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Kobayashi Senshi <3
Kobayashi Senshi <3
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Tue Nov 15, 2016 12:39 am
Mission Details:

Senshi stood in the training grounds, he was currently practicing the most advanced technique he had ever attempted. The Kyudo-Kai Quick draw would allow him to send his Kunai and Shuriken at foes at both a much greater speed and with an increased amount of force behind them. However he needed to be able to instinctively aim the weapon before his hand ever reached the throwing position. He would also need to be able to charge chakra into his throwing arm in order to be able to increase the speed and power of the thrown weapon. He was currently having an issue getting the aiming portion of it down right now. He needed to be able to draw and throw immediately, not take time to aim his weapon like he usually did. He was lucky in that he seemed to have at least a basic grasp of the technique, in that he was at the least hitting the target. Granted it was several inches off from his initial aim point but as he continued to practice and throw his Kunai and Shuriken he was pleased to see they were at least getting closer and closer.
Senshi spent the rest of the hour he had for training this morning dedicated to just practicing throwing his kunai and shuriken out as quickly as possible. He was focusing on drawing from his pouch and releasing them without taking the time to aim. He could see that as the Kunai or shuriken flashed up in his hands from his draw and was released that he was slowly, oh so slowly inching closer and closer to that bull’s eye. He knew once he started adding chakra into the technique that it would begin to throw off his aim again as he would need to learn to adjust to the fact that the kunai and shuriken were being thrown far faster and stronger than before. It would be interesting to see how much power and speed he could ultimately add to his ranged capabilities. Senshi looked at the sky as he released his final weapons noting that it was about six thirty, time to go pick up a mission. As he collected his tools he wondered what his team was up to. Hopefully they were improving themselves as well. Senshi wanted to be able to support Reizo and Maximillian as best as possible. As well as impress their Jounin Commander Itami with his abilities.
The only way to do that was to continue building his abilities and his body so that he wouldn’t be a weak link to the team. Pushing his thoughts off him finished securing his Kunai and shuriken and head off towards the mission office pushing himself at his best speed so that he could receive a bit more training throughout the day. Once he had arrived he spent several minutes catching his breath before entering and marching sharply to the mission desk. Hopefully he wouldn’t receive any E Ranks like the last irate Chuunin had given them. While D Ranks weren’t glorious they were at least better than collecting trash. Senshi briefly followed that train of thought wondering how the little girl and her Jii-san were doing. Hopefully they weren’t too cold with that hold fixed and the additional blankets and clothing he had delivered. Pushing the thoughts away he stepped up to the mission desk and braced to attention before speaking. “Sir, Genin Kobayashi Senshi reporting for a mission.” He had seen this Chuunin before, he was the one who had given him that D rank to capture the two sibling thieves. Senshi wondered what had happened to them, but pushed the thought away as the Chuunin spoke.
“I remember you Genin Kobayashi, you did a good job catching those thieves. You know what, here, you handled those thieves pretty well maybe you can get these ones. Their a bit higher end than the last ones but I think you have the experience to handle it. You’ll have a week at most to find them before we call it a failure and hand it off. Good luck, kid.” Senshi had to force himself not to smile at the praise the Chuunin had given him as he accepted the scroll from the man. He quickly pocketed it and brought his right hand to his left collar bone in a crisp salute. “Thank you sir, I promise to complete this mission as quickly as possible.” He gave the Chuunin a crisp nod before walking out to the street moving off to the side to open the scroll. There were two reports of art being stolen from high end homes here in the higher end district. Senshi stared at the scroll for several seconds trying to comprehend the amount of zero’s behind the worth of this painting. Shaking his head the boy rolled the scroll up before heading out to the first house.
Well at least it explained why the police force had quickly handed the mission over to the ninjas instead of putting their own detectives on the case. Shaking his head Senshi arrived at the first house, the home of a very wealthy merchant who apparently owned several shops and had a lucrative trading deal with some of the smaller villages around. The home from the outside looked ridiculously opulent, so much so Senshi was afraid how overdone the inside would be. He could even see another Genin team mowing the lawn and cutting the hedges. Someone who had enough money to commission a D rank mission for such a chore rather than hiring a worker in the village clearly could have afforded a C rank instead of D rank for this. Maybe the mission office had originally decided that because there hadn’t been more cases that it didn’t rate higher end help just yet. Shrugging the thoughts away Senshi moved to the front door giving a respectful nod to the two Genin working together to carry out bags of leaves. He was kind of jealous that he hadn’t taken any missions with his team yet.
