Sharpness as a whole is gone now, and the main type of damage for Weapons without the use of techniques is Impact Force, regardless of the type of weapon one is using. All melee and ranged weapons can be used to attack without using a technique or expending AP, and will possess an Impact Force equal to your speed divided by 2 (Speed / 2). This Impact Force value functions as the weapon’s effective damage upon contact with an enemy, object, or technique (techniques can only be clashed with if the Weapon possesses a specific effect that allows it to clash with enemy techniques [Ie: Infusion Techniques]). This impact force does not come into play when utilizing a technique, as you would simply use the technique’s power instead. All weapon attacks travel at user’s speed, with the exception of ranged or thrown weapons, which travel at (Speed / 2) + 40. If a user attempts to utilize a thrown weapon without the Weaponry Specialty, they will not gain the +40 bonus. Weapon damage, as with all damage, should have a modicum of applied common sense applied to it. Limb Removal will only be possible through an Impact Force of 50 or higher anything below this level will result in cuts but not debilitating injuries.

Worry not though Weaponry users that wanna go strength based, but still wanna cut still, you haven't been forgotten. Fighting Styles for Weapons also exist, which change the scaling of Weaponry to be either full strength or full speed (exactly like Taijutsu Fighting Styles). It should be noted however, that like Tai Fighting Styles, this is through the use of techniques only. Base strikes will always go based off the stat used by the type of weapon you are using 

The way that clashing for Weapons works has also been updated, due in main part to the loss of sharpness, but also to give some more impact when two Bukijutsu practitioners clash and one is clearly stronger than the other. 

When clashing between two held weapons, and neither user is utilizing a technique, you would compare impact force against one another. The weapon with the higher impact force will instantly apply the total impact force value to the opponent’s weapon’s health. If it surpasses it by 20, the opponent's weapon breaks. If both impact force values are equal, neither weapon takes damage. When clashing against a technique, a weapon does not get to +20 defense against the technique, and will be broken if the technique matches or surpasses the weapon’s health, so think twice before you try swinging that shiny sword at the fireball flying at you. 

If both users are using a technique, the two techniques clash as normal. The winning technique applies the surplus power from the clash (Each point in power over the enemy’s power) to the enemy’s weapon. In applicable scenarios (Such as close range weapon clashes, ect.), impact force will also be allied to the opponent’s weapon. If this combined value exceeds the opponent’s weapon health, it breaks. Any surplus damage after that is carried over to the opponent.

As always, this is simply an abbreviated explanation of the changes, as well as providing our reasoning on WHY these changes have been made. For a complete and full explanation of all changes please check out the Specialty System


Strength Changes: 

Now, the strength system was… quite the mess before, with a whole chart filled with fantastical effects that had no real ways of being applied in the system, or just being plain broken, so we have completely updated it. Moreover though, in line with the new Taijutsu system, we have updated exactly how strength damage works. That’s right! No more base stat damage that results in Tai the spec being overshadowed… strength will now deal damage equal to half of the stat amount for each hit without the use of a technique. 

And, on top of that, strength is getting a bit of a buff! Rejoice Taijutsu users, for all is not lost! From here on out, characters will gain an inherent pool of DR dependent on their strength stat, capped at 100DR for 100 strength. This DR, is of course, a pool and once depleted will not regenerate in that topic, HOWEVER, it is something that is purely passive. 

As always, this is simply an abbreviated explanation of the changes, as well as providing our reasoning on WHY these changes have been made. For a complete and full explanation of all changes please check out the Stat/Jutsu Rules


Smaller Changes: 


That’s right everyone! DR is finally getting a detailed explanation in the Special Technique Guidelines. There will be no more questioning on whether or not this vague effect if DR, how it works when compared to debuffs, etc. 

The following is being added into the Special Technique Guidelines to help explain it all

“Damage Reduction is a special technique type that is only available to those who have Medical Ninjutsu. Damage Reduction techniques mitigate the damage that is dealt upon a character, reducing that damage by their power for a single post. 

Damage Reduction offered by techniques functions as a pool - so, for example, if a technique generates 50 DR, once you take a hit of 25 Power, you will have 25 DR remaining for that technique. DR can stack, adding to your total pool, and that pool is capped at 250 points.

DR points will debuff the power/impact force of the technique/weapon that makes contact with the user for one post. However, DR points can't reduce the power of an attack below 1.

DR does stack with Debuffs

Damage Reduction and Armors do not stack well, meaning an armor will take a hit and be destroyed before Damage Reduction can apply its effects. Furthermore, the user cannot use DR to coat jutsu with external influences.

Only 2 sources of DR can be used at any one time. Note: This does not include the passive DR granted by strength”


That’s right boys and girls! No more jumping from the tops of the tallest buildings without consequence, Fall damage has come to NRPG to destroy knees everywhere. I kid I kid… well, kind of. Fall Damage is indeed now a thing, along with a standardised fall speed for everyone (150), but Fall Damage really isn’t that bad from most heights. If your character falls from a height of 30m or higher they will take damage for every meter that they fall. So, with a height cap on my flight techs being 50m, the likelihood of getting hurt for more than 50 damage is quite low… but if by some horrible circumstance you fall from 300m, then pray, because you are about to become roadkill. 


