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Kikuko Hayashi
Kikuko Hayashi
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I Cant Afford Skittles For the Kiddles (P,Mission) Empty I Cant Afford Skittles For the Kiddles (P,Mission)

Wed Dec 21, 2016 10:28 pm

Another day dawned on Lightning Country as the sun slowly rose over the mountaintops that lined the horizon, bringing with it a slow coming morning to the residents of Kumogakure no Sato, befitting the slightly subdued feeling that the public might have due to the more obvious presence of ninja in their village compared to others. Thus, it was no surprise that one Gunbai Yuka was also off to a slow start for his morning despite he himself actually being one of those ninja anyway. Not by choice, at least.

Shaking his head from the thoughts that always seemed to nag at him, he finished his simple breakfast of eggs and bacon along with a side of seltzer (he wasn’t in the mood for orange juice today) before heading out the door. While normally he might have taken a wee bit longer to haul himself all the way over to the mission office, today he would be taking a different path due to a scroll that he had been given upon returning for his last daily mission effectively making another visit today unneeded. While he had found it a bit odd that this was the case he had decided not to question it and merely pay attention to the details of the mission instead.

According to the scroll, a genin had been requested by the instructor team at the Kumogakure Ninja Academy in order to give a small lecture and demonstration on what it meant to be a person of his rank. While he found it odd that someone such as him, who had only been in the active duty roster for so long, to be call upon for such an experience he had a feeling that for some reason the calling might have some hidden meaning behind it. Perhaps there would be people evaluating him from the shadows, looking for answers to questions he didn’t even know were being asked about him when he wasn’t around? He shuddered at the thought knowing that it could very well be true. Information was power in this world and it would make sense that the village would want more on a recent introduction to their military force.

Concerned that he was forcing negative thoughts from his mind ever so frequently he quickened his pace, eventually coming upon a simple looking school building with a wide stone gate, the symbols for academy and lightning emblazoned into the center. Figuring that this was the place, he nervously walked through the gates and into what he assumed was the main entrance although he couldn’t tell as for what he could see there were no children present. Perhaps they weren’t quite doing their active training so early in the day yet?

Opening the door and walking it it took him a few seconds to orient himself before walking into what he assumed was the main corridor based on the way that it branched off far into the distance. According to the mission briefing there was no need to stop by the main office, which was fine in his book, but he would instead proceed straight towards the classroom he had been assigned to and begin his presentation for the class. He gulped a little at that, not quite sure how well he would do speaking in front of a bunch of pipsqueaks being trained in the art of war. Ah well, he was sure that he could flub it if the situation really came down to it.

A few seconds later he stood outside of classroom 304, noting that the doorway was closed and the teacher seemed to be lecturing the class about the basics of chakra control. He respectfully waited until the teacher was done with his lesson before allowing himself in, although he did note with curiosity that the text was incredibly vague compared to the ones he had used in order to learn about chakra control with. Then again these were supposedly general lessons, not for people who had already decided what branch of the ninja arts they were to specialize in. Deciding to himself it was a satisfactory answer, he observed the area in front of him.

A large classroom with tiered desks, almost as though in replica of the civilian style collegiate one, had tiered desks rising high until they stopped in the fifth row, causing quite the escalation as they went up.  Many children, which he assumed ranged from around ten to twelve from what he could from appearance, were now seated at their desks with pens and papers out as though they had been taking notes. Although, he now noted, they all seemed much more intent on staring at this new intrusion. Noting that their teacher was doing the same, a man with shaggy blond hair, he spoke up and cleared his throat.

“Um...hi.” Gunbai started lamely, mentally slapping himself for the failed entry. He made himself more presentable and began again. “Hi, I’m Gunbai Yuka. The Genin you guys requested?” He lifted his sleeve, showing the headband tied to his arm which was normally hidden. “Supposedly you guys requested somebody for a lesson.”

The instructor nodded before speaking. “Yes.” He began before elaborating. “I trust you know what needs to be done?” Gunbai nodded in the affirmative. “Good, I’ll hand the floor to you then.” The teacher stepped to the side and sat at his desk before pulling out a positively massive ream of paper, presumably grading previous assignments. Acutely aware of the amount of attention being directed at him, Gunbai moved himself to the center of the room and cleared his throat before beginning again.

“Alright, then let’s begin. My name is Gunbai Yuka and if you haven’t already guessed…” He took this moment to take off his jacket and put it in the drawstring bag he normally carried with him, revealing the on duty skin tight shirt and cargo pants he was wearing, along with the metal headband attached to blue cloth, the cloud symbols on the front signifying his ties and loyalty towards Kumogakure. “I am a Genin of this village.” The oohs and ahhs of the children were loud, although he found it a little bit too much for something as simple as the headband tied around his arm. By now they should have seen it enough that it shouldn’t have meant as much to then, although he supposed that he might have added a bit of dramatic tension to the whole event on accident. Ah well, that didn’t matter much. “Anyway, your teacher has asked me to come to you guys in order to explain what Genin life is like. So, I guess we’ll start with the basics. Who here knows any techniques besides the academy three?”

