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Mia Hikari Umoi
Mia Hikari Umoi
Ryo : 500

Along comes a Nagin (Traveling) Empty Along comes a Nagin (Traveling)

Tue Jun 28, 2016 12:17 pm
("Nagin" Is the Indian term for a female King Cobra, which translates int heir language to "Queen Cobra")

Mia hadn’t necessarily grown tired of Suna- it was the heat. It was too much for her. So, packing up her meager things, collecting the cloak Salzem had given her, and receiving an outstanding letter of recommendation from the owner as his wife gave her a sad and tearful goodbye, Mia set out once more. With no country and no village, it was easier to travel- especially seeing a caravan heading the way she was. Waving them down and asking for a lift was easy enough, but- “Where ya goin?” The civilian asked and Mia gave them her honest answer:

A little farther than they were.

And so they headed out

She didn’t really know specifically where to go but she knew she couldn’t be in the Wind Country anymore. And the company of the travelers was enough to keep her mind off other things- like the cruel abandonment she had done of Salzem and Ichiro by wordlessly and listlessly leaving their country. No letter. No left behind note. No wayward word. Nothing. She could have sent a raven or dove to Ichiro and told her about her decision to leave. She could have tried the same with Salzem but she didn’t.

Mia tilted her head back and looked up at the clear blue sky, letting her body move with the gentle rocking motion of the old caravan wagon that was soothing and relaxing, and the breeze coming from the desert today was- mild. Carrying with it the smell of the desert’s dryness and it’s hidden cactus blossoms with the warmth.

When they stopped, she stopped. When they unloaded, she helped. Then they packed up, she assisted. And when their small children saw through her heavy cloak and mostly-covered face, and laid their little heads in her lap to sleep, Mia let them. In the times that they stopped to stock up on anything, when they were comfortable with her, Mia was allowed to watch the children while their parents did errands and what was necessary for the travels. Said kids were more than happy to have someone more active to play with than their tired parents. And the female was pleased to spend time with the bright-eyed children with their wild imaginations and their vivid ideas and their lucid, buttercream-sweet dreams. Children game Mia hop that things would get better; they always had a way of making the world seem brighter. Perhaps that was just her.

They were much easier to please and read as well, but Mia didn’t both mimicking their behaviors or their innocent expressions. She couldn’t allow something like ‘innocence’ to be her downfall when she still had so much to do. Their honesty was refreshing and always appreciated and they liked her hair, requesting to add flowers to it when they passed to greener lands. They did so even when she napped with all the the children as they basked in the warm sunlight like cats, snoozing peacefully under a tree to the gentle music that was the rustle of it’s leaves.

“You going to Moon Country? Here the economy’s pretty good.” The Leader of the band asked her.

She still haven’t decided.

It was something she thought about as she continued to travel with them and occupying the children with her wordless lullabies to help them sleep at night. Humming when they fell asleep against her and her warm thighs and stroking their hair. The parents commenting about her great ability with children and how she would be a great mother. Things Mia didn’t bother to think about right now or any other time. Kids were cute and so were babies, but- right now? That was too sudden and she had much more to do, and no time to look after children right now. Perhaps somewhere in the future, but not now.

She needed a course of action. She needed to try and decide what she wanted to do with her time- well, she knew what she wanted to do. But how to execute it. She didn’t have a map but she knew the way home-- hopefully when she travelled, she’d stop somewhere close. At a landmark perhaps or the village that her Grandmother and her went to every so often when they needed something. Often her Grandmother didn’t bring her but when Mia did go, Mia was always hypnotized.

They only went at night, her Grandmother told her it was a tactic to keep them safe, and the floating lanterns and lights of the village were so mystical to her no matter if she was a child or a young lady. For  long while, her Grandmother would hold her hand and then- she stopped, “You’re a young lady now, Mia. You need to learn how to walk on your own.” Her memories of her Grandmother were sprinkled with little lessons like that; some she didn’t realize until now. Ones she had over looked in her Grandmother’s presence that seemed completely relevant and helpful in her painful absence. Her last words still rang in Mia’s mind, a faint echo that bounced around and infrequently came to the front of her mind in moments where it seemed to sense that it was needed. Perhaps they weren't even words, perhaps they were a genjutsu her Grandmother placed on her?