And that is all everyone, please be sure to read everything thoroughly. I hope you all enjoy this patch, and as always, any questions or feedback you have can be asked in the #Patch-Feedback channel of the discord
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 8000

NRPG Notice Board Empty Re: NRPG Notice Board

Mon Jan 18, 2021 11:39 pm
Heyo all, Kenshin here once again for the latest patch of NRPG. I have to say, I am very glad to see the direction the site has started going since our last patch, but as usual no systems are perfect and we’re here today to discuss some changes that the site will be undergoing. So, without further ado let’s get into these changes!


Okay, so first up on the list is a very minor tweak to the creation of weapons and armour. Basically, the inbuilt physical trait of a weapon/armour can no longer be used to either increase/ignore armour, or mitigate/lower damage. We have taken note of the fact that a majority of armour nowadays has been made with the effects to either ignore chakra damage, or physical damage, and while I understand the appeal it leaves them a bit too powerful (able to tank attacks of 245 power/strength passively). The simplest fix to this is simply to remove that inbuilt trait, and thus allow people to still hit high numbers but not within 5 points of the cap.

The second change will actually affect very little of you, only those that possess a Legendary Weapon. As is, we feel Legendary Weapons are a bit too powerful, giving up to 6 inbuilt abilities that rival extremely high ranking jutsu… and that is an issue. So, we have cut the amount of abilities these Legendary weapons can have down from 6 to 3.


Now, onto the changes that will actually affect everyone, and the changes that we feel are the most important things for the site in general.

First up, we have actually overhauled the existing rank up requirements for the site, because we felt that 60,000 words to get from D-rank to A-rank was… a little intense. So overall we have reduced the amount of missions that one needs to rank up, and focussed more on the Hunters and the quality. And finally, we have updated the system to allow people to achieve S-rank through missions and robbery, no longer simply forcing people to kill an existing S-ranker or appeal.

On top of this, we have even added a new and more challenging ranking system for those that want to test themselves. We call this option High Stakes. High Stakes will allow someone to skip all the hunter requirements for that rank, however, they will instead have to take on a Hunter of the rank they wish to obtain and they must do the mission completely solo. Higher Stakes for larger rewards.

We have made these changes because the current rank up requirements are, frankly, far too much, and we want people to be able to earn their ranks without going through that soul crushing grind.

The full changes can, of course, be found within the new Dual Rank System


Finally we have the update I am most excited about, the Character Health update. So, you have all commented on this and we have been listening, we just haven’t been sure in what direction we wanted to take this. Well, we have finally come to a consensus, and it is something that I am personally extremely excited for. So, let me explain how this works.

Character health is an inbuilt side-stat, everyone has it and it is tied to the overall stats that a character possesses. Unlike the old health stat this isn’t a simple threshold before damage is done, it is more akin to a traditional health bar. A character may take damage equal to that health bar before they fall unconscious, and unless they are healed with Medical Ninjutsu they will die. Of course, a sword taking off the head will still kill most, regardless of the health bar. Overall we are making this change in an effort to make combat less about pure numbers and trying to onepost your opponent as quickly as you can. This will allow people to take hits, and overall will hopefully make combat a bit more enjoyable for everyone involved. This change also has the upside of making Medical Ninjutsu a bit more viable in the current meta with the use of HP regeneration.

The full explanation for health can be found in the Stat and Jutsu System
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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NRPG Notice Board Empty Re: NRPG Notice Board

Fri Jul 31, 2020 10:26 pm
Heyo all, Kenshin here once again with the latest patch of NRPG, with this one aiming to fix any and all of the issues that the last patch left us with, as well as clarify our reasoning for these changes. You have our (the staff teams) most sincere apologies for both the wait and the issues that were introduced with the last patch, as well as the time that it took to fix the issues, as I am sure you are aware things have been rather difficult due to the pandemic, but it still should have been done sooner. Anyways, enough apologies, let’s get into what has been changed shall we. 

Stat/Jutsu System Patch

Okay, so as I am sure you remember, the last patch replaced Stamina with Vigor, and removed health from the equation entirely. Now, the major issue with this is that Vigor ended up being FAR too powerful, and as a result Chakra and most of the other stats were left in the dust. This was simply not okay, so Vigor has received a few nerfs, while Chakra and Speed were buffed a bit to help balance all of the stats out to an extent. Strength remained the same, which is fine considering the new Strength Chart that was released with the last patch that buffed it quite a bit. Chakra, when at certain levels, will now provide your characters with an AP reduction for most techniques cast, while speed will in turn be boosted passively when you dodge or avoid attacks. Vigor has had the total AP one can gain from it capped at 1000, and the Medical Specialty has been changed to Chakra Primary. 