Shaking that thought out of his head Senshi knocked on the front door, waiting for several moments until a man dressed rather nicely opened. “Fukishima residence, are you Genin complete with the yard?” Senshi paused, blinking in mild surprise at the question. “I don’t know what the other Genin have accomplished, sir. My name is Genin Kobayashi Senshi, I have been assigned the mission to locate the thieves and return the lost painting that was stolen. I need to speak to Fukishima-san in order to ask a few important questions. Would you perhaps know where I can locate him?” The man eyed Senshi’s relatively dirty appearance, due to his early training before stepping back. “Please come inside, the shoe rack is to the right. I shall lead you to Fukishima-sama’s study.” Nodding the tall boy stepped in, before turning to the right and taking another step before quickly removing his shoes and accepting the towel the butler offered wiping his feet off quickly. He then followed the butler trying not to stare in amazement at everything that was around him.
His family was rather well off, but nowhere close to this level. He had never seen such nice things before, he was decently sure the dining room table cost more than everything in his house combined. As they stepped up to an ornate door the butler knocked twice before speaking, “Fukishima-sama, Genin Kobayashi Senshi is here to speak about the artwork that was stolen this past night. Will you be able to receive him now?” There was the sound of quick shuffling and a muffled noise that Senshi was surprised by. It took several minutes but finally he heard a deep, almost dignified sounding voice speak out. “Enter.” The Butler opened the door, and almost bland look on his face, but Senshi could see amusement sparking in his eyes. “Fukishima-Sama, this is Genin Kobayashi. I shall bring tea and refreshments.” The man gave a deep boy before walking away at a sedate pace. Senshi hesitated for several seconds before stepping into the study, doing his best not to touch anything. He wished that he was wearing better clothing, now that he was in such a rich setting. “Good morning, Sir.” Senshi paused as the man held up a quick hand. “Kobayashi, hmmmm are you perhaps related to the blacksmith of the same name, Genin?” Blinking at the non-sequitur Senshi nodded cautiously before speaking. “Yes sir, I’m his youngest son sir.” Giving a nod the man made a note on the paper before him before standing up quickly and moving to the small pillows he had placed by and equally small table.
“Come, join me for tea and we shall discuss the incident. I am surprised they gave this mission to such a young…. Inexperienced Genin. I had thought I would receive a team or at least an older Genin who had been in the force for much longer. Tell me, Genin Kobayashi how long has it been since you graduated from the academy?” Senshi followed the man to the table waiting patiently for him to seat himself in the Seize position before joining him, ensuring to keep his back as straight as possible. If this man knew his father then he would need to ensure to be on his best behavior the entire time. He had to grit his teeth and focus on his breathing to remain calm at both the hostility and condescension in the man’s voice. If he had waned more experienced shinobi he should have forked over the cash to get a C rank mission instead. “I graduated about two and a half months ago, sir. Almost three by my count.” Senshi could see a sharp tightening in the man’s jaw and his eyes narrowing. Deciding to continue on, in order to head off his obvious protests. “However, I have completed several D and E rank missions, including the capture of two thieves who were responsible for hitting several stores about two and a half weeks ago.” Senshi could see the man pause before he spoke a look of contemplation replacing the anger he had been showing.
He had apparently heard about the series of robbery’s that had occurred and their no doubt quick apprehension. Senshi could feel the pride burning in his chest, it was currently his best mission to date in his book. “I had heard about that, I did not realize that you were the Genin responsible. I now feel more secure in trusting this mission to you. I’m sure Hoshigawa-san will as well. In fact I shall send for him while we discuss my own issue, he should arrive by the time we are complete then you can speak to him as well.” As he was speaking the butler knocked three times before entering the study carrying a tray with a pot of tea, milk, sugar, and two cups on it. He quickly and efficiently placed the items on the table before pouring both of them tea, adding in a small amount of milk and sugar to Fukishima-sans tea. Before he could ask Senshi shook his head and held up a hand, he had always liked his tea without garnishments in it. Nodding the man stood before speaking, “Will there be anything else Fukishima-sama?” Without even looking at them man, or acknowledging his presence he spoke, “Yes, send for Hoshigawa-san. Tell him we have Genin Kobayashi here to investigate our mutual issue. Make sure to tell him it is of the utmost importance that he arrive quickly. Oh… and bring another cup for Hoshigawa-san, I am sure he would enjoy some tea as well.”
