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Kobayashi Senshi <3
Kobayashi Senshi <3
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Some Blacksmithing for Tanto's Empty Some Blacksmithing for Tanto's

Mon Dec 12, 2016 11:01 pm
Senshi woke up later than usual, he had decided to take some time off training as he had been warned about burning out. For the next few days he would be helping his father out in his shop in order to get a pair of Tanto’s he wanted so badly. They would be able to increase his ability with Wind Jutsu and enable him to use some basic sound based jutsu as well, if they were created to the specifications that he and his father had laid out. He rose out of bed quickly throwing on a gray long sleeve shirt and a pair of sturdy black pants. He didn’t think he would need to wear his usual training outfit or combat attire for right now. Keeping that in mind he did at least strap both of his weapons pouches onto his thighs.
While he might not be wearing his combat gear, or taking Bastuodosodo with him, he didn’t feel comfortable going around unarmed. Just in case something happened he would keep at least a few weapons on his person. He headed down stairs to find both of his older brothers just arriving at the table where his father already sat. His sister and mother were just beginning to place breakfast on the table as well. He gave a nod of greeting knowing that his father didn’t like it when people chattered this early in the morning. He liked to enjoy his breakfast and morning tea in silence and the rest of the family acquiesced to his desires by keeping silent themselves. Senshi took his seat next to his sister and waited until the rest of his family had served themselves food before doing the same.
He took a large piece of salmon, some rice, several pieces of fruit, and filled his own cup with the green tea his mother had placed on the table. While his older brothers and father dined on eggs and sausages he and his mother and sister all ate extremely healthy. He even noted how his brothers were also eating some sweet confection with their breakfast and he had to stop himself from shaking his head. He knew his brothers worked hard in the forge but how could they fuel their bodies properly eating what they were? He knew Akihana-sama had said that sugar was good for a shinobi to have, that the body needed it but he thought they ate rather excessively. Once they had all finished breakfast Senshi joined his sister in cleaning all the plates, while his older brothers and father left to get ready to head to the shop.
By the time they had finished cleaning up he met his father and brothers at the door throwing on his black cloak as he followed them to the shop. They walked slowly compared to how Senshi was used to moving through the village and it bothered the young Genin to be wasting so much time. As they walked several people gave a greeting to his father, who merely grunted in response to most of them. Next to his fathers and brothers Senshi felt incredibly small, a rare feeling for the boy. As his father stood at six foot six and each of his older brothers was six three already despite the fact that they were only eighteen and sixteen respectively. Even his mother and sister were tall, for women. His mother standing at six one, and his fourteen year old sister was a five foot seven all ready.
His father was also a broad man, built with a lot of muscle from his hard work in the forge. His brothers were clearly looking to take after the man’s build as well. Walking through the streets of Kumogakure the Kobayashi’s stuck out like sore thumbs, with their dark tanned skin and dark hair. Though both of his older brothers and father had dark brown, almost black eyes, Senshi took after his mother with his hazel eyes. When they finally arrived at the shop, Senshi helped his sixteen year old brother set up for the morning quickly while his eighteen year old brother helped his father get the forge running. Once everything was set up and ready Senshi headed into the back standing nervously before his father waiting to be told what to do. The man finally looked up giving his youngest son a severe glance before he finally spoke. “All right Senshi, the first thing we are going to do is pick out the metal needed and then smelt it down to the correct size. We’ll need to make the blades out of tungsten primarily but do a coating of steel much like your sword. Go outback and grab the metal, place it into the heat and Daichi-kun will assist you with the first part.”
Senshi gave a sharp nod before turning and heading out towards the back area, it was much like a scrap metal yard. He rummaged around for several minutes before he finally found two large rods of tungsten metal and brought them inside. He quickly walked over to his brother, Daichi, and placed them both down waiting for the newly made man to recognize his presence. It took several minutes before Daichi looked up from his work, but when he did he quickly bent down grabbing one of the tungsten rods before speaking. “Okay so what I need from you Senshi is to grab one of those hammers for me. Then you’ll hold the rod and turn it when I say to while I begin the basic shaping of it.” Senshi gave a quick nod before moving over and grabbing one of the hammers handing it over to his brother before taking ahold of the first rod.
