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Kobayashi Senshi <3
Kobayashi Senshi <3
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Sunshine on my life Empty Sunshine on my life

Sun Nov 13, 2016 11:04 pm
Mission Details:

As Senshi walked towards the mission office he quietly hummed to himself, he had woken up in quite the good mood today. His tune was off with his humming but his mind kept repeating to himself, D ranks, D ranks, off to do the chores. It made him feel accomplished to be able to do something for his village and the people in it. Even if it was something as simple as a D rank missions. He had even managed to catch a thief on his last mission and it had brought pride to Senshi’s heart to know that he had stopped someone from hurting people in the village. As Senshi entered the mission building he noted a very sour looking sitting at the desk, snapping to a brisk attention he spoke in a cheery voice. “Good morning sir! Genin Kobayashi Senshi requesting a mission sir!” His voice was louder than usual and the Chuunin winced at the tone.
Growling he grabbed a mission scroll and tossed it to the boy, “Get the fuck out of here with that nonsense Genin. And next time you’re in here stop being so fucking cheery and loud.” Senshi fought hard not to allow the shock at the man’s tone and words before giving the sloppiest salute he had ever performed walking from the mission office in a daze. He couldn’t believe how angry the man had been, what had he done wrong? What could he do to prevent it from happening again? Senshi shook his head as he found himself outside in the cold morning air, glad that he had worn his cloak today. Opening up the mission scroll he felt his good mood from earlier quickly evaporate. An E Rank mission. What had he done wrong? He had thought that his performance and his last missions had been impeccable. Shaking off the feeling of disappointment and failure lowering into his stomach Senshi continued on with reading the scroll.
He was to collect the trash in Sector 1, the poorest most dilapidated sector there was. He would only be able to carry a couple bags at a time and he could see that there were twenty houses on this list. Once collected he was to take them to the collection point and turn them in. When he was completed he was to check in and receive a seal of approval from the Superintendent of the Dump before turning the mission in. Senshi disappeared in a fast moving pace as he jogged towards the sector. It would take several minutes of running at his best speed to get there, but he’d be damned if he didn’t perform to his utmost on every mission given to him. No matter how degrading it might seem. Upon his arrival in the sector he immediately started out grabbing the trash bags sitting in front of the shacks that littered this area. As he grabbed the first bag he grimaced at the terrible smell.
He could not believe that this, THIS! Was an actual mission. Pushing the thoughts away he approached the second house collecting the two bags here. They weren’t heavy but it was starting to get a little awkward to hold them. He grabbed the single bag at the third house and then took off running trying to hold onto the pile as he moved. He quickly dropped the bags off with one of the trash works before taking off back to the sector to continue his work. Only seventeen more to go and he’d have completed his first E rank mission. Pushing his thoughts to the side again Senshi quickly collected three more houses of bags, this time juggling four of them as he ran. He knew this was something done quite often so he didn’t understand how so many people had so many bags of trash piled up all ready. Fourteen houses left on his list.
His other missions had been far more stimulating than this one had ever been. Time passed slowly as he was running back and forth from the houses and back to the dump handing over the trash bags. The Dump worker seemed surprised by how quickly he was collecting the bags and dropping them off, but had never bothered to make any comments to the boy. When he had finally gotten down to his last three houses Senshi encountered his only issue so far with the mission. There were no trash bags. Standing outside the house he stared indecisively at the house that had no bags and then down the street to his next target. He could skip the house and say he was done or he could go knock on the door and make sure they had turned out all the trash they had. He knew that the village councilmen hated to have any trash build up in the city.
It was bad for business really. Made the village look unkempt and could bring dangerous things like rats which carried diseases to the village. Sighing the boy gave in to his sense of duty and quashed the small rebellious part of himself that had surged up. Approaching the shacks door he knocked tentatively on it surprised to hear a jingling inside as he did so. A moment later and old man, stooped low over his can with an obviously bad back answer the door. He peered at the boy before him before speaking in a gruff tone, “Wadayaa want Ninja boy?” Senshi felt his nose wrinkling at the terrible stench emanating from the man. He clearly hadn’t showered in several days, and if his old, dirty worn clothes had been washed in the last month Senshi would be surprised. As reviled by the man as he was he pushed it all down pulling on every ounce of discipline he had. “Sir, my name is Genin Kobayashi Senshi. I’ve been given the mission of assisting the Trash collectors today. I came to check to ensure that you had no trash that needed to be taken.”
