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Kobayashi Senshi <3
Kobayashi Senshi <3
Ryo : 8700

What Am I? Your Servant? Empty What Am I? Your Servant?

Sun Dec 04, 2016 11:15 pm
Mission Link

Mission Details:

Senshi arrived at the mission office, it had been a decent amount of time since he had come in for a mission, well at least a true mission. He had been so focused on the Chuunin Exam Pre-liminary missions as of late that he had not been as focused on his duty as he should have been. Today however he had decided that he would go back to his roots and ensure that he was doing his duty to the village and providing it with whatever service it needed. As he entered the mission office he approached the E and D rank desk giving a sharp salute to the Chuunin on duty. He had met this man several times in the course of his Chuunin Preliminary missions and the man was giving him an odd stare. He was probably wondering why the twelve year old was bothering to take low rank missions when he had both a team and the Chuunin missions.
“Genin Kobayashi Senshi reporting for a mission, Sir.” The man seemed to shrug before grabbing a single scroll that sat on his desk. He almost broadly tossed it to the boy before responding. “So I know you’ve completed two B rank missions all ready but this is currently all we have available for Solo Genin missions. Should be really simple.” Senshi nodded giving a sharp salute before turning on his heel and heading out of the building. He had already noted that the colors on the border of the scroll indicated that it was an E rank mission. He just hoped it wasn’t as bad as the mission he had done to pick up the trash. Or clean the training grounds. While he knew that these were vital tasks that needed completing it still bothered him a bit.
He was a shinobi he shouldn’t be collecting someone’s trash, that’s what the civilians were for. Pushing that thought out of his mind he stepped off the main road and opened the scroll. He felt and instant plummeting in his chest as he read the details. He had to deliver mail to the people in sector two. How…. Boring. Especially after those difficult missions for the Chuunin preliminaries. He had thoroughly enjoyed the first mission where he had been tasked to infiltrate the area and steal a scroll. It had been incredibly enjoyable to test his skills against other shinobi that way. He had truly felt like a shinobi and not some errand boy or detective.
Shrugging his thoughts off the boy headed towards the address listed for the post office, as annoyed as he was at this mission he knew that he would complete it to the best of his ability no matter what. It was his duty after all and if he was going to do anything related to his duty then he would do it to perfection. It didn’t take long for him to arrive at the post office, walking in the door he could easily see how busy the workers were. He hadn’t realized just how understaffed they were, maybe he ought to rethink his positon on them. They were obviously trying hard to complete their jobs and he could see the relief on several of their faces as he arrived.
Putting on his best professional face he approached the man who he assumed was the manager of the place and gave him a brisk, polite nod. Before he could speak however the man immediately started talking his voice fast and high pitched. “You the Genin we asked for?” The man eyed him for several seconds, yet despite asking a question didn’t give Senshi a chance to answer. “Anyways here’s the stack we need you to deliver. Once you’re done you’re free to go. Don’t miss any deliveries and have it done by noon. We’ll know if you don’t since those pretentious fucks will complain.” Senshi nodded accepting the pile of envelops and bag of boxes and was surprised to find himself standing outside. Well that had been odd, clearly they were overworked if they were going to rush him out so quick without so much as attempting to be polite.
He took several minutes to sort through the mail and put it into order. He was very familiar with the third sector as that was where he lived, so it made it easier to set the mail in order so that he could deliver them all enroute. Once he had completed this missions he figured he’d be able to get in some decent training for the day as well. With these thoughts on his mind he set out, arriving at the first house fairly quickly and dropping off the first two packages and an envelope before moving on. He wasn’t surprised by how quickly he was moving through the pile, even deriving some enjoyment at dropping off some mail to his own home. He was pleased that at least none of his family was home to see him doing such a menial task.
His father would likely see it as a slight on their honor that his son was doing these errands. As Senshi arrived at the last house he was surprised by a dog that immediately began barking at him. The boy glared attempting to force the dog to back down but rather than comply it simply snarled and charged at him. Senshi moved to the side dodging its first rush before placing the remaining items down. As the larger dog came at him again he focused in on it. It was moving slowly and Senshi had been meaning to try this out for a little bit. It was called the Chain fist, a very basic taijutsu move. It was made using circular motions of the hands, and though very easy to read was a reliable basic technique. He could strike either with open palms or with fists. Being who he was he would certainly be relying on his fists for this.
As the dog charged in Senshi whirled his left arm around striking it, while at the same time he brought his right arm around in a circular motion. As his fists connected he stopped moving, knowing that putting in too many strikes would tire him out and he might accidentally kill the dog. As it was the darn thing was unconscious from his two strikes. Well he had been right, the technique was exceedingly easy. Shrugging that thought off Senshi dragged the dog off to the side of the house made sure the packaged were good and headed towards the mission’s office. This was definitely a technique that he would be practicing more today at the training field, especially as he felt it left him rather vulnerable. As he arrived at the mission office he quickly filled out his report before approaching the desk.

A Crisp salute before he started speaking as always, “Sir, Genin Kobayashi reports E rank Mailman mission a success.” The man nodded half waving the boy off as he placed the scroll on the desk. He gave an almost bored dismissed and Senshi found himself rushing to leave and head towards the training grounds. He had better things to do after all. 

Taijutsu: Chain Fist
1 AP
500 Ryo
E Rank Mission Complete
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 223500

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Mon Dec 05, 2016 1:24 am

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