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Tue Jan 31, 2017 7:35 pm
The Uzumaki awoke suddenly only hearing something that didn't quite come into focus  yet. In seconds, it was in his eyes that there was someone at his bedroom slowly knocking at his door. Yashin looked around in suspense with only his briefs on. Someone had to have broken into his house. His Mom never knocks this way and neither does his Dad. It were these simple queues he picked up on as a ninja. The academy may have taught him to be on edge all the time, but nothing could stop the knocking he had to react to. Yashin creeped out from his bed with his right hand drawn out to the ground. When he heard the knock once more, he weaved hand seals quickly and silently until there was a seal on his right arm. Yashin thought of his foster parents as he headed to the door in horror. He had his arm and that was all he needed, but his parents didn't have a single hope for protection. Cursing seemed perfect for this moment, but, if there was a ninja at his door, it wouldn't have ended up good.
At a good distance to the door, he extended out his arm with the seal on it with anger and malice in his eyes. Right between the start of his pinky finger and the top of his thumb was all he had as a guide for the shot, but he was going to have to make it work. His seals flickered red as he began to channel his energy into the seal. The boy's eyed were locked with his arm onto the door as he tried to figure out where he would have the highest chance of hitting a vital organ. Fear, ever so sharply, hit him as he began to hear the door unlock. Sweat beaded up and he got ready for the fight of his life. The intruder, if stronger than him, would still be weakened by the wound and make the fight more in his favor. Yashin became confident he would win as he held his arm and got a face full of hatred towards whatever woke him up. The seal flickered red violently to cause everywhere from his hand to his elbow to become something of a light show.
Nobody intrudes into my house and messes with my family. Fucker better know that I am not the weakling I once was.
Just then, the door flew open and Yashin skidded backwards in shock. Life was over for him as he slid on an old t-shirt on the ground and slammed to the ground. In his fall, he accidentally triggered the seal on his arm and soon a magenta bolt shot through his ceiling. Life was over, he had screwed up and now there was a hole in his ceiling as the cherry on top. Yashin flinched as he looked to see who was entering his room.
His mom walked into the room with a white cake filled with candles. Following behind came his dad, uncle, and aunt. Yashin felt how much he screwed up with not only particles on his ceiling on his face, but also by how he completely forgot what his uncle's and aunt's knocks sounded like. Silence ensued as they looked at Yashin in horror of what happened to his room. His mom broke the silence with a troubling look and a few words.
"I guess you must have thought we were some kind of intruder. Sorry for surprising you like this."
At this, Yashin jumped to his feet and began to look at his mom with a childish grin. Particles of his ceiling flew off from his hair as he looked at his cake and foster family in awe.
"No, no, no! It is all good, Mom! I couldn't quite understand if you were trying to kill me or not so I put a hole in the ceiling by accident."
His mom looked at him with her face growing angry above the fires of the candles. Her face had done a complete 180 turn and now seemed to be angry at Yashin.
"Why wouldn't you kill me, Yashin?"
She had said it in almost a snarl as he began to look at her in disbelief. Words couldn't form out of his mouth and all he could spout out was only one word.
His mom looked at him testily before rolling her eyes. The family members around her shared the face Yashin had. Everyone in the room went on a manhunt for her explanation before she got tired and told them.
"You thought I was trying to kill you and you put a whole in the ceiling. Why didn't you attack me? Was there something that made you hesitate? More importantly, why do you have those red seals all over your arm?"
Yashin could feel the silence picking at his brain as he tried to figure out how to answer the questions he didn't have answers to. Taking a sigh, he began to speak.
"I kinda slipped and fell over my dirty shirt, but, if I had hit you, you would be dead. It was a chance happening, I guess. Wait, what red seals are you even...?"
He looked down his arm and saw the dark river breaking seal he had placed was now completely red. In shock, his eyes widened before darting towards his mom. Before he could try to make sense of all of this, his uncle stopped everything.
"Alright, alright, so some ninja kid puts a whole in the ceiling, so what? All I know is that we are here together, it is what choose to be Yashin's birthday, and, most importantly, we have cake. Let's just chow down and stop sweating the small stuff, eh?"
To make things easier, everyone in Yashin's family left it at that and soon began to make their way to the kitchen to set down the cake. He followed knowing full well that today was already off to a rough start in the 10 minutes he had been awake.

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