Only two hands went up out of a whole class of thirty, which he might have found a little concerning if not for the fact that these people were not actually ninja and as such it would be okay for them to be in such a state. “Alright then, I suppose that’s to be expected for you guys considering your age. Once you get to your next rank however, you’ll be expected to start rapidly broadening your horizon in terms of techniques. At the same time however around this time you will have chosen your speciality of ninja arts and perhaps learn some higher caliber techniques of that order. Believe or not, I am a ninja who specializes in medical techniques.” A couple of mutters at that one, perhaps they didn’t really go over that one in the academy as often as the nin/gen/tai trio? It was worth a thought considering the fact that he had never even attended it, perhaps he would look it up later.

“On the other hand, you will also have another set of responsibilities. Each ninja has a set quota of missions to complete in order to remain in active service, along with getting paid as well. While some of them can be rather easy, like teaching a class such as this, once you get to higher ranks you can have more serious tasks such as clearing out bandit tasks or perhaps performing some more covert kinds of missions which i'm sure I wouldn’t be able to talk about without severe repercussions. Anyways,” He began to transition. “I suppose you all are getting a bit sleepy thanks to you all sitting in your seats for so long. How about I take you guys outside and show you what a ninja can do?” This had also been a part of the mission provided to him, however he had been told to pitch it as though it was his idea in order to pique more interest in his lesson. Looking to the teacher for his “approval” he received a nod before walking out and through the hallway back to the main courtyard outside. He heard a cheer from behind him as the door closed, the class clearly excited as their teacher lined them up so that they wouldn’t spill out into the hallway.

Arranging himself in what he assumed was the academy training grounds due to the few straw dummies lining the area, he let himself stretch out for a few seconds until he had felt a small amount limbered until the class arrived, forming a veritable crowd around them as though it were the start of some b list movies’ schoolyard fight. Although, he supposed, it might very well end up being a spar that occurred if this was to go well. Once all of the children were assembled, he began again.

“Alright, so one of you lucky guys are going to have a chance to spar against a full fledged Genin like me. No big injuries, I promise. Any volunteers?” He waited a few seconds, waiting for people to raise their hands before eventually settling on one eager looking male with pale skin and sandy blond hair, figuring he could award the kid for his enthusiasm. “Alright then, let’s go ahead with you.” The child cheered giddily before schooling his features, apparently feeling that walking into a fight with a smile wasn’t his style. Gunbai shrugged, he honestly didn’t care what he did as long as the demonstration went well. Settling into his own stance, he waited for the student to get settled into his position before motioning for him to begin.

To his surprise, the boy charged forward with a yell at full strength, a straight right flying forward in order to strike him. Watching it come towards him he sidestepped in order to avoid the strike before delivering a solid push to his side in order to put him off balance, not quite up to the point where he was ready to strike yet. Dodging another few strikes he felt the students impatience begin to build before to his surprise his hand raised in a position he was all too familiar with. Was he seriously going to try and use Discipline on him? He would almost laugh at it if not for the fact that it was actually happening right now and he would need to counteract him if he didn't want to be humiliated in front of a bunch of schoolchildren.

Ducking underneath the slap he would deliver a punishing thrust to the boy’s stomach, pushing him back with a solid thud before knocking his feet out from under him with the beginnings of a Leaf Whirlwind. Of course he wouldn’t finish the technique, as it wouldn’t do if the very ones who he was supposed to be teaching went home and complained of being hur by their temporary teacher that day. Ooh, that would certainly be a headache. Thankfully due to his show of self restraint he was able to call the match safely, offering a hand to the fallen genin who while slightly surprised also was now wearing a slight grin. At least the kid was a good sport, he had to give that to him.

“Well guys, with that I’m afraid that’s all I have time for.” The class groaned, causing a pang of guilt the pulse within him. In truth he had nothing planned for the rest of the day but once again he was limited by his side constraints assigned to him by the office, specifying that after one physical demonstration of a genin’s power he was to escort himself off the premises. Nodding to the teacher and then saying his goodbye’s to the class he once again strode through the gates, heading towards the training grounds so that he could get some work in. Who knows, maybe one day he could come back and show the kids some new things?

2121 Words
+3 AP

+Haru (3000/3000)
+1395 Towards Poison Fog (1395/3000)

Last edited by Gunbai Yuka <3 on Thu Dec 22, 2016 7:22 am; edited 2 times in total
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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I Cant Afford Skittles For the Kiddles (P,Mission) Empty Re: I Cant Afford Skittles For the Kiddles (P,Mission)

Thu Dec 22, 2016 6:43 am
Mission link and details in spoiler please. Also please double check your ryo claim. <3
Kikuko Hayashi
Kikuko Hayashi
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I Cant Afford Skittles For the Kiddles (P,Mission) Empty Re: I Cant Afford Skittles For the Kiddles (P,Mission)

Thu Dec 22, 2016 7:23 am
Whoops, knew I forgot something. Fixed!
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 223500

I Cant Afford Skittles For the Kiddles (P,Mission) Empty Re: I Cant Afford Skittles For the Kiddles (P,Mission)

Thu Dec 22, 2016 8:47 am

Approved <3
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