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Asking for permission to leave Kiri - Page 2 Empty Re: Asking for permission to leave Kiri

Sun Feb 26, 2017 4:55 pm
As Hikaru was yanked to the ground he stuck his middle finger up at the Mizukage, grinning like a mad man.

As Hikaru was yanked to the ground by the three dogs attacking him, he felt oddly calm. He had always expected death to be painful, but it wasn't. Perhaps it was the countless hours of meditation he had done, maybe it was the fact that he had already come to the term with the fact that he was going to die. Either way, he felt oddly at bliss. As the dogs continued to crush his bones he looked at the Mizukage and started to speak through gritted teeth.

"Thank you, for this excellent fight," After he said this he smiled and closed his eyes, life leaving his body.

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Asking for permission to leave Kiri - Page 2 Empty Re: Asking for permission to leave Kiri

Sun Feb 26, 2017 4:57 pm
Xyxer looked towards the boy who was now attempting to speak, but could not make out what he was saying. The sound of the dogs feasting upon him as he remained alive was drowning out his voice, yet he seemed to have accepted his demise. It was interesting to say the least, the Mizukage didn't think he'd encounter such bloody good fun today. Moving towards the stone throne, he'd sit down once more, letting the dogs remain loose for a while longer to lap up their rewards.

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