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Mako Mitsurugi
Mako Mitsurugi
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Your Obedient Servant...(P,NK) Empty Your Obedient Servant...(P,NK)

Wed Jun 08, 2016 1:41 am
Yazu was lost, in a world of self doubt, he was in a chaotic place.  His mind incapable of taking solid footing on anything, and for a man with no values and no fear of death, and one with nearly invincible anatomy, that was a dangerous place to be.  The questions floated over him the events of the last two days reoccuring over and over.  The white haired boy had already trashed everything in his small house and laboratory spilling the contents of his hard work and labor all over the floor of his lab.  He had no clue what to do with his life, he had apparently already tried to kill the Mizukage in a blind fit of anger, though he felt he could hardly be blamed for that, this was Kirigakure after all.  Though that train of thought led him down other avenues, like why did he still live, mercy was for the weak, had that have been Xyxer he would be dead, was the new Mizukage a weak man?  What happened to Xyxer the warrior who he had crafted as an idol and follower, did this man kill him, could lord Xyxer even be killed, was this a test for him to undertake?  He didn't know, all of this change in his life happening, things he couldn't control taking root and backing him into a corner.  That was why he preferred the medical arts, he could control things, whether someone lived or died, he could contol himself and his own body by making it however he wanted, but now with Kozata dead and with his true leader and Lord presumably dead, what did he do?
It was then when the image of Kozata would appear before him,  taller than him, mysterious, and with the red eyes, and when he saw those eyes he knew it would no longer be Kozata that spoke to him, but instead it was the voice within his friend, the great mastermind of Kozata's life.
"Relax Yazu, what has you so worked up?" the visage would beckon.
"Kozata? Is that you, it can't are dead?"  Yazu would ask perplexed, he had seen the boy's body not a day earlier.  He knew this wasn't possible, yet here he was.
"I am not Kozata, that idiot is dead, My name is Dio, you have met me before," the voice spoke gruffly and impatiently as if offended to even be referred to as that name. "The chakra energy you collected from Mukuo, that you have stored within you contained traces of me, as my existence is what gives the abominable Shinkou clan access to my power.  However, I am weak, as the chakra you have within you is renewable, but not vast.  I wanted to wait to reveal myself until you were more powerful, but it seemed you needed guidance.  So I will inform you of two advantages you have yet to conceive.  First, with Xyxer gone the stranglehold of power left is weak, and that means there is a great deal of opportunity for us....I mean you to insert yourself into the new Kage's good graces, he has seen your strength and willingness, now go do what you do, and manipulate.  Secondly, you have me a voice of reason within your mind, all I simply ask is that you steal the chakra from other living souls to replenish me, I require the chakra of others to live, and it is not in my best interest to take the host chakra.  This will be the last time we speak until you do this.  Go now, for Kozata."  The spectral image would state, his calm words and insight making an incredible impact on the spiritually lost youth.  Of course, it made complete sense, a chakra vampire, one who feeds and requires the chakra of others to live.  Everything Kozata had said in ther first meeting, now made sense. 
Yazu now felt confident, and supported no longer questioning himself.  What a fool he had been, what an idiot, he had allowed emotion to take hold of himself and strangle his thoughts.  No longer would that be an issue.  He would cut ties and continue with his work.  For why did he even need Kozata at this point, he had the sharingan he was going to use Kozata to help him look for, and now he had Dio.  Though he was unsure whether the ghost was a figment of his imagination or not, he knew that this voice was dark, ominous, and omniscient.  He would do well to control it, but would also do well to listen.
Yazu would then stand from the dark corner of his lab and set out cleaning up the mess he had made going forward to protect his precious specimens.  Afterward he would clean himself of the filth he had allow to accrue and allow the cathartic shower also wash away the filth of self doubt when he exited the shower he would be a new man, one with his eyes on strength and power, he would not allow Kozata's and Xyxer's murders be in vain.  He would reach new heights of power not even imagined by the simple minded.  So as he began getting dressed he would don his face mask to hide his mouth, his skin tight black shirt as well as his chuunin vest and arm bracers.  He would leave the ninja tools no longer needing them, simply taking one kunai still caked with Keito's blood.  His black cargo pants leading down to his shin guards and sandals.  He was now dressed for war.
So as Yazu exited the building he had No doubts about what he would say and do when he reached his destination.  He strolled through the ignoring everyone and everything until he came upon the Hokage chambers, a building that once struck him with a feeling of dread that was enough to make him cower now filled him with anticipation.  As he entered he would show the secretary the toe tag and ask, "Where can I find the new Mizukage?"  allowing the woman to confirm Xyxer's death to his face so he knew how to proceed.  As she pointed to the door of the chamber Yazu would walk tall, having gleaned all he needed to know.
As Yazu entered the room he would face his eyes to the ground immediately following a quick scan noting any changes including whether the hounds were there and who might be sitting in the chair.  Though he would go to great lengths to avoid eye contact with Haru.  After the scan Yazu would bow placing his right knee on the ground and right arm across his chest and simply say.
"I Have come to apologize Lord Mizukage,"
Haru Hyuuga
Haru Hyuuga
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Your Obedient Servant...(P,NK) Empty Re: Your Obedient Servant...(P,NK)

