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Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Sat Sep 03, 2016 6:49 am
The night before the wedding, Akihana found herself pouring over the notes Youka had left her weeks before. True to his word, the Raikage had left nothing out and though some details of his various experiments were too gruesome for her to even consider reliving, other aspects were… not only normal but familiar. His research into Creation Rebirth mirrored her own in many ways, except she would never go to such extreme mesures to invoke it. The jutsu, before now, she had seen primarily as a self-serving one. Ironically enough, seeing her fiancé use it had made her realize that it could be used to defend too. Much like Patriarch’s Herald, an immortal shield that defended the world could prove very useful.

Akihana had already began the process of meditation a few days ago, realizing that it was the only way to calm her nerves before the wedding took place. As a result she was now at least not in the verge of suffocation. Despite the newfound geniality between the blonde and the Kage, the looming prospect of marriage left her cold and shaky, as if she was about to step into the battle field without any preparation or foresight. As a ninja, Akihana did her best to never jump into situations unawares so naturally she had tried to prepare here. She had attempted to learn everything she could about the man she was about to marry, she had tried her best to get to know Kumo once more and now she was trying to get to know the state of affairs in which Kumo was run.

Putting aside the latest financial report on the village funds that she now had access to as an elder of the village, Akihana’s golden eyes lit up at the sight of something familiar. The Lightning Mastery technique that Yaju had thought too old school for him. As his secretary and then ANBU, the blonde not only knew of the technique but had even considered learning it, only to settle for the fourth Raikage’s Black variant. Raising her free hand away from her face and the papers, the kunoichi smiled fondly as the dark chakra crackled softly across her fingertips in memory of her friend and mentor.

“I wonder where you are right now,” she murmured softly, her eyes shifting from the file to the tips of her slender digits, watching the tiny bolts of lightning flash in the most miniature storm possible across the well of her palm. “I wish you were here… but if you were, you would be so unhappy.” The ghost like figure she had encountered months ago was all but a memory but the haori she had found while cleaning the cave home was proof that she hadn’t been hallucinating. Yaju lived as long as there was Black Lightning on her fingertips.

And now it was time to let him go.

“You are my best friend, and I promise to look after your son whenever he finds me,” she promised, trying to keep her voice steady even as the lightning continued to dance across her hand. “But I have to go now… I wish I didn’t but… You also have to go now. There is so much waiting for you on the other side. I know there is. You can’t stay here for me or for those you worry about. You deserve to be at peace.”

Slowly, the lightning began to grow pale, silvery and nondescript. Just as deadly should she choose to wield it offensively but that was not the point. She had adopted the skill to continue what he started. And she knew she would never meet anyone as worthy as her best friend to pass it on to. Today, on the brink of getting married, even she wasn’t worthy of his skill anymore. So Akihana found herself doing what she had  been offered long ago, performing the technique as it was originally meant to be, without Yaju’s alterations.

No handseals were required, they never had been. Kumo shinobi carried lightning in their heart or so the legend goes but Akihana had always seen herself as a being of fire. But she hadn’t been the kind of Konoha fire that burned hot to destroy, rather the flame that glowed softly to guide. She wasn’t the candle that burnt on both ends and then vanished in a grand show but the silent star that lived its life guiding the lost and then died a quiet death a million miles away. Yaju had been a magnificent show of light and life, and his technique would die with him. No one could ever replace him in her life or bear the honor of knowing his jutsu. Maku was right, she didn’t need tokens to remember people.

Sometimes a memory was more than enough.

The gem on her forehead glowed brilliasntly as the last of the darkness left her fingers, leaving pure silver energy in its wake. The lighting chakra was still present, still as affective and still hers, it just didn’t bear Yaju’s mark anymore.

“Goodbye,” she called out sadly, banishing the chakra from her fingers as she sank into the bed again, the papers now scattered around her. Her fingers should have been burned by now but the gem on her forehead ensured her safety. Perhaps that was what was intended in giving the secret to her? One way or the other, at least Youka cared for her safety, even comfort. And tomorrow... Tomorrow she would find out if it was real. Once legally married, he would no longer be obliged to listen to her, to show any emotion towards her.

Before falling into a fitful sleep, Akihana glanced out her window for the last time, checking to see if the morning star was within sight.

(Exit Akihana)

TWC: 967

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1,000 words refund from Taijutsu shunshin also towards CR.

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Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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Sat Sep 03, 2016 11:18 am
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