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Kobayashi Senshi <3
Kobayashi Senshi <3
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Thieves? You better not be in my Village Empty Thieves? You better not be in my Village

Fri Nov 11, 2016 1:46 pm
D Rank Mission: Thief in the Village

Mission Details:

Senshi sat at the desk in his room, it was five am but he had decided that instead of heading to the training grounds like normal this morning he would take the morning off to read a book he had recently picked up from the library. It was a very basic book on Fuuinjutsu that would allow him to break basic locks that were placed on things. He knew there were several levels of seals and that he would need to learn each level in successive order before he could break them, but learning just the basic E Rank ones for now would be good. Plus it would allow him to stretch his mind intellectually, and give his body the much needed rest. The book was detailed, showing several examples of seals that were E ranked. He spent most of his time studying the locking seals so that he would know how to recognize them and know if he could use the technique to unlock them. The book had detailed out how to shape ones chakra and focus in on the weak aspects of the seal, and then guide your chakra to those aspects to in a way overpower it and cause the seal to destabilize.
Senshi was quite intrigued by the fact that seals had a certain weakness built into them that was also in part linked to the amount of chakra the user put into it. Looking up from his study of the book he noted that it was already six thirty in the morning. That was a good enough time to head out to the mission building and get one for the day. He still needed to save up money to buy the sword his father had promised to make him. Pushing himself up he tidying the room up, making sure all the books on his shelf were placed alphabetically by topic and his desk was uncluttered except a larger notepad on top of it with a pent. His bed was made with a crisp sharpness, so much so he could probably bounce a coin off of it. Nodding to himself the boy turned and left his house, he could hear his father, mother, brothers, and sister in the kitchen getting ready for breakfast. As he had already eaten when he got up he choose to employ as much stealth as he had to leave quietly so as not to disturb them. Once he was outside he continued to stroll along the street enjoying the view of his village just starting to wake up for the day.
It brought a certain amount of pride to the young boy to know his village was beginning to bustle with life and energy. The sun was just beginning to rise as he entered the mission building and approached the desk assigned for E through D rank missions. There was hardly anyone lining up to get missions so early in the morning. Stepping up to the Chuunin he braced to attention before speaking, “Sir, Genin Kobayashi Senshi reporting for a D rank mission.” He had seen this Chuunin before back when he had run his first ever mission. He remembered just how nervous he had been then. The man nodded politely to him before tossing a scroll to him. “Heard you did pretty well on that mission to catch the prankster. I figure you can handle this one now. Good luck, Genin.” Senshi nodded giving a crisp salute before speaking, “Thank you sir! I shall endeavor to complete this mission with the utmost haste. Have a good day, Sir.” The man just nodded waving him off with a slightly tired sigh escaping his lips. He must have been on duty the night before, Senshi wondered if his two days of mission desk duty would be up at seven or if he still had another day.
Pushing those thoughts away he moved to a secluded area to study the mission’s details. Apparently there was a thief, or thieves operating in the village. It wasn’t considered dangerous enough that a Chuunin or higher needed to be called to handle the issue but it was an annoyance and causing a bit of a ruckus with the civilians. Four separate instances had occurred in the last two days, the problem was that while the culprit had only been operating for two days, they had somehow managed to hit two people at around the exact same time when there wasn’t a feasible way for them to be operating that far apart. The thieves were currently stealing from Sector four and five. Looking at the addresses to the civilian’s houses he headed to the most recent attacks place. It didn’t take long to arrive there before knocking on the door. It was after seven thirty now, so most everyone in the village should be awake and moving about their day. It took several seconds before an irate looking man, dressed in fine cloth opened the door. “What do you want Shinobi-San?” Senshi noted that the man had little to no calluses on his fingers and figured he was probably a merchant of some sort. “Kazumi-San, I am Genin Kobayashi Senshi, I have been assigned to investigate, capture, and return to you your stolen property. If you have a moment I would like to speak with you about the incident.”