Thu Jun 09, 2016 12:34 am
When he was a young man, he could never get enough rest. He remembered how he would struggle to wake up every day, crawl out of bed to the kitchen. His grandma would have food for him. His grandpa would already be awake, usually meditating. His sister would be reading at the table. He would sit down at the table as a plate was set down before him, and begin devouring his breakfast. Then, he'd look at the clock, and, with a start, realize that he was running late. He'd grab his training bag, and his Timber would hop inside.

He'd make his way to the park where Team One always met. Dante would arrive at about the same time as him. Yuri would be late. Their Sensei, Rin, wouldn't show himself until all three of them were present. He always liked to keep things mysterious. They would get their briefing from their Sensei, who may or may not have gone with them, depending on the mission or task. It was always entertaining, even the grunt work. Haru was happy. Life was perfect.

But the world can't stay the same forever.

Now, his body, old beyond its years, ached from strain as he awoke. His youth was not gone, but it was fading fast. Every battle he fought, every opponent he crushed, every wound he sustained, brought him closer and closer to his end, pulled him farther and farther out of his youth. As he sat out of bed, he saw that the sun had not risen. He didn't sleep much anymore. As he made his way to the kitchen of his small apartment, he saw that Aryll was already there, sitting at the table, staring blankly into space. She had gone another night without sleeping.
"Good morning, Aryll. Are you hungry?" He asked. No answer. His sister simply stared on into the wall. After a moment, Haru stepped in front of the stove, setting a pot of tea on the burner as he prepared breakfast. 

As he worked, the girl did not move. She hadn't moved in days. She did not speak. She hadn't since grandma had died. He set the food down on the table. Enough for two of them. Patiently, Haru set a bowl of rice and a pot of natto in front of her, cracking two eggs into the rice. He did the same for himself. It was a simple dish that his grandmother loved to make. He scooped the natto over their food, stirring it in with the eggs, looking up at his sister. "Tea, Aryll?" He asked. No answer. He poured her some. 

As he ate in silence, the sound of chopsticks breaking jarred Haru. He looked up to see Aryll slowly chewing a bite of her food. He smiled.

That was the best morning Haru had had in months. 

As Haru prepared to leave, Timber lay lazily on the ground, his ears folded low. The former war dog looked up at Haru curiously as he donned his cloak. His armor remained, not needed, as he left the house for work.

Padding through the streets, his cloak billowing behind him, Haru noticed the difference in the way people looked at him. Before, he'd hardly been noticed, just another face in the crowd. It was the sign of a successful ANBU operative. Now, the citizens would stare. Some seemed afraid, as if he were going to lash out. He didn't. He wouldn't. If only they knew that. He felt the shadow of the first here, in the people who avoided eye contact, who whispered and pointed fearfully as he walked. They all thought they knew what kind of person he was. They were wrong. He'd let his actions teach them what kind of leader he truly was. 

As he finally reached his office, Haru stood in the doorway for a moment. It was strange, being here now. The desk that once represented power and authority was now, well, his desk. As he sat down, he pulled a few papers out, signing off on trivial things, making notes on future candidates for... Well, a program Haru was very adamant on implementing.

As Yazu entered the room, Haru's pen continued to cross the paper, the paper itself hidden from Yazu's view by many stacks of papers and other assorted desk fodder. As the boy stood at attention, the pen stopped moving momentarily as Haru looked up. Immediately, he noticed the boy did not maintain eye contact. That alone was a tell, something Haru could use to learn a bit more about his ninja. It could indicate shame, fear, or dishonesty. He doubted that fear was what he was seeing, from what he already knew of the boy, so that left one of two things... To be determined, he supposed.