The old man grinned, showing a mouth full of yellow rotted and falling out teeth. Senshi had to resist the urge to gag at the smell that came from his mouth. Did he ever brush his teeth? This interaction was making the boy want to take another shower, brush his teeth, and ensure he flossed like his mother was always telling him. “Sure do Boy-o. Just follow me back and you can carry them out.” Senshi felt his heart sinking as he stepped into the little shack following the man. As he did he noticed the disrepair and disgustingness of the house. He could even see a part of the house was broken and open to the winter air. As he walked through the tiny living room with its rotted couch showing some springs coming out of it he was surprised to see a young girl in the kitchen. She looked cleaner than the old man, though her clothes too were rotted. Senshi felt a slight pang in his heart at her appearance but pushed it down. He could see the four bags piled up next to her clearly too heavy for the six maybe seven year old girl to carry.
The old man definitely wouldn’t be able to carry them with his bad back and the cane. Now Senshi understood why they hadn’t had any trash out. Quickly picking all the bags up him was surprised when the little girl spoke to him. “Thank you Mr. Shinobi-san. I thought I was going to have to ask Sanda-oji-chan to help me with them.” Senshi paused feeling the same pang in his heart as before. He couldn’t believe people, especially one so young had to live like this. “It’s no problem.” He paused wondering if he should say anything else but the look of gratitude in her eyes spurred him on. “Uhm is it very cold with that hole in the house?” She looked at him for several seconds before turning her almost too large eyes to the hole he had noted. “It gets a bit bad at night, bit Oji-Chan sometimes manages a small fire in the bedroom to warm us up when it gets colder.” Senshi almost blanched white at the thought of a fire in this tiny shack. It could burn down and kill them all if they weren’t careful. Feeling a sudden urge take over him he gave a sharp nod his face settling into a stern expression. “Once I’m completed with my mission I’ll be back, okay?” She nodded as he took off out the door in a blur of speed. He had something to do that would mean so much more to someone than taking out their trash. As he dumped the four bags he returned to the remaining houses grabbing their bags and dropping them off as well.
Once he was completed he hunted down the Superintendent getting his signature as quickly as possible before heading to the mission office. Once he was there he spent a quick minute filling his report out, there was very little to write about such a simple mission before going to turn it in. It was still early in the day barely after eight o clock in the morning. He stepped into the building standing before the Chuunin at attention as he spoke. “Sir, Trash collection mission complete. Is there anything else?” The Chuunin glowered at him, it seemed like the hour Senshi had spent collecting trash hadn’t sweated his disposition any. The man glanced his report over throwing him another scroll. “Yea go knock this one out too, you damn over achieving brat.” Senshi gave a crisp salute biting his lounge as he did so. Once he was outside he glanced at the scroll before pocketing it. It wasn’t time sensitive and as long as he got it done by the end of the day he’d be good. With that thought he headed home, happy to see his mother still there.
“Kaa-San, do you still have Nee-Chans old clothes from when she’s eight or so? Oh and do you still have my Nii-sans clothes from last year that they outgrew?” She stared at him oddly for several seconds before responding. “Yes, what is this about Senshi-kun?” He paused for a second unsure if he should tell the truth but he was accustomed to never lying to his parents. “I met a little girl in Sector one on my first mission this morning Kaa-san. She and her Jii-san don’t have good clothes, and theirs a hole in their house. I thought maybe we could donate our old stuff to them. I was going to see if Tou-sama would give me some stacks of wood and nails to fix the hole in their house. I’m a shinobi Kaa-san! It’s my job to make sure these people are taken care of. We can…” He trailed off as his mother held up a hand, he recognized the look of sympathy on her face. “Go ask Tou-san if he will give you the wood. When you’re back I’ll have a bag with the old clothes and some old blankets we have for you.” He smiled brilliantly out here, he loved his mother and how she would always help him. He would if circumstances permitted have been called a momma’s boy. Turning on his heel he quickly rushed towards his father’s shop stopping only as his mother called out to him.