The man suddenly scowled as if the reminder of his stolen property was a great grievance, which considering this was a shinobi village, and in Senshi’s humble opinion the greatest of them all, such things shouldn’t happen under their watch. “Yes, all right. It was last night around two am that they broke the lock and came in. I had a very valuable family heirloom on display in the living room, a tanto. It has a green hilt, and a golden sheath with green dragons on it. The blade has my family name inscribed into it. There was no other sign of their presence other than the missing weapon and the broken lock.” Senshi nodded as he finished copying down what the man had said, making a note of the items description should he be able to find it. “Thank you sir, I have just one question for you. Did you notice anyone around your house this past week that didn’t commonly visit the area?” The merchant seemed to think for several seconds before finally giving an almost tentative nod. “Yes, I think so. There was a young woman, about eighteen or so. I only remember because she had the most striking blue hair, I’d never seen her before but she was perusing the street.” Nodding Senshi braced to attention briefly, “Thank you sir. I shall endeavor to find the thieves and return to you your stolen artifacts. The Shinobi of Kumogakure will not allow this transgression to pass without consequences. You will be informed should the thief or thieves be caught and your stolen property identified. Please, have a good day sir.”
With that Senshi turned and took off across the village the towards the next house on his list, the third house to be hit. It was in sector five, and a good fifteen minute run for him to get to. Once arriving he managed to catch the small old woman who was just leaving her house. “Ma’am if you have a moment I am Genin Kobayashi Senshi and I’ve been assigned to find your stolen property and apprehend the thieves responsible.” The woman eyed him with an almost cranky look in her eyes. “So the village finally decided to get off its lazy posterior and do something about this. Good! What do you want to know that isn’t already in the report I filled out for the police, boy?” Senshi blushed slightly at her vicious tone, I had barely been eight hours since the incident had happened, how she could expect them to react any faster than this. Pushing down his anger towards the woman he schooled his face into a placid expression before speaking. “I just wanted to recap the details with you ma’am and see if the report was missing any information. Also I wanted to ask if you had noticed any figures in the area within the last week that you were not used to seeing.” The woman eyed him speculatively before giving a grudging nod. “Fine. I had locked my doors like always, and I even have a D rank Fuinjutsu seal to ensure the security of my home. My husband has always been very security conscious, what with all you shinobi around. It was around one am that we heard a crash and my husband rushed down the stairs to see a figure cloaked all in black. He said the figure looked to be around five eight to five ten with a decently muscular build to him, though he couldn’t see much in the dark. He yelled and tried to run at the thief but he or she escaped with our pure silver letter opener that was my dowry. As for any unknown figures I can only think of a man, he was in his twenties I’d say, but he had this wild blue hair.”
Senshi nodded finishing copying what the woman had said before bracing to attention, “Thank you Ma’am. I shall endeavor to find the thieves and return to you your stolen artifacts. The Shinobi of Kumogakure will not allow this transgression to pass without consequences. You will be informed should the thief or thieves be caught and your stolen property identified. Please, have a good day ma’am.” He pretty much copied what he had said to the first victim, this time only receiving a scowl in response. He turned sharply on his feet and headed to the second house that was hit. This one was back in the same sector as the first. Once arriving Senshi was surprised to see that it wasn’t actually a house but a shop instead. Making a note that the mission report he had received was incorrect, so he could put it in his own report and the offender be properly chastised. He approached the shop, noting it was a book shop known for selling rather rare and old books. Entering he approached the cashier before speaking. “Sir, I am Genin Kobayashi Senshi, I have been assigned to discover the thief who broke into here the previous night. If you could please direct me to the owner of the shop so that I may speak with him.” The man eyed him up and down with a rather bored expression on his face, “Yea, that’d be me. What do you want to know Genin-San?”

