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Kobayashi Senshi <3
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Thu Nov 10, 2016 11:01 pm
Capture the Prankster Mission

Mission Details:

Senshi moved through the village, for once actually moving across the roof tops like the shinobi that he was. He was doing this because for the first time in a long time he was running late. He had been focusing on training so hard lately that he hadn’t taken the time last night to set his alarm and as such instead of waking at five am to head out for a warm up to maintain his body he had instead woken at eight am. He had to admit that he did feel rather refreshed after sleeping in for so long. He had been pushing himself so hard lately he hadn’t realized just how tired he was getting from it all. Taking a deep breath of air as he landed outside the mission office he took several moments to collect himself before walking into the building wanting to project the image that he hadn’t been running behind as badly as he had been. Once he was inside, he angled himself towards the mission desk that handled E through C rank missions and waited in the oddly long line of shinobi who were picking up missions. Maybe everyone was just running late today.
Senshi didn’t envy some of the shinobi that were collecting missions, as they seemed rather tedious. Stepping up to the desk he braced to attention, minutely noting the annoyed expression on the Chuunin’s face. He made sure to straighten himself out even more so. “Sir, Genin Kobayashi Senshi reporting for a D Rank mission, Sir.” His Uncle, before he had died, had taught Senshi that speaking with a calm tone, and ‘sir sandwiching’ a sentence as he called it was the best way to put an irate superior at ease. The Chuunin however only seemed to look more annoyed at the boy than he had before. Resisting the urge to move Senshi kept his eyes on a point about two inches above the Chuunin’s head, he didn’t want to annoy the man even further. With an even more irate look the Chuunin tossed a scroll to him before speaking. “There, it’s a priority mission that needs to be complete within two days. The people are getting rather restless and it presents a bad image to people that someone is getting away with this. So make sure you get it done Genin.”
Senshi caught the scroll before going back to attention nodding crisply and giving the Chuunin the most perfect salute he could muster in the hope that he wouldn’t put a negative mention in his file. Turning sharply on his heel he walked out of the building moving off to the side before opening the mission scroll to peruse its contents. Apparently over the last several days someone had been putting up graffiti around the village. Most of it was centralized around sector three, subsector Charlie, though there were at least three that were outside of that area. Nodding to himself Senshi moved out to check out the locations where the graffiti had been placed. He needed to catch the kid who was possibly an academy student as soon as possible. They could not be allowed to disrespect the village and tarnish its image with such unprofessional behavior. Once he arrived at the first of eight locations, having decided to start with the most recent one first he began to look around. There was another Genin currently cleaning the graffiti off the wall and Senshi nodded respectfully to the girl.
The image she was washing off was a lewd drawing of a woman and a man with the words Icha Icha: Tactics underneath of it, and a small hand drawn image of a little fox. Senshi knew that folklore told that foxes were trickster spirits, guided by the god Inari who was the God of trickery. That would make sense for a prankster to want to draw. He moved closer to the graffiti trying to stay out of the way of the girl, before bringing out his pen and paper that he always carried and making a few notes before carefully tracing over the little fox image that had been drawn. He moved off a little ways and took stock of the area. He could see nothing out of place for several moments until he noticed a muddy foot print off to the side. Moving towards it he knelt down, it looked dried enough to have been made by possibly the person who had left the graffiti. This was an alleyway that not many people traveled down. Turning he looked at the girl genin eyeballing her sandals and making a rough guess as to her foot size. It was definitely too small to have made this print, as this sandal looked to be at least an eight or a nine.
That meant he was possibly looking for an older student, one who maybe could have failed and held a grudge against the village possibly. He looked up from where he was standing to the roofs and with some quick hand signs body flickered to the roof top. He resisted the urge to smirk at the sudden gasp the girl gave at his usage of the technique. It definitely brought a tinge of pride at how well he was progressing. He crouched down on the top of the roof noting another muddy footprint that looked the same as the one below. He also grinned when he noticed that there was a small piece of cloth that had been torn when whomever this prankster was had probably been escaping the scent. It was a light blue cloth, almost teal in color. Picking it up him pocketed the item before turning around a sitting on the ledge of the building. He had read about a skill called Chakra Sensory and thought maybe it could help him in this situation.
