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Same Old, Same Old [P/Solo] Empty Same Old, Same Old [P/Solo]

Thu Jan 19, 2017 2:47 am
"You got this Yashin."
The boy whispered this to himself as he read through a small book in the training grounds. His task was very simple: to learn his first two jutsu! Brushing away his long, magenta hair from his face and concentrating on how to do something seemingly impossible, Yashin began to realize that this task would require more wit than the challenges he face on his way to Hoshigakure, the odd village of Haven Country unknown by most. Being a ninja was all he had, all he knew to do. Whatever the challenges it would take to give himself some kind of meaning in his mess of a life, he was gladly willing to accept. His amber eyes rolled through the pages of the book as he felt the crippling feeling of importance.
"From what this manual says, it should just be a combination of ram..."
Yashin set the book down and made the ram hand sign effortlessly. His palms sweat slightly as he began to close his eyes to calm down.
"...okay, next up is snake..."
His fingers moved perfectly into place to make the snake hand sign while he began to form the image of a clone of himself, the person he didn't know well himself. The book, with thorough detail to the entry level skill made this task he will use for the rest of his life much easier. Without looking down, he smirked and knew the next hand sign already.
"...and tiger!"
With his chakra under steady control and mind perfectly in tune with the idea of a clone, Yashin soon saw a copy of himself appear in front of him. At first Yashin was taken almost completely off guard by his creation, but soon he was holding a hand out towards it. To his surprise, the clone also reached their hand forwards. Every movement Yashin made was copied by the clone as he strained to keep it there. He felt a feeling of euphoria watching the clone, half of the requirements for the test of becoming a Genin, existing. A smile crept to his cheeks before dispersing it and writing down a list of notes about the new found jutsu.

After a few minutes of jotting down notes, he began to practice weaving the hand signs as quickly as he could before getting a feeling like he had it down. With the basics covered and the test run done, he felt that now it was time for his own final assessment. Yashin got a sudden look of determination over his face as he weaved the hand signs flawlessly and rapidly. He didn't dare even blink as two clones appeared a meter away on either side of him, perfect to the last millimeter. The academy student then jumped up and did a back-flip while the others followed him. Even on his second attempt, the extremely simple jutsu already felt like it had been mastered.
Why stop there if I am already on a roll with these easy techniques?
He thought this to himself before flipping to the next page in his book about a much more difficult technique: the transformation technique. Yashin looked at the page in fear and excitement for the challenge this will bring to him. Perfect concentration to lock yourself into a form other than that of your regular form was the task at hand. All he had to do was master this technique and he could go running to the academy to become a Genin and get somewhere in life. Academy life was boring to him anyway.

Yashin readied himself as he practiced each hand seal and feeling his flow of chakra affected by each one. He knew exactly what he was going to transform into: the idea male body he saw in a magazine. Taking out a page, he chuckled a little at the body of a male model in nothing but a tight speedo. All he had to do was to just make himself into this muscular, tan man and he could really learn the jutsu. Imagining what it would be like to change into this when walking around the village was enough to really get him to smile. He fist pumped the air and began to get the urge to become a Genin all over again. For a brief second, he felt the clutches of the future calling for him and didn't want it to go away.
From the part of Yashin's life he remembered living, the boy has looked towards this one moment for meaning. To be a Genin is to be someone other than a nobody that stumbled into the village. With the amount of power he would have, he could get connections to higher ups that could restore the section of his life that was nothing but a blank. This period of emptiness in his memories haunted him sometimes when he tried to remember what his real name was; however, it was still extremely comforting to know that, somewhere in his abyss before his travels to Hoshigakure, he had someone wanting him to become a ninja. Truly, this only real memory he has was more than enough to give him something to become.
Now it was his time, now it was the time for him to make his mark on the world. Throwing off his white t-shirt and revealing a tank top, Yashin practiced trying to do the technique perfectly for an hour or so.

Out of breath, on the ground, and with his teeth clenched tight, Yashin knew that he was closer than ever. He breathed heavily before weaving the familiar set of hand signs while he had trouble standing. This was almost the last amount of chakra he had, but he had to keep trying. He put his heart and soul on the line to make the puff of smoke around him and he clenched his eyes shut in fear of failure. Upon opening them while mentally maintaining his transformation, Yashin realized he had done it at last with watery eyes for the milestone ahead.

[1,013 Word Total]
[Training Complete]
Clone Technique learnt
Transformation Technique learnt
5 Stat Points Gained
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Akihana Akari
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
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Same Old, Same Old [P/Solo] Empty Re: Same Old, Same Old [P/Solo]

Fri Jan 20, 2017 4:48 am

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