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Hiei's Gennin Exam Empty Hiei's Gennin Exam

Sat Feb 25, 2017 12:35 am
Hiei Senju woke up pissed, which wasn't unusual. He had expected his brother to make Gennin first, given how much older Sento was, but it didn't make it any less annoying. Hiei was completely tired of hearing his brother Sento talk about his Gennin tasks, and had decided that it was time for him to achieve the rank as well. He leaped out of bed and performed his morning routine, starting with his workout and jutsu practice. Once he finished all of his usual tasks, Hiei grabbed his new book and left his still sleeping brother as he headed out for the academy. The book Hiei picked up was filled with different types of water jutsu, and Hiei went through it and took little notes on the ones he wished to learn and the order in which he wanted to do so. He was particularly intrigued by Water Release: Water Whip, Water Release: Haze Clone, Water Clone, Water Release: Water Needles, and Water Shuriken. Hiei continued to read about each jutsu as he walked, and deliberately took the longer paths so that he could read his book about the water jutsu and so that he wouldn't arrive at the Academy too early. After an unnecessarily long walk, Hiei finally arrived at the Academy with a moderate amount of time to spare. He immediately went to the examination room and continued to anxiously read his book as he waited for someone to proctor his exam. 

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Hiei's Gennin Exam Empty Re: Hiei's Gennin Exam

Sun Feb 26, 2017 10:27 pm
Yasahiro Yagami
Yasahiro Yagami
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Hiei's Gennin Exam Empty Re: Hiei's Gennin Exam

Mon Feb 27, 2017 2:56 am
Ashi hadn't slept in a good two days. She'd spent the last forty-eight hours participating in mock war games at the whim of the ANBU captains without a wink of sleep. Her eyelids felt as if they had weights on them and as if she was watching the world from afar. Yet, instead of laying in a warm bed with Chai by her side she sat at the front of a classroom with at least a few more hours of work ahead of her.

She'd drawn the short straw of genin exam proctor today of all days. Normally, she wouldn't mind giving the exam, but today the combination of mental and physical fatigue was a bit too much. Yes, even anbu had their limits, they were only human like everyone else. In fact, Ashi found herself running on nothing less than a constant stream of caffeine courtesy of the steaming thermos on the desk in front of her.

"Next up is," She glanced down at the class list. "Hiei Senju, please come to the front of the room and perform the clone and transformation techniques."

Another pause as she took a liberal swig of coffee.

"Also, please tell me who the current Hokage is."

She then fell silent and waited. Hopefully, she didn't fall asleep; that would be more than a bit embarrassing.

[Make an 800 word post doing what is asked of you and you'll get genin, good luck!]
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