Pushing his chakra out he felt for the feeling of other chakra around him, unsurprised to feel a sudden burst of strength to his right. He knew there was a Yakitori stand there and had seen a Jounin eating when he had passed by. Clearly the Jounin had a lot of chakra and that was why it was so easy to sense him. Trying to feel past the almost overwhelming sense that the Jounin gave off was giving the young Genin quite the headache. After about fifteen minutes he finally managed to parcel out the feeling of the Jounins chakra enough to start feeling for others around him. Mainly he was focusing on trying to feel the Genin girl’s chakra. Once he did that hopefully there would be traces of the whomever else chakra that had been here that he could feel for. Then he might at least have an idea of what he was looking for. He continued to reach out with his chakra letting it pulse from his body slowly to look around the area. But he wasn’t getting much luck in this regard.
He frowned wondering why he was having such trouble locating the girl below him when he was only about twenty five meters away. He opened his eyes flashing his hands through the Body Flicker hand seals again before landing about ten feet away from the girl. She gave a slight gasp in surprise as he suddenly appeared but he ignored her in favor of closing his eyes and feeling out with his chakra again. Now that he was much closer he could feel her presence, it was weak but there. That Jounin’s chakra was once again overwhelming his senses. He was surprised when she suddenly spoke. “You’re trying to sense my chakra, but the Jounin in that Yakitori stand is confusing you, aren’t you?” Senshi opened his eyes blinking in surprise before nodding. “Yes, I apologize. I have a mission to capture the culprit behind these graffiti incidents and I was hoping that I would be able to at least get a feel for the chakra he or she might have left behind. Unfortunately I’ve never tried this technique before and I am only just now realizing how difficult it is.”
She nodded in what Senshi interpreted as sympathy before speaking again. “I’m a sensor type kunoichi, it comes easier to me than for most others. Try only sending your chakra in pulses towards my way and I’ll release some chakra while I work so that you can get a better feel for it. Here’s a freebie my nature is lightning so you should feel a bit of almost static feeling in your feedback when you do finally sense me. That’ll help at least a bit, but to be honest I don’t think you’ll find any trace of the offender here. I certainly can’t feel anything.” Senshi nodded in thanks to her advice before closing his eyes and starting to do as she had instructed. He resisted the urge to move on with his mission immediately, he had a lot of time left in the day and getting at least the basics of this technique down would certainly be helpful in the long run. He pushed his chakra out, this time only forwards towards her preventing it from leaving behind him and searched for a sense to come back.
He was almost surprised when he felt a very small spark on the edge of his senses. It was unsurprising that she was hard to sense with her low reserves and that his ability to sense her from far away was hampered by his lack of knowledge in the technique. He continued for several minutes to send pulses of chakra her way until he could steadily feel her becoming stronger on his senses. He could see what she meant now when she had spoken about how he felt the light static type feeling in her chakra. It felt normal to him as his own chakra often had the same feel to it. Opening his eyes he smiled at her, a smile reserved smile, but a smile none the less. He gave a light bow before speaking, “Thank you Genin-san. It was most helpful having your assistance in making this breakthrough for your technique. I hope to work with you again someday.” He gave her another final nod before using the body flicker to appear on a roof a hundred meters away. He then took off to visit the other sites that the culprit had placed his art work at. As he did so he made small notations about the places that were marked. He didn’t find anything at the other sites as they were too old to have any remaining evidence left behind, but he did have an idea.