With a short bow the man left to do as ordered. Senshi was surprised at how well controlled the man had been, wishing that his own control was half as good. Senshi waited for the owner of this fine establishment to take a sip of his tea first, before also doing so. He enjoyed the bitter flavor, and feeling of warmth the tea awakened in his system before placing his cup down. “If we may begin sir?” Fukishima nodded, and waved his hand as though to indicate that Senshi was free to speak. “First, can you describe the painting in detail to me? The scroll I was given merely listed its value and if I am supposed to properly identify it, to return it, I will need to know what it looks like.” As he spoke Senshi withdrew his pen and pad of paper from his hip pouch flipping it open. “Yes of course. It is a painting of the Sandaime Raikage, A. It depicts him in his full glory, with his distinctive lightning armor flashing about him.” Senshi nodded surprised by this, he had only ever seen pictures and knew that a painting of the man must be worth even more than his scroll had indicated. It was practically priceless with how old it was.
“Yes sir. Now can you describe the incident as you recall it?” The man’s lips tightened in thought before he responded, “Yes, it was a very brazen attempt. It occurred around mid-day yesterday, while I was here in my study. I was working on some trade agreements when my door burst open suddenly and a man wearing gray pants, a black shirt, a half gray face mask, and a black bandana over his head came in. He quickly subdued me leaving me tied up before moving to the painting and releasing the Fuuinjutsu: Lock Me had on the painting to seal it to the wall. He then quickly left heading out the back door.” Senshi nodded as he made a few notes, he was surprised that the man had paid to have a fuuinjutsu seal a painting to a wall, but assumed that due to the priceless nature of the artifact that it had been worth it. He was even more surprised that the thief had attempted and even succeeded in his mission in the middle of the day. He was however most astounded by the fact that he was dealing with someone who knew how to unseal something. “What level of lock did you have sir?”
“It was an E rank, I should have paid more for a better one.” Senshi carefully did not nod or say anything not wanting to offend the man. “Would you mind if I looked at the broken seal?” He was given a nod and wave of his hand. At this Senshi rose as gracefully as he could, glad for the chance to stretch his legs. He was wholly unaccustomed to sitting in the Seiza position for very long. Moving to the indicated wall Senshi could see a small seal inscribed on it with several parts smudged. Using his note pad he traced over the remnants that remained so he could study them later. With that completed, he spent several second pretending to examine the wall now in order to allow the blood to flow completely to his legs. He thought he fully recognized this E rank version, but he would need to check his book at home later to be sure. Pushing the thought aside he returned to the table, reassuming his seat. “In the past few weeks has anyone in your household perhaps noticed anything or anyone unusual in the area?” This time the man several seconds thinking on the question before issuing a shake of his head. “No, no one has reported anything. I’ll have my butler ask and inform you if I hear otherwise.” Senshi nodded in thanks before he could ask his next question there was a sharp single knock on the door. “Enter.” His host’s voice had risen slightly and Senshi surmised that he and his Butler had a code. One knock must mean that he had a guest with him, while two knocks meant he was carrying the refreshments or items ordered.
It was an interesting system that Senshi realized could be implemented with his team. Maybe they could come up with a soundless way to signal each other things. He would need to bring it up with them, filing the thought away to be reviewed later he rose with his host as the Butler opened the door. “Fukishima-sama, Hoshigawa-sama is here as requested.” Behind the Butler a large, portly man walked in. He had graying and thinning hair and looked rather red. Either from the cold or the physical exertion of heading to this house. Senshi knew that the distance between these houses was about three miles so he must have come very quickly to have arrived in such a timely manner. Maybe he had ridden a horse over? Pushing the thoughts away he waited as his host greeted the new man before turning to Senshi. “Hoshigawa-san this is Genin Kobayashi. I know he looks young but fear not he is the one responsible for solving and capturing the thieves that hit the merchants a couple weeks you, as I’m sure you recall how much damage they caused with their thefts.” The portly man eyed the boy with an odd look in his eyes that Senshi couldn’t place but that made him vaguely uncomfortable. “Ahh yes, my book shop was hit and some very valuable fuuinjutsu books were stolen.”

