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Training with Ichiro (IO, NK) Empty Training with Ichiro (IO, NK)

Sat Sep 10, 2016 6:46 pm
Hiro didn't like being slow, it was his least favorite thing. The only cure for being slow was getting faster. This was Hiro's logic on learning body flicker. It was the fastest way to get faster fast, so he was going to do it. Arriving at the training ground at his usual time, he started his training by warming up, just stretching and running around a bit. After this he would start actually practicing the jutsu, using what he had already memorized, he tried to do the jutsu, barely speeding himself up, going about 13 feet forward. Shit... This was going to be more difficult than he had previously anticipated. So, he continued trying until someone would show up.

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Kobe Ume
Kobe Ume
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Training with Ichiro (IO, NK) Empty Re: Training with Ichiro (IO, NK)

Sun Sep 11, 2016 2:22 pm
Ichiro watched Hiro from a distance. He didn't really tried to make it known he was there or even tried to actually hide as he was just there. He continued to watch the guy as Hiro tried his first attempt at the jutsu. By now Chi already figured out what he was trying to do causing him to release a sigh as run but not as fast as he probably would if he did the jutsu right.

He moved from his distant position and did the body flicker jutsu himself, performing the hand signs and pretty much applying chakra to his own self to run fast. Once he stopped in front of Hiro, Ichiro turned to face him and smiled. "I couldn't help but noticed you needed a little help"

Thus begin the training.
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Training with Ichiro (IO, NK) Empty Re: Training with Ichiro (IO, NK)

Sun Sep 11, 2016 8:12 pm
Hiro didn't like to admit when he needed help, but getting help normally made things go a good deal faster. I guess I do. You think you could help me out? I'm trying to learn Body Flicker. He would then use his version of the jutsu to get over to him, still barely moving faster than he normally would. He would continue using it to move in a triangle around Ichiro, speaking as he did. I can't move quite as fast as I'm supposed to, and I'm pretty sure it's supposed to last longer than it does now. The triangle was slowly getting bigger as he got faster. He was pretty sure he recognized this guy from somewhere. The training thing! You were the guy who was training people up at the academy! Sorry for leaving early by the way, just don't like crowds. He was starting to get more tired than he had been, but not much. He would definitely be able to keep going after this jutsu. This guy seemed pretty cool, and he was definitely strong enough to teach Hiro, also probably knew body flicker.

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Kobe Ume
Kobe Ume
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Training with Ichiro (IO, NK) Empty Re: Training with Ichiro (IO, NK)

Wed Sep 14, 2016 4:29 pm
Ichiro watched Hiro go around him and nodded. "Yes I'm Ichiro, that guy that was training people at the academy. " he took a moment to think and made a face as if he just remembered something....because he did. "You are Hiro correct?!" Anyway introductions aside, he began to help Hiro with this jutsu.

"Body flicker? Oh that's easy" Ichiro formed the ram handseal and as expected he would speed off several feet away from Hiro in a instant. "Luckily anyone can learn this jutsu!" He shouted at Hiro. He performed the hand seal once more as he then returned to his previous spot. "It's not a matter of actually running fast but by using your chakra to give you a quick burst in speed!" oh wait before he would let Hiro start, Ichiro jogged over to the younger guy and handed him a water bottle. "Oi drink this before you begin, didn't have any snacks on me....whoops."

"Anyway all you gotta do is use your chakra to enhance your speed!"
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