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Kaen Yuki <3
Kaen Yuki <3
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Intense Training Regimen (2) Empty Intense Training Regimen (2)

Sun Dec 04, 2016 7:32 pm
Kaen held a kunai and shuriken in each one of his hands and started to flow chakra into them. It was hard because metal was hard to conduct with chakra, especially since a shuriken is really flat. A kunai was easier to use as it wasn't as flat as a shuriken. Chakra flowed throughout his pores, flesh, blood, and veins. It was starting to hurt his fingertips as the chakra wouldn't flow into the metal. It wasn't flowing through the metal, maybe you just didn't have to 'push' the chakra into the metal more like 'connect' it to the metal and then purify it. Chakra purified metal sounded pretty awesome. Was that how weapons that conducted chakra were made? Purified by chakra so that you can flow an element of your choice in. Thinking about it, it was like chakra paper! 

"Kaen, how have you been buddy?" His father said all of a sudden causing Kaen to jump up dropping his weapons and canceling the flow of chakra. Kaen instantly turned to his father with a glare saying one word, "Where?" The boy demanded.

"Wha-what?" His father questioned. Kaen's father had just shown up after what... a week? 

"Where the fuck were you dumbass?" Kaen said with a growl standing up and glaring at him. His father paused, his tan skin taking a pale look. His coal-black hair had been dyed with one stripe of blue down the middle. He looked like he had the time of his life while Kaen was here working to the fucking bone.

"T-that is no way to talk to your fat-" His father was cut off as Kaen stood up glaring at him. "I have no father, Michael," Kaen said before storming out of the house. His father was the only family he had so, of course, he wouldn't stay mad at him, but he needed some space right no-

All of a sudden a fist connected with Kaen's head sending him flying. He instantly took out his kunai and started to flow his chakra towards it again before looking back and seeing his father, "I think you need to be put in time-out Kaen." He said with a feral grin.

Kaen glared at him with a smirk. Kaen realized he didn't know how much he had been training so he'd just show him what he had missed the past few days. Kaen instantly sped at him and sent a roundhouse kick to his head which connected. It popped revealing it to be a Shadow Clone. Kaen used chakra to boost his movements as he pulled out a second kunai and deflected an attack from his father's own kunai. He dual-wielded the two kunai as he ran towards his father who had two more shadow clones and himself.

"Chakra Infusion..." Kaen muttered to himself growling as he tried to force chakra into the blade causing his hands to hurt. He didn't stop though as he felt particles of his chakra go into the blade. He almost reached before he bellowed at the top of his lungs, "COME ON!"

He felt it click as he slashed his kunai at one of them causing it to pop. Wrong one! Kaen ducked under the fist of another but got kicked in the chest by the second one. Kaen instantly lost the Chakra Infusion and was sent tumbling. He jumped up throwing his two kunai at them which they dodged easily.

Not being able to decide which one was which he just went with it. "Leaf Whirlwind!" Kaen said hitting into one of them... causing it to pop. "Damn it!" Kaen said to himself as he was hit again sending him rolling on the dirt ground that they were fighting on.

Soon neighbors came out of their home to watch us. I grinned as I substituted with my kunai laying on the floor, in a split second picked up the second one and then stabbed him right in the back. Causing the last clone to pop.

Kaen would be hit by a boulder-crushing blow knocking him out for probably a day. That's what would've happened if Kaen hadn't rolled out of the way and came back up running at him forming the Tiger hand seal.

"One Thousand Years of Death!" Kaen laughed like a maniac as he shoved his index and middle fingers into his ass hole sending him flying screaming. Kaen aimed perfectly to when he would be a certain height in the sky.

"Leaf Whirlwind!" He screamed launching himself at his father hitting him in the ribcage with his foot sending him flying into the ground and from the impact he bounced back up and Kaen ran at him with his teeth in a wide grin.

"Iron Claw!" He screamed grabbing his father as he bounced back up and slamming his frame back into the ground which would probably give him a concussion. "Now, where the fuck were you?" Kaen said with nothing but venom in his voice.

Muffled voice was yelled as Kaen forgot he was gripping his face with Iron Claw. He let go light enough so that he could speak, "I'm sorry, son. I just had to get out of here. It was like having a mid-life crisis, and I didn't know what to do..." He said as he started sobbing. Kaen instantly lets go of his father's face feeling bad for him.

Ninja should never cry... but a grown man shouldn't either. "Come on dad, let's go eat some ramen," Kaen said as he helped him up and started walking to the stand.
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"Chakra... mmhmm... Infusion... uh-huh," Kaen said slightly singing to himself as he concentrated chakra into the metal again. It was getting easier to control his chakra into the blade. He was doing this as he cut carrots for his father who was still resting. He held his kunai still channeling chakra into it as he walked to the fridge and took out some pork. Kaen tossed his kunai in the air before catching it once again keeping the steady flow of chakra the whole time.

"In-in-in-fusion!" Kaen would say slightly louder as he took out a pan and put in on the stove. Setting it to a low flame he took out some Lawry salt and threw it in the pot before he cut a slice of pork and put it in the pan. He put more seasoning on top of it before cutting more carrots. He grabbed some water and poured it in the pan, he liked hearing the sizzle of the cooking.

Kaen sat at the small table as he tried infusing more chakra into the blade. It was really hard to do but he wouldn't give up, he pulled out more vegetables and started to cut them up with the kunai. He pulled out another carrot and flowed chakra into it. It had already had chakra in it because the earth had chakra in it so when plants grow they are very strong. 

After 15 minutes passed he took the pork off the pan and put it on the plate. He put carrots and celery around the plate and put more salt on it before bringing it to his father who was currently laying in his bed. "Hey, dad," Kaen said with a smile as put the plate down.

He nodded towards Kaen before eating as if he hadn't eaten in a while. Kaen just laughed as he went back and infused more chakra into two kunai at once. It was becoming so easy, but still took lots of time. Kaen wishes Chisana was here or something. With those delicious rice cakes... oh god he needed to stop!

Kaen sat down eating his pork as he just thought about... anything. He felt pretty bland. He wanted something and didn't want something, he was tired and awake, he was thirsty but hydrated. He was just... he didn't even know.

His father made him angry, but he also loved his only family. It was confusing him, and giving him a headache. He'd think about it later and find out what was wrong with his father. Kaen jumped off of his chair and went upstairs to sleep.

WC: 1403

Requests - 1000 Years of Death, Chakra Infusion (903/2000)

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Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Intense Training Regimen (2) Empty Re: Intense Training Regimen (2)

Sun Dec 04, 2016 8:46 pm

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