As the boy spoke of an apology, Haru's gaze dropped back down to the paper, where he made a few notes. For a few moments, there would be silence, nothing but the sound of his pen moving across the paper would break the silence unless Yazu spoke.

"You were very lucky that I let you live, Yazu." Haru sighed. "Another man might have struck you down where you stood for treason." He continued, monitoring the boy's reaction carefully. "You not only broke the law, you assaulted the Mizukage, and worst of all, you defied me. I don't expect anything less then absolute loyalty from my ninja. Are we clear?" He would ask the boy. If the boy answered incorrectly, well... This would be a short conversation.
Mako Mitsurugi
Mako Mitsurugi
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Your Obedient Servant...(P,NK) Empty Re: Your Obedient Servant...(P,NK)

Sat Jun 11, 2016 1:15 am
As Yazu knelt bent knee before the man who had now obviously replaced Xexer as Mizukage Yazu's lips would snarl beneath the mask as Haru would continue lording his mercy over him, forcing him to relive his failure.  The movement of the lips would be concealed as his head would be down and he had a mask over his mouth for added obfuscation.  As the Mizukage would finish his sentence, Yazu was served with a choice. To take the degrading words of the mizukage and offer life and allegiance to a man he knows nothing about, or to speak honestly in response to the man's words, words that with every syllable felt akin to a kunai being driven directly into his neck.  It took every amount of willpower he had to keep from scoffing.
Only once had he been bested and had his defeat rubbed in his face, and that was with those twins.  Segri and Neku, who had placed some foreign seal upon him and sat around his unconcious body taunting and degrading him, and for that slight, under Xyxer's rule, he was killed in an arena with his friend Kozata, so it was understandable why Yazu was furious.  So after Haru had finished his infuriating speech.
"Yes, I understand completely...." Yazu would state his voice trembling slightly but enough that Haru's keen ears could tell.  "...but I am a ninja of Kirigakure, and I have my pride, if you are going to kill me, then strike me dead now, it would be easier than your condescension..."  after this Yazu's voice would go back to being calm, "...I enjoy this village greatly it is my home, and I respect everyone in it, including the man who is head of household.  You have my apology as well as my loyalty Haru Hyuuga."  Yazu would close this statement with keeping his head bowed and remaining bowed on his knee.  He meant what he said, he would never fear and respect this man like he did Xyxer, but that did not mean that Haru did not command enough respect of his own.


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Haru Hyuuga
Haru Hyuuga
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Your Obedient Servant...(P,NK) Empty Re: Your Obedient Servant...(P,NK)

Sat Jun 11, 2016 11:19 pm
Yazu's nearly resulted in Haru throwing the chair at the boy and blowing another hole in the doorway. Nearly. The fact that Yazu thought Haru was being condescending was somewhat infuriating, given the context of the meeting. His knuckles would turn a visible white as he controlled his emotions, reminding himself that to strike the boy down now would be exactly what Xyxer would do. Still, his mind began to show him visions of the boy's head being bashed against the table, tossed through the wall, or simply crushed over his knee. It was everything he could do to remain seated.

"I don't aim to infuriate. If you would hold your tongue and quit jumping to conclusions, you might just like what you hear." He told the boy, forcing himself not to grit his teeth. It would be noticeable that Haru had been angered, but only slightly. It would likely appear as if he were merely annoyed, even though the beastly force within himself told him to silence the boy before him. "I appreciate the gesture. Manners are something that it seems that shinobi often forget." He would say in response to Yazu's apology. 

"Do you know why I spared you, Yazu?" Haru would ask the boy suddenly. He'd pause for a moment, but not long enough for the boy to form a response. "Really, why? What do you think I saw in you that warranted the second chance?" He asked the boy. As a Kirigakurian, Haru knew Yazu had pride in excess. The opportunity to answer this question would likely be a pleasant experience for the boy. "No need for modesty." He added simply.
Mako Mitsurugi
Mako Mitsurugi
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Your Obedient Servant...(P,NK) Empty Re: Your Obedient Servant...(P,NK)