Taking off towards his home he landed out of breath and rushed up to his room looking at his bookshelf he finally found the scroll he was looking for. Unrolling it, he revealed a map of the village. Quickly he began plotting out the all the places the culprit had marked. After doing that he began to connect the dots in chronological order smiling as he did so. He had been right, the spots weren’t picked at random. Whoever this was had clearly been planning this out very thoroughly. Before Senshi he could see what was clearly an attempt at the culprit to write out the kanji for Inari on the map. Using this knowledge Senshi began to look at the map closely trying to see where the next most logical point would be to continue the marking of the Kanji. There were three possible locations but luckily they were all within 50 meters of each other. Jumping up Senshi grinned, the culprit wouldn’t try again until later that night but this meant that he could go set up in the three suspected areas.
Grabbing some scrap metal he had around the room and some dark colored rope he headed back out to the Village rushing to the sights he had plotted. Once he was within a half mile he started to use every ounce of stealth he possessed progressing slowly just in case the culprit had a chance to watch the area the day before he planned his dastardly deeds. Reaching the first sight Senshi set about using some of the scrap metal and rope to make a decently well concealed trap at the tops of the buildings. Reports said the culprit was accessing the areas via rooftop which is what had led them to wondering if it was an academy student doing the deeds. Once Senshi completed his task he moved on with the utmost stealth repeating the scenario at the other two sights until finally he had completed his preparation. He then used the Shunishin to land on a roof top within fifty meters of two of the sights and seventy five meters of the third. He sat down and closed his eyes, he would continue practicing the Chakra Sensory technique for the rest of the day while he waited for night to fall.
He had placed himself so that he was partially hidden by and overhang in the building, once night hit his dark cloak would completely conceal him from eyesight. Reaching out with his chakra he began to feel around for any other sources. It was well over thirty minutes before the first chakra signature finally came within his very limited range. As he continued to send pulses out he could feel the chakra source moving, steadily coming closer to him before it passed and started moving away. He directed his full focus onto the chakra and followed it for as long as he could frowning in contemplation as it left his senses. He then continued feeling out for chakra around him while he waited, it was currently just past noon and he had at least five more hours until the sun set. He was willing to bet the culprit wouldn’t show until after nine or ten pm however since that was when the streets would finally be at their most barren. With his senses extended he continued to feel out chakra, for the next three hours the only chakra he managed to sense were that of strong Chuunins or Jounins. And usually they were the ones moving quickly though the area.
As he continued practicing however he could feel both his range with the skill increasing and his ability to sense lower and lower chakras. He had already found someone that he would say was probably average Chuunin level in chakra that was eating at a nearby restaurant. His was providing him with a unique opportunity to practice sensing for a much longer time and Senshi took all the time he had to abuse this. As the hours wore on and Senshi continued to practice he began to feel the light pangs of hunger from having skipped bother lunch and now dinner. The Sun had set about an hour ago, but the streets below him were still bustling with people. Thankfully he had the Chakra Sensing activity to keep himself busy and focused on something else. Plus now that it was dinner there were plenty of shinobi moving about and eating dinner below him. This gave him plenty of targets to practice on, and gave him the practice of learning to ignore larger signatures and search for smaller ones.
The trick the female Genin from earlier had shown him would not work in all situations. He would need to be able to learn to look past powerful chakra signatures and search all around to find the weaker ones. He never knew just how useful this ability could be, but he did know that it was a staple of anyone who was a Chuunin. Learning to track missing Nin and one’s own teammates was something that every shinobi who left the village needed to become proficient in. Finally Senshi felt that he was getting good enough at the technique to track random shinobi, and look past the larger signatures that he opened his eyes and began to try tracking them while also focusing on his surroundings. He found this new attempt to be quite difficult as focusing on the feelings he was getting and focusing on the area around him was difficult. He persevered though pushing through the uncomfortable vertigo sensation it gave him to track a shinobi walking while keeping an eye on someone doing a completely different activity. It wasn’t long until the streets began to clear and slowly empty of all signs of life. Senshi continued to feel out with his chakra but now he was keeping a sharp eye on all the approaches that he could see to the three locations. It wasn’t until almost midnight, and Senshi could feel the exhaustion and hunger beginning to really distract him that he both felt a small twinge on his chakra sensing radar and saw a tall lithe figure slinking along the rooftops.
