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Echo Uchiha
Echo Uchiha
Ryo : 49110

How to be a Ninja, VOL.2, By Echo of the Leaf. Empty How to be a Ninja, VOL.2, By Echo of the Leaf.

Thu Jun 09, 2016 12:05 am

Chapter One.

There comes a time in a Shinobi's life, when Death is not just looming over him, but staring him in the face, and it speaks to that Shinobi, Death says; "Your death, though tragic, will spur the world onward. Your death, though avoidable, will save millions. Your death, though you fear it, will change the world for the better."
This day, is the day you have to make a choice, this is the day you have to decide what you care for more and if it actually would be worth it.

This is not a selfish thought, do you have more good you can do for your home? Or will you better serve through this sacrifice?
This is not a decision made lightly, but you only have a short moment to make it, as not many are as blessed as I am. 
There's a time in a Leaf's life, where in defense of the Tree, so a branch does not crack, it must fall to lighten the weight. But, on the Wings of your Comrades, your leaves cannot yet fall.

But one day, it will.

Just as I will, this is all I can offer, all I can do for this world. This fight, will mark the End of the stagnation, and this world will flourish under this New era of Shinobi, who fight for what they truly believe in. 
Do not throw your life away needlessly, you weaken your village and only do yourself an injustice.
You die when there is no other option, you die when this will benefit your village, or you truly feel you must. Stand with your comrades, learn from the trials ahead, and grow strong during your life.
In my life, I've won battles, I've lost comrades, I've destroyed in duty, I've destroyed in fury and I've killed. I've Killed many...So many.
My Life, as it ends, in a blaze of fire and crackle of lightning, has been long and fulfilling.
But, as I won, I lost just as much if not more.
Mine is a tale, where I've Tasted Victory, tainted by Bitter Defeat, even as my Life is offered for the growth of the World, I lose something...Someone, rather special.

"Sorry, I'm not gonna be able to make our Date, raincheck~?"

That's just how this has to happen though, you, the Shinobi who read this, are my Legacy, strive for greatness, learn, grow, and find something truly worth fighting for, and..Answer me one selfish question?

"Why did you become a Shinobi?"

When you can answer this, look at what you must do, and answer this with a strong proud voice? With conviction and without hesitation? Know that I'm smiling, and that I've got your back all the way from wherever I end up! FIGHT ON! FIGHT TRUE! AND NEVER FALTER WHEN YOU TRULY KNOW WHEN TO STRIKE!
Hesitation is a tool, use it and when you know when you must strike, Strike Quick! And with your full power! For Country, Friend, Brother and Yourself!

And you my fellow Leaf Shinobi, who faithfully serve your Home, and fight for your dreams...I have one question to ask, that in all my years, I could never answer myself, fulfill an Old Soldier's request and try your best okay? 

Answer me this;
"Is it a Leaf's only purpose to Fall?"

When I die, I'm leaving a lot of people behind, but I hope that my Life is the price for a better future, the Future I saw that could be. Filled with people who know what they fight for, filled with Pride and ideals that while not my own, you can be proud of, live by and truly Live for.
I've seen it, and I know you can make it happen. These, are my final memoirs, written through my final days as I prepare for the final fight that will end this Legend of mine. If your reading, I hope you'll continue to, and will take these words to heart.

Goodbye, and good luck, dear readers.
Echo Uchiha
Echo Uchiha
Ryo : 49110

How to be a Ninja, VOL.2, By Echo of the Leaf. Empty Re: How to be a Ninja, VOL.2, By Echo of the Leaf.

Wed Oct 05, 2016 11:24 pm
Chapter Two.

When a Shinobi acts without thinking, people die.
Wars are started, crops are burned, rivers flow red...
When you acting on behalf of your village, do not take all things into account, benefits, risks, deaths, lives, things you and your home stand to gain versus what you stand to lose? You are striking a blow against your very heart, and have dealt it a blow that it will not easily recover from. Which is why, it is always imperative to remember this.

"A Shinobi hesitates, that is the nature of our craft. We do not hesitate when action must be taken, but we must consider the consequences of the actions before us."

Drawing a blade against someone is something that can't be taken back, take a moment, take all the time the situation calls for, and think of what may occur because of your actions today.
If you must strike? Strike decisively. Strike through doubt and without hesitation, one life for the continuation of another. Or for the betterment of your village, but remember...To stop and think.

Because for some? All they need is an excuse, do not be that excuse, act with this in mind and you will find your performance and your mood improving considerably.

Not to mention, it may one day save your life.
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