Mon Jun 13, 2016 1:34 am
Having calmed down a great deal Yazu would now be calm and collected, having said his piece and removed that which had been perplexing him for the immediate moments.  He now no longer quivered in anger but instead remained kneeled in the same location he had been in for the entire conversation up to this point.  Yazu no longer had eyes on the past, and only had plans and plots that included the future, fully intending to carve his ways into the annals of Kirigakuran history with a river of blood.  So when Haru would proceed to ask some more questions of Yazu, instead of dismissing him simply and quickly, the intrigue would excite him more than he cared to admit.
Yazu seemed to have struck a nerve with the new Mizukage with his most recent remarks the white knuckles obvious to his keen eyes.  How very human, Haru Hyuuga, how delightfully human, Yazu would think to himself.  If Haru had believed his last remarks condescending it would be torture to be within the boy's mind.  Had Yazu said anything even remotely similar to Xyxer, he would no longer be breathing, in fact the only gamble it would be in that case would be how Yazu would meet death whether by the blade of a sword or by the tooth of the hounds.  This man however, simply withheld his obvious anger and swallowed it back in some form of an attempt to disguise it, not an uncommon thing when facing an individual who clearly outmatched you, but from a position of power would it even be necessary?  Yazu didn't feel that way, as he was not human, he was a monster, but the fact that Haru did was quizzical to him and he wished to learn more about this puzzle of a man.
Not getting an opportunity to add an additional apology before Haru had spoken Yazu simply remained silent.  That was until Haru informed him of the conditions in which he was left alive. Hmmmm, there was a reason,  Yazu thought, as he attempted to deduce the reasoning behind his current existence.  As he thought about why he might have been spared, no good answer would come to mind, so the obvious reasoning would be his answer.
"That is unique kinjutsu, which was acquired and granted to me as a child is a valuable asset to the village, and can be utilized as a weapon on the village behalf, similar to the bijuu.  Wasted assets can be detrimental."  Yazu would respond coldly, fully understanding his entire purpose for existence upon entering Kiri as a youth.  He was a weapon, culled by Xyxer to be used at his whim. 

Haru Hyuuga
Haru Hyuuga
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Your Obedient Servant...(P,NK) Empty Re: Your Obedient Servant...(P,NK)

Thu Jun 23, 2016 10:01 pm
Haru shook his head knowingly. While he tended to despise bragging, he had definitely asked for it, and the immediacy in which he answered taught him much already. Haru hadn't bothered to read the boy's file until after their encounter, during which he discovered the boys... Condition. Unique, yes, and certainly useful, but not what made him view the boy as a possible candidate.
"Not quite." Haru said as he shook his head knowingly. "Partly, it was the conviction to those you care about that you displayed after seeing Kozata. You didn't handle it well, but I can relate." Haru said, his tone much more businesslike. "I've read up on you, and, well, before we go any further, tell me..." Haru began, pushing his papers aside and leaning forward on the table, his chin resting on his knuckle. "What does this village mean to you? How far would you go to protect it? What about its people?" He asked, his tone dire.

He'd let the boy answer, remaining silent as he spoke. After a moment, Haru would speak again.
"A ninja's first and foremost job is to protect his or her village, and its people." He explained. "If we let a single innocent die, if we show a drop of cowardice in the face of our duty, we're nothing. A ninja has to be ready to sacrifice themselves at any time in the protection of the innocent. It's what we stand for, and it's what makes us strong." 

"Conviction, while useless without discipline, is one of a ninja's most valuable skills. Now, I'll ask you; Are you brave enough? Would you die to protect your village? Would you give your life so a single child could continue to live?" He asked these questions quickly, each one armor-piercing.
Mako Mitsurugi
Mako Mitsurugi
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Your Obedient Servant...(P,NK) Empty Re: Your Obedient Servant...(P,NK)

