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Rinku Zeruda
Rinku Zeruda
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Call a Medic! Empty Call a Medic!

Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:54 pm
Sora panted, gasping for fresh air as he had run out of breath. This new training regimen seemed to be killing him, and as he looked up to see a giant snake coiled up and launched itself at him with its mouth wide open and poison dripping from its teeth. If he didn't move then this new trainee's idea would kill him! The Genin brought all of his body weight to the side as he dived clumsily to the ground.

The boy was terrified as the predator slithered towards him hissing. His heart thumped in his chest, his legs felt wobbly, and his whole body couldn't move. The boy needed to move! All of a sudden warm liquid splashed all over him, he was confused, what just happened. The first thing he saw was his hand towards the giant snake. A chakra chain could be seen throughout its head before it dissipated into nothing.

The world shook as it's massive body hit the floor, and blood sprayed everywhere. Shivers ran down his spine as he turned to see all of his skin and clothes caked in dry blood and fresh blood, most of the dry blood his own. Vomit raised up his throat, and he spewed it all over himself and the ground. The noise he was making was rather unpleasant. 

"God... damn it..." Sora muttered in a shaky voice as his vision suddenly turned blurry and his head connected to the ground in an audible thump.

It seemed like a second to him. As soon as the boy woke up, he wondered where he was? Why was he all sweaty and dirty, and what the hell was that foul smell? Why didn't he feel the soft clothes of his bed and his warm blanket wrapped around himself instead of the cold air clinging to his skin, as if it was seeking warmth itself?

All of a sudden a wave of memories filled his mind, and he could've thrown up again. He swore his face was turning green. His bones and muscles ached, he was scared at the fact that he was out here all alone, what if there was a wild animal roaming around? The boy wanted to go home; the chocolate-brown haired Genin soon turned into the child he was into the academy.

Tears spilled out of his eyes as he let out a cry of anguish, he wanted his mother - even if it wasn't his real one - to hold him and tell him it was alright. He wanted his father once again to read him to bed and play sports with him again. Wouldn't it just have been better if he had stayed a civilian?

"Mom!" Sora cried out as tears poured out like a waterfall. He was cold, disgusting, and tired. All of his nerves shook; everything around him turned quiet as he clenched his eyes and held himself with dry bile and blood.

He had to stop crying for help. He needed to help himself! But he was so scared and tired; he wishes that he could just be carried back. After the first five minutes, he realized no one was coming. Every bone popped and cracked in his body as he stood up. He slowly dragged himself to the orphanage. Everyone was asleep as he slowly walked towards the bathroom and took all of his dirty clothes off. 

He stepped in the shower, and the instant hot water refreshed his mind and soul. As he thought about how crazy that training was, and how he never was going to do it again, he seemed disappointed in himself. Was his destiny to be a ninja? If he couldn't even kill a wild animal how could he kill a deadly ninja after his blood? They were the same thing. Sora sighed as he sat down and let the water pour over him.

After he was clean, he got a new pair of boxers and put his pajamas on; he threw his dirty clothes into the water and started to scrub the red and green liquid off of them. After he had finished that he hung them outside to dry and stalked off to his bed, the fairly-toned boy was too tired to do anything else.

The morning had come as fast as night. Today, with his experience from yesterday, he was going to learn a new technique. Make himself feel better and less depressed. If he was going to find out more medical techniques he had to become accustomed to blood, so he was competent enough to heal allies. Learning this jutsu would be a good method to use to make sure the person didn't feel any pain as they operated, but he also had a good idea to use it in combat to become numb to hurt. It would've been a great jutsu for him to have during the incident with Iesada.

He strolled outside casually with his new and dry clothes. He didn't want to make breakfast anymore for the little munchkins; someone else could do it. He made it to a familiar training ground where he and Iesada kept' on meeting each other.

Recalling the hand seals, he suddenly sped through them, "Hare, Ox, Monkey." Sora called out to remember. As he let the chakra run throughout his body, he took a moment to notice the feeling of cold air brush against his warm skin. It felt good; it felt great actually, way better than yesterday's endeavor. It was time to stop focusing on that, though; it was time to cheer up, not to become more depressed. 

All of a sudden blue flames exploded out of his hand causing him to look at them with awe. It focused more chakra into the technique and started to work on the numbing effect. The blue flames weren't fire. They were just showing what was happening to your chakra, to get this technique down, Sora needed to lessen the force of chakra. 

He held his palm straight as he channeled less chakra into the jutsu and the blue flames lessened down to an extent. Now for the moment of truth! He slammed his hands into his chest causing him to wince, and his nerves to all go numb. It had worked! He pulled his finger out to see a small wound which he had just healed with Basic Medical Ninjutsu.

It was time to go home. Sora felt better than he had yesterday for sure.


Request - Chakra Anesthetic

WC: 1100

Stats: 5
Rinku Zeruda
Rinku Zeruda
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Call a Medic! Empty Re: Call a Medic!

Wed Feb 15, 2017 11:18 pm
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Call a Medic! Empty Re: Call a Medic!

Thu Feb 16, 2017 4:37 am

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