“I was hoping I could recap the details with you sir. A description of what was stolen, and possibly if you had seen any unknown characters in the area the week leading up to the crime?” With and almost bored wave of his hand the man indicated a stack of four books next to him, that Senshi was surprised to note all had to do with basic fuinjutsu. Specifically with locking, sealing, and unlocking something. “It was a copy of these four books here, I’d just received a shipment of them in and hadn’t even fully unpacked all of them yet. My loft is right about this place so I heard a loud crash in the middle of the night, by the time I made it to the backroom whoever had broken in was already gone. And yea, for the past week there’s been this nice couple, two blue haired kids I’d guess around eighteen to early twenties that have been visiting the shops around here. They mainly stop in here, buy some groceries from my neighbor, and go to the Sushi stand at the end of the street.” Senshi practically vibrated in excitement this was great he really had a definitive lead now. “Could you give a better explanation of what they look like? I’d like to speak to them.” The man seemed to be a bit more focused now, he had clearly picked up on Senshi’s excitement. “Yea the boys about five ten or so, rather muscular young man. Said he’d been working in construction for a bit before moving here. He’s got a real distinctive scar on the right side of his head, no hair grows here, and it’s just a big long line. The girl, she’s real pretty, about five four or five five. Real lithe build, but she’s go these really sharp emerald green eyes. Can’t miss her. They’ve had lunch down at the sushi stand every day the past two weeks, prolly will today as well if you wanna talk to them.”
Senshi nodded in sudden excitement practically vibrating on the spot, he made a mental note to himself to be back in the area before nine so he could keep an eye on them a bit before approaching and speaking to them. Bracing to attention once he had finished writing his notes out, he spoke faster than he had before but recited the same words he had to the other two victims, “Thank you sir. I shall endeavor to find the thieves and return to you your stolen artifacts. The Shinobi of Kumogakure will not allow this transgression to pass without consequences. You will be informed should the thief or thieves be caught and your stolen property identified. Please, have a good day sir.” Turning on his heel sharply he headed out of the shop to the first place that had been hit, getting there rather quickly in his haste. Once he had arrived he noted it was yet another shop, though this time just a regular clothing shop. Entering, he ignored the loud tinkling of the bell and approached the older woman and teenage boy at the cash register. “Good afternoon Ma’am, sir. I am Genin Kobayashi Senshi I have been assigned to the case concerning your stolen items. I’d like to go over the details of the incident with the store owner if you could point me in their direction, please.” The woman eyed him for several seconds before nodding and motioning him to follow her towards what looked to be a back room. “Sure thing Genin-san. My mother is the owner, she’s back here and would be happy to talk to you. I’m the one that actually saw her, the thief that is, though.”
Senshi merely nodded as he followed her, once they were in the backroom he reintroduced himself to the woman asking the two of them to explain what had happened. It was the younger that spoke up however. “It was real late the night before last, I was in here trying to finish some much needed last minute repairs when I heard the bell tinkling. Thinking it was my mother or brother I headed out there to ask for some help in sewing up these pants. That’s when I saw this blue haired girl, with these crazy green eyes at the till pulling out all the cash we had. It was around seven or eight thousand ryo I think, she also had taken some black pants and shirts. Had them thrown over her shoulder. When she saw me she bolted too fast for me to catch her though.” Senshi nodded writing all the information down, wondering why some of it wasn’t already in the report. He also wrote that down, to ensure it got investigated. Nodding to himself Senshi gave the two women a brief smile before rattling off his spiel, “Thank you ladies. I shall endeavor to find the thieves and return to you your stolen artifacts. The Shinobi of Kumogakure will not allow this transgression to pass without consequences. You will be informed should the thief or thieves be caught and your stolen property identified. Please, have a good day ladies.” He turned and headed out of the shop, it was almost eight thirty. That meant at his best speed he could be perched on a roof top near the book shop and the sushi stand in fifteen minutes and wait for his prey to appear. A vicious grin slashed across his face as he took off landing on his designated roof top he perched in the shadows watching.
As he did he recalled a technique he had been meaning to practice, it was called Chakra Suppression. It was especially useful for those shinobi who were on an infiltration or assassination mission as it would afford them more stealth then they had before. It would assist them in hiding from someone who could sense chakra. Deciding that now was as good a time as any to get some practice in while he watched for his prey he started out by focusing on his chakra flow. He knew intimately how it felt, where it twisted and turned and sped up. For several minutes as he watched the street below him he just let his chakra flow through him feeling it as one would listen to their breathing and heart beat when needing to calm down. It brought a sense of peace to the boy to know it felt, and he felt himself resting into his perch even more. The sights and sounds around him seem duly muted behind what he was feeling but he could still see every detail. Once Senshi felt he had a good feel on how his chakra wanted to move naturally, how it wanted to constantly be flowing through his very being like a river he started to exert some control over it. Not much, just first focusing on the flow of his chakra. He reached into himself and found the fastest moving current that twisted around his navel and shot straight to his heart and tried to slow it down a bit.
It took more than ten minutes for him to finally get the chakra to slow from the roaring feeling to what he would describe as a fast moving river. Once he had that down he began to focus on the any other chakra that was flowing faster than this section and slowly he began to slow those portions of himself down as well until they matched his first attempt. He was pleased to note that he was capable of maintaining this slower rate without too much trouble. He spent several minutes just letting his chakra flow at the slowed rate, letting it and himself adjust to how it felt before he began to reassert his control of the chakra and slow it even more. It was still fast moving, but less so now. He again let himself adjust noting that while being slightly harder than the previous attempt it still wasn’t all that difficult. While he let himself adjust he watched the street, it wasn’t quite nine thirty yet and if what the shop keeper had said held true he had several hours until they would arrive. He focused back in on his chakra and began to slow it down yet again, this time he managed a much larger result in that he managed to slow it to what he was call a leisurely flowing river. He grinned as he managed to succeed in what he had originally thought would be a very difficult technique. He knew that mostly this was used by higher ranking Chuunin and Jounin, so he was considering this quite the accomplishment on his part.