The Collaboration Techniques that we introduced in the last patch have also received a minor balance change, and rather than having a set base power increase we have instead opted to increase the power of the technique based on the ranks of the techniques that make it up. We have also introduced a rather new system in the form of Environmental Health, in order to add a bit more depth to combat (and to punish those that Bodyflicker into walls). 

Now, something that was needed yet never truly explained in the last patch is an explanation of what happens to techniques that functioned as stat checks to Health, the stat that was removed entirely. Simply put, those techniques will need to be revamped and will have heavier limits from here on out, but when they hit another character they take effect. There is no need for them to have a check to a different stat, but again, they will still need to be revamped before they can truly be used. 

As always, this is a simple explanation of the changes, and the best way to see all of them along with the full explanation is to check out the Stat and Jutsu System for yourself. 

Specialty System Patch

As noted above the Medical Specialty has been changed to be Chakra Primary once again, with Vigor as the secondary stat, but that is not the only changes to some of the specs. Both Taijutsu and Bukijutsu have received some nerfs to help better balance them with the new chakra/vigor based specialties, something that has desperately been needed for both of them for years at this point. Taijutsu needed edits due to the fact that it allowed Stat+ Power for every rank, allowing people who used it to hit 180+ power attacks with a simple Enhancer and an E-rank technique, something that is not possible for any chakra/vigor build without the use of an Amplifier or a Stat Power S-rank, something that left the balance of power SEVERELY skewed in the favour of Taijutsu. Bukijutsu was FAR stronger than even Taijutsu due to two simple things… the innately high numbers of weapons and the Sharpness Bonus from swinging, something that allowed Weapon users to hit the cap with a simple Enhancer and a base swing, no Manoeuvre needed. So, we have lowered the base numbers of weapons down to 100 for Bukijutsu users, and 50 for those without the specialty, and on top of that we have also removed the Sharpness Bonus entirely. I know this seems drastic, but we have also changed the way that Manoeuvres work. 

Now, we have made sure that both Taijutsu and Weaponry will still be both viable and powerful in the current system with these changes, and personally I am a massive fan of both. Now, I would try to explain here but simplifying it would likely end with me butchering it and making them sound bad, so instead I am going to direct you all to the full Manoeuvre section at the end of the Stat and Jutsu System

Special Technique Guidelines Update

The Special Technique Guidelines has been updated to fit a new type of Special Technique, Enhancers (otherwise known as boosters) to help better explain how these will work on site and explain a few new changes to them. To put it simply, Enhancers from this point will have the same costs and upkeeps as most techniques of their respective ranks (A-rank and S-rank), but in turn, they have much lower duration. This is being done to help bring some much needed balance back to the meta. We originally increased the cost of enhancers to combat the ‘boost at the start of a fight and keep it up the entire time’ mentality… but all it really did was made people invest much heavier into Stamina/Vigor so that they could still afford to do that. Well, we have now changed it to make enhancers into more of a sudden burst of power, that way people can try to have fights that are more fun than just ‘boost and use 250 power jutsu’. 

Living Clones have also received a buff, with them now being able to have the same amount of elements as a regular PC (including clan based bonuses), however they are now unable to learn Advanced Elements. Both Amplifiers and Debuffs have also received a few minor tweaks to better clarify how they work.

For a more detailed explanation of both Enhancers and Living Clones check out the newly updated Special Technique Guidelines


Now, that is everything for the patch itself. But there are still a couple of things that need to be clarified for everyone on site, rather than just on the discord in an announcement. 

Updating your Stat Page from V6 to V7

We on staff realise that we handled this badly last time, although most of that blame lies solely on me, so here it is. In order to update your stats please post in your characters stat pages with both their old stat spreads, and the updated stat spread that you want for V7. There are no limits, you are free to change around your stats in any way you wish. Now, you are also able to freely alter your characters' Specialties to reflect what you would like their build to be like now, and even request refunds on the techniques from that old spec. The only thing you are not truly allowed to change or refund are your character's elements.

How long are V6 jutsu going to remain valid/usable

As I am sure you are aware staff have been heavily focused lately on revamping and updating the sites Canon techniques to fit the V7 format, and I personally would like to thank Masashi, Guren, Nobo, Mizuki and Ayato for all of their work on these revamps. Now, the current V6 techniques will be able to be used for until the 1st of September, and any V6 techniques will be considered void and unable to be used after that date. However, it should be noted, that any and all V6 techniques that are revamped in that time period will be archived, and the V7 technique is the one that must be used. 


Okay, and that is EVERYTHING, I hope you all like and appreciate these changes as we have put a fair bit of work into them, so please give feedback on these changes in the discord, specifically in the #patch-feedback channel. 
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 8000

NRPG Notice Board Empty Re: NRPG Notice Board

Thu Jun 11, 2020 2:22 pm
Hello one and all, Kenshin here with the latest patch of NRPG, and out of all the patches we have given this one stands out, as this one will be the patch that officially launches us into the seventh version of NRPG, or as it is better known, NRPG V7. Know that a special event is coming up to truly commemorate this change in the forum, but for the purpose of this patch it is simply a little sidenote to let you guys know that V7 is official and some events are coming up ^_^.