Fukishima-san nodded as though in sympathy before directing the man to the table and as they all sat the Butler stepped up pouring another round of tea for everyone, already seeming to know how Hoshigawa-san liked his tea. Senshi took note of this, it meant the two worked together often which could be why they were both targeted.
“Good morning, Hoshigawa-san, I am Genin Kobayashi Senshi. Fukishima-san if it is agreeable with you I shall ask my last question for you after speaking with Hoshigawa-san.” The younger of the two merchants nodded his ascent before Senshi shifted his eyes to the portly elder man. “Sir, can you describe to me the artwork that was stolen?” The portly man finished sipping his tea before setting it down delicately. “Yes, it was a statue of our newest second Raikage, the current Hokage.” Senshi blinked at the coincidence of it all, both artworks stolen were of second Raikage’s. Though this one was obviously less expensive than the last. “Can you describe to me the events of the day it was stolen?” The man seemed to collect his thoughts for several seconds before he spoke. “Yes, I was just coming home after inspecting my many shops. When I had opened the door, there was a man dressed in gray pants, a black sweater, a gray half face mask, and a black bandanna over his head. He had the statue in his hand, and he seemed to be struggling with it. When he saw me he immediately bolted for the back door and ran away before I could get any authorities to my home.”
Senshi nodded writing his notes as the man explained what had happened. This one seemed severely less risky than the last, but noted that the thief must have had some idea of the merchants schedule to know that he would be out that day. “Sir how often do you do an inspection of your shops?” The man looked surprised at the question, as though he couldn’t understand why that would matter. “Every other day, between the hours of two and five, though I was home about thirty minutes early that day.” Senshi nodded, this confirmed his suspicion that the thief must have known his schedule. “Did you perchance also have a Locking Fuuinjutsu on the statue sir?” The man just nodded before responding, “Yes the same as Fukishima-san.” Senshi paused as he tried to put his thoughts into order. Clearly the same person had hit both houses, he had been dressed the same and his operating procedure had been the same. He had known that Fukishima-san would be alone at the time and had known the schedule that Hoshigawa-san maintained. Plus the Fuuinjutsu lock had been the same on both of the artworks. “If you don’t mind me asking, who performed the Fuuinjutsu lock on your artworks?” Both men looked surprised at the question before Fukishima-san spoke, “Ahh it was my Butler, he was a Genin but an injury during a mission disqualified him from service.”
That seemed suspect to Senshi that the Butler would have been the one to perform both locking seals. He would need to talk with the man, but he didn’t want to alert him to the fact that he was suspicious of him just yet. He had no proof and frankly had no way of figuring it out just by questioning him. Senshi highly doubted the man would just tell him that he was the culprit in question. Pushing his thoughts aside he turned almost predatory eyes onto the two gentleman. “Who else did the Butler perform a locking seal for? I think possibly, whomever is targeting you also may go after them.” The two men nodded, Senshi needed them to continue trusting the Butler until he had cleared him of the crime or else he feared they might alert him that he was a current suspect. “Ah of course, One second I’ll write a list out for you, it is only four other individuals.” Senshi nodded as the man stood up and retrieved some paper and an expensive looking pen before scrawling out the four names and their addresses and handing it over. “Well final question gentleman and I’ll be on my way. Do any of the names on this list have any artwork that has to do with the Kages’s?” The two men glanced at each other before the younger nodded. “Yes, just one. The second name on the list.”
Senshi nodded, circling the name, at least he had somewhere to start with his investigation. “Thank you gentlemen, and thank you Fukishima-san your hospitality has been greatly appreciative. I will endeavor to solve this issue and return to you your stolen possessions in as timely a manner as possible. If you will excuse me I have some leads to follow up on.” The two men nodded, and Senshi flowed to his feet giving a polite head nod to both. As a shinobi he only bowed to his superior shinobi, these were but rich civilians. Senshi headed out the study door, leading himself through the house until he was near the front door where he gave a polite nod to the butler who returned it, before he quickly threw his sandals on and headed out the door. He was surprised to see the sun had moved indicating it was near nine o-clock now, and the Genin team that had been working on the yard were gone. Senshi looked around before heading home, he needed to look over the Fuuinjutsu locking seals to make sure he had a good grasp on then before he headed to the house he suspected would be a target. Once he was home, Senshi snuck into his room quickly grabbing the book dedicated to Fuuinjutsu.