Once he felt secure in the feeling he was eliciting from his chakra he once again asserted his control slowing the chakra to an extremely slow moving river of feeling now. It left his breathing slightly heavier at that effort it took. Letting himself adjust took much longer this time, and Senshi decided to allow his chakra to speed back up to the previous level before exerting his control to slow it down again. He continued to do this for the next forty five minutes spending only a few short minuets at each stage before transitioning again and again between them. It was growing easier by the moment to slow his chakra, he knew he wouldn’t be able to make it quite instinctual for a while but if he could get to where he could focus on his control of it enough that he wasn’t panting by the end he’d be happy with the result. His eyes tracked the street before him keeping a sharp eye out for the blue haired male and female he was on the hunt for. As he did so he pushed his chakra to slow even further please when it was down to but a mere trickle of what it had been before. It was difficult but after the last hour and a half of practice it didn’t leave him gasping or feeling empty the way it had before. He restarted his method of transitioning between the stages trying to speed up his ability to both slow his chakra down and then restart it to the next speed. It was nearing eleven thirty when his eyes alighted onto the two he was searching for. They were walking down the street, rather close, and now that Senshi could see them he could see an obvious familial resemblance between the two. Brother and sisters probably but it was possible they were cousins of a sort.
As he tracked them he made the final push to slow his chakra flow to nothing, it was more difficult than any other step he had made so far. As he did so he could feel the sweat running down his forehead, he watched the two enter a jewelry shop seeing them browse around it and talk to the cashier for several minutes before leaving. Senshi continued to bear down on the flow of his chakra with all his will ensuring that it wasn’t moving even a fraction of an inch. It was taking half his focus off the duo but he didn’t need his full attention on them just yet. As he watched them meander from shop to shop him was intent waiting for them to head to eat their usual lunch. They were spending, what he considered, an inordinate amount of time perusing the jewelry shop. If they were his thieves then they were probably picking out a future target to steal. He noted on the door that the lock had a fuinjutsu seal, he didn’t recognize it so it was more than likely well above the E rank ones he had been looking at this morning. It would make sense why they had stolen those books now though, if they had been planning to hit he jewelry shop from the get go. As he watched them browse around the feeling of his completely stopped chakra was becoming easier and easier to deal with. He would now need to exert control to force his chakra into a ball, into his core.
As he did so Senshi tracked the two switching stores, to a high end weapons shop that was in this district. They seemed interested as they discussed something with the cashier. Senshi couldn’t make out what they were saying but he wondered if it might have something to do with the tanto they had stolen. They could possibly be looking to sell it, but that would be rather brazen of them to do so here. While they conversed Senshi bore down harder on his chakra finally mashing it into an unmoving ball into his core. As he held the technique there the duo continued with their browsing spending more than forty five minutes in the weapons shop both discussing with the cashier and looking at the items on display. Finally they left heading for the sushi shop and Senshi let out a sigh as he dropped to the ground exactly when they entered the shop. Stalking towards the shop with as much stealth as he could muster he slipped inside behind several customers and kept to the shadows and the sides of the shop his focus at controlling his chakra was lessening by the second as it became easier. He spotted the duo sitting in the far back corner, they luckily had not noticed him yet. With that in mind he slipped around the shop until he was near enough to hear what they said but still hidden. Currently they were conversing about the weather but after several minutes once they had received their order their voices dropped lower and Senshi had to strain hard to hear them. He suddenly grinned quite viciously as he heard them start hashing out there plans to use the stolen fuuinjutsu books to break into the jewelry shop and the weapons shop and what they wanted to steal. He suddenly released the hold on his chakra, it took several seconds for it to unfurl itself and then more to resume its normal flow but once it had his hands flashed through the hand seals for the body flicker and he disappeared in a burst of speed. As he reappeared behind the man he lashed out with a quick punch please when it connected hard with the side of his jaw.
The man slackened suddenly, the surprise attack and the fact of him being a civilian working in the young Genin’s favor. The woman took one look at his headband and turned to start running, she was fast for a civilian but had obviously not put any effort into training the way he had. Pulling his hand back he dashed forwards lashing out with the Taijutsu Discipline slap he had learned. The slap was hard and loud enough to echo throughout the building, but she immediately slumped into unconsciousness from it. He quickly bent down and bound her hands and feet before checking her few pockets. He came up with a scroll, looking at it curiously he unfurled it slightly to see it had an E rank Fuuinjutsu locking seal on it. He recognized it as the most basic one he had seen in the book this morning. Charging chakra to his hand he pushed his chakra to form and flow the way the book had described and put his now glowing blue fingers onto the seal smiling as it quickly broke and then released its contents. Now sitting before him on the floor were the stolen items, and at least some of the cash that he been stolen. Placing the scroll back over the items he quickly resealed them within and moved to the man. Senshi was surprised to see him slowly coming back to consciousness and with a quick Discipline slap he smacked the man back into unconsciousness before securing him with rope. Senshi realized he should have secured the man before checking their pockets. Once that was done he quickly hoisted both of his captives over his shoulder marveling that he had increased his strength so much to be able to do this.