Fri Jul 01, 2016 5:23 am
Yazu would stand from his kneeling position, not out of disrespect, but simply because the pleasantries had been taken care of and bowing before anyone was discomforting to the white haired young man.  He had already showed Haru more respect than he showed Xyxer a man he had a great deal of respect for.  That was not to say Yazu did not respect Haru,  Yazu had a scar on his chest that Haru himself had placed there that served as a reminder that the man with similar colored hair who sat behind the desk was not to be trifled with or underestimated. 
As Haru spoke Yazu would listen, choosing to allow the man to finish before forming a response, though the urge to interrupt would sometimes be great.  Yazu's face would remain emotionless and unresponsive.  After the Mizukage would finish speaking Yazu would be faced with a very difficult choice.  To answer the man honestly and risk losing the opportunity for personal advancement or worse, being removed from the new leader's regime entirely, or to lie and deceive the leader letting the man believe he was a caring and respectable member of the village, the kind of leader he wants.  Yazu simply wasn't that man.  He loved the village, this was true, but for no other reason than the fact that it was freedom, it was anarchy, with each shinobi free to follow their own ideals and their own paths.  There was no mantra forced upon them, no "Will of " anything other than personal strength and growth.  It was a veritable playground for those who were strong, and the weak found themselves on the bench.  The only belief Yazu had ever followed was to become powerful, in doing so he strengthened himself and therefore strengthened the village.  A simple philosophy, with simple structure, yet quite effective.
Yazu was a borderline sociopath, not feeling emotion in the same way as normal individuals.  He felt frustration, coupled with anger, he felt joy and excitement, especially when he acquired hearts, but he did not feel love or caring, he did not feel sorrow or regret.  At least he hadn't prior to Kozata's death and wasn't quite sure that was even what he felt.  He struggled with his friend's death, but what aspects of those emotions affected him.  With his thoughts he knew that a deceitful lie may work for now, but eventually his true nature would be seen, and when that happened it may have worse consequences, he needed to let the Mizukage know how he felt, regardless of whether that lined up with the man's own personal beliefs.
After a brief pause Yazu would then answer, having taken the appropriate amount of time to process the answer.  "Allow me to preface my response with one statement. What you are asking is simply not how I was raised, or the belief structure I know.  Of course I have conviction, I have a conviction to a cause that I believe is the only cause worth being convicted to.... Power.....and Strength.  My dedication to this means that enemies at our steps will simply lose, and self sacrifice for vainglory is unnecessary.  This village means a great deal to me, as it does to many others.  Unlike other villages that preach words of self sacrifice and love, it is all a form of control, but Kirigakure is the purest form of freedom.  The freedom to solve disputes through strength and to grow well beyond that of an average shinobi.  A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and if every link on that chain is powerful then our enemies will know and respect the Bloody Mist.  So no, Haru, I am not willing to die for the children of this village, nor am I really willing to die for the village itself.  I am however willing to live, I live in pursuit of the strength needed to protect that which I cherish, and that is freedom and personal strength.  So that when the day comes where I have to gamble my life that I want to keep, for the place that I am free to live,  I will not lose.  I have been raised in the Bloody Mist, so it is my belief that each and every individual in this village has the choice to become strong enough to protect themself, or at the very least smart enough to stay out of the way, and allow those of us with the strength to defend them to fight.  I am always willing to prove my strength, but only when I know it is enough, and except in our last meeting, I do not typically act irrationally. " Yazu would state these words, the words that he felt within. "Additionally, you romanticize bravery and death for a cause, but it is idiocy to not flee in the face of defeat not cowardice. We fight to protect life, but how can I do that if I am dead?  I will not waste that which I have worked for my whole life to protect those who can't even protect themselves, but I will risk my life to defeat our enemies, since that is the very nature of my existence to destroy them and make them my own strength.  So that, Haru Hyuuga, is my conviction.  To become powerful for my village, my Kage, and for myself, and that is because my village gives me the freedom to pursue that power."


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Haru Hyuuga
Haru Hyuuga
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Your Obedient Servant...(P,NK) Empty Re: Your Obedient Servant...(P,NK)

Mon Aug 22, 2016 10:34 am
Haru had half expected what he was now hearing. This new Kirigakure Xyxer had created lacked discipline, and often had very selfish beliefs and desires, just as the boy before him did. They did not understand loyalty, nor did they understand honor. Still, at least this one was honest. He listened patiently to Yazu's rave, much calmer now. When the boy had finished, Haru spoke.

"Are you calling your Mizukage a fool, Yazu?" He said, his demeanor much more authoritative, less casual now. "I'm going to tell you something, Yazu, something I haven't told anybody else. I shall assure you that I am being completely truthful, just as you have been truthful with me." He said slowly. 

"The first Mizukage left the village for a reason. I have not made it public, but he believed the village would not succeed under his rule. He chose me because he believed me more fit to rule. He believed his lawlessness was unfitting of the position" Haru explained slowly. "Now, I think you've made it plain that your bear more respect for him as a ruler, so do you doubt his judgement is choosing me?" Haru asked. 

"If you so value the freedom Kirigakure ninja have been allowed, then I am afraid you shall have to put aside selfish goals and plots. Without law and order, we are no better than the missing ninja who wander the wilderness. We as ninja are allowed to pursue power because the working citizens provide for us. They feed, clothe, and pay taxes to us, and in return, we protect them. If you want to serve under me, then I expect you to hold up your end of the bargain. I will not send you on suicide missions, nor will I tell you to throw away your life for no reason, but I do expect you to respect that. The life of an innocent is worth twice what yours and mine are.