Okay, so with that said, let’s get into the patch!

Stat/Jutsu System Overhaul

Okay, so as the name of this section may imply, the NRPG Stat System has received a rather major overhaul, so I would suggest reading over the new systems once you have finished reading these patch notes. But onto some of the more important things you will be taking note of, first up is the removal of the Health Stat entirely, and the redesign of the Stamina Stat into a new stat known as Vigor, which will act as a mixture of the old Stamina Stat with aspects of Chakra. Alongside Vigor, due to the new total stats being 4 rather than the current 5, the total stat cap of 325/375 (Clan/Clanless) will be dropping to 250/300 (Clan/Clanless). Vigor is explained in much greater detail in the new Stat/Jutsu System, and I would highly suggest giving the new system an in depth read to take note of all the other changes that have been made. 

With the new stat changes it only makes sense that the old Jutsu System is also given a shiny new coat of paint. Jutsu Mastery, Power/Speed/Health caps, Elemental Clashing, and even Collaboration Techniques have received updates, so I suggest you head on over and check them out. You will find that the Stat and Jutsu systems have been merged into one single system, since both do rely on the other in a lot of aspects, especially in regards to scaling. 

Specialty System Overhaul

With all of the changes being made to the other base systems of NRPG it only makes sense to update our rather lacking Specialty System. A brand new Specialty in the form of Sensory has been introduced, and all of the existing specialties have had their abilities expanded upon to truly explain what each spec is able to accomplish, as well as adding in some restrictions for certain abilities based on specs. Follow the link to check out the new Specialty Rules and give them an in-depth read

Special Technique Guidelines Update

The Special Techniques Guidelines have received some minor updates to fit with the new changes made to the forum, a couple of those changes include limiting the creation of Dimensions to those with Space Time as their main spec and limiting Phasing techniques to only those characters that possess Dimensions. All changes can be found within the new Special Technique Guidelines

Summon Updates

You read right, Summons are finally going to be receiving a bit of love, and if you ask me it is about damn time. The overall stat caps have been modified with the new changes made to the stat system, and an upkeep has been added for people to keep their summons out, so no more freely keeping summons out to burn their AP for you Razz. All changes can be found in the new Summon Creation Guidelines


And I believe that is everything dear people, please read over all of the changes and the new systems, then give us feedback in the discord!
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 205650

NRPG Notice Board Empty Re: NRPG Notice Board

Tue May 05, 2020 4:07 am
Hello members of NRPG, today we have for you the start of a series of updates that will finalize the major updates we’ve been doing for months now on this forum and hopefully set the foundation to guide us for the foreseeable future without any issues or major changes needed. In a weeks time there will be a greater update but this is more setting the scene in preparation getting through the smaller portions. That means for the most part the major rule changes and such will hopefully be done for some time with this, so thank you for sticking with this major transition to a new stage of NRPG.

Below I will cover a few smaller changes that are being done to patch issues on the forum not necessarily needing a dedicated system write up but should certainly be noted before getting into the more grand updates and revisions.

For starters, recently there was a change to missions be it a requirement to have NPC’s involved in A and above missions. This was done in an attempt to promote combat activity as the Roleplaying setting we know and love is of course inhabited by war and opposition, however upon trialing that radical approach it’s been decided that isn’t exactly the proper method to reach what we envision for the forum. Additionally some missions at times may deviate from that theme and may not be tailored to combat/adversary or necessarily require another person present to interact with. For these reasons the requirement of NPCing at select mission ranks is now uplifted and will be judged on a case by case basis. Furthermore it will be specified NPC missions can’t be invaded until the NPC actually posts in the topic, alongside a note that each character can only request one NPC at a time to manage flooding of requests from the staff team.

In regards to the Inactivity Rules, it’s been specified now that those who reclaim their character will have their power rank lowered by one upon approval, however they can have said rank granted back to them if they’re able to get their stats back to the original value when cut in half within 30 days of approval. These characters can’t have their power rank claimed even if killed or justified for appeals during this 30 day grace period unless the character has the minimum stat value of their current rank listed in the stat rules(i.e. If a character is reclaimed and is now B rank when originally A rank, they can’t have their power rank claimed until they have at least 200 base stats). Finally a character’s stats can never be lowered below 30 through the inactivity rules. This is a way to protect those who reclaim their character from instantly being attacked for an easy rank up or targeted and not providing a fulfilling battle due to their lowered statistics.

Finally there have been some changes in preparation for the future regarding the health of armor, specifically creating a differentiation between two kinds for better handling and conversion. The excerpt below can be found in the statistics page:
“There are many different types of armor, but the main two are physical armors and chakra armors. Physical Armors are strong against physical attacks such as sharpness, requiring those types of attacks to be 20 superior to their health to pierce, but in turn physical armors are weak to technique/elemental damage, and are treated as though they have -20 health against those techniques AND simply need to have their health surpassed to be pierced. Chakra armors possess the same strengths and weaknesses, but this is reversed and they are strong against technique/elemental damage and weak to physical.”

