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Mako Mitsurugi
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Your Obedient Servant...(P,NK) - Page 2 Empty Re: Your Obedient Servant...(P,NK)

Sat Sep 03, 2016 9:35 am
Yazu would be taken aback as the foreign shinobi would swiftly enter the room, that ninja's prescence remaining unknown to the boy until he had actually spotted him, this oversight and interruption frustrated the white hared boy and made his fist clench.  Did whoever this was even know what he was interrupting, apparently not or he wouldn't have.  Additionally, he could tell it wasn't Jester as that man always smelled of strong ginger, and he knew if it was Wraith he wouldn't have left without giving him a smirk and forcing Yazu to acknowledge him. 
It would be then, in the middle of their conversation regarding the remainder of Yazu's shinobi career their conversation would be cut short, with Haru dismissing him.  It was then that Yazu could feel the bloodlust rising in the back of his throat, the anger within him almost coming to an uncontrollable point and the monster who had managed to keep at bay for many months would beg for release.  He had not killed in what was almost 2 months now since he had acquired the Sharingan. 
The sharingan would activate in response to his frustration and Yazu would reach his hand outward nearly launching it at the smug and seemingly uncaring Kage who stood before him, for in truth he never respected the man as his leader, and was simply telling the man what was needed to get a leg up.  So now when Haru passed Yazu off so plainly it triggered him, however Yazu needed to control himself, and realizing how close he was to making an attack, and how terrible of a decision that might be.  He composed himself and brought his outstretched hand in and forcefully deactivated his dojutsu.
"Yes Lord Mizukage, we can finish this discussion at a later date."  The words burned upon exit and filled him with such hatred, if there was ever a possibility of him respecting Haru Hyuuga as the kage, the man had just missed it.  Yazu would then stand and exit the room and head down.  The usual secretary who was usually there diverting individuals and sending them on their way.
"Have a nice day Mr. Yazu!"  She smiled and said cheerfully.  As that would finally be the last straw, as Yazu's hand would activate and launch forth from his arms as the black threads would guide them, it would be an ideal opportunity to use the jutsu he had been working on.  His eyes would flash the moment they made eye contact and his hand would be wreathed in green chakra, honed to a scalpel's edge, the sharpness would line in a circle around the tips of his fingers.  The hand would target directly for her heart , slicing cleanly through the woman's chest cavity with the chakra scalpel technique.  He would deactivate it the moment his hands felt her beating heart.  The technique shined through as a success and the paralysis kept her from screaming so he knew that this kill would be in complete since just the way he wanted it.  He would quickly and cleanly pull the heart out and retract the black threads bringing the normally cheerful woman's heart back to him.  He knew it was useless and not helpful for him, but it felt so good.  Leaving her instantly dead and quiet corpse sitting in the chair heartless only to be found later after he was long gone, tossing the heart up and down as he walked out of the door, and back to his small hide out.

twc4234 claiming 21 stats and 4000/4000 for chakra scalpel
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Your Obedient Servant...(P,NK) - Page 2 Empty Re: Your Obedient Servant...(P,NK)

Sat Sep 03, 2016 9:42 am

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