That was a silly notion as the woman she had known had never used any sort of jutsu aside from what she taught Mia. She could have sworn that her Grandmother’s chakra had been purple, but perhaps that was her imagination.

Mia spent one quiet afternoon, talking to the Caravan’s Leader, “A town on the outsides of a Village, huh?” He asked and pulled out a map, pointing to a country’s border line, “Well, we’re still heading Northeast, so us being on the border of the River Country and the Fire Country, there’s Tanzanku Town by Konogakure.” The man explained and Mia studied the map carefully with thought, intrigued by the many different colors, “We could drop you off there if you want?”

“I would really appreciate that.” Mia said with a faked smile and the man reassured her that it was no problem at all for someone who had helped them for the ride, enjoying the newly limited time she had with the children and the other people with them. They arrived at the town by nightfall and were gracious enough to leave her enough money for an inn for the night. And though it was ‘saddening’ to wave them off, especially children, Mia entered the closest inn and paid for a room for the night to house her and her meager belongings.

After a shower, some night’s rest on a plush bed, and another shower, Mia left the the inn and began looking for teahouses; recommendation letter at the ready, and chose to wear her usual turban and cloak as she applied for the smaller teahouses first- “Well, we have high-class and beautiful girls here…” The Owner of the first shop said and stared pointedly at Mia’s head wrappings, “So I need to see what you look like-”

“If you hire me, I’ll show you.” Mia vocalized and surprised the man, “I have a good recommendation letter; surely, you can rely on it to speak highly of my character and work ethic, instead of base something so small on looks?”

Alas- The Owner was much more vain that that.

“A’ight.” A man said to her at one of the slightly higher-up Teahouses. Mia had gone to 10 different Teahouses with the same condition, and the man handed the recommendation letter back to her, “I’ll go get the paperwork.” He voiced and Mia stood in the entryway and still stood firmly in place when he returned from collecting the needed papers. He set them down on the front desk’s polished wood surface and set a pen next to them for her, talking opening about wages and such and agreed to provide food and board, before pointing out where her signature and initials were needed. When they were done, the owner put a hand on his hip and looked at her, “ A’ight, let’s see.” He said as he pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and proceeded to flip open the top of the glossy box, pull one out, and put it to his lips as Mia unwrapped the cloth from around her head and face.

He cupped his hand around the end of the cigarette and flicked the lighter to light it as her silver tressed fell down, raising his head to see just a second afterwards- before he bit his cigarette clean in half in surprise; resulting in him accidentally swallowing the part in his mouth and coughing up a storm, “Are you alright, Landlord?” Mia asked and the man nodded vigorously, “If you don’t mind, I’d like it if I could put my things away in my room. Afterwards, I can start on the chores and such, I don’t mind.” Mia informed him as the Owner stumbled over words before blatantly shouting ‘yes’ at her; but Mia didn’t mind as she smiled,

“Please take care of me, Landlord.”

[ EXIT ]
[size=16][ TWC: 1,526 ][/size]
[size=16][ Requirements: 2,000 words if going over more than one country][/size]
[size=16][ Path of Travel: Wind Country -> Fire Country][/size]
[size=16][ Bonus With Conditions: -500 WC][/size]
[size=16][ Bonus Conditions: -100 WC per 10 Speed Points][/size]
[size=16][ Character Stats: Mia/ Speed: 50]
[size=16][ Claims: None]
Risako Akara
Risako Akara
Ryo : 47750

Along comes a Nagin (Traveling) Empty Re: Along comes a Nagin (Traveling)

Wed Jun 29, 2016 12:10 am
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