Now, one of the first new additions of our systems page is the dedicated Arena Rules to create an environment where members can strengthen their own personal combat capabilities along with benefitting from their dedication in the form of claiming their word count. There’s also a bonus for the one who stands victorious over the others in the battle, however read the system in more detail exactly what the limitations are and what’s allowed. Understand there’s no room for trying to abuse or manipulate the one remaining victorious in these battles to farm word count since that will only get you in trouble.

Next it was brought to our attention some discrepancies and contradicting words when it comes to the village system rules and entering/leaving villages, therefore we took this time to not only clarify upon these entrance and leaving rules however completely update and open up more options and things to do with Villages, the base necessities found in: Village Rules and Village Warfare. Now there’s a more detailed and elaborated village system along with warfare options if the opportunity ever arrives. Within the base Village Rules it’s detailed important requirements and expectations of those who wish to become Kage. In regards to the deadlines of current Kages that would typically be written (Yensung Aburame, Yasaki Uchiha, Zaled Uchiha, Kenshin Uzumaki, Kizmaru Senju, Kutari Uchiha) hereby start upon the date of this message.

On the same topic of Villages, we’ve also added in a Village Culture Template for the active kage of a village to fill out. There’s been quite a bit of confusion in the past regarding the expectancy of villagers in a specific village, if they’re similar to their canon counterparts or deviate in full. This is a required template to fill out on the update page when changes are made and should be referenced in appropriate times.

Alongside this, those who may recall the previous Village System might be confused as the travel rules of the forum are gone. We understand that traveling as a whole can get a bit complicated in the various methods and there needs to be a bit more strictness to avoid any sort of metagamey activities without a cost, therefore we now have implemented a Travel System that describes in detail the various methods of travel recognized and allowed on the forum.

Finally to conclude this update, recently it’s seemed as if the forum doesn’t exactly understand the purpose of staff or just what all they encompass in their duties or the importance of seeking their assistance in times of difficulties. Therefore we decided to write up Staff Guidelines that document in detail the expectancy of staff in general along with the assignments and responsibilities of each position. Upon glancing over the system you may notice two new staff positions being added, specifically Questers and Npcers. Quester is a position meant to help create more colorful and inviting stories on the forum via mission creation and assist in coming up with compelling events and rewards to bestow to the general memberbase. Npcer is a position to help off-load the various npc requests staff may receive at a time to focus on other site work, and they’re expected to not only provide a well founded roleplay experience for the mission taker but also have decent combat expertise. Given their roles they’re meant to be more of a position for those who want to help the staff team but can’t dedicate their full time to the entire compendium of staff work, and for this reason shouldn’t exactly be considered members of the full staff team answering questions and ruling on topics since they’re meant to be more specialized.

With becoming staff also comes a high expectancy of completing tasks and dedicating your time to the production of the forum, therefore such volunteer work could prove to eat up muse and time towards actually posting in character and staying relevant in terms of combative leverage. This has also been noted in the past to take place and nearly cause unfortunate demise to various characters because of their efforts to help the forum thrive. For this reason we’ve felt it time to implement a proper payment system for staff members in the form of a word count bank that has some relatively strict claim rules that are described more in the actual system itself.

With the newly created Staff Guidelines members who wish to assist the staff of the forum can apply to do so in the Staff Applications thread detailing what position they wish to start as, their experience if any and why exactly they wish to be apart of the team. Members no longer need to wait until the trial staff event has been the norm in the past, now this option will be available year round. Keep in mind simply applying isn’t a guarantee to become staff, there are various factors that are considered in this process such as your reputation, aptitude, site knowledge and much more.

With that this update should come to a close, I’m happy to say in a week or so we’ll have more updates to release to you all. Overall I'd say look over all the rules since there's been multiple revisions over time to make them more up to date with the times and reflect the current understanding on the forum. Once again thank you for being on the forum and I hope you all look forward to the new updates we have for you and various events soon to come to the forum.
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 8000

NRPG Notice Board Empty Re: NRPG Notice Board

Sun Mar 08, 2020 6:30 am
Heyo there NRPG, Kenshin here with the newest iteration of the NRPG patch. 

Clan and Clanless Changes

Now, we’re well aware that with some of the newer changes made to Bloodlines characters that are of the esteemed Clanless variety have been left behind, so we have come up a few changes for both clanless and clan based characters. First up… we have the Clan Specialty, a new concept that we feel will make the process of choosing a clan for your character even more important than it was before, and something aimed to make each clan a little more unique.

“Characters born into a clan gain access to a 'clan speciality', and this speciality will allow the clan member to learn up to A-rank jutsu in this specific speciality if they do not specialise in it. If they do choose to specialise in this specialty then they will gain access to 1 Slotless S-rank technique at B-rank, but this technique must be of the speciality in question. These Clan Specialities will be listed in the app of the clan itself and are not to simply be chosen by the player.”