He skimmed through the book until he found what he was looking for the examples on the locking seals that one could use. He looked through the three E rank ones before he found the one he was sure it was. Nodding to himself Senshi compared his sketch between the three types. Yes he was sure of it. Flipping the pages of the book backwards he read the descriptions of locking seals again. He found it a rather intriguing read and once he finished he moved to his door. Since he knew how break the most basic of locking seals he quickly charged his chakra up changing it around until he focused on keeping someone out and securing the premises, rather than breaking through it and forcing it to reveal its secrets. As he did this his hand lit up just like with the Fuuinjutsu breaking and Senshi put his hand on the door pleased to see the tiny seal inscribe itself. So Fuuinjutsu locking was just as easy in its base form as Fuuinjutsu breaking was. He was sure it became much more difficult when you advanced but for now Fuuinjutsu was holding his interest. It was a good intellectual study, that used very little chakra for what Senshi saw as incredible gains.
Deciding that he had wasted enough time the young Genin snuck out of room through the window, making a note to put a lock on that as well. He knew it wouldn’t prevent someone from just breaking the walls down but it would at least be a minor deterrent. Once Senshi arrived near the house he stood on a roof near it. He was hidden by a large odd section of the house that rose up over it and as he kept watch he couldn’t help but feel an unnatural amount of boredness. After half an hour of keeping a watch on the house and nothing happening Senshi had a brilliant idea. Scouring around the rooftop he quickly located a small piece of wood and placed it up against the wall. Now as he watched the house he also began practicing the Kyudo Kai Quick draw technique he had started this morning. He found that it was exceptionally beneficial to his training as he was keeping an eye on the house searching for the butler or just anyone that looked suspicious to approach it while he was also managing to work on his aim. Since he needed to be able to aim instinctively without constantly having to do so manually this was assisting his training greatly.
Senshi felt a small smile spread across his face as he continued to throw the Kunai and shuriken at his little makeshift target and then collecting them only to continue his practicing. Three hours later the boy finally took a break to eat some of the food he had packed for his steak out. He certainly hoped that whoever the culprit was they would strike this house in the next day or so since Senshi had yet to really have a lot of training in staying awake for long periods of time. Ignoring that Senshi felt that he was finally getting to the point with his accuracy where he could begin adding small amounts of chakra in to practice with that. As he did so Senshi was pleased to see that it wasn’t throwing his aim off nearly as badly as it had been before. He continued practicing while watching the house and slowly adding in more chakra until he felt like he couldn’t perform any better. The Kunai and Shuriken were leaving his hands so fast, that they were almost a blur of pure speed as they moved. They were also striking the wood so hard they were leaving dents in the house behind it. Deciding to stop his practicing with the chakra as he felt he had a strong grasp on that Senshi continued to throw his kunai and shuriken while watching the house only to keep himself awake.
It was another several hours, the moon was high in the sky and there was no movement on the ground below when Senshi heard a rock skittering across the ground. He crouched down his black cloak covering him, with the hood pulled up he knew he was very hard to see. His dark eyes scanned the ground below them until he spotted someone moving quietly and cautiously in the shadows. He couldn’t make out any of their features but he could see how alert they were, and how they were obviously focusing on keeping their movements calm, controlled, and most of all quiet. Senshi moved down the side of the building employing all of the stealth he had to follow the man. He could see the gray long sleeve shirt the man was wearing and Senshi gave a hiss of excitement as he followed the man. He needed to find out where he was stashing the other pieces of art that he had stolen before he could capture them. He clung to the ceiling of the house after the man had broken in watching as he quickly took a pocket watch that had an inscription from the first Raikage on it. He had broken the Fuuinjutsu lock on the watch just by simply channeling his chakra into it.
