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Life's Enjoyable Moments [Ankaret] Empty Life's Enjoyable Moments [Ankaret]

Fri Oct 28, 2016 1:10 pm
"Come back, come back, come back! A little more, more, annnnn... Stop!" Ganki shouted demandingly, raising both his hands up above his head, signaling the crew to drop the unusually large crate down on the ground. Ganki would never do such a labourous task of lifting boxes himself, if he had the money to hire man power to do it for him. What was but few Ryo to the capitalist anyway? As the crew carefully set the crate down, Ganki watching carefully for any roughness, an onyx colored carriage with golden embroider like design made its way to the front of the the building. The four horses grunted as they were brought to a complete stop. Not only did they have to pull the carriage, but also the extra storage wagon, that was attached to the luxurious carriage. The driver, sitting on top of the carriage signaled his arrival with the golden bell attached to the carriage itself. The sound made its way all the way towards the back of the wide store, towards the alley Ganki and the crew resided. He turns his sight towards the direction, smiling that the carriage was finally here. He needed the carriage to transport all of the booze for tonight's party, it would be the last party Ganki would enjoy here in Tanzaku, well, one of the two last parties. The other party would be held in Koushu Ave, but at a much later date.

Ganki makes his way towards the front of the store in a hurry, signaling the crewman to wait in the back alley. The Liquor was an important pleasure, among many other substances, one that many parties thrive on. Without it, the party Ganki was heading too would die, fast.

Once he reached to the entrances of the store, he steps outside to meet the carriage driver. The sun hung low above Tanzuku Town, the day was just about over, with little time for Ganki to prepare the shipment. Ganki was dressed in a button down white dress shirt, the sleeves were rolled up just below his elbows. The many tattoos along his arms were exposed to the world. On top of his button up shirt, he wore a black vest, along with a black dress tie. His black dress pants that he wore, along with everything else, was free of wrinkles, not a crease in sight. His dress shoes were as black as the carriage infront of him. His suit was his armor, and armor that ran up a pretty high price tag. But money was never an issue for the great Ganki Sakura. Everyone knew that.

3 feet away from the carriage he instructed the driver, "Hey! What took you so long? Anyway ways, take this pathway to the right behind me, and then take the first right, it leads towards the back of the store, were u can pick up the shipment." The driver nodded, whipping the horses with great strength, Ganki's eyes widen slightly, as he too knew that had to hurt. However, they were just horses, a simple apple or carrot at the end of it all would suffice. One the carriage was out of his way, Ganki clapped both his hands together infront of him, both of them grasping each other. Everything was coming together nicely, this was gonna be one hell of a party. His smile lit up, matching his blue sapphire eyes.
Shika Yabusame
Shika Yabusame
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Life's Enjoyable Moments [Ankaret] Empty Re: Life's Enjoyable Moments [Ankaret]

Fri Oct 28, 2016 4:25 pm
"Hey, nICE to meet you." Go away. Please. I'm only here to pick up some medicine and maybe a medical jutsu or two. "Wow, you're really giving me the cold shoulder." The stranger was beyond monstrous in size, muscles the size of hammers almost sparkling in the sunlight. Kill me. Ankaret could sorta see where he was coming from; she was dressed for cold weather. After all, she was planning on heading north. A thick, black long coat was draped over a tightly-woven shirt. It was rimmed with purple and had golden emblems running up the sleeves. While it looked expensive, she'd keep the fact that it was an incredibly cheap imported purchase to herself, thank you very much. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out a rolled paper and unfurled it. Might as well get some practice in. She looked at the scroll sideways. She summoned all the chakra she could to her hands and clapped, thrusting both palms forward. The Shock Paddle technique she was planning on studying fizzled out before it could do anything noteworthy. "You need to chill out." Attempting the technique once more, she glared. It seemed to hold for a bit longer this time, though. Maybe if she focused specifically on the lightning element... It was worth a shot. "With how hard you're concentrating on that, it's snow wonder why you're all uptight." Happy place. Happy place. Her hands sparked. That was good. An improvement from what she had before. "Does my flaky personality bug you?" Another spark, this time bigger. The power of annoyance compels me to succeed. Just a little more and I think I'll have it down... "What the hail, I quit. You're a tough nut to crack." She stood up, stretching as she did so. The golden emblems on her sleeves seemed to glitter in the sunlight. Ankaret basked in the warmth. This is one thing that I'll definitely miss this in- 

Someone crashed into her from behind. With her petite frame, she stumbled forwards. "Ooh, looks like someone needs to get their prescription checked~" A moment passed silently. Then she realized that the scroll and half of her ryo were gone. Her eye twitched. "That is, if you still have eyes when I'm through with you!" She raced after the rapidly fleeing figure. Her footsteps fell heavy, but she urged herself to go faster. The power of annoyance didn't compel her to succeed, she realized as her legs began to burn from the effort. It was the power of knowing that she was about to slap a bitch and there was nothing that they could do about it. She saw him turn a sharp corner. She quickly followed, using the surface walking technique briefly to stop herself from skidding by accident. Ankaret was quickly gaining on him, and when he was about a yard away she leapt forwards. They collided harshly and were knocked to the ground. Before he could react, she aimed a quick punch to the nose. The sickening crack that followed told her that she'd have a few seconds to recollect her belongings. She searched his pockets. She put the ryo back where it belonged, but couldn't find the scroll. Damn.