Now, I am sure you’re wondering what changes will be coming to clanless characters, as this was a clear buff to those from clans… and truth be told, with the following changes I am honestly not sure which choice would be better for a new or veteran player at this point. Both options are good, each have their own strengths and their own drawbacks, and I personally find that to be quite exciting. 

“From this point forth Clanless characters will not be able to benefit from bloodline stat boosts, but in turn they have had their maximum stat cap raised to 375 with a total of 150 possible in each field. Clanless Characters will also gain access to a total of four slotless S-rank techniques as they progress in power, much like the two afforded to Clan based characters. The first is awarded at C-rank, the second at B-rank, and the final two at A-rank, and on top of that, clanless characters will have their total skill cap raised from 5 to 6 and are able to learn up to B-rank techniques in fields that they do not specialise in,compared to the C-rank of those in clans. And the final change, Clanless characters may have up to 3 Bloodlines, rather than the one that they could gain before. Dojutsu do not count towards this limit.”

All in all, these changes turn clanless characters into a true force to be reckoned with at any point of a character's journey, and offers some unique bonuses for those that choose to start as Clanless. All of these changes, along with all of the differences between Clan and Clanless Shinobi can be found in the Clan and Clanless Rules

Character Creation Event

And now, the final ‘change’ of this patch is less of a change, and more of an announcement regarding a new event that we will be running for an undisclosed period of time. Whilst this event is active everyone will be able to create higher ranked characters rather than simply creating Genin and Academy Students, these higher ranks being both Chunin and Jounin. 

Now, there are some stipulations to this event. These Characters may be created in any village, or even outside of the villages… but there are a set number of slots available in each location, and once the character is created, you will be forced to abide by some rules for the 6 months that it is around, or else the character will simply be treated as dead and the slot will open up for someone else to claim. 

If any High Ranked Characters created in a village attempts to go Missing-Nin, within 6 months of character approval, then the character app will be voided and they will be killed off. Furthermore, these characters will be held to a much higher standard, and for the first 6 months of character approval they must post a set number of times, with a set minimum WC. To keep the character you must post 15 times per month on that character, with a minimum of 500 words in each of those 15 posts for B-rank, with an equal amount of topics but lowered WC of 250 for C-rank. 

These event characters will not be applicable for replacement rules should they die, unless you first manage to increase the power ranking of the character at least once, in which case they will be treated as a regular character for the purposes of replacement. Each person is allowed to make 1 character of B-rank and C-rank respectively through this event, but only one event character is allowed at a time, meaning you must either rank up the first, or have it die, to make your second. In the event that the character ranks up they will be treated as a regular character, not an event character, but they will still be held to the same standards for activity until the 6 month period concludes. 

In the spoiler below you will find what the higher ranked characters will receive upon their creation

Starting Bonuses:
Ryo : 12000

NRPG Notice Board Empty Re: NRPG Notice Board

Mon Feb 10, 2020 8:33 pm
Hello NRPG, Jason here with another couple of updates. This time around we have something that the players have been asking about for some time now: bijuu! That’s right folks we have a new bijuu system that we think you’re going to love and that’s the first update we’re going to talk about.

In order to obtain a bijuu now, you will have to complete an S-Rank mission connected to the specific bijuu you’re after. Once the required WordCount to complete the mission has been reached, a dice will be rolled to see whether or not you encounter the bijuu. You will have a base 20% chance to encounter the beast, though there are different modifiers that could potentially increase or decrease your chances of encountering the bijuu. These missions can be taken at any time by any character, or characters up to a team of 4, as many times as they wish so long as the corresponding bijuu is still available. The bijuu themselves have also been altered a bit from their previous state. Every bijuu you encounter will now have 200 points in Chakra, Strength, Speed, and Stamina. They will no longer have a Health stat, but instead will have a pool of 600 Health Points, or HP. In order to defeat the bijuu you must reduce its HP to 0. For every attack that is landed against the beast, it’s HP will be reduced by the power, strength, or sharpness of that attack, with some stipulations. You can read the full rules for fighting a bijuu this way here and you can find all 9 missions here. The percentage modifiers are listed in each mission.


The second update is a much more major one. For years the staff teams of NRPG have been trying to figure out a way to balance the Weaponry spec and failed in one way or another. We think we’ve finally come up with a solution. To that end, we have decided to introduce a new Crafting System that ties in heavily with the Weaponry Specialty as a whole, and less heavily with the Medical and Puppetry specialties. To go over the basic changes, all weapons and armor will no longer have ranks or special abilities when they are first apped, but instead can be apped with 1 physical Trait, such as a serrated dagger ignoring 20 points of health for anything that it cuts. Items, similarly, will be allowed to have 1 logical effect and no rank. However, there are 2 different skills that will allow you to Augment, a type of upgrade, your equipment with materials earned by completing missions or bought through a Crafting Shop that can be purchased by each village. Once a piece of equipment has been augmented, it changes from a Basic equipment to an Augmented equipment and will be apped again with its new rank and abilities. You can find the full crafting system in the hyperlink above and the new rules and templates for weapons, armor, and items here, here, and here respectively.