Now, before I can proceed, I'm going to have to ask that you agree to uphold the standards to which I judge my most trusted ninja. Swear to me that you shall be loyal to Kirigakure, to the grave if necessary, or else we are finished here."
Haru finished flatly.
Mako Mitsurugi
Mako Mitsurugi
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Your Obedient Servant...(P,NK) Empty Re: Your Obedient Servant...(P,NK)

Sat Aug 27, 2016 7:19 pm
Yazu would have followed up his previous speech and borderline rant with a polite bow returning to his knee before the man who was now Mizukage, a position that Yazu did not envy nor want.  That responsibility would weigh too heavily upon his own heart...s.    However Yazu found himself and his story not too different than many of the Rogue nin that wandered the borders.  The only difference being that he was openly welcomed into a village where the personal strength of each individual was praised as opposed to controlled, and to varying degrees he was allowed to experiment and take the lives of those who were found wanting before him.  Though as it would seem those days have come and gone and the freedom to be himself and pursue perfection would have died along with the exit of Xyxer Gyojin, the first Mizukage.
This did not in any way deter the heart stealing boy, instead simply resolving him to find alternate means in which to attain his goals.  He knew he was more than capable of doing this without crossing the Mizukage, because it was widely known, Kirigakure no Sato, knows many enemies.
Of course Yazu thought Haru was a fool,  that belief more enhanced every time the man spoke of a lawful and civilized state.  Did Haru think him a fool?  To believe that Xyxer Gyojin would admit to any human his own failings, a man who believed himself an invincible and just god, to admit that he was incapable of creating a powerful shinobi village.  Of course Yazu didn't truly believe these words, but he had no other information to go off of, so it would seem that for now Yazu would have to accept that what the man before him said was at least fairly close to truth, though likely missing detail.
"Now, I think you've made it plain that your bear more respect for him as a ruler, so do you doubt his judgement is choosing me?"
This question seemed to sting Yazu as much as the thought of having to ask it bothered Haru.  A man who felt that his title was earned, and as far as Yazu knew it was, as the boy still had a bruise upon his chest proving the man's capability.  Yazu would have to reply to this question, it would be unavoidable.
"You misunderstand me Lord Mizukage, I did respect him in many ways, though only because of the convenience in which he allowed me to live my life.  I respected his ability to rule with fear and an Iron fist, but in truth I never regarded him as anything more than a violent brute.  A quality I detest, and a quality that you seem to have above him."  Yazu would state this quickly to allow Haru to finish his own conversation and he would do so bowing his head to the ground.
Of course Haru was intelligent, Yazu respected him greatly for that, but he was also an idealist.  A quality that he felt could be synonymous with a brutish person.  The innocent of the village receive our protection unwarranted, and what we offer them is worth many times more than what they bring to us.  Yazu thought to himself, as this was always his view.  The weak perish so the strong may thrive.  However,  it seemed that Haru expected him to live his life against this fundamental belief, and to value those worthless villagers above himself.  Yazu could not in any way change how he viewed those people, he could not change his aversion to law and order, but he could however change how people viewed him.  It would appear that Yazu would simply have to conform to the world as it has become.
"Of course Lord Mizukage,  in truth these demands will not be hard to uphold.  It will just be an inconvenience for me, one that I am most willing to undergo.  The villagers and young shinobi of Kirigakure shall be safe from all enemies foreign and domestic, and you can trust that should the need arise I will be more than willing to gamble my life for that view"... but not because I believe it but simply because I must in order to attain my goals.  Yazu would state the last part within his own mind, but with the first part he meant every word.  Respecting the new Kage's wishes would not be a difficult task, just one he would not enjoy. "I will do what it takes to become a trusted shinobi."

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Your Obedient Servant...(P,NK) Empty Re: Your Obedient Servant...(P,NK)

Sat Sep 03, 2016 12:31 am
Due to Haru leaving the site, the rest of this topic will be npced as to not damage the narative.

The man smiles softly as he agrees to follow him and the new Kiri. A soft mist appears near the Mizukage only to have a masked individual garbed in black robes appear before it. No words are heard as if it is mental. Haru looks towards Yazu, his voice more businesslike. " Something has just come up, I'm afraid we'll have to cut our meeting short. I will meet with you at another date if you'll excuse me."

Should Yazu leave the room the door is locked so the Mizukage can tend to affairs.

[Haru's exit]
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