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Medical Ninjutsu: The Basics (open, Nk) Empty Medical Ninjutsu: The Basics (open, Nk)

Mon Sep 19, 2016 12:10 am
Hiro was feeling the same way he did as he normally did on a training day. He was excited for what was to come, anxious for the pain he normally ended up feeling, and dreaded the tired feeling he knew would come afterwards. Today was slightly different than the other days, but not very much. Today he was going to be learning his first medical jutsu. The only reason he hadn't learned any so far was because he was too busy learning to cause damage to learn how to repair it. He needed to learn this though, because while he was able to hurt people, they were able to hurt him pretty badly too, and that meant he needed to be able to fix it. So, walking to the training ground, he started making cuts up and down his arms, making them just big enough to take a bit to heal, but small enough to not hurt him. Upon arrival at the training grounds, anyone who had watched him would think he was just cutting himself, but any ninja who watched him as he sat down would know he was training, as his hands would start glowing and he would begin to run them over the cuts, causing them to start slowly closing.

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Seika plz <3
Seika plz <3
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Medical Ninjutsu: The Basics (open, Nk) Empty Re: Medical Ninjutsu: The Basics (open, Nk)

Wed Sep 21, 2016 6:28 am
Let's dive rooooooight into the news. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, those of you who are of another gender, let us begin this thread with a post that is so unbelievably lazy that the writer himself was even surprised.

The sun hung low over the wavy dunes that were around Sunagakure, which meant the sands were still cool. This marked an ideal training time for those who preferred to do so outdoors, where the weather wasn't blistering hot nor frigid. By the time she had made her way out of her dwelling, the training grounds were already littered with nine different kinds of early bird, whom she was sure might need her help at some point.

Whether it be quick visit to heal any minor injuries, or something to prevent the pain, this gloriously redheaded Uzumaki had it all. Now, should one of these kiddies happen to break their skull open and expose any and all brain matter? She didn't know how to deal with that.

Moving on, by the time of her arrival at the training grounds, there wasn't much going on. The usual spars and what have you were in progress. Spotting an empty bench, the chuunin sauntered over, and took a seat.

Unzipping her jacket as she leaned against the back of the bench, with her right hand she reached within and drew a rather thin paperback book. Thumbing through the fifty or so pages, her eyes caught the page number where her progress had stopped.

The blue iris gave way to the slight dilation of the black pupil, her eyes scanning the words on the page. The content of the boom was fairly light and simple, which meant that it's teachings in the medical arts would be easy to pass on.

Upon wrapping up the last paragraph, before she turned the page, her eyes flicked upwards and gazed about her surroundings once more. All seemed normal, aside from some strange boy cutting himself.

The red hairy streak above her eye arched, as did her curiosity. Watching as the boy began to heal his own wounds, she would wait until he passed by her before calling out to him, "Hey!"
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Medical Ninjutsu: The Basics (open, Nk) Empty Re: Medical Ninjutsu: The Basics (open, Nk)

Wed Sep 28, 2016 9:21 pm
Walking over to the one who had called out to him as he began to cut his arms again, this time only on his left arm, Hiro would examine her. She had red hair, and was most likely a ninja judging by the fact that she was at the training grounds, although there was no headband upon her head. This meant she was just a student, and he would focus more on his training than what she was saying. What do you want? As he began healing his arms once again, he would think to himself. This better not be a waste of time, or I'm gonna be pissed. Luckily enough for him, this wasn't going to be a waste of time, and he was going to learn a new jutsu.

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