Because of the nature of this change, all weapons and armor will be treated as having no rank or abilities and all items will only have their first listed ability and no rank until they have been updated and reapproved by a member of the full staff team. Anyone wishing to switch their specialty from the Weaponry spec will be allowed to do so for free and any techs they can no longer use because of the spec change will be refunded. All equipment with have the new difference in price refunded to those who wish to keep their equipment, and will be refunded in full for those who do not. Please claim all refunds and spec swaps on your stat pages and provide links for anything you wish to be refunded. Do not change anything until a staff member has approved your claims.

That’s all for this update, and we hope you fully enjoy the changes we’ve brought to you. Cheers.
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 205650

NRPG Notice Board Empty Re: NRPG Notice Board

Sat Dec 28, 2019 9:57 pm
Hello members of NRPG, on behalf of the staff team we wish you a happy holiday and hope you have a wonderful new years to conclude this lengthy decade. NRPG has survived for an extended period of time and has recently had various alterations and improvements made to it in hopes of being a more inhabitual place for members to enjoy themselves and have fun, and by no means have we intended on halting that experience. Today for you we have a very special batch of new updates to the forum that’re intended to start this new decade off with a bang, we hope you enjoy them:

1. One of the biggest changes that were recently discussed and endorsed by the staff team is the removal of passive substats on this forum and restriction on active boost that apply to substats. This means clans will no longer give substats, nor boosters. As it is now, the meta has become completely saturated in focusing on obtaining the maximum amount of substats capable inherently(75) and there have recently been precedents created which only boost substats even more beyond the inherent cap. Overall it’s become a rather toxic topic as combat involves speed blitzing or a battle to hit hard cap 300, which is relatively easy to obtain at the moment. Hard cap should be more of an effort to obtain and not as simplistic, and battles shouldn’t focus around popping boosters and just hitting that number to claim victory. We’re mainly a combat rp forum, and the fun of combat and longevity is completely cut out due to this. This in hand will also normalize the health stat that recently became obsolete due to the iteration of substats, which has been a common topic as it could never reach such high numbers naturally. This topic also leads into the next point.

2. Boosters will now be extremely more taxing and difficult to maintain via AP, with S ranks having an AP activation of 200 and upkeep of 100, and A rank activation of 150 and upkeep of 75. They also no longer can increase substats. B rank and below jutsu won’t be able to be boosters at all. This change correlates with the substat discussion and current issue with combat being to begin boosting and hit cap as it won’t be as simple or linear, additionally those who attempt to boost even with a high distribution in stamina will have to question whether they wish to use so much AP for a booster which doesn’t even guarantee them a method to reach cap. These changes in turn will aid the combat community and hopefully make battles take place in base form longer or just not simply be a one posting adventure due to how high your numbers can reach.

3. All S-C Rank Taijutsu and Weaponry maneuver boosts are cut in half from their current rank in correlation with the above changes so an individual can’t facilitate the stat increases from a booster but with less AP. Therefore the gains from the ranks to each field are: S - 35, A - 25, B - 15, C - 10, D - 5, E - 1.

4. Jutsu will in all be scrutinized more through the amount of handseals. A general benchmark for handseals will be this:
E = 1-2
D = 2-4
C = 3-6
B = 4-8
A = 5 -10
S = 6-12
This benchmark was designed  to allow some room for being on the upper or lower side of the spectrum depending on how powerful and complicated a technique is. Obviously those that are closer to the stat cap of their rank and have more effects will be on the higher end of that spectrum while those more simplistic and lower end power will have less hand seals.

Additionally, it’s become an unspoken rule of mastery being allowed on pretty much any jutsu, it being a “why not” topic. However, this mentality is incorrect and has only proven to create some pretty devastating jutsu that shouldn’t be able to be mastered as they allow blatant abuse that’s within the rules. From now on Mastery on techniques will be governed more heavily by staff and subject to being removed by any and all techniques currently approved and under review, as simply put some techniques can’t be allowed to be mastered as they’d be too powerful in application of battle.

5. Fuuinjutsu has been under discussion to have a rework for a long time now, and it’s now concluded. The issue with Fuuinjutsu is how easily it is to apply an array of Fuuinjutsu to host that can be used for defensive, offensive, or utility at full power upon activation; how there’s a lack of limitation of the amount of fuuinjutsu applied to one individual, alongside losing touch with the definition of Fuuinjutsu and how it mimics so many specialties when it canonly wasn’t represented as such. For this reason we’ve decided to overhaul the description of Fuuinjutsu along with applying restrictions on what all Fuuinjutsu can accomplish mechanically:
An excerpt from the specialty rules:

6. Bloodlines are now being improved to facilitate the mastery of a person’s bloodline by gifting them slotless jutsu integral to their bloodline upon reaching certain milestones. Each bloodline will be allowed to have two Slotless S ranks, and a character may only obtain the slotless techniques of their born/first clan. This includes dojutsu clans despite not counting towards the transplant limit. Therefore the Uchiha may only have their slotless jutsu be their mangekyou techniques. The milestones will be their first slotless apart of their clan at C power rank, and their second at A power rank, alongside needing to have a certain level of mastery for their bloodline which is handled in each bloodline application.

