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Vaneda the Cursed One
Vaneda the Cursed One
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Insurgency Faliure (Mission) Empty Insurgency Faliure (Mission)

Fri Jul 08, 2016 12:19 pm
(mission: WHAT HAPPENED)

Ah, mission time. Directly from the Raikage himself, Vaneda was informed of a small group of... ahem... "martyrs" who have been making the good kage's job a bit harder than he'd like. The group itself was inconsequential, no real threat at all, but the information they've gotten their hands on... that was the true prize. Somehow, they've managed to access Kumo's most private information centers and steal some of the good kage's top-secret operation plans. The raikage had already dealt with the inside man so all that was left was the information carriers. Vaneda's job was simple really: Destroy the carriers, retrieve the information. Easy, quick, no strings attached. However, this wasn't a job for the Jashinist to mess around with. This was a direct threat to the raikage's rule and was something to be crushed without any chance of recovery. Vaneda stepped out of the raikage's office, mask flipped over his face and black hood pulled over his head. This was a job of professionalism and efficiency, not for fun.

Vaneda walked amongst the crowds of Kumo's people, his attire helping him blend in with the average person. Information had it that these traitorous martyrs were still within Kumo's walls and likely within the market place. For now. At least they weren't entirely stupid and trying to make an immediate get away. Trying to blend in amongst the commoners and flee while the heat was lowest was their apparent strategy... Vaneda's eyes were on everyone's faces, probing each and every one of them for something they were trying to hide. It wasn't long before he found who he was looking for: A thin, but short woman a little ways ahead of him, early twenties, dressed as commonly as everyone else. She had short red hair and thin-rimmed glasses that made her stand out just a little bit more. What really tipped him off however, was that she seemed to be glancing around just as frequently as he. She eventually broke from the crowd, crossing into an alley that lead into another road across the way. Vaneda hopped up to a roof overlooking the alleyway, following her as silent as a shadow from above. No longer amongst the people, Venada followed her peculiar hair-color as she weaved through the crowd, apparently very eager to get where she was going. For at least a few hours, Vaneda traced her, watching her mill about several of the market's stalls, buy a thing or two, but never actually talking to anyone or going anywhere apparently... The sun sank low in the sky, darkness beginning to fall over the land of lightning. With his appearance shrouded under the cover of night, Vaneda stalked the woman to a local warehouse, the only building she entered on his entire investigation of her. Suspicious, Vaneda followed her in a few meters behind. She weaved through the many different shelves and crate-piles with the Jashinist right on her tail amongst the crates. She came to a stop at the back of the warehouse however, forcing the Jashin to take cover behind a nearby crate. The back was nearly barren, the shelves and crate-stacks ending nearly 40 meters away. He peeked over the side of his crate, witnessing that not only was the woman he'd been tracing was here, but too others as well. One was dressed quite richly, similar to that of a lord. He was large, overweight appearing. He had that kind of look that said he knew exactly what he was doing and had complete confidence. Whatever was going on down here, it was obvious he was confident in his protection. The other appeared to be that of a mercenary, typical in appearance. He looked as most do; Rugged, bulky, carrying a heavy but precise weapon... The difference in this man, however was that something was hanging from his belt... Scratch that, several somethings. They appeared to be headbands with several different village insignia's carved into the steel. So... this guy appeared to be a ninja hunter...? Hm...

"Do you have the information...?" The large rich man spoke to the woman, his voice surprisingly calm and collected despite the amount of crimes he was committing by simply being in this warehouse.

"Not all. A piece. It's too important to be carried by one person." The woman responded, handing the larger man an orange envelope from within her robe. "The next piece will arrive in 2 days at 3 AM sharp. Same place."

Upon hearing this information, Vaneda's eyes widened. 4 pieces to track down? In a place as big as Kumogakure? Hm... Maybe that woman would be open to sharing their locations if she was subject to a little pain... The Jashin drew his Katana slowly from it's holster, as the man observed the contents of the envelope.
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