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Kikuko Hayashi
Kikuko Hayashi
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Dad Stop Cutting Yourself (P, Training) Empty Dad Stop Cutting Yourself (P, Training)

Sun Dec 11, 2016 5:55 pm
A long time ago, when Gunbai was young, he was sitting in on his fathers treatment of a young boy who’s name now slipped his mind as he attempted to recall the memory. From what he could glean from what had remained, the boy had slipped and fallen, getting badly scraped and creating a clean break in his wrist after falling onto it at an awkward angle. Thus the bawling child had been taken into the clinic by their worried parents to get him treated.
       Gunbai watched with avid eyes as his father asked a few preliminary questions to the parents and the still sniveling child such as when and where it took place, if he might have any additional wounds he had neglected to check, if he might have somehow fallen into poison ivy or any other related plant for whatever reason before setting to the real work. The small boy’s eyes widened along with his own as the glew a bright yellow, seemingly seeing right through the child and from what he could understand he actually was in order to see for himself the damage that had been done. Gunbai himself didn’t know how it all worked yet so he was in the dark as to what his father was seeing.
After gently propping the broken limb upon a small table and strapping it down to prevent it being moved by the child if he were to spook. His hands coated in an aura of green chakra and soon he began his treatment, the affected limb being bathed in a soothing light as he began his “procedure” if one could call it that. A small gasp emanated from the child as he could feel the bones within him shifting slightly, causing a small gasp of pain to come from his mouth before a sense of relief overcame him. Gunbai could almost imagine the shifting of the boys insides as the affected limb changed slowly back to its normal color and his father worked his way across the childs body, clearing away the remaining bruises and cuts until there was not even a scar left to be seen. The parents thanked his father and left their due payment before leaving the pair alone. His father turned to him.
       “What you just saw was the basic medical technique, as you should know by now Gunbai.”, his father said, looking at him as though in lecture mode. Gunbai nodded back in affirmation, as it had been one of the first things his father had taught him about the more mystical parts of the practice. Granted, he was yet to perform it in any way or form due to his exercises only consisting of control due to the repercussions if he were to slip up but he had at least a rudimentary knowledge on the subject.
        “Good, at least you’ve been paying attention. Now, your mother and I have decided that it is about time that you start learning how to use these techniques. Consider it as a reward for all the hard work you have been putting in your studies.” Turning away from his son he walked towards the cabinet where most of his sharp tools were kept. Gunbai watched in curiosity as his father procured a knife and made a shallow cut along the surface of his skin. A small pool of blood began to well, confirming the cut had indeed been made.
        “As you can see, I am now bleeding. However, this time you will be treating it instead of myself.” He motioned the young Gunbai to come forward, and he did so with slight trepidation. “You should remember from your training that medical techniques are all about aiding the body, granting energy so that it performs faster. In a sense, you become the booster to the target and the body does the rest. Keeping that in mind, I want you to send your chakra to your hands and attempt to put it into this wound. Not enough to overload the healing, but just so that the wounds seal.”
        Gunbai trembled a bit at this first test, but after a deep breath regained his nerve. This was proof that his father trusted in him, to allow him to work with his very flesh in attempts to become better at his craft. Recalling the teachings from before, he called chakra from his core to his hands and concentrated, focusing them from a raw force of nature into something more benevolent. Granted, said benevolent force could be used to disable an entire mans nervous system but that wasn’t exactly his intent at the moment. Alright, he refused to let his mind wander at a crucial moment like this. Focusing his eyes on the small cut his hands began to glow and with an inwards push he felt his chakra preparing itself as he formed the three hand seals, thinking them in his head as to not mess them up. Boar, Rat, Snake. His hands lit up in a green color and he watched in amazement as he, yes him, was the one who healed his dad as the cut slowly dissapeared into nothing. Nodding his approval his father wiped the blood away and stepped away from his son.
        “Congratulations, you did it.” And just like that his father walked away and out of the office, seemingly to treat whatever patient he had next. Gunbai felt triumphant, yet at the same time that feeling was subdued by the sudden dismissal and departure of his father. If only there was some way that he could really get his attention. Sighing and turning the corner up to his room, he turned on the lamp in his corner before grabbing a small medical textbook from his shelf. Opening it up to a page he had marked before, he once again dove into its text to absorb all the knowledge he possibly could. He’d keep learning as much as he could and one day his parents would truly be proud of him.

1006 Words
+5 Stat Points
+500/500 Basic Medical Ninjutsu Rank E
+1006/2000  or 506/2000 towards Basic Medical Ninjutsu Rank C (unsure if both words go towards it due to being the same technique ranked up, so i'm putting both just in case.)

