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Vaneda the Cursed One
Vaneda the Cursed One
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Guardian... (Open) - Page 2 Empty Re: Guardian... (Open)

Mon Aug 22, 2016 6:14 pm
(I'm sorry for not posting sooner. My keyboard lost 2 keys so I'm doing this on my tablet. Sorry Q-Q)

The kid explained that his work here was now complete, saying that he normally hangs around the cemetery before disappearing outside and leaving the priest alone again amongst the infants. Vaneda looked down at the child within his care, his true, more disgusted emotions bubbling to the surface. How vile and retched this assignment was. Why couldn't the raikage see this? Why couldn't he just... he didn't know... put Akihana in charge of this child? Maybe because that would tie the child to him indirectly and Jashin forbid a village leader such as himself have a protege learning directly under the strongest and most knowledgeable person in the village. He wondered if he knew what he was passing up when he gave this hunk of flesh away. He wondered if the Raikage cared that he gave up a chance to further increase the bond between his wife-to-be and himself with this child. Vaneda wondered if this leader of his thought about this decision from all angles before making his choice. If he did, it wasn't the most beneficial choice. If he didn't he passed up an obvious opportunity. Vaneda would bring this to his attention later. Surely, for... *ahem* purely political reasons, he would listen to his ANBU, at the very least. If he agrees, everyone wins! Even Akihana! She gets a pride-and-joy to keep her mind off of her cage, The raikage gets a student to raise and mold into his own ruthless pawn, and Vaneda is rid of a pest that has already defiled his holy lord by breathing in that crib! It would be perfect all the way around... All it would take is one talk and this little mound of trouble will be nothing but a ghastly memory.

He let out a sigh before running his hand across the child's soft forehead, skin softer than the velvet it's little clothes are sown from. He watched with a cold, almost begrudging gaze as it's large, fatty baby legs twitched and wriggled in it's sleep. He listened with a killer's attention to it's soft, slow breaths in sync with his own. He really was a bull in a china shop. One thrashing against his bonds with every last bit of effort. Not one piece falls from it's place, however. Vaneda retracts his hand, the arm twitching slightly as it struggled against his own restraint. All it would take is one talk.... One talk and the Raikage would relieve him of this burden. He would see the sense in his plot... The child would grow into someone worth killing without Vaneda keeping himself in check every single minute. He smiled softly, genuinely, hopefully. Yes.... Yes..... This might work.... It might work... His day immediately brightened, despite his ANBU instincts telling him the odds of his failure: 50/50 in all likelihood. The Raikage might feel confident in his current plans, not wanting to add another variable to the vast piles already in place. He might not want to take time out of his busy scheduled to visit and implant ideas and plots into this child's infant mind. Then, there was the possibility the Raikage might place that job on his shoulders, putting Vaneda back where he started with no wiggle-room to squirm out of this situation. The odds of this succeeding the way he wanted to decreased to a 40/60, but he struggled against worse odds and won. He could only hope he'd succeed again. His smile widened, an almost sinister sharp-toothed grin that implied he was going to eat this helpless child.

"Azura..." Vaneda addressed the sleeping girl softly. "Enjoy your first 3 years of uselessness, because one way or another, you are in for the worst pain of you're life. Whether under me or the lord I serve, you will learn the ways of this world. Pray to your god, little one, that my mission is a failure because I am the softer ruler. Pray that the Raikage places you're little existence in my hands once again because, unlike who I strive to please, I know mercy." He knew the infant couldn't understand what he was saying, but it was, at the very least, satisfying. With his ghastly smile on his face, he made way for the Raikage's chamber.

Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Guardian... (Open) - Page 2 Empty Re: Guardian... (Open)

Mon Aug 22, 2016 6:56 pm

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