His brother had already inserted it into the flames and was stoking the fire hotter and hotter. Senshi could already feel the sweat building on his body and he suddenly understood why his father and brother had removed their shirts. He quickly secured the rod before stripping off his own shirt and tossing it to the rack where his sibling’s shirt was hanging. He was pleased that his accuracy with weapons had helped him throw it into its resting place correctly. He regripped the rod with his hands watching as his brother began to hammer on the white hot metal. It was causing several strong vibrations to come up the length of the metal and Senshi had to secure it more firmly in his hands so it would move. It wasn’t too difficult as he was sure that he was strong enough to hold it in place. He could already see that compared to his brother Eiji he was significantly more muscular.
Though Daichi still looked far more built and toned than he did, Senshi knew that he was still stronger due to his chakra. It was well over thirty minutes later when Daichi finally spoke again. Sweat glistened all over his brother’s body from the long period of hammering on the incredibly tough metal. Senshi’s own body glistened with sweat as well from the heat of the forge and having to maintain a steady, strong grip on the rod of metal. “All right Senshi, turn the rod clockwise until I say stop.” Senshi began to turn the rod, ensuring that he did so slowly so that he didn’t mess up his future blades. It took several seconds but finally Daichi’s voice rang out, “Stop. Now just keep a strong grip on it while I hammer at it for a bit. Pay attention because I’m going to need you to take over so I can get to work on some of our other orders.”
Senshi felt his surprise show across his face at those words, he certainly hadn’t thought that his brother or his father would allow him to do any actual work on the weapons. Especially since his father had always been against him working in the forge, due to his needing to focus on his shinobi career. He quickly nodded before speaking, “Yes Daichi-san.” His voice came out horse from lack of use, and due to the incredibly dry air. His brother didn’t acknowledge his words instead going back to hammering away at the metal. This time Senshi took note of everything that his brother was doing. He was striking the rod at a forty five degree angle, forcing it to flatten out. Once it was completely flatten he switched to a sixty degree angle and began making a basic shape of the blade.
After another thirty minutes his brother stepped back wiping the sweat off his forehead and breathing heavily. He walking behind Senshi grabbing one of the tables and bringing it over. He set it up a little bit in front of the Genin before using the clamp on the table to secure the rod. He then grabbed the rod, motioning for Senshi to let go before he turned it to a new angle. Finally he turned eyeing his youngest brother with a critical eye before offering him the hammer. As Senshi took it from his brother giving it a surprised, yet excited look his brother began speaking. “All right you saw what I did, do you have any questions? Cause if not you just need to keep doing what I was, rotating the rod every time you get it the way it needs to be shaped. Should take you about until lunch to get this rod’s basic shape down.” Senshi gave a hesitant nod looking at the hammer as he did so.
He couldn’t believe that he was actually getting a chance to work with the metal and actually assist in forging his own blades. Today was almost as good a day as when he had graduated the academy. He was actually getting to participate in his families business, something he had never really been allowed to do before. He moved closer to the forger gripping the rod where his brother had before him and then carefully positioning his arm the way he’d seen his brother do it. He brought the hammer down slowly, but powerfully taking his time with each swing to ensure he mimicked everything his brother had done perfectly. He didn’t want to misshape the metal and either ruin his blades or force his brother to do more work in fixing them.
He could feel his muscles straining as he worked the metal, he had never realized just how hard his older brothers and father worked. He had always assumed that despite their clear musculature and fitness, that everything he did was much harder. He had been wrong. Even though shinobi training was difficult working the metal in this heat and with the precision required was incredibly difficult. He could feel it wearing on his muscles as he was bent over the metal striking it repeatedly. Only an hour into working the metal and he had to rotate it and then switch sides so that he could give his exhausted right arm a break. He had thought his stamina was good but this was just proving otherwise. He continued to work and shape the metal, using his left arm now and being just as careful to ensure his precision as before.
He could feel his father or Daichi checking up to make sure that he was not only working, but doing it correctly. Occasionally one or the other would give him a hint on how to work more efficiently but most of the time they worked in silence. By the time lunch rolled around the dark haired Genin was exhausted. His back was stiff and sore from being bent over the metal for so long, and his arms felt leaden from having to repeatedly strike the metal at such specific angles. But as he pulled the rod from the fire and his brother came over taking it from him, inspecting it carefully, Senshi felt a swelling of pride form at his brother gave him an approving look. “Good Job, Senshi. This is a good basis for me to work on later. Come on, we’re heading to a restaurant nearby for Lunch. Father is going to be talking business for a bit but Eiji-kun, you, and I can enjoy the food at another table.”
