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Kobayashi Senshi <3
Kobayashi Senshi <3
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The Culling Part 3 Empty The Culling Part 3

Sat Feb 04, 2017 7:40 pm
Mission Link - Mission 4

Mission Details:

Senshi finished up his breakfast, paying his tab and standing the leave. He had awoken today as he had every other day, early, and set off for his morning training in order to maintain himself. Lately, as in since he had been promoted to Chuunin, he had found himself unnaturally busy completing all sorts of odd jobs around the village. He had worked the mission desk, handing out missions to some of the other shinobi in the village. He had worked gate guard, simply checking people in and ensuring that no one suspicious was entering the village. Finally, he had worked at the academy teaching classes to some of the new up and coming shinobi in the village. It left him with little time to train himself and learn new things.
Today was one of the rare days when he did not find himself assigned to one of the menial Chuunin tasks around the village. Now he fully understood why so many of the Chuunin in the village often looked worn out and ragged. They were kept rather busy within the village since they were both the primary defense force and the only ones trusted enough to do things like guard the gates and teach at the academy. Senshi wished they could pawn some of those tasks off on the Genin, but understood why that wasn’t feasible. The Genin were supposed to be training in order to become Chuunin, they were new shinobi and the village didn’t want to risk them dying before they had managed to learn anything.
Still it was tiring. Even on his off days however he always reported to the mission office to see if any missions could be done. As he walked into the building the D rank mission desk Chuunin waved him over. The other man looked tired, and ragged from a long night of no sleep. “Hey, Senshi you think you can do this D rank? We’re swamped, and not enough Genin have reported for missions and this ones been on the back log for a while. It shouldn’t take too long.” With a quiet sigh Senshi held out his arm for the mission scroll as he spoke, “Of course Ijiro-san.” The man just gave a grateful nod, handing the mission scroll over and going back to cataloging the missions that had been completed.
With another world weary sigh Senshi stepped out of the mission office, unfurling the scroll as he walked and reading through it. It was a rather simple mission and Senshi could see why it had been thrown on the back burners for so long. Still such missions were necessary, especially since they were still rebuilding the village as a whole from when the Raikage had destroyed it in his take over. It would speak well of Senshi as a shinobi to lend a hand to the village and assist in this task. It was a simple construction type mission that Senshi could complete quickly. While normally this type of mission required the person doing it to stay around for a while this time they just needed help moving a lot of materials.
Taking off towards the designated sector, Senshi shortly arrived. Looking around he could see that construction of the buildings was underway. It wasn’t new buildings they were doing, instead it was primarily repairs to some of the older, more worn down buildings. Something Senshi highly supported after seeing the massive disrepair in many of the buildings and how many of the residents of Kumo suffered from it. They were lucky that winter had not been as harsh as normal and that Akihana-sama had ordered that the village shinobi deliver more food and warm blankets to the shelters. It had likely saved a lot of lives. Pushing these thoughts off Senshi looked around finally spotting the foreman of the construction site.
Several moments later and he was standing next to the man and speaking, “Good Morning, Sir, I am Chuunin Kobayashi Senshi. I have been sent to assist you today in the moving of more construction materials.” The man turned towards the tall man that Senshi had become since finished his Chuunin exams. At least he knew the man would feel confident in his ability to complete anything that he needed done. “Oh, thank god. We’ve had that mission in for quite a while, thought may they had just thrown it out. Anyways nice to meet you Senshi, I’m Mishi the foreman of this project. Most of the materials are located just a street over.” The man pointed off to the west, where Senshi could just barely see another construction area and many men running around fixing things.
“I need you to bring over twenty steel pipes, fifty steel plates, and a hundred of the longest wood pieces that are over there. I’ll have a man waiting to direct you to which houses you need to put each one at, we can handle it from there.” Senshi merely gave a quiet nod of acceptance before turning away from the man and heading towards the pickup site. He was glad that it was decently close by so that the mission could be completed even faster. The Chuunin at the mission desk had not been lying when he said that this mission would be a fast one. It made even more sense now why it had been put off for so long. Every other Chuunin running the desk had undoubtedly looked at it as a low priority mission that could be handed off when the pace finally slowed down.
Still it was good to see that Kumo was receiving so many missions lately. It meant that they were thriving as a village and earning more money. They would be able to rebuild faster at this rate and put up much better defenses. Not that the Rot Forest was a bad defense, just that the village could probably do with a couple more in the event another village decided to sneak attack them while they were still weak. Senshi shortly arrived seeing the wood pieces he started with those first. Grabbing stacks of five at a time he began jogging back and forth between the construction sites. Each time he arrived with another stack the man the foreman had designated to direct him would point towards a new house.