Whomever this was he had to give them quite a bit of credit as they were extraordinarily quiet and hard to spot. Thankfully though they had bright platinum blonde hair that they had forgotten to cover up, and in the moonlight it practically glowed like a beacon making the person easier to spot. Senshi tensed as he watched and tracked the weak chakra signature as it slunk across the rooftops moving towards location number two. He could feel all his muscles tensing as he saw a large can of paint and a brush in the persons hands. He gave a fierce grin at the sudden yelp and the sound of the scrap metal he had placed out jangling loudly. His hands flashed through the body flicker hand seals at his most impressive speed yet and he landed on the roof top above the dangling, paint covered culprit. He eyed the tall boy for several seconds taking in his features. He looked to be about five foot five, and around the age of fourteen or fifteen. He was either an academy failure or still in. Though he was older than most people who graduated it may have had to do simply with his inability to perform the jutsu. He was certainly stealthy enough and was good enough at planning things out to pull off these pranks for a while. That was when the boy noticed him, and Senshi could hear him lightly cursing to himself.
“You are under arrest by order of Raikage-sama for destruction of property and disgracing the honorable village of Kumogakure.” With those words Senshi used the surface sticking exercise to walk down towards the boy and begin securing his arms behind him with some rope. The boy offered little resistance since he was already tangled up in the snare trap he had set up, settling for glowering at the Genin. Senshi then secured his legs, keeping his budding skill in chakra sensing active in order to pay attention to the boy and ensure he didn’t try the rope escape technique. Senshi finally cut him loose from the trap and began cleaning it up. Once he had collected all his supplies he hefted the much larger boy over his shoulder and moved to the other two sites cleaning them up was well. He only had to deliver a sharp blow to the boy twice before he stopped trying to use the rope escape technique. Once he was complete he headed to the local police force in the area walking into their lobby he dropped his prize in front of the officer sitting at the desk. “Sir, Genin Kobayashi Senshi delivering the culprit responsible for graffiti the village. I will need a report from you detailing his delivery in order to turn in my mission.” The man behind the desk nodded directing two junior officers to take the prisoner back to the holding cells while he filled out several forms before handing them over. “All right, thank you for your help Genin Kobayashi, you did us a great service.”

Senshi nodded sharply before respectfully bracing to attention for the man for a moment before turning and walking out of the building. He headed directly for the mission office knowing that it was a two day assignment that the Chuunin couldn’t leave from. He arrived and giving a respectful knock on the buildings door to alert the Chuunin’s he as there he walked in. He was unsurprised to see three Chuunin’s sleeping with one awake, he nodded respectfully to the man before sitting down in a corner and beginning to fill out his report. Once he had completed he walked up to the E-C rank mission’s desk making sure to slap his feet loudly against the floor once as he approached. The Chuunin jerked awake glowering at the boy before him. “This better be good, Genin!” Senshi braced to attention after placing the two scrolls on the desk before the Chuunin. “Genin Kobayashi reporting to complete Retrieval mission 7710. The prisoner has been delivered to the police force and booked in a holding cell to await sentencing.” The man glared before snatching the two documents up and beginning to read them. Senshi had made sure to put in how stealthy the boys was and his skill with the rope escape technique. Hopefully they’d put some time into training him, he would be a decent addition if he could get his act together. The chuunin finally nodded in annoyance before speaking, “Very well, good job you’re released.” Senshi nodded giving a sharp salute before leaving to head to bed, he was certainly exhausted after this long day.

-------Words: 3597
D Rank Mission Complete
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Skill: Chakra Sensory
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Akihana Akari
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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