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Charity for Trinity Falls [P, Misson] Empty Charity for Trinity Falls [P, Misson]

Fri Nov 11, 2016 12:16 pm
Mission Details:


Genevieve’s morning has started out great. The weather was good, and she had slept well. She rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom to take a shower, letting the hot water wash off any negativity she might have had, leaving her in a better mood than when she went in. However, once more when she walked out of her bathroom in a towel, her selection of clothing was minimal. “I really ought to buy some more clothes, this is silly.” She said to herself after pulling on her undergarments and hanging up the towel, selecting a dress for the day. She hadn’t really been preparing for today but her box for the community was done so she had might as well do it.

As a side hobby, to release stress that she may have and to help her focus, she had taken up knitting. Even going so far as to make a scarf for Master Kyousuke, and though it was not the best craftsmanship, it was only the beginning. As she had worked on her hobby and skill more, focusing intently on perfecting it, she ended up making dozens and dozens of scarves. The large box overflowing with various colors of knitted scarves, her mastery of the crafting skill evident in its progress among these scarves. Each one carefully folded  to allow more room for other scarves until the box had been properly filled. Geni left her home with the box and went down towards the Church of the High Lady. Though she had been allowed into the Ninja/ Shinobi World, she was not unused to assisting the less fortunate; another hobby of hers since she was quite bad at making scarves and the less fortunate seemed quite happy to receive them.

A few blocks away in the area of allocated houses controlled and regulated by the Church of the High Lady, was another community that the same Church supported; a sort of shelter ‘facilities’ for the less fortunate. The building was large and held several faculties within itself; a garden, a courtyard, classrooms, and an attached store. The Church was invested deeply both financially and emotionally, into these rehabilitative facilities that Genevieve visited in her formal religion gowns and attire; jewelry and all. She openly supported and was quite a fan of the services offered by the building itself and the programs within; perhaps it was because she had taken it upon herself soon after her ‘enlightened promotion’, to advocate for the refurbishing of the building itself and stubbornly demand the immediate implication of more programs, broader studies for the children housed there, and more classes designed to prepare the families for a more stable and successful re-entry into the society around them. And the Church had listened and implemented the things she fought hard for which earned her much unnecessary grief but much happier people within the shelter. However, among these people were many who did not agree with Shinobi and their ‘black magic ways’ so it was always easier to have the younger females working the building and not the older ones; like Geni.

She went straight to the cafeteria and sat the box down in a table that sat in the center of the room, opening the box as another robbed sister who no adornments or jewelry, came around to see her, “Welcome back, Lady Genosis.” Geni smiled at the Sister, Rozamine, and turned to her to give her undivided attention to the younger female, “Our shipment came today but many of the families are refusing to even open their doors for us…” Geni gave an apologetic smile as the Sister held up a clipboard, “Everything is all checked in… Would you mind passing everything out, Lady Genosis?”

“Of course not.” Geni answered warmly and took the clipboard from the woman, looking it over and pulling a pen from where it had been neatly slipped just under the large metal clip, which securely held the papers. The papers were lists of families and what products had been ordered for these families; However, perhaps 60% of each page held highlighted names which corresponded to families who were not accepting the Sisters and other Priests help or were being stubborn. She was familiar with the names highlighted and felt a bit guilty; they were all families she had helped and grown with and when she was suddenly put into the world she didn’t have a moment to tell them of the transition from the clergy to the shinobi life; and it was probably best to simplify it a little better.

“Sister Rozamine, could you fill this basket with the items we need and follow me?” Geni asked and the Sister looked at her nervously, “Since I won’t be able to commit as much time to helping out as I used to, I would like to introduce you as my stand-in so that the families will be a little less unwelcoming.” The Sister smiled and nodded when Geni had explained herself, filled up a basket with most of the first page’s requested supplies and went followed Geni as she went to the first family’s door, knocking on it and waiting with Sister Rozamine patiently. The door was opened to reveal a male about her age with short blue hair, who smiled at her, “Hello Kyoto, how are you this morning?”

“I’m great!” He voiced and she smiled warmly at him, “We were told you were no longer on the Church grounds…”

“Yes, I was given my Priestesship early and sent out immediately into the Village to observe Shinobi Living.” The boy scowled a bit; past riddled and marred with bad run-ins with worse ninja, but this did not deter Geni from gently bringing Sister Rozamine into view, “Since this transition, I will not be able to be here as often as I was; so Sister Rozamine here has been elected as my stand-in. I apologize for not informing all of you.” The male softened, looking at Sister Rozamine, “However, you have been turning down the things ordered for you; do you have complaint with the services we provide here at Trinity Falls?”

“That’s my grandfather.” The male answered, “A lot of the people denying it are the elderly, and my grandfather personally said he doesn’t want anything unless you bring it.” He stepped aside to allow her entry into the small, apartment-styled “housing” and led her to the back, opening a door to his grandfather’s room; the occupant perking up and smiling at her, “Genosis-Sama-!” Geni smiled, “Where were you? I needed my medicine?” She took it from the basket that Rozamine held for her and walked over to the elderly man,

“I’m sorry for being late, Grandfather.” She apologized and offered him the medicine- and unlike many times before, he took it, “They made me a Priestess and put me into the Shinobi World on a mission; I, regretfully, did not have time to inform you all.” He patted her on the head (to which she lowered her head for to make it easier for him).

“Those Ninja are unholy and vile; you be careful.” The Grandfather said and coughed a bit, Geni taking the medicine box from him and opening it up for him, “If there is something I can do, please let me know…”

“Actually, Grandfather, there is.” She said and spoke up so he could hear her properly with his weak ears, and she gestured Rozamine forward, the girl moving towards the foot of the bed, “Grandfather, this is Sister Rozamine; she is my stand-in while I am gone.” The Grandfather made a disagreeable face but Geni took his hand gently within her own, “It would mean a lot to me, if you could allow her to bring you the medicine, and not give her too many problems.” He looked at Geni then gave another glance to the other female, before looking at Geni again,

“If It’s for Lady Genosis, how can I say no?” He asked and Geni smiled, hugging him gently, aware of his brittle constitution. She left the house and marked off that they had received what they needed, before going onwards to the other highlighted families and received, more or less, the same result.

[Total WC: 1,375 ]

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Charity for Trinity Falls [P, Misson] Empty Re: Charity for Trinity Falls [P, Misson]

Fri Nov 11, 2016 12:42 pm

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