Senshi would walk over to the houses that he was being directed to and another man would show him where to stack them. Several times he had to assist in placing one of the wood beams for the men since he was so much stronger than them. A task that should have been completed in fifteen to twenty minutes ended up taking just over an hour because so many of the construction workers kept requiring his assistance. Senshi didn’t blame them though, he was a shinobi who had been through rigorous training in order to build his body up to this point. He knew what was expected of him and had complied. Plus if he helped then the projects would be completed faster and more people could be assisted.
After he had completed moving all of the wood pieces he moved to running the steel plates back and forth. These ones he could only do in sets of two due to the sheer size and heaviness of them. They were eight meters, by seven meters and almost a meter thick. It seemed that whomever had drawn up the plans for these rebuilding projects had decided to make the buildings as fortified as possible. A plan that Senshi, a defensive cautious man himself, could get behind. The more fortified the buildings were, the less likely they were to be destroyed. In the event of another attack each individual house would be able to serve to protect not only the civilians but the shinobi who defended the village.
Senshi moved as quickly as he could and found himself being forced to assist the construction workers even more. He could handle a steel plate by himself, while the construction workers required several men to do the same job. Again he found no problem in assisting them. This was a training in and of itself. It was working his muscles in new and interesting ways and Senshi found it to be quite enjoyable in working hard on a project that he could see almost immediate results from. It also made him feel better about the people he had been forced to kill. This was why he worked so hard, these people. The ones who made up the village of Kumo, they made it worth drenching his soul in blood.
When he had finished assisting not only with moving the extra-large steel plates but also in placing them in the correct slots in the upgraded buildings he was finally able to move onto the steel pipes. As Senshi was jogging back towards them however, he saw disaster ready to strike. Several men were grabbing one of the large steel plates, but they were not paying attention to what they were doing. So as they moved they smashed one of the edges of the plates into the side of the lowermost steel pipe. The entire pile began to tilt towards the men suddenly and Senshi could see that one of the men would not be able to escape in time, he was in danger of being crushed to death.
The boy who was young mentally, and yet old physically dashed forwards. He would not be able to grab the man and get him out of harm’s way in time. As Senshi moved he watched as all the men dropped the steel plate and began scattering. The pipes bending and one starting to fall, it all seemed to be moving in slow motion. When the pipe was feet from smashing into the man Senshi tackled him rolling as he did so and ending up crouched over his body. He rose his arms, crossed just as the steel pipe crashed down on top of him. He was surprised by how little it ended up hurting and discovered that he had started to unconsciously channel chakra into his arms.
He recognized what he had just done as being the same technique Reizo had used the first time they had trained together. Taijutsu Style: Block. Back then Reizo had used it to block Senshi’s very first attempts at the Leaf Gale, managing to prevent himself from being hurt at all. Shrugging the thoughts away Senshi pushed up lifting the pipe up and standing tall. He gave the now awe staring construction workers a polite nod before beginning to take the pipers back and forth. This time he did not need to help the workers place them in the buildings because they weren’t quite ready for them. Instead he found himself stacking them neatly off to the side.
It didn’t take long before he had completed his task and was seeking out the foreman. Finding him did take time and once he did he didn’t even get a chance to speak before the man noticed him and bowed deeply. “Thank you Chuunin Kobayashi. You saved one of my men’s lives with your quick actions. Also thank you for all the extra support you gave us in assisting in the placement of many of the items. You did not need to do so, and we greatly appreciate it.” Senshi nodded awkwardly, unsure of how to respond to such praise. No one had ever treated him like this before and he really didn’t know how to act. “I was merely doing my duty as a shinobi sir, it was my pleasure.” With a final good bye Senshi left heading towards the mission office at a sedate pace, filling out his report quietly along the way.

He figured once he had turned this in, then he could head to his favorite café grab some lunch before training the rest of the day. The Raikage had put a lot of trust in Senshi promoting him as he had and the boy was intending to work hard to prove that he had earned that trust. He had not been a Genin for as long as Komon or his two teammates and yet he found himself promoted ahead of them. The first Genin to ever complete the Raikages personal Chuunin exams. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he’d be expected to truly step up and perform more missions, as he had with Komon, Komori, and Hitori on their first C rank. He would do his best to perform to standard. Once he was at the mission office he dropped off the mission report and headed to lunch, feeling accomplished in his tasks.

TWC:  2124
D Rank Mission Complete, 1000 Ryo, and Taijutsu Style: Block (C Rank Variant)
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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The Culling Part 3 Empty Re: The Culling Part 3

Sun Feb 05, 2017 4:01 am

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