Senshi continued following him, it took over an hour and a half to make their way through the village and Senshi had, had what he would call a few close calls to being caught. He had managed to remain hidden however, and had surmised that if this was the Butler then he had let his skills slip since losing his status as a shinobi of the village. Senshi felt that no matter his injury he should have kept his skills up anyways. When they finally reached wherever it was that the thief was going Senshi followed him watching as he entered the building and then placed a Fuuinjutsu lock on the door. He waited several minutes before moving to the door and examining the seal. It was the same that he had looked at earlier and with a fierce grin he charged his hand up with chakra touching the seal and watching as it dissolved. Opening the door quietly he slid in moving through the house, keeping his eyes peeled for the man. As he rounded a corner he could see the man placing the watch down next to a book. He pulled out a kunai and with a charge of chakra sent it flying, empowered by the Kyoda Kai Quick draw technique he had been practicing all day.
He smiled as the weapon smashed into the unsuspecting mans should and moved forwards as he went to drop the watch. He was surprised by a sudden kick lashing out towards him and took it straight to the face. It reversed his momentum sending him tumbling backwards. As he rolled up the man before him glared in anger. He looked at Senshi before starting a seal sequence speaking as he did so. “If I can’t have these then no one can.” Senshi recognized the seals from his studies as a very high ranking fire technique. His mind whirled on how he could protect the three priceless objects. He knew that it didn’t matter if he actually managed to return them without harm, his mission was to capture the thief and return whatever he found. If they were damaged in the fight he would still be able to accomplish his mission. But he sorely wanted to succeed and protect the artwork as well. His mind finally latched onto an idea, brought about by the newest technique he had learned, Flicker. There was a space-time technique that would take the items and throw them into an interdimensional pocket and allow him to protect them for anyone. However he was decently sure he’d only be able to get two of the pieces of artwork there in time.
There was another space-time technique that was considered even simpler. It would manipulate the area around the object and then yank it a bit out of the way. Senshi could see that unless he wanted to burn down his home the man would only be able to really target the statue and the painting. The watch would be slightly outside of the techniques range. If he quickly took the two objects into an inter dimensional pocket and then yanked the watch so it was away from the man he’d be able to protect the artwork. As he would need to do another complete attack in order to get the watch. Smiling to himself Senshi focused his chakra hard. Thinking of how he wanted to rip the very fabric of reality apart he felt his chakra flow out as he formed the first hand sign of rat. The molecules in the air became charged and instead of slowing them down he commanded them to widen and wrap around the two pieces of artwork. As his hand flashed to dog him could see the man had just hit his last seal and Senshi felt the molecules attach to the paintings.
Both paintings shimmered slightly and then seemed to break down piece by piece into individual particles. It started slowly and then suddenly accelerated as Senshi applied even more chakra to the technique. As the two items completely disappeared the area was awash in fire. Senshi threw his chakra out again, his hand forming the rat sign his chakra shot out towards the pocket watch surrounding it. As it did so it suddenly glowed a bright yellow as it was yanked viciously towards Senshi landing in his hands just as the man turned, the glare in his eyes seemed almost capable of lightning someone on fire. As he dashed forwards Senshi jumped back placing the watch into his waste pouch as he quickly drew a shuriken throwing it forwards with the Kyudo Kai Quick draw technique. He was pleased to see that this one landed right where he was aiming, square in the chest. Senshi had not realized quite how strong he was, or how much stronger the technique would make his throws and was surprised when the shuriken entered the man’s chest until only a single edged point could be seen. The man let loose an explosive cough as the force of the throw completely reversed the motion of his charge slamming him into the ground.
He must not have had any armor on, and a low constitution. Senshi drew a kunai waiting several seconds to see if the man would rise, but all he could see was blood pouring out of the wound. Stalking forwards Senshi poked him several times, wondering how he should feel about this. The man wasn’t moving, and Senshi was pretty sure that Shuriken was embedded in his heart. He waited hesitantly wondering if it would be okay if he dug his shuriken out of the man. They were expensive and he only had so many after all. He put a hand to the man’s throat feeling for a pulse, but when he could feel nothing he leaned back on his feet. Staring at the man he wondered how he should feel about killing him. He knew as a shinobi that this would happen, and though the man likely would have only lost a hand or some other punishment other than death for his crimes the fact was that he could have possibly been killed for them. Should he feel bad about this? Or should he feel accomplished for completing his mission? He wasn’t sure and as he continued to stare at the man he resolved to speak to Itami about it. That was his Jounin Commander after all and he would know what to do in this situation. Pushing the thought aside for now Senshi hesitantly raised his Kunai debating the morality of what he was about to do.