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Kikuko Hayashi
Kikuko Hayashi
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Dad Stop Cutting Yourself (P, Training) Empty Re: Dad Stop Cutting Yourself (P, Training)

Sun Dec 11, 2016 10:29 pm
          A couple days later, Gunbai found himself studying in his room the technique of chakra control as was his usual habit. While tedious and often exhausting it felt good to mix around his chakra, almost as though it were a muscle that didn’t have much use. Granted, that was rather true considering that he was not a ninja nor did he have any plans to be in the future. He could leave all the fighting and stuff to the people who wanted to risk their lives, it was his job to grow up and save them whenever they screwed up. He almost smiled at the thought. Seems that even ninja need people to clean up after their mess. Then again, medical ninja supposedly took care of the need for regular doctors, although he could really contest that with the amount of ninja who wind up in hospitals on average. Ah well, that wasn’t the point of what he was doing right now.
          He turned his attentions to his toe, which was an embarrassing black and blue after a rather bad stub a good hour ago at this point. While he had grit his teeth and dealt with it earlier it seemed now that it was best to treat it, if not for his own benefit than for his parents if they were to discover that he had been walking around injured next to two doctors and not said a word about it. Once again he wove through the hand seals, thinking on what their meaning might be as he did so. A boar meant strength, perhaps bolstering the rate of healing within the body. The rat could perhaps mean the cunning required to use such as skill effectively, or perhaps something else? The snake to him was a symbol of rebirth, one taken quite literally as the cells were made to heal the body at a faster rate due to the application of chakra. Whatever they truly meant, the technique worked with efficiency as over the course of a few seconds the blotchy coloring disappeared and once again pale white skin was unblemished without even a sign of the incident. Nodding to himself, he stood up and went out for a walk.
          While rather uneventful for the first hour, the forests that surrounded his little village were abundant with nothing save for the wildlife, he eventually came upon a sight that pulled at his heartstrings. Alone underneath a sturdy oak was a small fox kit, huddled around it’s little paw as though it were attempting to protect it. Something within him compelled him to rush forward but he held himself firm, first checking for any signs to see if the mother of it was nearby. After five minutes and no reaction from the area he approached slowly towards the kit to observe the situation. It seemed rather healthy for its size, however its right forepaw was seemingly immobile based on the way that the fox yipped in pain whenever it moved it by accident. Had it perhaps been broken through some stroke of bad luck? If he took the fox in there was no way it would ever be accepted by the mother again due to the stench of human that would stick to it if it were to stay in a human habitation for so long. That left only the option of on the spot treatment. Gunbai worried to himself shortly, worried about the repercussions of attempting a technique on a higher level that he had only learned such a short time ago. Then again, would a doctor refuse to perform an operation on a dying man even if they had just mastered a new technique? He had to be brave.
            Steeling himself, he closed the distance between himself and the fox kit. The little one looked up and growled weakly and laid its head down, seemingly too weak to do anything but lie there as he did his work. Gunbai’s heart melted at the sight and he almost instantly wished to keep it but he knew that was not his intentions, it must stay with its family where it belongs. Forming the signs of the boar, the rat and the snake he once again focused his chakra ahead of him and into his hands. This time however he forced more chakra into his hands until it rivaled the same glow his father's obtained when fixing the boy's wrist, gaining a slight headache in the process for his efforts. Reaching forward with his hands sent a soft healing light onto the fox and he could almost feel his chakra coaxing the bones within the paw to heal, realigning themselves and mending what was broken to become whole once again. It almost was a spiritual moment, and when the fox finally rose once again on shaky legs and yipped happily before walking away he had to force away a tear of happiness let it roll down his face. Happy with himself that he had not only helped somebody but also come farther in his goals he stood up and leaned his head against the sturdy bark of the oak before absconding back to his house, determined to be in time for dinner so that he might share his story.
            Yet when he returned and shared his story, he was instead met with a cold and almost steely response.
            “Good,” his mother said when finished. “It’s about time that we see the fruits of your efforts come to fruition. I almost thought that it was going to be a waste.” His father had merely nodded before turning back to his tea and a medical report set on the side of the table. Gunbai finished the rest of his meal in silence, once again feeling rather put down after all the events that had happened. What would he need to do in order to truly impress the ones that mattered to him? He had to find out.

2001 Words

+10 Stats

+ Basic Medical Ninjutsu (C-Rank)
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Dad Stop Cutting Yourself (P, Training) Empty Re: Dad Stop Cutting Yourself (P, Training)

Mon Dec 12, 2016 2:08 am

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