“Oh and Senshi-kun, I’m very proud of you and what you’re doing. I want you to know that.” Senshi nodded slightly standing taller at her words, his day had been bad this morning after the mission office but now he felt like the sun was really shining on him. He rushed to his father’s shop, sopping outside to take a breath and wipe his feet quickly. As he entered he saw his oldest brother standing behind the till, conversing with a customer. He gave the heir of his family a respectful nod before heading into the back to see his father showing his second elder brother how to properly work the forge to form a sword. Approaching he stood quietly almost at attention until his father finished speaking. He felt a pang in his heart as his brother worked with the metal wishing for a moment that his father would teach him as well. He pushed it away, his father had determined that he would serve the village and who was he to ever question that. “Why are you not out training and improving yourself? Or at the very least doing missions like a good Genin. If you’re slacking off and playing hooky and bring shame on our house I’ll tan your hide boy.” Senshi felt himself standing straighter as his father spoke his face taking on a mask of implacability.
He knew to show no emotion around his father, he hated it when his youngest son did. Constantly saying how it wasn’t appropriate for a soldier to do such things. “No, Tou-sama I have already completed one mission today. However during the course of it I happened upon a family that needs assistance. They have a hole in their house that needs repairing and I require a few sheets of wood to do so. If you would be so kind as to donate me two a sheet of plywood and four two by fours and a hundred nails I will be able to complete my task most expeditiously and then move onto my next mission.” His father eyed his critically taking in his form before moving forwards and whacking his left thigh sharply with the metal hammer. Senshi had seen every action his father was going to make and merely braced himself for the blow. “Make sure you stand properly, don’t you dare slouch or I’ll nail a damn rod to your back to make sure you don’t, you understand me?” Senshi straightened himself further, he didn’t even come up to his father’s arm pit yet thought. “Yes, Tou-sama!” His eyes were latched forwards at a point just above his father’s head as he fought the urge to fidget.
His leg hurt incredibly and he could all ready feel the bruise forming there, his father was after all an incredibly strong man. “Good, the woods in the back. So are the nails, take what you need and no more. I better hear good results about today at dinner son.” Senshi nodded before moving off fighting the way his leg wanted limp and forcing himself to take measured strides on it. As soon as he was out of his father’s view his hands quickly flashed through the hands signs for the Chakra: Anesthetic jutsu and plunged into his leg. The pain from his fingers didn’t near the pain from the hit he had received. He was unsurprised to see his leg was already swelling and bruising at the site. Ignoring it once the jutsu took effect he quickly grabbed what he needed and left for home grabbing the two bags his mother had put out and slinging them over his shoulder he went back to Sector one arriving at the house he awkwardly knocked on the door. The same old man answered eyeing him oddly, especially since he was holding the wood and bags.
“Welcome back ninja boy, whaddya need now?” Senshi tried to smile at the old man but it was hard with how disreputable he looked. “I… uh…. I brought some stuff for you and the uh….. The little girl. And some wood to patch up that hole real quick. I just… I thought I could help since we didn’t need this anyway and you do.” The old man stared at him for several seconds, having been stunned into silence when the little girl came up smiling at him. “Oh Shinobi-kun your back!” Placing the wood down Senshi smiled at her before pulling the first and larger bag off his shoulders, it didn’t weigh much but he could see that it was the bag of clothes. He placed that and the other smaller bag of blankets next to her. “Yes, and I brought you and your Jii-san some new clothes and some better blankets.” Turning to the still stunned old man he spoke again, “Uhm if it’s all right with you sir, I can repair that hole now.” The man just nodded watching as the young Genin carried the wood around back. The pair could hear the hammering as Senshi quickly placed the plywood board over the whole securing it and then reinforcing it with the four other boards he’d brought. It wouldn’t do much but it was better than nothing. As he was turning to leave quietly he was surprised to see the old man standing with a younger woman and two younger males. “Thank you, Genin-san. Just… thank you.”
Senshi nodded quickly embarrassed as he did so at the odd look in the foursome’s eyes. He turned leaving as quietly as possible to head to the training grounds, it was already past ten and he needed to complete his second mission.
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Sunshine on my life Empty Re: Sunshine on my life

Mon Nov 14, 2016 12:45 am

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