Taking off to the police station Senshi quickly deposited his charges and briefed the on duty officer as to the situation, handing over the scroll of stolen items as well. Once he was complete he headed to eat his own lunch near the mission office and fill out his report. It took quite a while with all the information he had gathered, and while he did it Senshi continued to practice his Chakra Suppression abilities. By the time he felt the report held all the details he needed, he was able to transition from completely suppressing his chakra back to normal with much greater ease. With his chakra bared down and firmly suppressed he entered the mission center and approached the desk, bracing to attention after he handed over the scrolls he spoke ignoring the surprised look on the Chuunin’s face. “Sir, Genin Kobayashi Senshi reporting Retrieval mission 61449 complete. The police have both the stolen items and the thieves in custody now.” The Chuunin pulled the report to him taking several moments to read through it before nodded. “Great work Genin. I’ll make a note of this, and ensure the police handle it appropriately. Take the rest of the day off.” Senshi nodded bringing his arm to his shoulder in a crisp salute before turning on his heel and leaving. He had a book to finish and he wanted to continue practicing his chakra suppression.

-----Words: 4,729
D Rank Mission Complete
1000 Ryo
3 AP
Fuuinjutsu: Fuuinjutsu Braking - E Rank

Skill: Chakra Suppression
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 223500

Thieves? You better not be in my Village Empty Re: Thieves? You better not be in my Village

Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:24 pm

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