7.  Ryo stipends are being reintroduced onto the site in order to facilitate the salary people wield for their rank and something to keep you going along your path. To remind people, this is: Genin - 250, Chuunin - 350, Jounin - 500, ANBU - 750, Kage - 1000. These stipends can be claimed every friday once on each character, and are in fact extended to Missing Nin based upon their power rank.

8. The rules will now reflect how people within villages will have to exit their village via the village gates and wait 48 hours before being able to post in the village country borders, this of course after they’ve exited their current active topics in said village. This change is to help those who wish and successfully desert their village and become Missing Ninja to not have to undergo a second wave of defenses to actually escape due to OOC knowledge or what have you. This of course is extended to Travel topics. Additionally this will refrain from people easily “ganking” newly arrived people of countries just to capitalize on their death or other toxic bouts that naturally shouldn’t happen but do because of lust for power or other domains. Of course, the member will have to re enter their village via the village gates if they were to exit it. This requirement isn’t extended to mission topics however; you can partake in village topics and mission topics outside of the village within said country simultaneously. Additionally, characters can start travel topics from their village gates if authorized to leave.


This concludes for the time being the major improvements to the forum in order to make it more inhabitual and balanced for the entirety of the populace, we thank you for tuning in and sticking with us into this new decade. A plethora of changes will soon ensue that reflect these changes on the forum, including various creations needing reapproval and the like, therefore soon a patch refund thread will be created to handle any plausible refunds that should be handled. These refunds likely will pertain to stat build redistribution, specialty swaps and jutsu word count refunds. Please don’t just refund your own techniques or what not without posting in the refund page first and having said change approved, otherwise that’ll be subject to warnings.

Keep in mind this update won’t instantly invalidate some of the approved creations from being capable of approving in concept, likely needing to be incapable of mastery or requiring more handseals, though that isn’t to say certain edits may be asked for after looking over the tech and seeing it needs to be weakened a bit.

That’s all for today and again, thank you for sticking with us and choosing to rp with our growing community. Expect more updates to come soon. You all have a great day and Happy New Years.
Rin Togakawa
Rin Togakawa
Ryo : 14000

NRPG Notice Board Empty Re: NRPG Notice Board

Tue Aug 13, 2019 5:48 am
Hello NRPG!
Rin here with the next big update and its a doozie, we listened to what you were all asking for in the recent suggestions topic and have spent the last few weeks overhauling the mission rules, so without further ado we present to you the new and improved mission rules.

A brief summary of changes that you'll notice are below:

Stipends have been removed in favour of a new mission wage system that we hope will reward activity rather than encoraging sitting around and waiting for that next big paycheck. (For those of you with backpay you'll have 30 days to get it in)

On top of that you'll find that mission wc requirements have been halved and in the unfortunate event have a team mate go afk on you, you'll still be able to put their wc towards the mission.

But i'm sure thats not all your expecting, now for the best part. We've added a New Mission Challenge System, currently they're are 3 types of modifiers you can add to your missions to make them both more difficult and more rewarding however our staff team will also be accepting additional modifiers that you can put in your mission apps

Mission modifiers:

as you can see missons now have the chance to be far more profitable than regular training!

Now for those of you who don't want to be kage but still think you deserve that coveted S-rank we've brought back the master rank for you all to be promoted to which offers unique benefits including a massive wage increase and the more astute of you will notice that the rank allows your kage to grant you each a unique title upon promotion

On the character creation front you'll now find that we've removed the free higher ranked characters (we may bring the option back as short events to encourage activity in underpopulated villages).

Replacement character rules also received a small update allowing you to use wc from anything on your stat page rather than from only a small list of options.

On to the next topic, many of you will remember that word count requirements were reduced for cannon techs a while ago and you all though it was odd that custom techniques didn't have the same treatment. Well we agreed with you, and so as of this post all custom techs have their standard wc requirements reduced to be in line with their cannon brothers. In addition we've allowed collaboration techniques to be brought down to half the standard cost for techs.

Traveling rules have also received a small update, we've removed the ability to 'skip' countries by waiting 24 hours, however we're also releasing the restriction on village upgrades and items that improve travel time.

Thats everything for now but stay tuned because we have more exciting announcements in the works, and as always we encourage you all to give feedback, we'd love to hear what you like & dislike!
Ryo : 12000

NRPG Notice Board Empty Re: NRPG Notice Board

Fri May 24, 2019 4:48 pm
The Sharingan app has been edited slightly due to member feed back. The genjutsu clarity ability was removed and instead incorporated into the enhanced vision aspect. The equal exchange of techniques at EMS has been removed and replaced with the ability to learn any 1 of the 3 MS techs from the new eyes in addition to your original 3. Click the spoilers to see the exact changes or take a look at the Sharingan app

three tomoe changes:
EMS change:
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