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Satoru Nara
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Ambition Empty Ambition

Thu Oct 06, 2016 8:24 pm
With moonlight, the road leading towards the large village gates is dimly lit. The night air is clean and cool, a calming atmosphere when coupled with the scene of starlight in the sky. These beauteous happenings are what draws Shiro to depart on his next mission at this time despite there being no fellow ninja to wish him safe travels. Starting off a mission this way, accompanied by an enchanting skyline, clears his mind for the coming task and allows him to better focus on his mission. The day before, Shiro had retired to sleep earlier than usual so that he might awaken at the early hour of 3AM.

This being Shiro’s first mission departing from the village, his attempt to start it off right is currently of high concern for fear of failing. In his mind, he has conjured worst case scenarios and pondered on their probability of occurring. The fear that he has caused himself, he believes, will put his confidence and ability at a disadvantage when enduring the coming tasks. An estimated travel time of two days going to Tengakure and another two days returning puts stress on Shiro’s imagination. Being a shinobi himself, mere thieves do not deter his will. Rather, the thought of rogue ninja of greater strength than his own bring his emotional health into question.

“Am I brave enough?” He asks himself, stopping before the gates. Clouds drift by in the sky and create nearly undefinable shadows as they block out the moon’s light. “Do I have the gaul to step out there for five days to rely solely on myself to survive?”

He remembers his smaller expedition, taking the same amount of days to complete. In that span of time, he had grown exponentially and sharpened himself to the point of returning to his home having changed, not only physically, but mentally as well.

“I had remained within proximity of the village during that time. Those forests, harboring no rogue ninja or enemy spies, was by no means any preparation for this task. I can’t know what I am going to run into.” Shiro’s mind begins to force his imagination upon images of his own corpse, his few belongings stolen from him. Without money on his person, would he be able to bribe a rogue ninja into sparing his life?

The moon is revealed from behind a drifting cloud, the sudden light breaking Shiro’s train of thought. He looks up into the full white sphere, clearing his head. From deep within, ambition fills him.

“The fact that I feel even the slightest hint of fear might make me unqualified for this expedition. But Tehniyat’s decision regarding my advancing onto this mission was made for a reason. Whether she felt pity for my loss against Kenshin or felt that I truly was ready for the rank of chuunin, I am here now.” Shiro continues through the gates, following the trail to the eastern borders of Haven. “I can prove to myself that the time that I have dedicated has not been in vain.”

(510/8,000 towards Mission Completion)
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Akihana Akari
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Ambition Empty Re: Ambition

Sat Oct 08, 2016 6:27 pm

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