She stood up to walk away, keeping a subtle eye on the thief. He jolted up after her. Without thinking, she clapped her hands together and thrust them forwards onto his chest. With a pop of pure electricity, he flew back. Ankaret looked at her hands. Hehe. Neat. She was interrupted from her own thoughts as the clicking of horse shoes seemed to pervade the area. They were linked to and pulling an aristocratic-looking carriage. Some sort of wagon was attached to the back. For storage, maybe. Out of sheer, morbid curiosity, she followed unsubtly. I wonder what's happening. The horses came to a stop eventually. The driver looked like he was talking to someone. That someone was dressed rather nicely for a simple stroll. She threw out a wild guess that there was an event of some sort. Whatever floats your boat, man. You do you. 

Promptly, she tripped and loudly banged the corner of her forehead on the ground. ...Damn it. 

[WC: 698]
[Total WC: 698]
(note: I know it's impossible to have your ryo robbed when you don't have any. Just... Just pretend it's there, if only for the sake of this thread. :L )
Ryo : 139050

Life's Enjoyable Moments [Ankaret] Empty Re: Life's Enjoyable Moments [Ankaret]

Sun Oct 30, 2016 7:59 pm
Tanzaku Town, it was home to some of the wealthiest people in all of the lands, and also home to people who just didn't give a shit about other's misfortunes. Beggers begged, only to be pushed aside, their presence devaluing thier own existence. You even have hustlers that play the Saint, only to rob you blind when your back is turned. It was the city of opportunity, the chance to make a few Ryo by any means. All that talk about hard work is true, but people keep the "hard work" part vague for a reason. When it's time to get that money, all that peace tree hugging moral compass nonsense needs to go. Period. When opportunity knocks, remember, the door swings both ways.

While Ganki was talking to the driver, a loud knock suddenly struck, a sound that Ganki picked up amongst the crowd even. His highly trained sense no doubt at work. He blinks rapidly a few times, As the driver pulled away, Ganki looked onwards to see what was said sound, perhaps it was another bird that flew into a window.

Ganki's gaze was Now focused towards his left. The capitalist now seeing a downed heavily clothed woman on the sidewalk. Ganki turns his head to look back towards his right quickly, only to return his sight back to his left, focusing on the woman's body. To be exact, the lower half respectfully; Ganki was a warm blooded mammal, a human male at that.

Her whole attire was that of someone from the north, the region Ganki was born. It was impossible for Ganki to not be familiar with such style of clothing, the combination. Most people up north dress like so, for the cold. Also, the fact that her perfect like skin, which Ganki somewhat was jealous of, was pale, added in more proof that she was from the north. However, down here in the south, to be dressed like so wasn't too common. Perhaps maybe she was visiting? Who knows? Ganki and the many money hungry hustlers of the lovely Tanzaku Town knew. The cons, the plotting, in fact, the amount of lurkering going on at this very moment would be to nerve racking to figure out. He smiled while nodding his head slightly side to side. This poor woman, Ganki laughed inside.

He slowly makes his way over nonchalantly, while taking in his surroundings. The passing civilians, "Am I the only one who notices the woman laying on the ground?" He eyes the coat while performing his mental questioning. He nearly reaches her position, "I know this is Tanzaku Town, aka hustle-every-suckerville, but come on! Though, that coat does seem nice though, gonna need to see where she got that." He finally reaches the woman, inches away, now kneeling down on the balls of his feet, 6 inches away. He faces her from her back side, as he cuffs both his hands around his mouth to form a cone. Now looking towards the back of her head.

"ARE YOU OK?! OH AND UH... WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR COAT!?" He playfully shouts towards the back of her head, inching his form foward an inch after each sentence, seeing her as a lost tourist of Tanzaku Town.
Ryo : 139050

Life's Enjoyable Moments [Ankaret] Empty Re: Life's Enjoyable Moments [Ankaret]

Thu Nov 10, 2016 11:43 am
(( I'm gonna go ahead and just void the topic, due to inactivity. Not mad, just want to rp lol.))
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