Senshi gave a quick nod, moving to grab his shirt, but before he could throw it on he quickly caught the towel his brother had thrown him. Blushing slightly he quickly wiped off his sweaty torso, so as to make a better appearance at lunch. Once he was finished he quickly threw his shirt on and followed his brother remaining quiet as they collected Eiji and locked the shop up. He continued to follow behind them as they made the short walk to the restaurant, it was a basic Korean type bar-b-que restaurant that Senshi had been curious to try for a while now. As his father split off to go sit with several rather rich looking merchants, Senshi and his brothers took another table.
They were quiet, while they waited for their waitress to come before they all ordered, accepting drinks of green tea while they waited on their food. It was several minutes later before Eiji finally spoke. “So how is creating the Tanto’s going? I’m looking forwards to switching with you Daichi-kun, running the shop is incredibly boring.” Daichi looked at his younger brother in slight disgust at the thought of having to take over the shop. It would prove to be a very boring afternoon for the older boy. “Senshi did well in shaping the first rod, he’ll be finishing the second this afternoon. You’ll have to check on him to ensure he’s doing it right but I think he has the basics down.” Senshi felt pride swell in his chest at Daichi’s praise of his work. He felt that even though it was a simple task learning it so quickly was amazing. Though it was probably just because it was in his blood.
The Kobayashi had been blacksmiths since time eternal after all. It was rare that any son of the Kobayashi line would not follow in those footsteps. Before any more words could be spoken their food arrived and the three boys dug in. Daichi and Senshi were incredibly hungry after their hard work all morning, and Eiji was simply a glutton normally. Halfway through their meal the middle son ordered Dango to go, so that he could sate his own sweet tooth. They finished well before their father did and paid the bill heading back to the shop. While their father liasoned with other merchants they would need to get back to work completing their duties for the day. Senshi and Eiji headed into the back of the shop while Daichi set up the front and re-opened it for business.
Senshi certainly didn’t envy his brothers in that they had to sit there and deal with customers for part of the day. He’d much rather be out training or even working on the weapons like he had been this morning. It was far more enjoyable to get his hands dirty then it was to do the boring work. Though that was part of the job of running a shop like this, so Senshi supposed it was a necessary evil. Much like his having to fill out paper work for his missions. Once Senshi got to the back he quickly hung his gray long sleeve shirt before moving towards the forge he had been working at. Before he got there he heard Eiji issue a low whistle before speaking. “Daaaaaamn Senshi, I knew you were strong from that training I did with you, but I had no idea that you looked like that. You’re more muscular than I am!” Senshi dearly wanted to point out that if his brother didn’t eat as many sweets he would be just as muscular since that layer of fat wouldn’t exist.
He refrained from pointing that out though, since he knew it would irritate his elder brother. Senshi grabbed the second rod he had brought in and immediately set to work entering it into the fire. As it was heating up he could see Eiji sitting down watching him work while he ate his dango. He knew that if his father was around the older boy wouldn’t be doing that but since he wasn’t he was clearly enjoying his impromptu break. Senshi ignored him as he started to hammer on the second rod of tungsten that he had brought in. Occasionally he would hear Eiji shout something to him, either a way to increase his ability at shaping the metal or he was just needling him. Either way the youngest Kobayashi would continue to work hard. A half an hour passed before his father finally walked in.
Eiji has proceeded to make a show of how he was coaching his younger brother in what to do. His father just seemed to ignore him immediately setting to work, while Senshi could hear his father beginning to work him also heard Eiji start to assist. It was clear that even his brother didn’t want to appear lazy in front of their father. Senshi let a small smile loose as he turned the rod beginning to hammer on a new section. He had never realized how relaxing blacksmithing could be. Sure it was hard work, but he rather enjoyed it. It was almost like working with his own weapons, or cleaning and sharpening them. It was several hours later, around six o’clock when his father would call a halt to their work. Senshi had barely finished shaping the second rod correctly by that time.

He was clearly exhausted, and his body was completely covered in sweat from the extreme heat near the forge. He quickly toweled himself off ignored the terrible stench he was giving off before he helped his siblings close up the shop. As they locked up and began walking home Senshi felt pride in himself for doing such good work on his day off. He knew that he had to return to training tomorrow, and that his father and brothers would finish forging the blades soon, but he still felt extremely accomplished.

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Danto Suru Dangai - 3k words so 6k off the 12k price tag so I would pay 6000 ryo after this is approved to get the blade
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Some Blacksmithing for Tanto's Empty Re: Some Blacksmithing for Tanto's

Tue Dec 13, 2016 1:03 am

Alright approved. Be sure to pay the 6k in the weapon app itself. <3
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