Shrugging he reached forwards and plunged the kunai into the man’s chest near where the shuriken was, then turning it he felt the kunai hook on the shuriken and pulled popping the shuriken out of the man and spraying a bit of blood across his clothes and face. Grabbing the Shuriken he quickly cleaned them off on his pants and shirt respectively ignoring the blood stains for now. He pocketed the two items before reaching down and picking the man up. He ignored the blood as it started leaking over his shirt, he could feel it on his neck and face as it dripped and it was very warm. An odd sensation to be sure. Senshi started out of the house, once he had exited he took to the rooftops until he reached the police station dropping down in front of the door he shouldered it open. As he approached the desk the officers on duty noticed his blood appearance and started scrambling towards him. “I’m fine. He on the other hand is dead. My name is Genin Kobayashi Senshi, I was given a mission to capture the criminal that had committed several acts of thievery. This is the man, I caught him in the act and secured the stolen items which due to the priceless nature of some of the artwork will be returned to the families immediately rather than being put into evidence.”

Several of the officers were staring at the boy like he had grown a second head but Senshi ignored that as he deposited the body and wiped his now bloody hands on his slowly becoming oversaturated with blood clothing. Once he had cleaned them off enough he accepted the documents he needed to fill out from the officer. By the time he had completed filling everything out and was able to head to the mission office he could see the sun rising over the city. He took off at a run towards the mission office feeling the exhaustion of the last day settling over him. He arrived shortly and enter ignoring the sharp looks he was receiving for his appearance he sat down in a corner to quietly fill out his report. It took quite a bit longer than normal to detail all the information he had found out, explain his reasoning and then explain the death of the thief. But once he had completed it to his satisfaction Senshi smiled ignoring the rank smell of blood and the odd stiff way his clothes now hung that the blood had dried. He walked up to the mission desk placing his scroll on the table before bracing to attention and speaking. “Genin Kobayashi Senshi reporting mission complete sir. Pending there is nothing I need to immediately do I will return the artwork to the families immediately.”
The chuunin eyed the boy for several seconds before opening the scroll and reading it over. He was mildly surprised to see the boy didn’t seem to be having any reaction to his killing the criminal at all. Making a notation of that in the scroll he rolled it back up before placing it in the completed pile to be sent off. “Good job Genin, you are dismissed then.” Senshi saluted sharply before turning and heading to the house that had just been robbed. It was already seven in the morning but he was glad to see no one was quite up and about here yet. He quickly replaced the watch with the fuuinjutsu lock where he had seen it stolen before slinking back out. He then went to Hoshigawa-san’s house but learned quickly from his wife that he was at Fukishima-san’s house. Heading over there he knocked on the door waiting patiently until the man opened it. “Oh Genin Kobayashi, I’m surprised to see you here and in such… disrepair.” Behind the man, Senshi could see the portly figure of Hoshigawa-san. Nodding to both he began to speak, “Yes sir, I apologize for that fact, however I have completed my mission and have both your painting and Hoshigawa-san’s statue and wish to return them to you.” The man looked suddenly surprised as Senshi wove the hand seals and slowly the two items materialized one by one.

Senshi was surprised how long it took, a fact he would need to remember for later. It was quite the drawback, but still being able to store things however he wanted would be invaluable. “Thank you Genin Kobayashi. I see that your clothing is likely beyond salvaging. As my thanks I would like to offer you the chance to upgrade your clothing at one of my shops. We shall offer you very reasonable prices and I shall instruct them to give you a nice discount for your quick work.” Senshi thanked the man before giving a respectful nod and heading home. He was beyond exhausted, and really needed a shower.  
Words: 6669
D Rank Mission Complete - Art Thief
1000 Ryo

3 AP

Weapons: Kyudo Kai Quickdraw

Mass Shift

Storage Displacement

Fuuinjutsu Lock - E Rank
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 223500

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