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Playing With Fire Pt. 2 [p, nk, io] Empty Playing With Fire Pt. 2 [p, nk, io]

Fri Aug 19, 2016 4:37 pm
Miyamoto was sore, his body felt as though he had been hit by a boulder from Shiro.  He nevertheless got out of bed, his body showed that the training was paying off, though it was weird for a 10 year old to start have such tone to his muscles.  This was the age of Shinobi though so there were of course much weirder things, Miyamoto got dressed.  Today he was in search of learning the Jutsu that Shiro had used during their sparring match.  The unrelenting stream of flame that Shiro used could possibly be devastating if used at close range, as well as a good diversion technique.  He made sure to stop on his way out and see his mother as she was off work today so that they could spend the day together.

"I will not be long mom, just have to make sure that I have the hang of this technique I saw the other day."

His mother then asked him if this was about the "fights" that Miyamoto had been in.  Miyamoto was quick to dismiss the accusations before laughing and running out the door.  He took the long way to the training grounds arriving around mid morning as he found a training area that no one was using.  He began to focus some chakra into his mouth as he imagined blowing fire like a mighty dragon.  As he exhaled he made a half Tiger hand sign.  There was nothing but spittle though as he jumped back thinking there was going to be some sort of sweeping fire.  He sighed to himself as he looked around to see if anyone was watching, to his confirmation he saw no one so he attempted it again.  He performed the hand sign at a speed of 15 as he poured as much chakra as he could into his mouth as he collected it.  

"Be the dragon, be the dragon."

He would say in his head as he let lose the fire within him again, and again was met with warm pittle all over himself like a dribbling child.  He would stop and kick the ground and growl with frustration.

"Damn it WHYYYY!!!"

He would actually yell out, not checking for anyone, but making it painstakingly obvious he was failing.  Miyamoto calmed himself rather quickly after the outburst, he should have acting way smoother than that...No one needed to know if he was failing he made one more check around to see if anyone else was watching...when he found no one was he made the hand sign one more time as he stockpiled chakra in his mouth one more time pouring just a small amount of it he would exhale.  His breath would catch fire as he watched the flame move out like a tidal wave, it was unique and different from Shiro's thats for sure.

'There we go."

He would smile before performing the jutsu one more time at a speed of 18 with 10 chakra stockpiled now, and as he exhaled he noticed the flame did not grow larger, but instead it seemed to burn whatever it touched significantly more.  HE quickly stopped exhaling as his eyes grew wide.  He would rush to put out any fires as he would wipe the sweat from his brow afterwords.  With a sigh of relief he would begin his walk home.  It had not even reached high noon as he knew his mom was probably angry at him for leaving so fast with very little he promised he would hang out with her, so he rushed home at full speed and opened the door to see his mom waiting for him at the kitchen table drinking tea.  She took a deep breath and looked at Miyamoto

"I just heard from one of the school teachers that you managed to catch a small field on fire.  It is put out, but you...are grounded."

She finished in a stern tone as Miyamoyo just looked at his mother with surprise....what a start to the day. 

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Akihana Akari
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Playing With Fire Pt. 2 [p, nk, io] Empty Re: Playing With Fire Pt. 2 [p, nk, io]

Fri Aug 19, 2016 5:21 pm

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